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NATIONAL HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED of Procurement Contract rocurement Act Please find below notices of award of procurement contracts to be inserted on PPO Website:~ This is to notify that, following the bidding exercise carried out by the National Housing Development Co. Ltd for the procurement of Global Consultancy Services for the Design, Management & Supervision for the Construction of some 950 Housing Units with Associated Infrastructure Works and 11 Serviced Plots on 10 Sites - OIB No. NHDC/0816/Lot 3, the contract has been awarded to Desai & Associates Ltd, 88 Pope Hennessy Street, Beau Bassin for the sum of MURI2,850,000.00 (Rupees Twelve Million Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand only). Date: 28 December 2016 Administrative Manager ‘National Housing Development Co. Ltd