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Chapter 12

Fill in the Blanks


Directions: Pick out the most effective word 1) took place 2) had taken
from the given words to fill in the blanks to make 3) occurred 4) had happened
the sentence meaningfully complete. 5) passed
1. After careful thought I bought for my daughter a Occur = to exist
combination ________ with little shiny stones that 7. Seeing his dead father in a movie, the little boy
could even be mistaken for diamonds. is thrilled because the sight brings his father to
1) presented 2) looked 3) hid him; the mother, on the other hand, finds the
4) decorated 5) put scene ________ because it increases her grief
Hi d = past tense of hidden. hundred fold.
Decorated = made more attractive. 1) thrilled 2) unlike 3) enthusiastic
2. One of the issues which were ________ in the 4) unnecessary 5) unbearable
meeting was raised by Sainky. Thrill = to experience something exciting
1) raised 2) discussed Enthusiastic = feeling very interested in and
3) staged 4) developed happy about something.
5) settled Unbearable = that connot be tolerated
Staged = organised and pres ented a 8. Mulk Raj Anand is one of the most ________ Indo-
performance Anglian novelists and story-writers of today.
3. He rbe rt was ________ a poet of re ligion. He 1) an eminent 2) a famous 3) notorious
explains in his poems Gods ways to man. 4) eminent 5) best
1) out-and-out 2) many Eminent = respected and distinguished
3) part and parcel 4) such Notorious = well-known for some bad quality or
5) first and foremost
Out-and-out = in every respect; complete
9. ________ every student of English literature must
Part and parcel = involved or incl uded in read all the best dramas of Shakespeare.
something. 1) According to me
First and foremost = most important quality of 2) Accordance with
something or someone. 3) In my opinion
4. Great ________ depth is required to be a teacher 4) In place of my point of view
of philosophy. 5) From my opinion
1) intelligent 2) intellectuals 10. After Sheetu ________ the magazines and novels,
3) intellectual 4) instructive she decided to go out and meet some friends.
5) insufferable l) read 2) had been reading
Instructive = useful and informative 3) had read 4) will have read
Insufferable = intolerable; unbearably arrogant or 5) reading
11. Mrs Laljee in her modest way ________ a little and
5. ________ is a pre vious case take n as an
slipped the chain inside her dress.
authoritative example for subsequent procedures
1) broken 2) pushed 3) pressed
or cases.
4) flushed 5) slipped
1) precedent 2) president Modest = decent, humble
3) precedence 4) practical Flushed = face and skin becoming red and
5) emolument glowing with a bit of shame.
Subsequent = later; following 12. Being himself a lawyer by ________ and jurist by
Precedent = an earlier event. temperament Ambedkar emphasized the role of
Precedence = the state of coming before others in
law in society.
order of importance.
Emolument = salary, remuneration
1) profession 2) birth
6. Alok informed me about the accident which had 3) education 4) companionship
________ four days before. 5) qualification
344 Test of English Language

Emphasized = special importance or value 22. Ruchi said that they must have a feast to ________
given to something the victory.
Companionship = a person that you spend time 1) enjoy 2) flaunt 3) celebrate
4) expand 5) forget
13. We have to plant more trees ________ we can save Feast = an usually large or elaborate meal
our environment from the evils of pollution. Flaunt = to display proudly or obviously.
1) so as 2) since as 3) such that Expand = to make or become larger or more
4) so that 5) such as extensive.
14. Gandhiji believed that wild animals attacked 23. His novels are very popular. They are being ________
man because they were ________ of him. into many languages.
1) take care 2) beware 3) afraid 1) recited 2) transformed
4) peoples 5) guilty 3) sold 4) translated
Beware = be cautious 5) crammed
Afraid = feeling fear Recite = to repeat a passage aloud from
Guilty = responsible for doing something memory.
wrong C ram = to study hard jus t before an
15. There have been many philosophers, scientists, examination
artists and politicians who claim that they are 24. We were ________ from seeing the prisoner.
________ of the world. 1) affected 2) prevented 3) inhibited
1) beings 2) citizens 3) peoples 4) punished 5) beaten
4) families 5) neighbours Inhibit = to restrict or prevent a process or an
16. One day a gentleman was walking along a busy action.
road ________ his walking stick round and round 25. Thieves broke ________ the house last night and
in his hand, and trying to look important. stole all the money and jewellery.

1) throwing 2) moving 3) spinning 1) out 2) in 3) up
4) rolling 5) raising 4) into 5) at
Spinning = turn round quickly 26. I ________ to the teacher for coming late to school.
Rolling = move by turning over and over 1) went 2) apologised 3) blamed
17. The sword of Chhatrapati Shivaji was ________ to 4) talked 5) wished
England by the British rulers and has been Apologised = to say one sorry especially for having
recovered after our independence. done something wrong.
1) handed over 2) taken place 27. His ________ arrival gave all of us a pleasant
3) caught cold 4) looked down upon surprise.
5) taken away 1) uncertain 2) informed 3) unnoticeable
Hand over = officially pass something to 4) sudden 5) irregular
someone else. 28. They had to face a lot of ________ because of their

Looked down upon = to think that you are better; disgraceful action.
to show contempt. 1) outcomes 2) humiliation 3) sympathy
18. Had you visited Hyderabad you ________ seen the 4) practices 5) compliments
Martyrs me morial in front of the Andhra Humiliation = someting done to feel you ashamed.
Assembly building. Compliment = a thing that contributes extra
1) might have 2) will have 3) had features to something else so as to
4) would have 5) have had improve it.
Martyr = a person who is killed because of 29. Despite repeated ________ he did not give up his
their beliefs. efforts.
19. ________ of youths and students were beaten and 1) failures 2) successes 3) attempts
caned mercilessly by policemen in and around 4) strokes 5) encouragements
Hyderabad. Strokes = an act of hitting
1) Thousand 2) Thousands 3) Two-thirds Encourage = to give support, confidence or hope
Give up = to stop doing.
4) Billion 5) Innumerable
Innumerable = too many to be counted.
30. Our proposal was accepted and therefore we are
20. Priya imagined that her father was standing very ________
before her while the cook ________ cracking jokes 1) relevant 2) disturbed 3) pleasure
with her sisters in the kitchen. 4) cheering 5) elated
Cheer = shout for joy or in praise or
1) has been 2) is 3) will be
4) had been 5) was Elated = extremely happy and excited
21. ________ Pinky was playing cricket, she fell down 31. We found him very ________ even at the age of
and hurt herself. eighty.
1) As 2) Since 3) While 1) tired 2) small 3) nervous
4) As soon as 5) Notwithstanding 4) old 5) active
Notwithstanding = inspite of; nevertheless.
Fill in the Blanks 345

32. The police had to use force to ________ the rioting On account of = because of somthing; for this/that
mob and establish law and order. reason.
1) provoke 2) beat 3) outnumber 41. The ministers who were concerned ________ the
4) control 5) punish rising prices met every week.
Riot = a violent disturbance by a crowd 1) for 2) because 3) difference
Provoke = to stir someone up to do something. 4) from 5) about
Outnumber = to be more numerous than. 42. They work hard not because of the ________, but
33. If you fail to ________ your authority properly, because of their inner urge.
they will remove you. 1) desire 2) drive 3) energy
1) know 2) exercise 3) work 4) incentive 5) motivation
4) challenge 5) encounter Incentive = a thing that encourages somebody
Encounter = to be faced with. to do something; encouragement.
34. Result of all these plans would be ________ if 43. His ________ background has made him so docile.
they are not properly implemented. 1) famous 2) lucrative 3) rich
1) futile 2) fruitful 3) destroyed 4) advanced 5) humble
4) encouraged 5) accepted Lucrative = profitable
Implement = to put into effect Docile = easy to control
Futile = pointles s; producing no resul t; 44. It is ________ for everyone to abide by the laws of
having no purpose the land.
35. Since the clerk refused to do his work, he has 1) expected 2) obligatory 3) meant
now requested the officer to look ________ the 4) optional 5) recommended

matter. Obligatory = compulsory
1) at 2) after 3) into 45. ________ he is a hard worker, his quality of work
4) for 5) over is not of a desirable level.
36. Fortunately, the accident did not cause her any 1) Despite 2) Because 3) Although
________ injury. 4) Somehow 5) However
1) negligible 2) preventible 3) minor 46. In spite of repeated instructions, he ________ the
4) serious 5) remarkable some mistakes.
Prevent = to stop somebody doing something. 1) commits 2) detects 3) corrects
37. All the Board members were present with the 4) imitates 5) exhibits
________ of the treasurer. Imitate = to copy
1) Exception 2) Absence 3) Delay Exhibit = to show
4) Omission 5) Refusal 47. There is no need of any proof because everything

Treasurer = a person responsible for the money, is very ________.
bill etc of a club, a society or an 1) obvious 2) uncertain 3) definite
organisation. 4) regular 5) essential
Exception = a person or thing that is excluded. Obvious = quite natural
Omission = the action of leaving something out. 48. Onions grow in ________ in this part and hence
38. The police are ________ with enforcement of law they are always very cheap here.
and order. 1) demand 2) abundance
1) responsible 2) entrusted 3) accountable 3) peak 4) excessive
4) necessary 5) ensured 5) dearth
Enforcement = make sure a law or rule is obeyed. Abundance = in large number
Entrust = make someone responsible for doing Dearth = scarcity
or looking after something.
49. Normally he is very ________ in his behaviour,
Ensure = make certain that something will turn
out in a particular way.
but on that occasion he be have d ve ry
39. People have become ________ under the burden aggressively.
of heavy taxes. 1) rude 2) obedient 3) docile
1) reckless 2) isolated 3) punished 4) intolerant 5) immature
Aggressive = ready to attack or quarrel.
4) fatigue 5) impatient
Docile = easy to control
Reckless = without thought or care for the result
of an action.
50. If you ________ in advance, you will get some
Isolate = separate concession.
Fatigue = extreme tiredness 1) buy 2) work 3) submit
Impatient = Res tl es sl y eager, not having 4) pay 5) decide
tolerance. Submit = deposit
40. On ________ of his age he is ineligible for the 51. I have in my album photographs of some of my
examination. very close friends ________ I can never forget .
1) reason 2) basis 3) account 1) that 2) who 3) whom
4) purpose 5) cause 4) which 5) those
346 Test of English Language

52. It is desirable to take________in any business if 61. I do not know what________ my father choose
you want to make profit. that particular school.
1) advice 2) risk 3) loan 1) happened 2) controlled
4) recourse 5) perseverance 3) made 4) asked
Recourse = use something as a source of help 5) thrilled
in a difficult situation. Thrill = to excite or please somebody very
Perseverance = continued steady effort to achieve much.
an aim. 62. He knelt down at his side and comforted him
53. The rocket________the target and did not cause with ________ words.
any casualty. 1) harsh 2) silent 3) kind
1) sensed 2) reached 3) missed 4) cruel 5) flowers
4) exploded 5) aimed Har sh = rough; not acceptable.
Casualty = a person who is killed or injured in Knelt = past tense of kneel.
an accident or war. Kneel = to take or be in a position where the
Explode = to burst or make something to burst body is supported by the knees,
loudly and violently. with the lower leg bent back.
54. You must e nsure the corre ctne ss of the 63. A man who is perpetually.________ which of the
information before________ to conclusion. two things he will do first, will do neither.
1) drawing 2) enabling 3) leaning 1) confuses 2) forced 3) orders
4) jumping 5) examining 4) hesitating 5) enjoying
Enable = to make somebody abl e to do Perpetual = without interruption; continuous.
something. Hesitate = to be slow to speak or act because
Lean = to bend one feels uncertain or unwilling.
55. They waste d all the money on purchase of 64. We cannot________of life without suitable

some________items. environment.
1) excellent 2) important 1) live 2) buy 3) extract
3) significant 4) quality 4) dreams 5) think
5) trivial Extract = to take or get something out usually
Significant = having a particular meaning. with effort or by force.
Trivial = concerned with unimportant things. 65. He thought the boy________to be ne fit the
56. When he found the wallet his face glowed but blacksmith.
soon it faded as the wallet was________. 1) wants 2) wanting 3) desire
1) empty 2) vacant 3) recovered 4) harm 5) loose
4) stolen 5) expensive 66. The fisherman gladly ________ up the baby and took
Wallet = purse it home.
Fa de = to lose or make something lose 1) loaded 2) picked

colour, strength or freshness.
3) dragged 4) pushed
Empty = having nothing inside
Vacant = not filled or occupied.
5) climb
57. I will________them for saving me from the agonies 67. This novel is written ________ an Indian.
of old age. 1) by 2) as 3) from
1) fire 2) beat 3) thank 4) into 5) after
4) admonish 5) shout 68. You must refrain ________ such an act.
Agony = extreme plysical or mental suffering. 1) to 2) at 3) with
Admonish = to give a mild but firm warning to 4) from 5) through
somebody. Refrain (from) = to s top ones el f doing
58. I have not done things which anyone else may something, especially some-
feel are________ recording. thing that one would like to do.
1) useless 2) worth 3) good 69. The bus stand is directly ________ the police
4) historic 5) bad station.
Worth = having a particular value. 1) around 2) in 3) away
59. I was handed ________ to Bhai Hari Singh. 4) nearby 5) behind
1) back 2) over 3) through 70. The principal complied ________ the students
4) upon 5) again request.
Hand over = to transfer a position of authority or 1) on 2) at 3) with
power to somebody. 4) for 5) all
60. We were________ with the names of notorious 71. The dog jumped ________ the table.
criminals. 1) up 2) into 3) in
1) constantly 2) convenient 3) familiar 4) upon 5) around
4) obvious 5) ignorant 72. Countless Indians today use neem twigs, called
Ignorant = lacking knowledge or awareness; datun, as ________ toothbrushes.
not polite; rude.
Fill in the Blanks 347

1) durable 2) extended 3) saturated 1) harsh 2) provoking 3) ambiguous

4) manageable 5) disposable 4) ruthless 5) audible
Twig = a small thin branch that grows out Ambiguous = not clearly expressed; that can be
of a larger branch or a bush or tree interpreted in more than one way.
Durable = likely to last for a long time. Ruthless = having or showing no pity or feeling
Disposable = made to be thrown away after use. for others; hard and cruel.
73. I have always admired his ________ knowledge and Audible = that can be heard clearly.
scholarship. 81. What ________ most is the positive attitude of
1) highest 2) flexible 3) provocative the people.
4) elemental 5) profound 1) impeaches 2) recognises 3) matters
Admire = to regard somebody with respect 4) troubles 5) necessitates
Flexible = eas il y changed to s uit new Impeach = to accuse public official or politician
conditions. of committing a serious crime.
Provocative = intended to make people become Necessitates = to make something necessary.
angry, annoyed. 82. Programmes aimed ________ development should
Profound = deep, very great consider all-round development rather than only
74. The fight for liberation brings ________ the best and economic development.
the noblest qualities in mankind. l) for 2) with 3) by
1) with 2) in 3) for 4) at 5) into
4) out 5) through 83. Pollution has an ________ effect on health.
Liberate = to free somebody from a 1) intrinsic 2) adverse 3) inevitable
situation in which they are

4) active 5) unrecoverable
restricted in some way.
Intrinsic = existing within rather than coming
Bring (something) = to make something
from outside.
out appear or open
Inevitable = imposs ibl e to avoid; certain to
75. Today, as citizens of free India, we________both our happen
democracy and our secularism. Adverse = not favourable; contrary; opposing
1) promote 2) cherish 3) establish 84. Before attempting to solve any problem, we must
4) champion 5) declare try to ________ its root cause.
Promote = to help the progress of something; 1) identify 2) question 3) ignore
to encourage or support something.
4) attack 5) improve
Cherish = to l ove and want to protect
85. His father ________ him for his disappointing
76. Social customs and traditions die ________ performance.
1) reprimanded 2) flattered 3) encouraged

