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1. Old Mrs Tan ______ all her hopes on her only son.

(A) pinned

(B) panned

(C) pined

(D) fanned

2. Jill has no difficulty ______ a gecko from a chameleon.

(A) comparing

(B) identifying

(C) recognizing

(D) distinguishing

3. His father had worked really hard but he had just ______ away most of the father's

(A) flattened

(B) squandered

(C) depressed

(D) deducted

4. ______ the doings of an effective and influential person. There is so much that you
can learn.

(A) Copy

(B) Imitate

(C) Emulate

(D) Follow

5. His ______ behavior in class means that there is very little learning that takes place.

(A) mild

(B) disruptive
(C) passive

(D) cool

6. The police ______ the area so that no unauthorised personnel could enter.

(A) shut

(B) marked

(C) fenced

(D) cordoned

7. ______ from the School of Physical Education are expected to pass their physical tests
every year.

(A) Tourists

(B) Respondents

(C) Trainees

(D) Representatives

8. The situation was ______ by the presence of the most inquisitive person in class. She
would surely tell others about what she had seen.

(A) alerted

(B) alarmed

(C) advised

(D) aggravated

9. The winners of the popular sports quiz show will get to watch the finals of the World
Cup, the most watched sporting ______ in the world.

(A) event

(B) occasion

(C) match

(D) tournament

10. I saw an eagle ______ gracefully high above the mountains.

(A) glide

(B) ascend

(C) climb

(D) descend

1. She is so ______ that it is easy to trick her.

(A) cunning

(B) sophisticated

(C) gullible

(D) sly

2. The convention center is filled with ______ who are waiting to see the
rarest stamp from the 6th century.

(A) philatelists

(B) ventriloquists

(C) philosophers

(D) cartoonists

3. His face was long and ______, exactly like a horse.

(A) feline

(B) avian

(C) bovine

(D) equine

4. Only the ______ few get to be invited for the sale.

(A) willing

(B) obliged

(C) privileged

(D) reluctant
5. There seemed to be ______ of poison in her drink.

(A) senses

(B) evidence

(C) traces

(D) marks

6. Delia was ______ as to why the school bully was willing to help her.

(A) puzzled

(B) liberated

(C) gracious

(D) annoyed

7. When he returned home, he was surprised to see his house badly ______.

(A) tattered

(B) trespassed

(C) ransacked

(D) investigated

8. I had to ______ his invitation to the sneak preview as I had another


(A) turn off

(B) turn away

(C) turn over

(D) turn down

9. Since the two movies are screened ______, we have no choice but to
choose one.

(A) tardily

(B) concurrently
(C) punctually

(D) consecutively

10. The room was suddenly ______ by bright lights that we were somewhat

(A) illustrated

(B) alliterated

(C) disillusioned

(D) illuminated

1. We missed the sale so we have to wait another twenty-four months for

another sale. It is only held ______.

(A) biannually

(B) fortnightly

(C) annually

(D) biennially

2. He has this ______ habit of picking his nose in public, so we stayed away
from him.

(A) disgusting

(B) threatening

(C) annoying

(D) pleasant

3. After the heavy showers, we were totally ______ to the bone.

(A) suffocated

(B) stumbled

(C) drenched

(D) drowned
4. His act of ______ embarrassed his parents so much that they did not
know how to explain to the teacher why he had not finished his project.

(A) determination

(B) cowardice

(C) attentiveness

(D) laziness

5. The ______ of the factories made many people out of jobs.

(A) shut in

(B) shutdown

(C) shut off

(D) shut out

6. The children roared with laughter as the clown was ______ hilarious.

(A) disgustingly

(B) hardly

(C) pathetically

(D) outrageously

7. The children were ______ to know that they had won the contest.

(A) anxious

(B) thrilled

(C) aghast

(D) terrified

8. The cat stared at the mouse ______. It had never seen one in its whole
life !

(A) sadly

(B) listlessly
(C) excitedly

(D) shamefully

9. The winner was very annoyed as he was ______ by the kind competitor.

(A) overpowered

(B) overran

(C) overshadowed

(D) overturned

10. The food is almost finished but the guests are still piling in. We better
______ it.

(A) redo

(B) replace

(C) renew

(D) replenish

1. She looked at her friends' dresses in ______ and was painfully conscious
of her own tattered one.

(A) disgust

(B) awe

(C) adoration

(D) charm

2. We are going to the ______ to have our portrait taken.

(A) studio

(B) cinema

(C) art gallery

(D) theatre

3. Stop ______ your chair. It is making me dizzy !

(A) swiveling

(B) shifting

(C) swerving

(D) swirling

4. The gladiator stood tall. By killing the lion, he had won the match. He was
truly ______.

(A) ignorant

(B) irresponsible

(C) invincible

(D) innocent

5. Handle the box with care. It contains glass ! It is very ______.

(A) fragile

(B) durable

(C) vulnerable

(D) precious

6. The bus ______ on the icy road and crashed into the divider.

(A) skated

(B) skidded

(C) swayed

(D) swerved

7. He was green with ______ when he saw his friend's new toy.

(A) despair

(B) grief

(C) anger

(D) envy
8. The two cars ______ on the expressway when one of the drivers lost
control of his car.

(A) commended

(B) commented

(C) collided

(D) collected

9. He shares the same ______ as the president. That is why many made the
mistake of associating him with the president and allowed him privileges.

(A) nickname

(B) greeting

(C) surname

(D) brand

10. The policemen arrested the ______ yesterday with the help of civic-
minded citizens.

(A) witness

(B) detective

(C) spectator

(D) suspect