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134 EVOC 20 PolySynth and vocoding

EVOC 20 PolySynth overview

EVOC 20 PolySynth combines a vocoder with a polyphonic synthesizer and can be played in real time.
It can create classic vocoder sounds, made famous by groups such as Kraftwerk during the 1970s and 1980s.
Vocoding remains popular in current electronic, hip-hop, R & B, and other music styles.
EVOC 20 PolySynth listens to an incoming audio signaltypically of a spoken or sung performanceand
imposes the sonic characteristics and level changes of this signal onto the integrated synthesizer.
When you play notes and chords with your MIDI keyboard, the internal synthesizer sings at the pitches of
incoming MIDI notes, but with the articulationslevel changes, vowel and consonant soundsof the incoming
audio signal. This results in the classic singing robot or synthetic voice sounds that vocoders are mainly known
EVOC 20 PolySynth can also be used as a synthesizer, or it can be used for more subtle effects processing
such as the creation of relatively natural-sounding vocal harmonies from a solo voice performance. Not limited to
vocal processing, you can also achieve interesting results by processing other audio material, such as drum or
instrument loops.
To use EVOC 20 PolySynth, you need to insert it into the Instrument slot of an instrument channel strip. You also
need to provide an audio signal as the analysis audio source, via a side chain.
Set up EVOC 20 PolySynth in your host application
1 Insert EVOC 20 PolySynth into the Instrument slot of an instrument channel strip.
2 Choose an input source from the Side Chain pop-up menu in the plug-in header. This can be an audio track, live input, or bus,
depending on the host application.
The EVOC 20 PolySynth is now ready to accept incoming MIDI data and has been assigned to an input, audio
track, or busvia a side chain.
3 If applicable to your host application and needs, mute the audio track serving as the side-chain input, start playback, and play your
MIDI keyboard.
4 Adjust the volume levels of EVOC 20 PolySynth and the side-chain sourceif not mutedto meet your needs.
5 To further enhance the sound, adjust the knobs, sliders, and other controls, and insert other effect plug-ins.

EVOC 20 PolySynth