1) absolutely 2) hard
3) fundamentally 4) permanently 4) frustrated 5) absolved
Reprimand = to express severe disapproval of
5) vehemently
somebody or their actions especially
Vehemently = showing or caused by strong feeling;
Flatter = to praise somebody too much or in
77. ________ a very popular person, he can hardly insincere way especially in order to
enjoy any privacy. gain favour for oneself.
l) He 2) Having 3) Been Absolve = to declare that somebody is free of
4) Withholding 5) Being guilt, blame etc.
Withhold = to refuse to give something to keep 86. She could ________ punishment only because of
something back. the judges generosity.
78. The Britishers had succeeded in keeping India l) get 2) improve 3) encouraged
divided and ________ for ever. 4) control 5) escape
1) ruling 2) ruled 3) craved Generosity = the quality of being generous.
4) unified 5) destabilised Generous = giving or ready to give freely.
Crave = to have a strong des ire for Escape = to become free; to get away from a
something. place where one has been a prisoner
Destablise = to make something (system, country, or has felt like a prisoner.
group etc) less firmly established or 87. Mans landing on the moon was a giant ________
fixed. for the human beings.
79. Our company has invested a huge amount in 1) discovery 2) knowledge 3) invention
________ the outdated unit. 4) leap 5) flight
1) running 2) modernising Giant = very great.
3) selling 4) dispensing Leap = a sudden big increase or change.
5) establishing 88. He ________ his speech with beautiful sweet
Dispense = to distribute something. sounding words.
80. They could not understand what the speaker said 1) adjusted 2) contributed 3) enriched
as all his statements were ________. 4) advocated 5) fabricated
348 Test of English Language

Fabricate = to invent false information, a false Inestimable = too great to calculate

account of events. Irresistable = too strong to be denied.
Advocate = to recommend or support 96. Sita was pleased with the ________ paid to her.
something. 1) felicitation 2) remarks
Enrich = to make something/somebody rich 3) acknowledgement 4) compliments
or richer.
5) comments
89. His book ________ praise from one and all. Felicitation = words of congratulation
1) accorded 2) provoked 3) advocated Compliment = an expression of praise, admiration,
4) accepted 5) elicited approval etc.
Accord = a formal agreement between groups 97. There is no need of any proof because everything
of people. is very ________
Provoke = to make a person or an animal angry
1) obvious 2) uncertain 3) definite
or annoyed.
Advocate = to speak publ icly in favour of
4) regular 5) essential
something 98. Onions grow in ________ in this part and hence
Elicit = to draw facts, a response etc from they are always very cheap here.
somebody/s omething with 1) demand 2) abundance 3) peak
difficulty. 4) excessive 5) dearth
90. Sincerity is the essential condition of a ________ Abundance = a quantity that is more than enough;
friendship. a very large amount.
1) durable 2) highest 3) motivated Dearth = a lack or shortage of things or
4) flexible 5) dynamic people.
Durable = likely to last for a long time. 99. Normally he is very ________ in his behaviour, but
91. Gopal cleverly ________ all the questions posed on that occasion he behaved very aggressively.
to him. 1) rude 2) obedient 3) docile

1) refused 2) denied 3) accepted 4) intolerant 5) immature
4) enlisted 5) parried Intolerant = not willing to accept ideas, opinion
Parry = to avoid having to ans wer behaviour etc.
something; to turn aside a blow, a Docile = easy to control.
shot or an attack by using ones own 100. If you ________ in advance, you will get some
weapon or ones hand to block it. concession.
Enlist = to obtain s omething as help, 1) buy 2) work 3) submit
support etc; to get somebody to 4) pay 5) decide
provide help, support etc. 101. I have in my album photographs of some of my
92. He ________ a keen desire to become a wealthy very close friends ________ I can never forget.
man. 1) that 2) who 3) whom
1) measured 2) advanced 3) resolved 4) which 5) those

4) nurtured 5) promised 102. It is ________ for everyone to abide by the laws of
Keen = interested in something or fond of the land.
1) expected 2) obligatory 3) meant
Nurture = to care for and encourage the growth
of somebody/something.
4) optional 5) recommended
Abide by = to obey the rules/laws.
93. According to some people, Third World War is
103. They work hard not because of the ________, but
1) notorious 2) antisocial 3) inevitable
because of their inner urge.
4) explorable 5) dubious
Explore = to travel around in a place/country
1) desire 2) drive 3) energy
in order to learn about it. 4) incentive 5) motivation
Dubious = not certain and slightly suspicious Ur ge = a stronge desire or impulse
about something doubtful. Motivation = to cause somebody to act in a
Inevitable = certain to happen particular way.
94. He did not ________ his identity to us. 104. ________ he is a hard worker, his quality of work
1) acknowledge 2) reveal 3) fabricate is not of a desirable level.
4) exhibit 5) project 1) Despite 2) Because 3) Although
Reveal = to make facts etc known 4) Somehow 5) However
Exhibit = to show or display something for the 105. In spite of repeated instructions, he ________ the
public same mistakes.
95. No human being in this world is ________. 1) commits 2) detects 3) corrects
1) infallible 2) irrevocable 3) irrefutable 4) imitates 5) exhibits
4) inestimable 5) irresistible Detect = to dis cover or recognize that
Infallible = not capable of making mistake or something is present.
being wrong. 106. His ________ background has made him so docile.
Irrevocable = that cannot be changed 1) famous 2) lucrative 3) rich
Irrefutable = that cannot be proved false.
4) advanced 5) humble
Fill in the Blanks 349

107. Sadly, tomorrows cricket match will have to be 119. The reward was shared ________ the members of
________ due to bad weather. the cricket team.
1) played 2) unorganised 3) cancelled 1) among 2) for 3) to
4) won 5) rained 4) against 5) between
108. The dumping of waste products is carefully done 120. The captain is very ________ of his cricket team.
by the company in order to ________ any harm to 1) pride 2) good 3) eager
the environment. 4) proud 5) strict
1) avoid 2) cause 3) expect Eager = full of interest or desire; keen.
4) intend 5) do 121. The boy was rewarded for his ________behaviour.
Intend = to mean to do something 1) pleasing 2) best 3) good
109. No matter where that prisoner tries to ________, 4) neat 5) correct
the police will find him sooner or later. 122. Shweta has ________ in Chennai all her life.
1) imprison 2) arrest 3) find 1) lives 2) living 3) lived
4) stops 5) hide 4) seeing 5) seen
Imprison = to put or keep somebody in prison. 123. Jimmy ________ avoids playing tennis on weekdays
110. I do not know where Neha lives because we have as it is very tiring.
been________ of touch for quite some time. 1) rarely 2) usually 3) greatly
1) not 2) out 3) hardly 4) highly 5) poorly
4) never 5) ever 124. Mr Bose ________ working in the bank for the
111. It is a shame that many people in the world have last fifteen years.
to live ________ basic necessities such as food 1) will be 2) have been 3) to be

and shelter. 4) has been 5) plans to
1) along 2) including 3) despite 125. Praful ________ to be promoted as he is very hard
4) without 5) short working.
112. I ________ your parents that I would take care of 1) afraid 2) hoping 3) tries
you. 4) awaited 5) deserves
1) said 2) alerted 3) forced Deserve = to have a quality or character or to
4) promised 5) asked have done something that is worthy
113. The seating arrangement makes it difficult for of reward.
the students to________ from each other. 126. She ________ sang well ________ played the sitar
1) copy 2) talk 3) relate very well.
4) complaint 5) train 1) also, a 2) no sooner, than
3) not only, but also 4) try to, and also

Complaint = a reason for not being satisfied; the
action of complaining. 5) never, even
114. Computers are useless________ you know how 127. We were so late we ________ had time to catch
to use them. the train.
1) therefore 2) if 3) hence 1) nearly 2) almost 3) hardly
4) should 5) unless 4) simply 5) completely
115. We need more information before we can reach 128. He ________ to all his friends that he was getting
a ________ . married.
1) development 2) fact 3) step 1) told 2) related 3) announced
4) design 5) decision 4) called 5) spoke
116. We must have ________ that these drugs are 129. Todays paper ________ that we shall have an
harmless. election this year.
1) proof 2) signs 3) notes 1) states 2) admits 3) expresses
4) intelligence 5) drawings 4) proposes 5) gives
Intelligence = information especially of millitary 130. Has the committee ________ a decision yet?
value. 1) done 2) made 3) confronted
117. One has to be very ________ during the monsoons 4) arrived 5) voted
as the road becomes slippery. Confront = to face and deal with a problem,
1) smart 2) cautious 3) presentable difficulty etc.
4) prepared 5) healthy 131. The old man was ________ by a truck on the zebra
118. The judge used his ________ in settling the matter. crossing on the main road.
1) know 2) tactics 3) discretion 1) got hit 2) run across
4) brains 5) bias 3) run out 4) blocked
Discretion = the freedome to dicide for oneself 5) knocked down
what should be done. Zebra crossing = an area of road with broad white
Bi as = an opinion or feeling that strongly lines painted on it at which vehicles
favours one side in argument or must stop if people wish to walk
onething in a group; prejudice. across.
350 Test of English Language

Run across = to meet somebody or find something 138. It is ________ in pursuit of these very objectives
by chance. that our Government has made some basic
Run out = to become no longer valid changes in our economic policies.
Knock down = to hit somebody and make them fall
1) greatly 2) constantly
to the ground.
3) clearly 4) largely
132. He found the jewellery box e mpty. All the
5) precisely
ornaments, jewels, etc were ________
Precisely = pres ented in a detailed and
1) protected 2) seized 3) sold accurate way; taking care to be exact
4) melted 5) stolen and accurate.
133. Ill health cannot dampen his spirits. He was 139. He was a rich man and so I was surprised when
found quite ________ at the ceremony. I saw him in ________ clothes.
1) spiritual 2) effervescent 1) tattered 2) splendid 3) foreign
3) subdued 4) uncomfortable 4) damp 5) local
5) nervous Tattered = torn, old and in generally poor
Dampen = to make something less strong condition.
Spiritual = of the human spirit or soul Splendid = very impressive.
Effervescent = lively, excited and enthusiastic Damp = not completely dry; slightly wet.
Subdued = not s howing much excitement, 140. In some backward countries millions of people
interest or activity. live in ________ conditions.
134. There is a growing indiffe rence among the 1) notable 2) popular 3) derogatory
villagers. ________ of them bothered to extinguish 4) violent 5) appalling
the fire which broke out in the hutments. Derogatory = critical or disrespectful.
1) Most 2) Many 3) Few Appalling = very bad.
4) None 5) Everyon 141. He looks simple but has a ________ style of

Indifference = a lack of interest, feeling or reaction behaviour.
towards something/somebody. 1) wise 2) popular 3) modern
Extinguish = put out a fire.
4) deceptive 5) intelligent
Hutment = small, simply built house or shelter.
Deceptive = giving a false impression
135. We spared no efforts to win, but the opposite
142. He ________ stude nts to make use of the ir
side did better. The result was obviously ________
vacations fruitfully in the reconstruction of rural
1) in favour of 2) rejoicing 3) against
1) acclaimed 2) ridiculed 3) projected
4) grudging 5) introspect
4) exhorted 5) dedicated
Spare = to choose not to use, give or
Acclaim = to praise enthusias ticall y and
impose something.
Rejoice = to feel or show great joy.
Ridicul = to make fun of; criticise; mockery
Grudge = a persistent feeling of anger or

Exhort = to strongly urge someone to do
dislike resulting from a past
insult or injury.
Dedicate = to devote to a particular purpose or
Introspecting = this word does not exist.
Introspection = the examination of, or a concern
with, ones own thoughts
143. He has a ________ knowledge about ancient
feelings and motives. Indian scriptures.
136. The musician had a sore throat. Despite that, 1) delectable 2) profound 3) enriching
performance at the concert was ________. 4) vociferous 5) lamentable
1) outstanding 2) sub-standard Scriptures = the holy writings of a religion other
than Christianity.
3) undesirable 4) excellence
Delectable = lovely, delightful or delicious.
5) happy Profound = very great; showing great knowledge
Sore = hurting when touched or used; or understanding
tender and painful. Vociferous = noisy and forceful in expressing
Outstanding = exceptionally good. ones feelings or opinions.
Sub-standard = below standard; not upto mark. Lamentable = a passionate expression of grief;
Excellence = extremely good; outstanding. regret
137. The manager is to help his subordinates ________ 144. Your allegation should be based on facts and
their potential in their present as well as in their not on ________ .
future assignments. 1) surmise 2) proofs 3) projections
1) respect 2) train 3) delegate 4) antipathy 5) records
4) judge 5) realise Allegation = cl aim that s omeone has done
Delegate = to authorise someone to act as a something illegal or wrong.
representative; entrust a task or Surmise = to suppos e something without
responsibility to someoneels e having evidence that makes it
espceially to someone more junior. certain
Fill in the Blanks 351

Projections = a prediction about something based Extol = to praise enthusiastically.

on what is happening now. Subscribe = to arrange to receive something
Antipathy = a strong feeling of dislike. regularly by paying in advance.
145. He spent whole of his life in ________ the Deploy = to us e a resource or qual ity
miseries of the downtrodden people. effectively, to employ somebody for
1) destroying 2) absorbing 3) advocating some action.
4) avoiding 5) mitigating 152. Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.
Absorb = to take, draw or s uck Even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life
something in. has ________ it.
Mitigate = to make something less severe 1) projected 2) explained 3) developed
or violent or painful. 4) illustrated 5) proposed
Downtrodden = treated badl y and without 153. Your ________ nature will aid you in attaining
respect by people in authority success in every venture you undertake.
so that one no longer has the
1) round 2) amiable 3) catalytic
will to fight back.
4) persevering 5) lackadaisical
146. The ________ climate of our town will help recover
Preserve = to keep something in its original
his health. state or in good condition.
1) enchanting 2) prestigious 3) salubrious Amiable = showing and inspiring a
4) enriching 5) proverbial friendly attitude; pleasant.
Enchant = delight, charm. Catalytic = the behaviour which increases
Salubrious = good for your health the rate of functioning.
Proverbial = well known Lackadaisical = Lacking enthus iasm or

147. He has the ________ distinction of losing the thorough-ness.
election for the sixth consecutive time. 154. The soldie rs fought sple ndidly but be ing
1) reliable 2) manifest 3) lamentable outnumbered far out of proportion they had to
4) dubious 5) refreshing ________.
Manifest = clear and obvious 1) desecrate 2) recede 3) capitulate
Lam ent = to express grief. 4) contemplate 5) capture
148. His arguments in the court were so ________ that Desecrate = to treat a scared thing or place badly
he shattered the evidence built by the opposition or without respect.
lawyer. Splendid = magnificent; very impressive; very
1) diagnostic 2) voluminous 3) penetrative fine; excellent.
4) worldly 5) durable Splendidly = keep going.
Shatter = to upset greatly; break suddenly Outnumber = to be greater in number than

and violently into pieces. somebody/something.
Diagnostic = to examine the problem a person is Recede = to move backwards from a previous
suffering from position
Penetrative = having or s howing deep Capitulate = to stop fighting against or resisting
understanding; sharp and agree to what they want.
Contemplate = to cons ider the pos sibility of
149. Facial expressions and body language, many
times, do not display the ________ feelings of a
155. Her ________ nature will help her realise the
object of her desire.
1) covert 2) open 3) outrageous
1) obdurate 2) obstinate 3) persevering
4) stringent 5) popular
4) fascinating 5) querulous
Covert = secret
Obdurate = to refuse to change the behaviour;
Outrageous = shockingly bad; very bold and
Obstinate = to refuse to change ones opinion or
Stringent = strict and precise
decis ion despite attempts to
150. Dorab is a man of admirable taste and a great persuade one.
political ________. Persevere = to continue trying to do something
1) appreciation 2) synthesis 3) viability especially in spite of difficulty.
4) distinction 5) acumen Fascinating = attractive
Appreciation = recognition of the val ue of Querulous = complaning, showing that one is
something. irritated.
Synthesis = the combination of parts to form a 156. Since she is a teacher, one would not except
complex whole. her to be guilty of a ________.
Distinction = outstanding excellence. 1) schism 2) aberration 3) bombast
Acumen = the ability to make good judgements
4) solecism 5) None of these
and take quick decisions.
Schism = strong dis agreement within an
151. Countless books ________ the benefits of clear organisation especially a religious
and accurate communication. one
1) extol 2) subscribe 3) contribute Aberration = a temporary change from what is
4) extend 5) deploy normal or acceptable.
352 Test of English Language

Bombast = words without meaning used to Precedent = an earlier decision, case etc that is
impress other people and sound regarded as an example or a rule to
important. be followed in similar circums-tances
Solecism = a mistake in the use of language in later.
speech or writing. 162. Sales representatives do not lead a normal family
157. His employer had all along been kind to him; so life be cause the ir jobs compe l the m to be
he ________ by being loyal to him. ________.
1) reprimanded 2) accommodated 1) away 2) itinerant
3) delegated 4) reciprocated 3) immobile 4) commuters
5) retaliated 5) None of these
Reprimand = to express severe disapproval Compel = to force someone to do something.
of somebody or their actions Itinerant = travelling from place to place.
especially officially. Immobile = unable to move, not moving
Accommodate = to provide a room or place to Commuters = the person who goes to and come
sleep for somebody. back.
Delegate = to give duties, rights etc to 163. You and your company would be ________ by the
somebody in a lower position standard of both your public and private
or grade.
Reciprocate = to give and receive something
in return.
1) expected 2) advanced 3) judged
Retaliate = to harm, injure etc somebody 4) enlarged 5) projected
because they have upset one 164. Letters should always be responded to ________.
or caused one harm or injury. 1) critically 2) strongly 3) promptly
158. During the freedom struggle, Jawaharlal Nehru 4) verbally 5) spiritedly
was the ________ for most young Indians. Promptly = done without delay; immediately

1) darling 2) lodestar 3) idealist Spiritedly = full of spirit, lively, forceful.
4) facsimile 5) None of these 165. Your appearance may not be your most valuable
Lodestar = a principl e that guides ones asset but it should never be a ________.
behaviour and action. 1) criticism 2) passion 3) difficulty
Facsimile = an exact copy of a piece of writing, a 4) liability 5) possession
picture etc. Passion = strong feeling
159. His criticism was not that the economy was not 166. Busy people receive calls at very ________ time.
growing at all, but of the ________ of urban growth 1) spurious 2) immature
at the expense of rural areas. 3) unlikely 4) difficult
1) laziness 2) facility 3) lopsidedness 5) inconvenient
4) extravagance 5) None of these Spurious = not genuine, false or fake
Lopsided = with one side lower, smaller than 167. In each chapter we ________ a different aspect of

the other; not evenly balanced. your business relationship.
Extravagant = willing to use more of something 1) contribute 2) explore 3) percolate
especially money than is necessary
4) establish 5) upgrade
or appropriate.
Explore = to examine something thoroughly in
160. The party leader did expect some criticism of his order to test it or find out about it.
decision, but was taken aback by the near Percolate = to move gradually through a surface
________ of the members. or something.
1) mutiny 2) unanimity Upgrade = to raise somebody/something to a
3) mutilation 4) momentum higher grade or rank
5) None of these 168. Many people regard office parties as opportunities
Take aback = to shock or surprise. to ________.
Mutiny = refusal to obey the proper auth- 1) unwind 2) advocate 3) exhibit
orities, especially by soldiers or 4) entangle 5) demonstrate
sailors. Entangle = to cause s omebody/something
Unanimity = compl ete agreement about oneself to become twisted together
something among a group. with or caught in something.
Mutilation = injury or damage. Unwind = to begin to relax after a period of
Momentum = a force that increases the rate of work or tension.
development of a person. Demonstrate = to express something by ones
161. The lawyer had to find innovative arguments for action.
his case; there was just no ________ that he could 169. Mutual interest usually rests on a common
follow or quote. understanding of ________ goals.
1) example 2) quotation 3) style 1) ultimate 2) high 3) interesting
4) precedent 5) None of these 4) shared 5) dubious
Innovative = to make change, to introduce new Dubious = not certain and slightly suspicious
ideas or methods about something.
Fill in the Blanks 353

170. I felt very proud ________ myself. 179. When I first met Sudha ________ as a lecturer in
l) for 2) of 3) with the college.
4) at 5) on 1) she was working
171. I have just ________ reading an interesting novel. 2) she working
1) been 2) completely 3) finished 3) she had been working
4) start 5) over 4) must have been working
172. I felt so ________ that I couldnt sleep. 5) she has been working
1) exciting 2) excited 180. She did not like to ________ her decision like a
3) exciting as such 4) excited for dictator on her subordinates.
5) excited with 1) divulge 2) prompt 3) enforce
173. The three men ________ for an hour. 4) deploy 5) make
1) are playing 2) had been playing Dictator = a ruler who insists that people do
3) have been playing 4) were played what he or she wants.
5) will have been playing Subordinate = As sistant/below someones
174. Integrity of character, honesty, dependability and
Divulge = to make something known
discipline ________ with a genuine interest in your especially a secret.
work will go a long way for achieving success. Prompt = ready to do without delay/make
1) coupled 2) adjoined 3) fixed someone to do something.
4) attached 5) entrusted Deploy = to use something effectively.
Integrity = the quality of being honest and 181. People unfortunately ________ that money brings
having strong moral principles. happiness.

Coupled = to link or associate somebody/ 1) assume 2) deny 3) object
s omething with somebody/
4) rely 5) conscious
Assume = to accept something as true before
Adjoin = to be next to something or nearest
there is a proof.
to something.
Rely = to be dependent on somebody/
Entrust = to give responsibility for somebody/
something to somebody.
182. The public have ________ a protest against the
175. Drinking too much ________ ones judgement.
new rules of the budget.
1) imposes 2) impels 3) impairs
1) organize 2) demonstrated 3) compiled
4) impedes 5) effects
Impose = to make somebody endure
4) pursued 5) launched
something that is not welcome or Demonstrate = to express something by ones

Impel = to force or urge somebody to do Compile = to collect information and arrange it
something in a book, list or report.
Impair = to damage or make something Pursue = to do something to get something;
weaker. to proceed further
Impede = to delay or stop the progress. Launch = to start something
176. For quite a long time he bore the burden but 183. Sarojini Naidu will always be remembered for
finally he had to ________. her________ to the national cause.
1) yield 2) reconcile 3) leave 1) blessing 2) involvement 3) pursuit
4) succumb 5) refuse 4) dedication 5) command
Yield = to bend or break under pressure. Blessing = Gods favour and protection.
Reconcile = to make people become friends Pursuit = the action of looking for or trying to
again after quarrelling. find something.
Succumb = to fail to resist an attack; an illness Dedication = the state of being devoted to a
etc. cause or an aim.
177. The suspect was taken to the police, but the 184. Pove rty has to be ________ and the basic
________ revealed nothing. necessities of life should be made available to
1) investigation 2) inquiry everyone.
3) probe 4) interrogation 1) destroyed 2) eliminated 3) finished
5) attempt 4) magnified 5) considered
Probe = a thorough and careful investigation Eliminated = to remove somebody/something
of something. Magnify = to make bigger/larger
178. The History Professor ________ a great respect 185. He tends to ________ to any suggestion I make
from his students by virtue of his mastery over in meetings.
his subject. 1) differ 2) agree 3) accept
1) commanded 2) acquired 3) attained 4) act 5) cooperate
4) observed 5) expected 186. We were shocked by the young mans ________
By virtue of = on account of something; or because for money.
of something.
354 Test of English Language

1) greed 2) acumen 3) versatility 1) controlling 2) measuring

4) projection 5) indifference 3) publishing 4) reducing
Acumen = the ability to understand and judge 5) teaching
things quickly and clearly. 195. Changes in sales, for example, need not be
Greed = feeling to get more and more analysed with respect to other________ , because
Verstality = having many user; turning easily
the sale of a product may naturally have its
from one occupation/subject.
own patterns trends, seasonal or cyclical
187. Let us cultivate a strong will, a ________ mental
desire and determination to achieve our ideals.
1) variables 2) tools 3) statistics
1) tall 2) sure 3) sardonic
4) regions 5) countries
4) keen 5) cutting
Fluctuate = to change frequently.
Keen = interested in somebody/something
196. In his first public comments, the President said
Sardonic = showing that one thinks one is
superior to others.
with conce rn that the le ak of classifie d
188. He ________ children to open their eyes and ears information from the battle fie ld could
to the beauty of life. potentially________ individuals or operations.
1) admonished 2) promised 1) strengthen 2) kill 3) jeopardize
3) exhorted 4) complemented 4) disturb 5) identify
Jeopardize = to cause something to be harmed/
5) reprimanded
189. We must work hard towards ________ of the
197. By the governments ________ some relief from
underprivileged people of our country.
raging price rise can happen anytime in the next
1) proliferation 2) emancipation
six months.
3) contribution 4) association
1) notice 2) reckoning 3) plan
5) unification

4) suggestion 5) posting
Underprivileged = having a lower standard of
Raging = very strong or painful.
living or f ewer rights than
Reckoning = the action of calcul ationg or
normal in a society.
estimating something.
Proliferation = a repid growth or increase in
number; spread rapidly.
198. Anger, the psychologists say, has as much to do
Emancipation = to set free from legal or social with cooperation as with conflicts, and emotions
restrictions. are used to ________ others into cooperating in
Unification = to join people or things together. the long run.
190. An important ________ of Indian business has 1) prod 2) bringing 3) take
been its short-term focus. 4) invite 5) ask
1) draw 2) neglect 3) venture Conflict = a serious disagreement
4) figure 5) failing Prod = to make or try to make a slow person
to do something; to encourage to do

Venture = a project or undertaking
191. The Internet may not ________ everything we do, something.
but it has already revolutionised business and 199. What started as a matter of national pride seems
will continue to do so. to be coming in for ________ from various quarters
1) mark 2) prove 3) change for a budget that has quadrupled.
4) help 5) stop 1) shame 2) feedback 3) loss
Revolutionise = to make s omething change 4) flak 5) increase
completely or in a dramatic way. Quadrupled = multiplied four times
192. The se two e xample s ________ that Indian Flak = severe criticism
companies are capable of acquiring a global mind 200. ________ I not informed you about this, you would
se t. have missed the opportunity.
1) need 2) write 3) generate 1) If 2) Provided 3) Unless
4) illustrate 5) follow 4) Had 5) Have
193. There is an old idea in economics that if a rich 201. Many with ________ I have shared my thoughts
and a poor country are ________ by trade, their have shown initial surprise.
standard of living should converge in the long 1) whom 2) who 3) which
run. 4) that 5) me
1) mixed 2) linked 3) away 202. Our present________ towards the environment
4) similar 5) meeting contrasts quite sharply with our historical
Converge = to move towards and meet at the reverence for nature.
same place. 1) state 2) apathy 3) nature
194. All countries have consumer price indices, some 4) disposition 5) appeal
more reliable than others, some quite out of date, Reverance = a f eeling of deep res pect or
but all concerned with ________ overall price admiration for somebody/
Fill in the Blanks 355

Apathy = a lack of interest, enthusiasm or 206. In fact, ________ the many years of being a closed,
concern. high-tariff economy, we have always been more
Disposition = a persons natural qualities of mind open- minded than the economic models we have
and character or a tendency.
lived under.
203. Changing lifestyles in India are causing many
1) inspite 2) besides
frustrations, ________ people to lash out at the
3) of 4) provided
5) despite
1) motivating 2) tempting 3) leading Tariff = a list of fixed charges especially for
4) killing 5) stressing rooms, meals etc.
Lash out = to make a sudden violent attack Besi des = in addition to
with blows of words. Despite = inspite of
Tempting = attractive; inviting 207. The most encouraging fact is that change is
204. There was this new belief among people that they spreading ________ the country and reaching
could be succe ssful, and that the re we re villages and small towns.
opportunities here for the ________ . 1) from 2) over 3) across
1) taking 2) all 3) daringly 4) far 5) among
4) granted 5) grabbing 208. In a string of de cisions, information
Daringly = brave, with courage
commissions have forced public authorities to
Grabbing = to take s omething f irml y and
suddenly, roughly or rudely.
implement the RTI stipulation that they should
205. ________ a countrys current account is in deficit, all put ________ information proactively so that
it would imply that its imports of goods and citizens dont have to file applications for every

services are higher than its income from exports small thing.
and remittances from non-residents. 1) as 2) out 3) on
1) As 2) Given 3) Unless 4) into 5) forward
Implement = to put something into effect.
4) Rather 5) If
Stipulate = to state something clearly and firmly
Deficit = searcity
as a requirement.
Imply = to suggest something as a logical
Proactive = creating or controlling a situation by
cousequence; meanings.
causing thing to happen rather than
Remittance = a sum of money sent in payment for
reacting to events etc.


Direction : In each of the following sentences
there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence
there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers
(1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). Find out which pair of words
can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in
the sam e sequen ce t o make t he s entence
meaningfully complete.
1. People ________ to work hard if you ________
certain conditions on them.
1) decide, negotiate 2) try, thrust

= worse situation.
= the force that makes something
________ your colleagues for important decision-
making activitie s e nsure s the ir ________

1) Counselling, whole-hearted
2) Helping, occasional
3) Guiding, meagre
4) Neglecting, enthusiastic
3) plan, invoke 4) hesitate, impose 5) Dominating, unstinted
Colleague = a person with whom one works
5) volunteer, place
es pecial ly in a prof es sion or
Thrust = to push suddenly or violently.
Invoke = to appeal to someone in support of
Counselling = participle of counsel.
an argument/call earnestly for.
Counsel = to give profess ional advice to
Impose = to force something to be accepted.
somebody who has a problem.
Volunteer = to offer to do or give something
Meagre = small in quantity and poor in quality.
without being forced.
Enthusiastic =feeling very interested in particular
2. The recent ________ in oil prices has given an activity.
unexpected additional ________ to the cost-spiral. Dominate = to have control or power over or a
1) slump, drawback 2) cut, blow very strong infulence on somebody/
3) rise, twist 4) development, out something.
5) deterioration, impetus Unstinted = given freely or generously.
Slump = to decline greatly. 4. The only way to ensure best output from your
Twi st = to bend, distort, force out of the vehicle is to provide it a ________ and ________
natural position. maintenance.
356 Test of English Language

1) nurturing, expensive Retrograde = getting worse; returning to a less

2) proper, timely good condition.
3) careful, costly Decompose = decay, rot.
4) trouble-free, everlasting 9. If misery is the effect of ill fortune, it ought to
5) precious, healthy be pitied, if of ________ to be ________.
Nurture = to care for and encourage the growth 1) virtue, criticised 2) calamity, reverenced
of somebody or something. 3) virtue, protected 4) vice, reverenced
Everlasting = lasting forever or a very long time. 5) virtue, reverenced
5. The issues could be ________ amicably only Misery = great unhappiness.
because of his ________ handling of the situation. Pity = a feeling of sympathy and sadness
1) dropped, haphazard caused by the suffering of other
people; to feel pity for somebody.
2) raised, careful
Calamity = an event causing great and sudden
3) discussed, enthusiastic damage or distress.
4) suppressed, emphatic Reverence = deep respect.
5) resolved, tactful Vice = bad personal characteristic or a bad
Amicable = based on or achieved through polite habit; immoral or wicked behaviour
discussion and without quarrelling Virtue = behaviour s howing high moral
Haphazar d = lacking order or organisation; not in standard.
order or sequence. 10. It would be impossible for us to continue living
Suppress = to prevent something from being in this world if each of us ________ exactly what
known or seen.
fate had in ________ for him.
Tactful = having or showing tact.
1) follow, plan 2) appreciate, strategy
6. Vision is usually ________ most effectively when
3) design, anticipation 4) visualize, hidden
many different ________ are used.
5) knew, store

1) developed, manifestations
Appreciate = recognis e the value of or
2) adapted, organisations understand a situation fully.
3) communicated, vehicles Strategy = a plan designed to achieve a long
4) exhibited, forms term aim.
5) described, thought Anticipate = to see what is going to happen or
Manifestation = decline greatly. what will need to be done and take
Adapt = become adjusted to new action to prepare for it in advance.
conditions. Visualize = to f orm a mental picture of
Exhibit = to show or display something somebody or something.
for the public, eg for pleasure Hidden = secret or not known.
or information. 11. It is the ________ of selfishness for men, who
7. People who have been through difficult, painful fully ________ in the ir own case the great

and not very ________ change efforts often end advantages of good education, to deny these
up ________ both pe ssimistic and angry advantages to women.
conclusions. 1) parody, demand 2) height, appreciate
1) successful, drawing 3) height, assimilate 4) degree, appreciate
2) meaningful, projecting 5) level, advance
3) reliable, evolving Selfish = self centrad / thinking about self.
4) strong, following Parody = speech, writing or mus ic that
5) challenging, lamenting deleberately copies and
End up = eventually reach to a particular state exaggeratges the style of a writer
or place. musician etc in order to be amusing.
Pessimistic = a person who sees dark side of a Assimilate = to absorb ideas, information etc in
thing; believer in negative aspects the mind.
of a thing. 12. The learner should be ________ to take a small
Lamenting = expressing regret or disappoint- first ste p one that will provide immediate
ment. success and ________ the learning.
8. The human mind is never ________; it advances 1) encouraged, reinforce
or it ________. 2) forced, organise
1) absolute, diminishes 3) directed, reorganise
2) dynamic, stops 4) cautioned, reinforce
3) perfect, disintegrates 5) encouraged, acknowledge
4) stationary, retrogrades Reinforce = to make stronger
5) happy, decomposes 13. His death ________ more tributes than have been
Diminish = to become less; to make less. paid at the ________ of any other human being in
Dynamic = full of energy and new ideas. history.
Disintegrate = to break up into small parts.
Stationary = something that is not moving; static
Fill in the Blanks 357

1) brought, passing 2) directed, helm 17. The account of the crime given by the accused
3) delivered, description 4) invited, living was ________ and was ________.
5) acknowledged, perpetuation 1) dependable, uncognizable
Tribute = an act, a statement or a gift that is 2) fictitious, unreliable
intended to show ones respect or 3) false, appreciable
admiration, especially for a dead 4) complete, imaginary
5) exaggerated, unpardonable
At the helm = leading an organisation etc; in
The accused = a person on trial for committing
a crime.
Perpetuate = to make something continue.
Cognizance = knowledge; awareness
14. Only with executive ________ can the organisation To take cognizance
concentrate its energies on ________ competitive of something = to acknowledge or consider
advantage over time. something.
1) position, embarking Fictitious = not real, imaginary.
2) deployment, directing Unreliable = not dependable
3) contingent, fabricating Exaggerate = make s omething more
4) commitment, sustaining important than it really is.
Unpardonable = unforgivable; that can not be
5) satisfaction, moulding
Em bark = to begin a new project or course of
18. Problems of the country can only be aggravated
Deploy = to use something effectively. by ________ and ________ citizens.
Contingent = a group of peopl e attending a 1) careful, unscrupulous

gathering and sharing particular 2) extraordinary, uncompromising
characteristics eg place of origin. 3) dedicated, patriotic
Sustain = to keep something going over time 4) selfish, irresponsible
or continuously. 5) independent, practical
Mould = to influence the development of Aggravate = to make a disease, a situation, an
something. offence etc worse or more serious.
15. All the performances of human art, at which we Unscrupulous = dishonest or unfair.
look with praise or wonder, are ________ of the Patriotic = strongly supporting ones country
restless ________ of perseverance. and is prepared to defend it.
1) manifestations, pronouncement 19. The ________ with which he is able to wield the
2) projections, component paint brush is really ________.
3) instances, force 1) practice, good 2) majesty, royal

4) proofs, humanity 3) sweep, fine 4) energy, unnecessary
5) visions, future 5) ease, remarkable
Perseverance = continued s teady ef fort to Wield = to hold something and use it as a
achieve an aim. weapon, tool etc.
Pronouncement = a formal s tatement or Majesty = grandeur or impressive beauty.
declaration. Royal = having to do with a king or queen.
Instance = a particular occurrence of Sweep = to pus h dirt or rubbis h of f
something that happens often, something.
an example, a case. 20. If you kindly bear ________ me for some time, I
Manifestation = an event, an action, an object shall ________ the whole issue.
or a statement that shows 1) out, understand
something clearly.
2) on, solve
16. Punishment is ________ and ________ a lot of
3) for, know
wrong doings.
4) with, clarify
1) a deterrent, prevents
5) at, inform
2) inevitable, encourages
21. The feeling of the people is not entirely ________
3) mandatory, ensures
or ________.
4) an evil, prohibits
1) sound, unfounded
5) essential, nullifies
2) unreasonable, imaginary
Deter = to make somebody decide not to do
3) baseless, unjustified
Deterrent = a thing that deters or is meant to 4) cohesive, irrational
deter something. 5) unpardonable, unimaginative
Inevitable = certain to happen. Unfounded = with no basis in fact.
Mandatory = compulsory or required by law or Cohesive = sticking together easily or well;
rules. causing or helping things or people
Prohibit = to prevent s omething f rom to stick together.
happening Irrational = not logical or reasonable
Nullify = to make something lose its effect.
358 Test of English Language

22. People who are ________ can ________ their things 3) developing, kills
in an orderly manner. 4) processing, enhances
1) upright, keep 2) thrifty, perform 5) proposing, destroys
3) punctual, manage 4) indecisive, do Augment = to make soemthing larger in number
5) dependable, accumulate or size; to increase soemthing.
Punctual = happening or doing something at Enhance = increase the quality, value or extent
the agreed or proper time. of something.
Upright = strictly honest and respectable. 28. Never has the proper maintenance of zoos been
Thrifty = careful and economic in the use of more ________ and ne ver has it been more
money and other resources. ________.
Thrift = the habit of saving money and 1) inevitable,manageable
spending it carefully. 2) essential, practical
Accumulate = gather together
3) important, difficult
23. The WHO has ________ the government for taking
4) necessary, applicable
prompt ________ action.
5) prominent, easy
1) lauded, preventive 2) criticised, obligatory Prominent = important, or distinguished
3) blamed, ineffective 4) appreciated, hectic 29. Effective managers ________ and attempt to
5) admired, unreasonable ________ the organizations value s, goals,
La ud = to praise highly
structure and climate.
Preventive = designed to prevent something from
1) organise, plan 2) direct, motivate
Obligatory = required by rule, law, or custom; 3) advocate, exhibit 4) monitor, influence
compulsory. 5) manipulate, negotiate
Hectic = full of activity. Manipulate = to control or handle something with
Prompt = done without delay s kill ; to control or infl uence

Admire = to regard somebody with respect, somebody/something by clever or
pleasure or approval. unfair means.
24. Though the hospital is e xtreme ly rich, the 30. Sometimes the course designer has a ________
conditions there are ________ ________. that others can see but that he or she ________.
1) equally, rich 1) problem, precipitates
2) appallingly, poor 2) solution, evolve
3) admirably, comfortable 3) vision, implement
4)extremely, conducive 4) difficulty, absorbs
5) frequently, tolerable 5) blind spot, cannot
Appalling = shocking; extremely bad. Evolve = to develop naturally or usually
Conducive = helping something to happen or gradually
making it likely. Precipitate = to cause s omething, especial ly

25. Nine members have ________ about the decision, something bad, to happen suddenly
but the tenth one views it ________. or sooner.
1) solution, critically Blind spot = an inability to understand and judge
2) consensus, similarly
31. How people would ________ in a particular
3) disagreement, collectively
situation cannot be ________ with pe rfe ct
4) grievance, grudgingly
5) agreement, differently
Consensus = general agreement
1) think, observed 2) act, expected
Grievance = cause for complaint 3) behave, predicted 4) react, analyzed
Grudgingly = reluctantly; unwillingly 5) feel, resolved
26. There is no ________ for meticulous care in Predict = to state that an event will happen
________ training rooms for seminars. in the future.
Resolve = to find a solution or decide firmly on
1) substitute, setting up
a course of action.
2) solution, preparing
32. When the mob turned ________, the police opened
3) authority, projecting
fire to control the ________ situation.
4) model, labelling
1) away, burning 2) up, untoward
5) plan, organizing
3) around, devastating 4) quietly, aggravate
Meticulous = very careful and precise.
Label = classifying name given to a thing or
5) hostile, rioting
person. Aggravate = to make a disease, a situation, an
offence etc worse or more serious.
27. Factories ________ metal ore produce silver dioxide
Mob = a disorderly crowd of people..
which ________ thousands of he ctare s of Unt owar d = unexpected and unwanted
plantation. Devastating = ruin or capable of destroying
1) manufacturing, augments Hostile = aggressively unfriendly.
2) processing, destroys Rioting = taking part in violent disturbance.
Fill in the Blanks 359

33. The Government ________ down the opposition encourages you to do something;
________ for a joint parliamentary committee something which makes your moral
probe. high.
Diplomatic = tact full, having to do with diplomacy.
1) boiled, proposal 2) shot, demand
38. He admitted having ________ about the ________
3) put, leaders 4) whipped,
of the documents.
1) questioned, authenticity
5) struck, party
Probe = to investigate or examine something
2) regard, truth
closely. 3) aware, possession
Whip = to move something quickly to, from 4) predicted, correctness
etc a particular place. 5) enquired, preparation
Portfolio = the pos ition and duties of a Predict = to state that an event will happen
government minister. in future.
Struck = Past participle tense of s trike; 39. Despite ________ of resources, the financially
attacked. unde rprivile ge d stude nts ________ in the ir
34. The handwriting on the letter was very ________, endeavour.
none could ________ it. 1) plenty, failed 2) availability, gave
1) legible, write 2) illegible, read 3) want, surrendered 4) lack, succeeded
3) original, recognize 4) faint, notice 5) extremity, excelled
5) shabby, identify Endeavour = an attempt or effort.
Legible = clear enough to read. For want of = because of a lack of something
Illegible = that can not be read.

La ck = scarcity
Shabby = in poor condition through much use Extremity = apex, extreme point; highest point
or being badly cared for. Excel = do something exceptionally well or
35. The delay in completing the task ________ can be be very good at something.
attributed to their ________ 40. The work assigned to me is not ________ though
1) expeditiously, lethargy it is very ________.
2) fully, punctuality 1) voluminous, careful
3) economically, rigidity 2) challenging, easy
4) religiously, strictness 3) impossible, stupendous
5) carefully, perfectionism 4) exceptional, ordinary
Attribute = to say or believe that something is 5) meagre, difficult
the result of, or blamed or be the Assign = to give someone a task or duty.
reason for something. Stupendous = extremely impressive

Expeditious = done with speed and efficiency. Meagre = small in quantity and poor in quality
Lethargy = lack of energy and enthusiasm. 41. The ________ manner of the officer ________ all
Punctuality = doing something at the agreed or his fears.
proper time.
1) haughty, aggravated
Rigidity = not able to change, stiff, not ready
to adapt.
2) officious, levelled
36. He ________ for having caused ________ to the 3) amiable, concentrated
residents. 4) fickle, reduced
1) questioned, authenticity 5) genial, dispelled
Haughty = believing or showing the belief that
2) apologized, impatience
one is superior to others.
3) regretted, inconvenience Genial = friendly in a cheerful way.
4) wondered, disappointment Level = to make something equal or similar.
5) pressurized, discomfort Amiable = showing and inspiring a friendly
Authenticity = genuine, known to be real. attitude; pleasant.
Apologize = saying sorry for the mistake Fickle = often changing; not faithful or loyal
Impatience = restlessly eager, having no Dispel = to make something go away
tolerance. 42. To ________ his arguments, he ________ several
Regret = feel sorry references.
37. The new ________ in the defence field are quite 1) vindicate, refer 2) press, announced
________ and hence appreciable. 3) substantiate, cited 4) reveal, declared
1) ideas, novel 5) clarify, averted
2) studies, substandard Vindicate = to cl ear someone of blame or
3) incentives, diplomatic suspicion
4) appointments, sensitive Substantiate = to prove the truth of something by
5) inventions,. admirable providing evidence or proof.
Substandard = below the us ual or required Cite = to speak or write words taken from
standard. a passage, a book an author etc to
Incentives = s omething that infl uences or quote something/somebody.
360 Test of English Language

Reveal = to make facts etc known. Invoke = to use something/somebody as an

Avert = to prevent something unpleasant authority f or doing or arguing
happening. something.
43. As censorship was ________ people were ________ Repeal = to make a law no longer valid
the furious battle being fought. 47. Our army is ________ ________ the border of the
1) clammed, oblivious of neighbouring country.
2) revoked, indifferent to 1) posted, with 2) accumulated, for
3) imposed, unaware of 3) assembled, at 4) deployed, along
4) dispelled, ignorant of 5) fighting, on
5) levelled, unmindful of 48. The teacher ________ his students ________ being
Furious = extremely angry late to school.
Clam = to become silent; to refuse to speak 1) shouted, at 2) reprimanded, for
Oblivious = not aware of or not noticing 3) reminded, with 4) narrated, of
something. 5) taught, for
Revoke = to make a decree, law etc no longer Reprimand = to express severe disapproval of
valid s omebody, or their actions
Indifferent = having no interest; unconcerned especially officially.
Unmindful = not conscious or aware of.
49. The dimensions of the ________ are known and
44. He was ________ by letter that he had ________
the solution is ________ on.
1) problem, agreed 2) theory, dealt
1) informed, been 2) told, not
3) measures, decided 4) risks, tempered
3) stated, finally 4) offered, been
5) danger, looked
5) communicated, not Tempered = an angry state of mind.
45. Giving unfair ________ to ones relatives in the 50. There is so much ________ between the two

matter of appointments and such other benefits sisters that it is ________ to know one from the
is ________. other.
1) punishment, parochialism 1) resemblance, difficult
2) advantage, nepotism 2) identity, impossible
3) benefits, pragmatism 3) equality, easy
4) preferences, chauvinism 4) disparity, undesirable
5) leverage, communalism 5) similarity, obvious
Unfair = not just or fair. Resemblance = the fact or an instance of being
Parochialism = showing interest in a local or like or similar to another person
limited area only; narrow. or thing.
Nepotism = favouritism shown to relatives Disparity = a great difference
or friends
51. Man needs food not ________ for the body but for

Pragm atism = dealing with things in a
sensibl e and realis tic way
the soul also. The satisfaction of his physical
rather than being influenced by wants does not imply his ________.
fixed theories. 1) merely, contentment
Chauvinism = an aggressive belief that your 2) properly, superiority
own country or group is better 3) only, spirituality
than others. 4) necessarily, commitment
Leverage = the power to influence. 5) certainly, entitlement
Communalism = feeling of favour for a particular Merely = only
community. Contentment = peace or satisfaction
46. The Vidhan Sabha voted to ________ the ban Spirituality = the state or quality of being
________ drinking. concerned with spiritual
1) invoke, for matters.
2) revoke, of Entitle = to give somebody a right to do
3) prohibit, prevented or have something.
4) repeal, on 52. It is said that knowledge is power. The hunger
5) refrain, from for power is ________ and therefore most difficult
Revoke = to withdraw or cancel a law, licence to ________.
etc. 1) accumulative, subsume
Refrain = to stop oneself doing something 2) enormous, apply
especially something that one would 3) empowering, delegate
like to do. 4) insatiable, contain
Prohibit = to forbid something or somebody
5) evolutionary, rationalize
from doing something especially by
Enormous = very large; huge
laws, rules or regulations; to make
Delegate = to give duties , rights etc to
something impossible; to prevent
somebody in a lower position or
Fill in the Blanks 361

Subsume = to include something in a particular 1) explained, whatever

group. 2) narrated, that
Empower = to give power 3) demonstrated, what
Insatiable = not able to be satisfied.
4) briefed, those
Evolutionary = gradual development.
Rationalize = to try to find a logical reason.
5) showed, whatsoever
Demonstrate = to s how and expl ain how
53. Nothing undermines the communication of a
something works or a way of doing
changed vision more than ________ on the part something.
of key ________ that seems inconsistent with the 58. He was ________ not to ________ done the exercise
vision. himself.
1) anything, issues 2) behaviors, players 1) expected, be 2) required, being
3) advocacy, managers 4) something, personnel 3) needed, get 4) warned, be
5) philosophy, problems 5) supposed, have
Undermine = to make s omething/s omebody
59. The ________ of the ________ carried out in the
gradually weaker or less effective.
Incosistent = not in harmony with something;
Institute were published.
containing parts that do not agree 1) reports, findings
with one another. 2) articles, observations
Advocacy = the giving of support to a cause. 3) drawbacks, preparations
Personnel = the people employed in an 4) results, investigations
organisation; staff. 5) observations, teams
54. Mountains and hills are a ________ sight. I have Carry out = to do something as required or

always ________ to see them. specified; to fulfil something.
1) extraordinary, advocated 60. Mr. Srinivasan is ________ to become Chairman
2) stupendous, encouraged of the group ________ the retirement of his father.
3) loving, prepared 1) set, following 2) voted, subsequent
4) joyful, imagined 3) selected, despite 4) approved, because
5) fascinating, longed 5) decided, after
Stupendous = extremely great or large; extremely Subsequent = latter; following
good or impressive 61. ________ to your error the ________ consignment
Fascinating = interesting and charming has been delayed by a week.
Long = to have a strong des ire for
1) According, important 2) Duly, urgent
3) Owing, entire 4) Added, crucial
55. Their minds were ________ with the thought of
5) Admitting, special

the ________ conflict.
Consignment = a quantity of goods delivered
1) engrossed, approaching together.
2) prepared, growing 62. On account of the ________ in sales the software
3) absolved, mere firm has achieved an eight per cent ________ in
4) swollen, imminent net profit.
5) preoccupied, adverse 1) surge, fall 2) increase, rise
Conflict = a s erious dis agreement; an
3) decline, slope 4) hike, loss
Engross = to occupy all the time or attention of
5) growth, advance
somebody. Surge = to increase suddenly or intensely.
Absolve = to declare that somebody is free of 63. We are proud to say that today ________ 26 per
guilt blame etc. cent of our total accounts are ________ by women
Swollen = past participle of swell. and senior citizens.
Swell with = to feel full of intense emotion. 1) approximate, held
Imminent = about to happen; likely to happen 2) nearly, authorised
very soon. 3) over, maintain
Adverse = not favourable; contrary; opposing
4) above, open
Preoccupy = to engage somebodys mind or
thoughts so that they cannot think
5) around, operated
of other things. 64. The company has ________ special training to
56. The doctor reached the house too ________ to employees on ________ to trade online.
find the patient ________. 1) announced, benefits 2) offered, course
1) early, worried 2) far, sick 3) imparted, risks 4) sanction, skills
3) late, alive 4) hastily, immobile 5) provided, how
5) impatiently, dead Impart = to give a quality to something; to
Hasty = said, made, or done quickly or too make inf ormation known to
quickly; hurried. something; to reveal something
Sanction = to give ones permiss ion for
57. He ________ to the audience in a soft but
confident tone all ________ had happened.
362 Test of English Language

65. Poetry is the language of the imagination and 69. The well-known judge who was earlier ________
the ________. It relates to whatever gives ________ to he ad the dele gation has now give n his
pleasure or pain to the human mind. ________.
1) thinking, permanent 1) reluctant, consent
2) analysis, temporary 2) eager, approved
3) passions, immediate 3) requested, chances
4) circumspection, sporadic 4) forced, unwillingness
5) visualization, constant 5) expected, assurances
Passion = very strong emotion, an intense Delegation = A group of delegates
enthusiasm for something. Reluctant = not willing to do.
Circumspect = considering everything carefully Consent = permission or agreement
before acting; cautious. Unwillingness = not wanting to do something
Sporadic = happening or seen only occasionally Eager = full of interest or desire; keen
or in a few places. 70. People were ________ of the two brothers because
Visualize = to form an image of something in their behaviour seemed ________.
the mind. 1) anxious, notorious 2) suspicious, unusual
66. Success in business requires two things: a 3) unmindful, gentle 4) aware, dispassionate
winning compe titive ________ and supe rb 5) cautious, generous
organizational ________. Anxious = feeling worried or nervous
1) advantage, satisfaction Notorious = famous for something bad.
2) planning, advantage Suspicious = not able to trust others; doubtful.
3) strategy, execution Generous = kind towards others.
4) philosophy, motivation 71. The army regime has announced firm steps on
5) marketing, strategy ________ democracy and fighting ________.

Execution = the carrying out of something or 1) clamping, anarchy
doing the assigned work. 2) ruling, voters
67. To ________ in todays rapidly changing 3) restoring, terrorism
environment corporations need to ________ their 4) enlightening, anti-corruption
learning capability. 5) waiving, minorities
1) develop, enlarge Regime = a government, especially one that
2) surpass, align strictly controls a state.
3) project, assimilate Clamp = holding something tightly, to impose
4) service, mitigate a rule for mainting law and order.
Anarchy = a society with no government.
5) compete, strengthen
Enlighten = to give somebody greater knowledge
Surpass = to do or be better than somebody/
or understanding.

waive = to choose not to insist on a claim or
Align = place something in a straight line or
in a correct position in relation to
72. ________ the death of one of the contestants,
Assimilate = to absorb ideas, information etc in the election to the seat has been ________.
the mind. 1) Despite, postponed
Mitigate = to make something less severe, 2) Because of, conducted
violent or painful. 3) With, skipped
68. A ________ reader gets much greater pleasure 4) In spite of, stopped
from reading books than a miser gets in ________ 5) Owing to, countermanded
money. Contestant = participant
1) powerful, accumulating Skip = escape
2) voracious, hoarding Countermand = to cancel an order that has already
3) desirous, stocking been given especially by giving a
new and opposite one.
4) proverbial, spending
Despite = without being af fected by the
5) profound, lavishing factors mentioned.
Miser = a person who loves wealth and Inspite of = not being prevented by something;
spends as little money as possible. regardless of something
Voracious = wanting or eating great quantities Owing to = becaus e of or on account of
of food; hungry for knowledge or something.
73. The captain of our team was ________ because of
Hoarding = a large board us ed to display
the ________ performance of our opponents.
Desirous = wanting a particular thing. 1) upset, poor 2) nervous, uneventful
Profound = very great; showing great knowledge 3) happy, excellent 4) elated, bad
or understanding of a subject 5) annoyed, thorough
Lavi sh = elaborate; given in great amount. Elated = extremely happy and excited
Fill in the Blanks 363

74. He objected to the proposal because it was Imprison = to put or keep somebody in prison.
founded on a ________ principle and also was Complaint = a reason for not being satisfied.
________ at times. Tip = a piece of practical advice.
Absconding = absent without proper information.
1) faulty, desirable
79. The ________ violence that our town is witnessing
2) imperative, reasonable
has turned it into the most ________ town of our
3) wrong, inconvenient
4) sound, acceptable
1) huge, offensive
5) conforming, deplorable
Imperative = of vital importance or an essential
2) unrestrained, devalued
thing. 3) perplexing, repulsive
Reasonable = as much as is appropriate or due; 4)unprecedented, degenerate
moderate 5) mammoth, wanted
Conform = to follow generally accepted rules, Unrestrained = not controlled.
standards etc. Devalued = to make s omething l es s
Deplorable = that is, or should be condemned. important
75. The criterion for ________ a player should be based Perplexing = puzzling
on his recent performance; but unfortunately, Repulsive = causing a feeling of strong
the journalists are ________ to be carried away dislike or disgust.
Unprecedented = never done or known before.
by earlier successes.
Degenerate = to get worse, deteriorate
1) condemning, satisfying physically or morally.
2) judging, prone Mammoth = huge.

3) revealing, reluctant 80. Although re ligion doe s not ________ the
4) eager, acclaiming acquisition of wealth, the tenor of its teaching
5) criticising, clean is to ________ an attitude of indifference to
Condemn = to express complete disapproval of; worldly things.
declare unfit.
1) proclaim, prohibit 2) inhibit, induce
Prone = likely to suffer from or likely to get
3) manifest, proud 4) delink, develop
Reveal = to make facts etc known. 5) allow, criticise
Reluctant = unwilling and therefore slow to act, Acquisition = a thing acquired especially somthing
agree etc. useful.
Eager = full of interest or desire. Tenor = the general meaning or sense of
Acclaim = to welcome or approve of somebody/ something; the general routine,
s omething enthusias ticall y; to course, or character of something.

praise s omebody/something Attitude = a way of thinking, aggress ive
publicly. behaviour.
76. For the last half century he ________ himself to Proclaim = to announce publ icly; to s how
something clearly.
public affairs ________ taking a holiday.
Inhibit = to prevent or slow down a process.
1) by, committed 2) after, offered Induce = to persuade or influence someone
3) devoted, without 4) sacrificed, after to do something.
5) prepared, before Delink = disconnect
Sacrificed = an act of giving up something for 81. Students should be ________ to realise that the
the sake of something that is more real goods of life are spiritual, love of things of
the spirit and ________ of their fellowmen.
77. You will see signs of ________ everywhere, which
1) made, service 2) allowed, needs
speak well for the ________ of these people.
3) believed, service 4) made, devotion
1) decoration, senses 2) clear, debris
5) professed, involvement
3) beauty, careful 4) industry, prosperity Spiritual = of the human spirit or soul; not of
5) repairs, extravaganza physical things.
Prosperity = the state of being successful Devotion = constant strong love for or loyalty to
especially financially. somebody/something.
Extrav aganza = an entertainment with Pr ofess = to claim something often falsely; to
el aborate and colourful state openly that one has a belief,
costumes, scenery etc. feeling etc.
Debris = scattered pieces especially of 82. Extreme poverty is as ________ to stagnation and
something that has been
impoverishment as ________ wealth.
1) dangerous, restrained
78. The police arrested Ramesh on a ________ of theft
2) provocative, permissible
but for lack of evidence ________ him.
3) supportive, foul
1) crime, imprisoned 2) punished, complaint
4) stupendous, corrupt
3) left, condition 4) tip, absconding
5) liable, excessive
5) charge, released
364 Test of English Language

Stagnate = to stop developing or progressing Abstain = to s top doing something

Impoverish = to make somebody poor or worse in pleasant.
quality; to make somebody poor. Proliferation = a rapid growth or increase in
Restrain = to keep oneself under control numbers; a large number of
Proactive = creating or controlling a situation by particular thing.
causing things to happen rather Prohibit = to forbid s omething or
than reacting to events. somebody f rom doing
Foul = dirty, unfair. something especially by laws,
Liable = responsible by law; likely to get or rules or regulations; to make
to have something. s omething impos sibl e; to
83. It is accurate to refer to poets as dreamers but prevent something.
it is not ________ to infer that the dreams of poets Propensity = a tendency to do something
have no practical value beyond the ________ of especiall y something
literary diversion.
Bestow = to present something as a gift
1) possible, shadow 2) sensible, object to somebody.
3) discerning, realm 4) valuable, field Stupidity = the state of being stupid
5) comparable, circle Stupid = s howing l ack of good
Infer = to draw some conclusion on the judgement, foolish etc; slow to
basis of available information. learn or understand things; not
Diversion = the action of diverting something intelligent or clever.
from its course. 87. As e ve rybody is ________ attache d to his
Discern = to s ee or hear s omething with motherland it is difficult to find a man who is
difficulty; to perceive, know or find
________ of love for his motherland.
out something
Realm = a field of activity or interest
1) constantly, disposed

84. Every ________ step man takes in any field of life, 2) courageously, suspect
is first taken along the dreamy ________ of 3) profoundly, deprived
imagination. 4) greatly, connected
1) calculated, vision 2) outward, base 5) deeply, devoid
Deprive of = to take something away f rom
3) forward, path 4) initial, thought
5) parallel, extent Devoid of = without something; compl etel y
85. At the dawn of history India ________ on her lacking in something.
unending quest and trackless centuries are Dispose of = to get rid of somebody/something
________ with her striving and the grandeur of that one does not want or cannot
her success and her failures. keep
1) started, filled 2) marched, evolved 88. If we study the lives of great men we are ________
3) proceeded, pulled 4) started, vanished that we too can achieve greatness and when we

5) marched, filled die, we leave behind our ________
Dawn = the beginig or firs t sign of 1) convinced, children
something. 2) reminded, footmarks
Quest = the act of seeking something. 3) conveyed, followers
Trackless = not following a particular course of 4) commended, belongings
5) proclaimed, memories
Strive = to try very hard for a longtime to
Convey = to communicate an idea or feeling.
obtain or achieve something.
Commend = to praise or recommend somebody
Grandeur = the qual ity of being great,
or something.
magnificent, and impressive in
Belongings = a persons movable possession ie
appearance or status.
not land, buildings etc.
March = to move forward
Proclaim = to announce officially or publicly.
Evolve = to develop naturally and usually
89. The society provides the individual security of
Proceed = to go further life, ________ of thought and sustenance for
Vanish = to disappear action. Every individual who ________ from society
86. It is he ight of ________ for me n who fully is indebted to the society.
appreciate in their own case the great advantages 1) serenity, gains 2) prosperity, benefits
of a good education but ________ these advantages 3) objectivity, profits 4) seriousness, derives
to women. 5) semblance, evolves
1) arrogance, abstain 2) propensity, bestow Sustenance = food or drink or its power to keep
3) proliferation, advance 4) selfishness, deny somebody alive and well.
Indebted = feeling grateful to someone; owing
5) stupidity, prohibit
Arrogance = pride, feeling of being better
Serenity = calm and peace.
than others.
Fill in the Blanks 365

Semblance = an outward appearance of being 1) marvellous, vulnerabilities

something; a state of resembling 2) peculiar, opportunities
something. 3) critical, competencies
Objectivity = the state of being objective.
4) vocational, strengths
Objective = not influenced by personal feelings
or opinions; fair.
5) perfect, peculiarities
Infant = very young child or baby.
90. A hobby is an activity of interest ________ for
Potentiality = a power or quality that exists but
pleasure. It helps to break the monotony and has not been developed.
tedium of our ________ routine. Vocational = of or relating to the qualifications
1) developed, interesting and preparation needed for a
2) pursued, humdrum particular job.
3) cultivated, developed Array = an impressive display or series.
4) regularised, cultivated Vulnerable = that can be hurt, harmed or attacked
5) arranged, pursued easily especially because of being
Monotony = the state of being monotonous. small or weak.
Tedium = the state of being bored; boredom. 95. His presentation was so lengthy and ________
Humdrum = lacking excitement or variety that it was difficult for us to find out the real
ordinary, dull. ________ in it.
91. The ________ growth of Indian agriculture in the 1) boring, planning
last three decades has earned ________ from other 2) tedious, skill
countries. 3) verbose, content
1) pervasive, reputation 4) laborious, coverage

2) significant, deliverance 5) simple, meaning
3) superior, regard Tedious = dull, or too long or slow; boring
4) dynamic, accolades Verbose = using or containing more words than
5) distinctive, encouragement are needed.
Pervasive = present and seen or felt everywhere 96. There is no ________ the fact that a man of
Accolade = an award of praise, approval or knowledge ________ great power.
honour. 1) justifying, acknowledges
Deliverance = being freed or rescued. 2) clarifying, exhibits
Distinctive = that distinguishes something by 3) advocating, projects
making it different from others. 4) denying, wields
92. College-going students should ________ the spirit 5) proclaiming, develops
of service from the great men of ________. Wield = to have and be able to use power

1) inculcate, power 2) develop, possession etc.
3) invent, wisdom 4) analyze, distinction 97. The ________ of opinion which emerged at a
5) imbibe, yore recently concluded seminar was that the problem
Inculcate = to fix ideas, principles etc firmly in of dowry cannot be ________ unless the law
someones mind especially by often against it is made more stringent.
repeating them.
1) divergence, managed
Imbibe = to absorb something
Of yore = long ago.
2) sympathy, projected
Distinction = the quality of being excellent or 3) consensus, tackled
distinguished. 4) similarity, curbed
93. The planting of tree on the ________ of towns 5) convergence, appreciated
and villages helps the ________ of a country. Emerge = to come out or appear
1) surface, beautification Stringent = that must be obeyed; strict or severe.
Divergence = difference
2) periphery, output
Consensus = a general agreement about a matter
3) joints, production of opinion.
4) vicinity, cultivation Curb = to prevent something from getting
5) outskirts, afforestation out of control.
Periphery = the outside edge or, boundary Converge = to move towards and meet at the
of something. same place.
Vicinity = the area round a place. 98. Leisure must be spent carefully and ________
Outskirts = the parts of a town or city that only, otherwise the devil will take the ________
are farthest from the city.
of you.
Afforestation = noun of afforest.
Afforest = to plant areas of land with trees
1) positively, care 2) constructively, better
to form a forest. 3) proactively, though 4) objectively, energy
94. The human infant is a life-long bundle of energy 5) purposefully, measure
with a ________ array of potentialities, and many Leisure = spare time
The devil = the greatest evil being
366 Test of English Language

99. Nothing is impossible in the world of politics. banks can ________ capital in the market with
States which were ________ foes and had their ________ safeguard so that they continue to be
de adly missiles pointed at each other find public sector banks.
themselves ________ in military alliances. 1) improve, proper 2) strengthen, durable
1) implacable, partners 3) raise, adequate 4) stimulate, effective
2) intense, joining 5) provide, delicate
3) deadly, approaching Safeguard = a thing that serves as a protection
4) known, soliciting from harm, risk or danger.
5) enviable, grouping Strengthen = to become or make somebody/
Foe = an enemy or opponent. something stronger.
Implacable = that cannot be changed or satisfied. Durable = likely to last for a long time.
Solicit = to ask somebody eagerly or firmly Stimulate = to make somebody/something more
for something. active or al ert; to encourage
Envy = the feeling of wishing to have what somebody/something.
somebody else has or to be like Delicate = very carefully made or formed; fine
somebody else. 104. Human Resource Management is an ________ of
Enviable = desirable enough to cause envy. mind rather than a ________ of techniques.
100. ________ of whether leaders are born or made, it 1) organisation, quality
is ________ clear that leaders are not like other 2) attempt, mix
people. 3) evolution, measure
1) Pursuant, manifestly 4) attitude, set
2) Sequel, amply 5) expertise, collection
3) Regardless, unequivocally Expertise = great skil l or knowl edge in a
4) Instead, purely particular field.

5) In spite, normally 105. Statistics is an ________ tool for researchers that
Pursuant = Conforming to something. ________ the m to make infe re nce s of
Conform = to follow generally accepted rules, generalisations about population from their
standards etc. observations of the characteristics of samples.
Sequel = a thing that happens after or as a 1) outstanding, proposes
result of an earlier event. 2) invaluable, proceeds
Manifest = to s how something cl earl y; to 3) invaluable, displays
demonstrate something.
4) important, proclaims
Ample = enough or more than enough
Unequivocal = having only one possible meaning;
5) indispensable, enables
clear Outstanding = exceptionally good; excellent.
Instead of = as an alternative or replacement to Indispensable = absolutely essential
somebody/something. 106. The Dalits have never had a ________ of freedom

In spite of = not being prevented by something; in the suffocating society. They are a wounded
regardless of something; despite people ________ and broken.
something. 1) glimpse, mitigated
101. There is a common talk today that women have 2) sigh, rejected
made the ________ in many professions; that they 3) moment, criticised
have total freedom of opportunity. But the 4) satisfaction, prohibited
majority of women are still left ________ at their 5) breath, battered
goals and ambitions through an almost Suffocating = causing difficulty in breathing
unbreakable glass ceiling. Mitigate = to make something less severe,
1) entry, inward 2) grade, gazing violent or painful.
3) progress, trying 4) mark, projecting Glimpse = a short look.
Batter = to hit somebody/something hard
5) achievement, wondering
and repeatedly.
Gaze = to look l ong and steadily at
somebody/something usually in
107. His vision could well be the ________ that the
surprise or admiration. policy-makers use to ________ the banking sector.
102. Inferring attitudes from expressed opinion has 1) roadmap, restructure
many ________. People may ________ their attitude 2) manner, shape
and express socially acceptable opinions. 3) blueprint, plan
1) limitations, conceal 2) advantages, show 4) remedy, revise
3) drawbacks, support 4) benefits, avoid 5) approach, represent
5) reasons, acknowledge Blueprint = a detailed plan or scheme.
Infer = to arrive at a conclusion. 108. A persons formal educational background may
Conceal = to keep something or somebody ________ rich but complex information. To some
from being seen or known about. degree education ________ a persons knowledge
103. We should move towards a system where the and skill base.
Fill in the Blanks 367

1) reveal, advocates 2) yield, indicates 113. The quality of ________ between individuals and
3) exhibit, develops 4) cover, evolves the organisation for which they work can be
5) surmount, shows ________ to the benefit of both the parties.
Yield = to produce or provide something as 1) services, evaluated
a natural product, as a result or as 2) interaction, improved
profit. 3) sophistication, developed
Surmount = to deal with a difficulty; to overcome
4) work, appreciated
5) life, conceptualised
109. The RBI in consultation with Government of India Interact = to work together or communi-
has ________ a working group to suggest measures cate
for ________ of weak public sector banks. Concenptualise = to form an idea or something in
1) commissioned, appreciating you mind.
2) established, accommodation 114. Part of the confusion in our societies ________
3) reshaped, merger from our pursuit of efficiency and economic
4) constituted, revival growth, in the ________ that these are the
5) organised, development necessary ingredients of progress.
Commission = to give somebody the job of making 1) stems, conviction
something 2) derives, evaluation
Merger = the combining of two or more 3) emerges, consideration
commercial companies etc into one
4) obtains, exploration
Revival = a recover; the process of bringing
something back into existence, use,
5) extends, planning

fashion etc Pursuit = the action of looking for or trying to
find something.
110. The textile industry in India has ________ rough
Ingredient = any of the things or qualities of which
weather in recent times. The textile mill is one something is made.
of the few companies to have ________ this storm. Stem from = to have something as its origin or
1) overcome, empowered cause
2) managed, absorbed Conviction = a firm opinion or belief
3) protested, fought Emerge = to develop and become noticeable,
4) withstood, survived important or prominent.
5) ventured, managed Explore = to examine something thoroughly in
Withstand = to resist s omething; to endure order to test it or find out about it.
something without giving in 115. The problem of housing shortage ________ with
collapsing, wearing out etc. the population explosion has also been ________

Venture = to dare to go somewhere dangerous by this policy.
or unpleasant 1) coped, highlighted
Overcome = to s ucceed in deal ing with or 2) dispensed, acknowledged
controlling something; to defeat 3) compounded, addressed
4) threatened, manifested
Empower = to give somebody power or authority
to work
5) projected, discussed
Cope = to deal succes sf ul ly with
111. Handicrafts constitute an important ________ of
something difficult; to manage
the decentralised sector of Indias economy and Dispense with = to manage without somebody/
________ employment to over six million artisans. s omething; to get rid of
1) factors, aims 2) extension, plans somebody or something.
3) segment, provides 4) supplier, gives Manifest = to show something clearly; to
5) period, projects demonstrate something.
Artisan = a worker who is skilled at making 116. With large classes, it is difficult for teachers to
things. ________ re gular e ssay-type que stions for
112. Among a numbe r of hobbie s that one can homework because ________ long answers would
________, the hobby of reading is the most useful take too much time.
and ________. 1) consider, writing
1) develops, accumulative 2) revalue, concise
2) cultivates, enlightened 3) pursue, feeling
3) nourish, cumulative 4) handle, weighing
4) absorbs, durable 5) give, marking
5) considers, appreciative Concise = giving a lot of information in few
Nourish = to allow a feeling to continue and words; brief.
develop 117. Ours is a democracy and any ________ or use of
Cumulative = gradually increasing in amount, force is out of question. Methods of ________ and
force etc by one addition af ter
education are best suited to a democratic regime.
368 Test of English Language

1) attempt, coercion Ignorant = lacking knowledge, education or

2) compulsion, persuasion information
3) judgement, prayer Enrich = to make somebody/something rich
or richer.
4) inhuman, apprehension
Owing = not yet paid.
5) implied, technology Owing to = becaus e of or on account of
Coerce = to make somebody do something.
something by using force or 122. He used to ________ the point that victory in any
field needs ________ courage.
Apprehension = anxiety about something in the
future; fear that something will
1) emphasise, little 2) stress, exemplary
be unpleas ant or that 3) refute, no 4) dismiss, formidable
something unpl easant wil l 5) distract, enormous
happen. Str ess = to give special emphas is or
Imply = to suggest something indirectly importance to something; to
rather than stating it directly. emphasize something.
118. Despite be ing the ________ partne r in the Exemplry = serving as a good example, suitable
relationship, the franchiser doesnt always have to be copied.
Refute = to prove something to be wrong; to
all the ________.
say that something is wrong or not
1) sincere, limitations true; to deny something
2) vulnerable, powers Formidable = causing fear, anxiety or admiration
3) active, losses because of size, strength, power,
4) dominant, advantages level of difficulty etc.
5) authoritative, legalities Distract = to take somebodys attention away
Vulnerable = that can be hurt, harmed or attacked from something

easily especially because of being Enormous = very large, huge
small or weak. 123. We will call back the agitation if the Chairman
Dominant = most important, powerf ul or gives an ________ that there will be no ________ of
prominent. workers.
119. Indias ________ over the past half century since 1) inkling, harassment 2) assurance, need
independence has been unique and ________ in 3) explanation, demand 4) opportunity, place
many ways. 5) undertaking, retrenchment
1) thinking, feeling Agitation = a state or feelings of anxiety or
2) development, commendable excitement; public protest about or
3) victory, celebrating discussion for or against something.
4) crash, overbearing Inkling = a slight knowledge of something
5) regress, praiseworthy secret or not previously known; a

Commendable = deserving praise.
Regress = to return to an earlier or less H ar as s = to trouble and annoy somebody
advanced form or state. continuously; to make repeated
Overbearing = trying to dominate other people attacks on an enemy.
in an unpleasant way. Retrench = to reduce ones expenses.
120. The so-called civilised human race has ________ 124. It is a noble quality to ________ the good and
and ill-treated small and large animals in an ________ the bad.
attempt to prove his ________. 1) retain, preserve 2) imitate, pretend
1) abused, supremacy 3) appreciate, condemn 4) criticise, ape
2) misuse, power 5) ignore, eliminate
Noble = having high social rank especially
3) cruelty, altruism
from birth; having or showing very
4) advocated, worthlessness fine personal qualities eg honour
5) beaten, generosity and honesty; impressive in size or
Abuse = to make bad or excessive use of appearance
something Retain = to continue to have soemthing; to
Misuse = to use something in the wrong way keep something
or for the wrong purpose; to treat Preserve = to keep something in its original
somebody/something badly. state or in good condition
Altruism = concern for the needs and feelings Imitate = to copy somebody/something; to
of other people above ones own. copy the way a person speaks,
121. Despite ________ knowledgeable, he remained dresses or behaves.
________ all through. Pretend = to claim something falsely especially
1) having, ignorant 2) of, doubtful as an excuse.
3) owing, through 4) having, enriched Condemn = to critisize somebody or something
5) being, poor Ape = to copy somebody or something
Fill in the Blanks 369

125. Using ________ designs to ________ the importance Distinguished = very successful and admired by
of others is not an healthy act. other people; showing dignity
1) nefarious, undermine in appearance or manner.
Outstanding = exceptionally good; excellent.
2) architectural, elevate
129. He was an ________ musician, had been awarded
3) fictitious, enhance
the George Medal during the second world war
4) brittle, activate
and ________ with the title of Rai Bahadur.
5) proper, shrink
Nefarious = wicked
1) outstanding, popularised
Undermine = to make something or somebody 2) underestimated, declared
gradually weaker or less effective. 3) accomplished, honoured
Elevate = to raise somebody/something to a 4) impressive, assigned
higher place or rank. 5) obdurate, proclaimed
Brittle = hard but eas ily broken; easily Underestimate = to guess that the amount
damaged; not secured of something is lower than it really
Enhance = to increase or improve further the is.
good quality, value or status of Accomplish = to succeed in doing something; to
somebody/something. complete something successfully; to
Shrink = to become smaller in size or amount. achieve something
Fictitious = imagined or invented; not real, Obdurate = refus ing to change in anyway;
126. The teacher must ________ the unique style of a stubborn.
learner in order to ________ it to the desired Proclaim = to make something know officially
knowledge. or publicly; to announce something.

1) advocate, direct 2) perpetuate, develop 130. Whether it be shallow or not, commitment is
3) appreciate, focus 4) absorb, maintain the ________, the bedrock of any ________ loving
5) discover, harness relationship.
Perpetuate = to make something continue 1) expression, perfunctory
Harness = to control and use a natural force to 2) foundation, genuinely
produce electrical power. 3) manifestation, deep
127. Not all countrie s be ne fit ________ from 4) key, alarmingly
liberalisation. The benefits tend to ________ first 5) basis, absorbing
to the advantaged and to those with the right Shallow = not deep
e ducation to be able to be ne fit from the Bedrock = basic facts or principles
opportunities presented. Perfunctory = done as a duty or routine, without
1) equally, generate 2) richly, downgrade care or interest.

3) suitably, ascribe 4) uniformly, percolate 131. Many people take spirituality very seriously and
5) judiciously, facilitate ________ about those who dont, worrying about
Liberalise = to free somebody/something from them and ________ them to believe.
political religious, legal or moral 1) think, criticising 2) pride, appraising
restrictions. 3) rationalise, enabling 4) wonder, prodding
Downgrade = to reduce somebody/something to 5) ponder, venturing
a lower grade, rank or level of Prod = to make or try to make a slow or
importance. unwilling person to do something;
Ascribe = to consider or declare something to to encourage somebody.
be caused by, written by or Ponder = to think about something carefully
belonging to somebody/something. and for a long time, especially in
Percolate = to move gradually through a surface trying to rich a decision; to consider.
containing tiny holes or spaces. Appraise = to assess the value, quality or nature
Facilitate = to make something especially an of somebody/something.
action or a process, easy or easier. Enable = to make something possible.
128. He has ________ sense of words. Therefore, the 132. Unless new reserves are found soon, the worlds
sentence he constructs are always ________ with supply of coal is being ________ in such a way
rich meaning. that with demand continuing to grow at present
1) profound, pregnant rates, reserves will be ________ by the year 2050.
2) distinguished, loaded 1) consumed, completed
3) terrific, tempted 2) depleted, exhausted
4) meaningful, full 3) reduced, argument
5) outstanding, consistent 4) burnt, destroyed
Profound = very great 5) utilized, perished
Pregnant = full of; filled with; charged with Deplete = to reduce greatly the quantity, size,
Terrific = excellent; wonderful power or value of something.
Consistent = in agreement or harmony with Perish = to be destroyed; to die.
370 Test of English Language

133. If you are ________ you tend to respond to 1) making, sources

stressful situations in a calm, secure, steady 2) changing, factors
and ________ way. 3) developing, procedures
1) resilient, rational 4) parting, way
2) obdurate, manageable 5) resolving, weapons
3) propitious, stable Rival = a person or thing competing
4) delectable, flexible with another.
5) supportive, positive Sophisticated = complicated and refined; able
Respond = to give a spoken or written answer; to unders tand dif ficult or
to do something as a reaction to complicated things; having or
s omething; to react quickly or showing a lot of experience of
favourably the world and social situations.
Steady = not changing, constant or regular. Deadly = extreme; complete; causing or
Resilient = quickl y recovering from shock, likely to cause death.
injury, depression etc. Resolve = to separate something into its
Rational = able to think and make decisions parts; to sl ove or s ettl e
based on reason. problems doubts, etc; to decide
Obdurate = refus ing to change in anyway; firmly.
stubborn 138. The great writer ________ art out of facts of life,
Propitious = giving or indicating a good chance the significant ________ with which the pattern
of success; favourable of life has been woven.
Delectable = delightful; very pleasant. 1) decides, factor 2) selects, element
134. Management can be defined as the process of 3) practises, boundary 4) creating, disposition
________ organizational goals by working with and 5) chooses, part
through human and non-human resources to

Woven = past participle of Weave.
________ improve value added to the world. Weave = to move al ong by twisting and
1) getting, deliberately turning to avoid things that are in
2) managing, purposefully ones way; to put facts, events etc
together into a story or a connected
3) targeting, critically
4) realising, dialectically Disposition = a persons natural qualities of mind
5) reaching, continuously and character; the way something
Deliberate = done intentionally is placed or arranged.
Dialectic = the art of discovering and testing 139. We mean by civilisation a way of life in which
truths by discussion and logical
the wilder ________ of humanity are restrained,
the nobler instructs and inclinations are ________
135. If you are an introvert, you ________ to prefer
and allowed to prevail.
working alone and, if possible, will ________

1) dimensions, created
towards projects where you can work by yourself
2) qualities, discouraged
or with as few people as possible.
3) passions, developed
1) like, depart 2) advocate, move
4) desires, inhibited
3) tend, gravitate 4) express, attract
5) aspects, encouraged
5) feel, follow
Wilder = comparative of wild.
Gravitate to/ = to move towards or be
Wild = considered to be at a primitive stage
towards attracted to somebody/
of human development; out of
something graduall y but
control; without discipline
steadily; to turn to somebody/
Restrain = to keep oneself under control; to
prevent oneself f rom doing
136. In our country, the ________ use of radio as an something.
instrument of mans education has not yet been Noble = having a high social rank especially
________. form birth.
1) fullest, exploited 2) ultimate, used Inclination = a bending or bowing movement.
3) meaningful, explored 4) resultant, tried Dimension = an aspect of a situation, problem etc.
5) present, demonstrated Passion = a strong feeling of hate, love or
Explore = to examine something thoroughly in anger.
order to test it or find out about it. Inhibit = to restrict or prevent a process or an
Demonstrate = to s how and expl ain how action.
something works or way of doing 140. We are said to be superstitious when we ________
something. ourselves to fanciful causes for happenings that
137. The modern world is fast ________ itself into rival seem to be ________.
camps, armed to the teeth with the sophisticated 1) bind, unwarranted 2) project, heavenly
and deadly ________ of destruction. 3) torture, harmful 4) subject, inexplicable
5) treat, harrowing
Fill in the Blanks 371

Superstition = the belief that certain events connot 144. Complete and constant openness is a notion that
be explained by reason or science can be ________ to absurdity. Am I ________ to
or that they bring good or bad luck; stop everyone on the street and tell them my
f ear of what is unknown or
reaction to their appearance?
Sperstitious = of bas ed on, or caus ed by
1) consigned, communicated
superstition. 2) reduced, required
Fanciful = using or relying on the imagination 3) attributed, requested
rather than reason; designed and 4) projected, destined
decorated in an odd but creative 5) subjected, confined
manner. Notion = an idea or a belief; an awareness or
Inexplicable = impossible to understand or explain. understanding of the nature or
Harrowing = very depressing. extent of something.
141. When interpersonal problems ________ but are Absurd = not reasonable or sensible; foolish
not dealt with, the organisations productivity and ridiculous.
inevitably ________. Consign = to deliver something to someone.
1) surface, develops 2) focus, increases Attribute = to regard something as belonging
to; caused by or produced by
3) establish, projects 4) develop, exhibits
5) exist, diminishes Destined = having a future which has been
Interpersonal = existing or done between two decided or planned at an earlier time
people. especially by fate.
Exhibit = to show or display something Confine = to res trict or keep somebody/

for the public. something within certain limits; to
Inevitable = cartain to happen, unavoidable keep a person or an animal in a small
Diminish = to become or make something or enclosed space.
smaller or less; to decrease Confined = small and enclosed.
142. Participative management, in which everyone has Subject = to make s omebody/something
________ in a decision that a leader then makes, experience, suffer, or be affected by
is a mechanism for ________ employees. something.
1) share, protecting 2) value, thwarting 145. When organisations ________ creativity and risk-
3) motivation, involving 4) reward, stimulating taking, the usual method of maintaining order
5) input, empowering and ________ are indeed shaken.
Thwar t = to prevent somebody doing what 1) encourage, decorum
they intend to; to oppose a plan 2) exhibit, durability

3) propose, humility
Stimulate = to make somebody/something more
active or al ert; to encourage
4) enhance, supply
somebody/something. 5) propagate, production
Empower = to give somebody the power or Decorum = pol ite and social ly acceptabl e
authority to act. behaviour.
143. Lack of ________ is basic to good teamwork but Humility = a modest or low opinion of ones
own importance; modesty
our ability to work with others depends on our
Propagate = to spread an idea, a belief ,
________. knowledge etc more widely.
1) rigidity, compatibility 146. When I am an autocrat, I am ________ in the
2) dogmatism, motivation extreme. My direct method is to ________ power
3) professionalism, vulnerability and control.
4) positivism, flexibility 1) perfectionist, explore
5) consideration, acumen 2) autocratic, engulf
Acumen = the ability to understand and judge
3) dominating, seek
things quickly and clearly.
Compatibe = suited; that can exist together
4) possessive, reject
without problems or conflict. 5) elaborate, develop
Dogmatism = the tendency to be dogmatic. Autocrat = a ruler who has absolute power
Dogmatic = insisting that ones beliefs are right Explore = to examine something thoroughly in
and that others should accept them, order to test it or find out about it.
without playing attention to Engulf = to surround somebody/something
evidence or to other opinions. es pecial ly s o that they are
Vulnerable = that can be hurt, harmed or attacked completely covered.
easily especially because of being Possessive = treating somebody as if one owns
small or weak. them.
Positivism = a system of philosophy based on Elaborate = very detailed and complicated;
things that can be seen or proved carefully prepared and finished.
rather than on ideas.
372 Test of English Language

147. The fear ________ with feeling incompetent is the 150. Coercion sometimes leads to the ________ of
fear of being humilitated, embarrassed and short-term goals, but its drawbacks far ________
________. its advantages.
1) endowed, criticized 1) realization, damage
2) afflicted, downtrodden 2) appreciation, percolate
3) consistent, damaged 3) accomplishment, outweigh
4) associated, vulnerable 4) achievement, crumble
5) imbued, exposed 5) destination, magnify
Incompetent = not having or showing the necessary Coerce = to make somebody do something by
s kill s or qualifications to do using force or threats.
something successfully Oughtweigh = to be greater or more important than
Humiliate = to make somebody feel ashamed or something.
foolish; to injure the dignity or pride Crumble = to begin to fall or lose strength; to
of somebody. come slowly to an end.
Em bar r ass = to make somebody feel awkward or 151. Professionals focus their ________ on fulfilling
ashamed. their responsibilities and achieving results, not
Endow = to provide somebody/something on ________ a particular image.
with a good quality, ability, feature
1) planning, devising
Afflict = to cause trouble, pain or distress to
2) leadership, attributing
somebody or something. 3) abilities, contributing
Downtrodden = treated badly and without respect 4) energies, portraying
by people in authority so that one 5) skills, obtaining
no longer has the will to fight back. Devise = to create or invent a plan, a system,
Imbue = to fill or inspire somebody/ an object etc by careful thought.

something with feeling, opinions or Portray = to describe or give an impression of
qualities somebody/something expecially
148. Gopal was frustrated with Sundar, who would when one is not giving a complete
not ________ himself to a deadline. Sundar and fair picture.
claimed he was working well without a deadline, 152. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,
but Gopal ________ and finally prevailed. says Johnson. In the modern world where the
1) encourage, enforced cunning se lfish pe ople ________ and the
2) inculcate, ordered hardworking conscientious people ________ the
3) cooperate, stipulated quotation holds good.
4) commit, persisted 1) dominate, suppress 2) thrive, suffer
5) declared, pressurised 3) enjoy, mutilate 4) empower, subjected
Deadline = a point in time by which something 5) harass, abdicate

must be done. Patriotism = love of ones country and willingness
Prevail = to exist or happen generally; to be to defend it.
widespread. Refuge = shelter or protection from danger,
Inculcate = to fix ideas principles etc firmly in trouble etc.
somebodys mind especially by Scoundrel = a pers on who shows no moral
often repeating them. principles and conscience.
Stipulate = to state something clearly and firmly Cunning = clever at deceiving people.
as a requirement. Conscientious = showing that one cares about
Persist = to continue to exist. doing things well and thoroughly.
149. I am not easily ________ by pressure that would Thrive = to live, continue, grow or develop
interfere with accomplishing the goals of my unit. well and vigorously.
Mutilate = to injure or damage somebody/
I stick to my ________.
s omething very severely by
1) pessimistic, views breaking or tearing off a necessary
2) swayed, convictions part.
3) discouraged, achievements Abdicate = to choose not to fulfil a role or duty;
4) empowered, organization to resign from being, or choose not
5) demurred, projections to become king, queen, emperor etc.
Accomplish = to succeed in doing something; to 153. We must rest assured that our sorrows, if any,
complete something successfully; to are short-lived and period of joy ________ us. Such
achieve something. thinking will always maintain our ________ and
Pessimist = a person who expects the worst to peace of mind.
1) begets, dream 2) befits, body
Sway = to influence or change the opinions
or actions of somebody.
3) bemoans, skills 4) merits, life
Conviction = a firm opinion or belief. 5) awaits, equipoise
Demur = to express a doubt about something
or an objection to something.
Fill in the Blanks 373

Beget = to cause something; to result in 158. Man is ________. He likes to know how things
s omething; to be the father of work. The search for understanding is ________
somebody. in its own right.
Befit = to be right and s uitabl e for 1) evolving, prophetic
somebody/s omething; to be
2) inquisitive, legitimate
appropriate for somebody/
3) appreciative, fundamental
Equipoise = equilibrium; bal ance; stabil ity; 4) curious, philosophical
steadi-ness. 5) social, judgemental
154. When you are living with your ________ values Prophetic = describing or showing what will
and principles, you can be straightforward, honest happen in the future.
Inquisitive = tending to ask a lot of questions
and ________.
especially about other peoples
1) core, upfront 2) inherited, distinct affairs.
3) innate, durable 4) cultural, perceptive Legitimate = that can be defended; reasonable;
5) inborn, vehement legal; in accordance with the law or
Straightforward = honest and frank; easy to rules.
unders tand or do; not Curious = to eager to know or learn.
complicated; without difficulty. 159. Leadership is one of the worlds oldest ________.
Upfront = honest; open; frank The understanding of leadership has figured
Innate = in ones nature; possessed strongly in the ________ for knowledge.
from birth
1) cultures, desire
Inherit = to have features or qualities
2) institutions, passion

similar to those of an ancestor.
Perceptive = quick to notice and undrestand 3) pre-occupations, quest
things. 4) subjects, preference
Inborn = existing in a person or an 5) undertakings, conviction
animal from birth; natural; Passion = a strong feeling of hate, love or
innate anger.
Vehement = showing or caused by strong Quest = the act of seeking something; a long
feeling; passionate etc. search for something
155. In the role of a counsellor, you are an authority Conviction = a firm opinion or belief.
figure whose objective is to ________ attentively 160. Our ________ to understand the process of
and sensitively to employees who ________ you learning underlying behaviour change are ________
with their feelings. by the fact that any give n be haviour is
1) project, focus 2) manage, direct determined jointly by many processes.

3) listen, trust 4) concentrate, believe 1) nature, determined
5) consider, explain 2) scope, preceded
Counsellor = an advisor especially one who has 3) implications, followed
professional training. 4) limitations, moderated
Dizzy = feeling as if everything is spinning 5) attempts, complicated
around; unable to balance; confused Underlie = to form the basis of action, a theory
Dizzying = making one feel dizzy. etc.
Obsolete = out of date; no longer used. Precede = to come or go before somebody/
Profound = deep; intense; very great. something in time, order, position
156. If a junior executive neglects his professional etc; to happen before something.
development and ________ education, he can Implication = a thing that is suggested or implied;
easily and quickly become obsolete in a world a thing that is not openly stated.
changing at ________ rates. Moderate = to become or to make somebody/
something become less intense,
1) management, voluminous
extreme or violent.
2) higher, vulnerable
161. The ________ playing of loud music has led the
3) better, supreme
angry residents of this vicinity to file a police
4) continuing, dizzying
complaint and move court against the organisers
5) value, profound
lack of ________ for the peoples need for a peaceful
Obsolete = out of date, no longer in use.
Dizzying = unsteady and confused.
157. Harassment is just plain ________. There is never 1) peaceful, thought
a valid reason or a good ________ for it. 2) abrupt, hope
1) wrong, excuse 2) murder, command 3) incessant, consideration
3) falsehood, remedy 4) killing, magic 4) fashionable, friendliness
5) offence, strategy 5) intermittent, interpretation
Remedy = a way of dealing with or removing Vicinity = the area round a place
something undesirable Abrupt = sudden and unexpected
Incessant = not stopping; continual
374 Test of English Language

Intermittent = continuall y stopping and then Uphold = to support or confirm a decision,

starting again; not constant. belief etc which has been
162. The ________ of the chronic balance of payments questioned; to maintain a custom
deficit which has ________ the Finance Ministry etc.
under three Prime Ministers is very real. Disseminate = to spread ideas, beliefs etc widely.
Congruent = suitable or fitting for something.
1) temptation, reviled
Distinction = the quality of being excellent or
2) understanding, menaced distinguished.
3) impact, underestimated 165. As this country has become more ________,
4) obligation, blessed industrial and internationalised, it has, like all
5) dilemma, plagued Western democracies, experienced a necessary
Chronic = happening continually; lasting for a
increase in the ________ of the executive.
long time
Deficit = the amount by which money spent
1) urbanised, role
or owed is greater than money 2) objective, wealth
earned in a particular period. 3) synthesised, efficiency
Revile = to criticize somebody/something in 4) civilised, convenience
angry and insulting language. 5) concretised, vision
Menace = a threatening quality, tone or feeling 166. Liberalisation has removed all the legal ________
Dilemma = a situation in which one has to and ________ the floodgates to multinational
choose between two undesirable
things or courses of actions.
Plague = to cause trouble or difficulty to
1) hurdles, awarded 2) barriers, opened
somebody/something especially 3) obstacles, guarded 4) manipulation, closed
continually or repeatedly. 5) battles, threw
163. Britain, for the present, is deeply ________ in To open the floodgates = to become open; to be

economic troubles, and the economic future, opened.
Hurdle = a difficul ty to be overcome; an
heavily ________ , looks uncertain.
1) engrossed, responsive Manipulate = to control or handle something with
2) ingrained, skeptical s kill ; to control or infl uence
3) saturated, enveloped somebody/something by clever or
4) mired, mortgaged unfair means.
5) restrained, participative 167. The ________ on some of the towns has created
Engross = to occupy all the time or attention of ________ among the residents of the other parts
somebody. of the country.
ingrained = deeply fixed, firmly established or 1) attack, ambition 2) raid, awareness
3) bombardment, panic 4) spell, satisfaction
Skeptical = unwilling to believe something;

doubtful that claims statements are
5) shower, dampness
true or that something will happen. Panic = a sudden uncontrollable fear or
Mire = to prevent somebody/something anxiety.
from making progress. dam p = wet
Mortgage = to give somebody the legal right to 168. ________ to the popular belief that every astrologer
take possession of a house or some nurtures blind faith in fate, our astrologer
other property as a security for believes in ________.
payment of money lent. 1) Contrary, action 2) According, thoughts
Restrain = to keep oneself under control; to 3) Owing, present 4) Providing, forecasting
prevent oneself f rom doing 5) Pointing, devotion
something. Contrary to = in opposition to something; against
164. Our Constitution was based on the belief that something
the free ________ of ideas, people and cultures is Nurture = to help the devel opment of
essential to the ________ of a democratic society. something
1) selection, concurrence Owing to = because of on account of something.
2) interchange, preservation Devotion = constant strong love for or loyalty to
3) reversal, upholding somebody/something.
4) dissemination, congruence 169. His ________ has yielded him the ________ fruit.
5) distinction, design 1) fate, undesirable 2) efforts, unwanted
Concurrence = an instance of two or more things 3) action, viable 4) perseverance, desired
happening at the same time. 5) emphasis, expected
Preservation= the action of preserving something. Yield = to produce or provide something as
Preserve = to keep something in its original a result or as profit.
state or in good condition. Viable = that can be done; that will work;
Reversal = a change of s omething to the possible.
opposite of what it was. Perseverance = continued steady effort to achieve
an aim; steadfastness.
Fill in the Blanks 375

170. His ________ contribution to the Tsunami relief 176. An impartial person ________ others without any
fund was ________ by his staff members. ________.
1) meagre, admired 1) likes, reservation 2) judges, bias
2) spontaneous, nullified 3) blames, prudence 4) praises, point
3) negligible, sanctioned 5) wishes, malice
4) noteworthy, improved Impartial = not favouring one person or thing
5) generous, appreciated more than another.
Meagre = small in quantity and poor in quality Bi as = an opinion or feeling that strongly
Admire = to regard somebody/something favours one side in an argument or
with respect, pleasure, or approval. thing in a group, sometimes unfairly;
Spontaneous = natural, not deliberately used or a prejudice.
developed Malice = the desire to harm somebody; hatred
Nullify = to make something lose its effect; to for somebody
act against something. Prudent = acting with or showing care and
Noteworthy = deserving to be noted because of thought for the future; showing
being unus ual, interes ting or good judgement.
impressive. 177. A dull student sometimes gets ________ marks
Generous = giving or ready to give freely. than does a ________ student.
171. He ________ all his money ________. 1) better, mediocre 2) good, better
1) squandered, wisely 2) deposited, prudence 3) more, brilliant 4) less, wiser
3) expended, notoriously 4) earned, decent 5) excellent, brilliant
5) spent, foolishly Mediocre = not very good; of fairly low quality

Squander = to waste something in a reckless or 178. Many pe ople coming from villages ________
foolish manner. themselves so ________ that they don't go back.
Prudent = acting with or showing care and 1) enjoy, immensely 2) earn, well
thought for the future; showing 3) feed, much 4) strain, well
good judgement.
5) make, well
Expend = to use or spend resources in doing
Strain = to make the greatest possible effort.
Immensely = to a very great extent; extremely
Decent = proper; acceptable; satisfactory;
good; above average; not likely to
179. As I was his ________ companion, he naturally
shock or embarrass others. ________ all his comments to me.
Notorious = well known for some bad quality or 1) genuine, told 2) fond, contested
deed. 3) extreme, positioned 4) sole, addressed
172. It was my ________ that ________ to the serious 5) best, executed

problem. Fond = kind and loving; affectionate
1) desire, brought 2) negligence, led Execute = to do or perform what one is asked
3) fault, lauded 4) mistake, subjected or told to do.
5) decision, put 180. He expressed ________ for his hasty ________.
173. If you are ________, you can ________ any task 1) regret, action
effectively. 2) pleasure, speech
1) interested, avoid 2) diligent, perform 3) repentance, movement
3) busy, accomplish 4) expert, prepare 4) anguish, provocation
5) able, neglect 5) displeasure, win
Diligent = showing care and effort in ones Hasty = said, made or done quickly or too
work or duty. quickly; hurried
Accomplish = to achieve something; to succeed in Regret = to feel sad, sorry, or disappointed
doing s omething; to compl ete about something, eg a loss or
something successfully. misopportunity.
Repentance = regret or sorrow for something bad
174. Because he was ________, he left the party earlier
that one has done.
and ________ home. Anguish = severe distress or mental suffering.
1) tired, brought Provocation = the action of making somebody
2) precarious, approached angry by del iberatel y doing
3) preoccupied, sent something annoying or offensive.
4) ill, contacted Displeasure = annoyance
5) unwell, returned 181. The tunnel was so ________ and congested that
Precarious = not safe; dangerous we became ________.
175. The present education system is ________ and 1) long, enthusiastic 2) deep, cautious
needs ________. 3) dark, frightened 4) crowded, isolated
1) adequate, betterment 2) wrong, improve 5) sharp, worried
3) defective, reforming 4) good, nothing Isolated = separate; single; standing alone
5) excellent, improvement
376 Test of English Language

182. In a ________ tone, the leader made a powerful Pull out = to make the greatest effort possible
________ to the mob. in order to achieve something.
1) realistic, zeal 2) lower, conviction Mount = to increase in amount or intensity.
Abate = to become or make something
3) loud, argument 4) soft, appeal
smaller or less; to decrease.
5) pitch, statement Diminish = to become or make something
Zeal = great energy or enthusiasm. smaller or less; to decrease.
Pitch = the highest point of something
189. Akbar, one of the ________ and ________ emperors
183. Although ________ is not a very desirable feeling,
of India who made a name for himse lf, is
we need a certain amount of it to ________ well.
acknowledged even today.
1) anxiety, exist 2) grief, enjoy
1) desirous, indolent 2) aspiring, sluggard
3) impatience, preach 4) anger, define
3) slothful, active 4) simple, bold
5) jealousy, bad
5) ambitious, energetic
Desirable = to be wished for
Emperor = The ruler of an empire
Impatience = not having much tol erance or
Desirous = having a wish f or s omething;
wanting something
Preach = to make a religion or belief known
Indolent = lazy
by talking about it publicly; to teach
Aspire = to have a strong desire or ambition
to gain or achieve something.
184. More is ________ of conditions of the tribals in Sluggard = lazy, inactive
Maharashtra than ________ conditions of those Sloth = the sin or bad habit of being lazy.
in the other parts of the country. 190. Trained employees increase ________ and ________
1) certain, the 2) known, of of their industry and take it to a higher position.
3) aware, of 4) favourable, those 1) wisdom, development
5) uncertain, all 2) accomplishment, dignity

185. Although he is a ________ person, he occasionally 3) motivation, upgradation
loses his ________. 4) performance, productivity
1) quiet, power 2) cheerful, grief 5) achievement, presentation
3) balanced, temper 4) thoughtful, anxiety 191. With the merger, the newly formed company has
5) generous, wealth come to ________ the countrys ________ into a
Anxiety = a nervous feeling caused by fear that modern economy.
something bad is going to happen;
1) lead, acceptance
worry; a worry or f ear about
2) exemplify, transformation
Temper = the tendency to become angry 3) promote, development
easily. 4) reflect, transfer
Generous = giving or ready to give freely. 5) stall, exchange

186. It is certain that human beings ________ latent Exemplify = to illustrate something by giving an
power of which they are only ________ aware. example; to be a typical example of
1) possess, vaguely 2) exhibit, little something.
Stall = to prevent s omething f rom
3) impose, clearly 4) inherit, consciously
happening or progressing.
5) owns, surely
192. ________ governance does not encourage respect
Latent = existing but not yet active,
developed or visible.
for authority and ________ the condition of the
Vague = not clearly expressed or perceived; exploited.
not specific or exact. 1) Frail, enhance 2) Lack, recognises
Inherit = to have features or qualities similar 3) Inadequate, heeds 4) Weak, accentuates
to those of an ancestor. 5) Effectual, alleviate
187. His ________ to speak an Indian language hadnt Frail = Physically weak and thin; orally
________ to be a handicap. weak; easily damaged or broken
1) eagerness, stopped 2) desire, made Enhance = to increase or improve further the
3) inability, proved 4) promise, halted good quality, value or status of
5) knowledge, showed
Heed = to pay attention to s omething/
Handicap = a disadvantage; a thing that makes
progress difficult
Accentuate = to make something very noticeable
188. The airline industry is ________ out its survival or prominent; to emphas ize
kit to deal with ________ losses. something.
1) spreading, raising 2) pulling, mounting Alleviate = to make something less severe; to
3) handing, abating 4) pushing, increasing ease something
5) floating, diminishing 193. Although businesses are less ________ than they
Kit = a set of all the parts needed to were before liberalization some parts of the
assemble something economy remain ________ to restrictions.
Fill in the Blanks 377

1) fettered, subject 2) shunned, accessible 199. The official not only ________ the renewal of the
3) ignored, vulnerable 4) restrict, expose contract but also ________ the information about
5) defunct, resistant its status.
Fetter = to restrict or hinder somebody in any 1) revealed, classified 2) withdrawn, leaked
way. 3) delayed, withheld 4) interfere, refused
Shun = to avoid something/somebody. 5) impeded, excluding
Defunct = no longer exis ting or in use or Withhold = to refuse to give something; to keep
effective. something back.
194. Today the city ________ free housing and hospitals Impede = to delay or stop the progress or
and clean streets has become the ________ of movement of somebody/something
the entire country. 200. To ________ any tensions in the minds of the
1) offers, example 2) known, pride employees and investors alike the company has
3) with, envy 4) providing, challenge promised to consider job cuts as a last ________.
5) supplies, dream 1) erase, effort 2) rid, hurdle
Envy = the feeling of wishing to have what 3) overcome, decision 4) address, phase
somebody else has or to be like 5) ease, resort
somebody else. Ease = to become or make something less
195. Since its launch, the computer programme has unpleasant or serious.
________ for two-thirds of all software sales Overcome = to s ucceed in deal ing with or
________. controlling something; to defeat
1) allowed, legally somebody.
Hurdle = a difficul ty to be overcome; an

2) plans, globally
3) provided, finally obstacle
4) competed, demand 201. If we wish to ________ democracy, we must
5) accounted, domestically ________ fast to our constitutional norms.
Account for = to be the explanation of something 1) engage, stick 2) rule, access
196. The ________ business trips though ________ at 3) absorb, work 4) maintain, hold
times gave the executive a unique chance to meet 5) govern, cling
interesting people. Cling = to become attached to something;
to hold on tightly to somebody/
1) demanding, memorable
2) frequent, monotonous
202. Mass education system ________ lot of ________
3) crucial, regular
on teaching and very little on learning.
4) prolonged, exhausted
1) claims, regard 2) teaches, elements

5) significant, influential
3) lays , stress 4) finds, shortcomings
Monotonous = dull or never changing or varying;
constant and boring.
5) holds, power
Prolong = to make something last longer; to Lay = put s omething in a certain
extend something. position for a particular purpose.
Shortcomings = a fault in someones character or
197. In order to put an end to the ________ that exist
in a system; defect.
regarding the implementation of the policy the
203. When they ________ that the commodities were
company should issue ________ guidelines.
very ________, they gave up the idea to buy them
1) ambiguities, clear-cut
for want of adequate money.
2) differences, cautious
1) saw, good 2) realized, cheap
3) burden, stringent
3) noticed, attractive 4) heard, novel
4) inhibition, appropriate
5) found, expensive
5) reservations, fundamental Commodity = an article, a product or a material
Ambiguity = the state of having more than one that is bought or sold; a useful or
poss ible meaning; a word or valuable thing.
statement that can be interpreted Expensive = costing a lot of money
in more than one way. For want of something = because of a lack of
Stringent = that must be obeyed; strict or severe. something
Inhibition = a feeling that makes one nervous
204. Two ________ guide the judges ________ : justice
and embarrassed and unable to
relax or behave in a natural way.
and fairness.
198. He did not pay any ________ to my advice which I 1) advocates, court 2) principles, decision
had given only in his ________. 3) members, sentences 4) officials, cases
1) heed, interest 5) sentences, role
2) money, favour 205. Hardly ________ he reached the jetty ________ the
3) attention, confidence boat sank.
4) charges, consultation 1) did, than 2) as, when
5) fees, presence 3) had, when 4) when, than
5) while, when
378 Test of English Language

Jetty = a wall or wooden platform built out Boost = to help or encourage somebody/
into the sea, a river, etc, to which something; to increase the strength
boats can be tied. or value of something.
206. Research shows that an organisations ________ Solicit = to ask somebody eagerly or firmly
to cater to the customers changing needs will for something; to try to obtain
________ its success. something.
Substantial = large in amount or val ue;
1) intent, realise 2) ability, determine
3) capacity, lead 4) desire, insure
211. The Chairman in his speech stated the ________
5) flexibility, acquire
in company profits was ________ to team building.
Cater to = to try to satisfy a particular need or
1) incline, owing 2) rise, liable
Intent = intention; purpose. 3) slump, accountable 4) surge, due
207. In many rural areas hospitals are ________ 5) plunge, response
equipped because of the ________ of funds from Owing to = becaus e of ; on account of
the government.
Slump = a period when business is bad,
1) well, dearth 2) faulty, lacking sales are few etc.
3) optimally, disparity 4) inadequately, scarcity Surge = a sudden increase or rush
5) ill, surplus Plunge = a sudden violent movement or fall.
Dearth = a lack or shortage of things or people 212. The main ________ of healthcare reforms is
Optimal = best or most favourable ________ medical care to every citizen.
Disparity = a difference
1) purpose, available 2) cause, providing
208. A company can ________ the potential of its
3) challenge, accessing 4) assurance, qualified
employees ________ various training programmes.
5) focus, extending
1) emphasise, for 2) exploit, from
213. Being ________ of how he wanted his career to

3) enhance, through 4) appraise, by
progress, he began discussing his ________ with
5) identify, under
senior colleagues.
Exploit = to use or treat somebody/
something in an unfair and selfish
1) convinced, misconduct
manner for ones own advantage or 2) unsure, options
profit. 3) unresolved, aspirations
Appraise = to assess the value, quality or nature 4) practical, intentions
of somebody/something. 5) spontaneous, future
209. The objective of the survey is to ________ the Spontaneous =natural, not deliberately used or
impact of the rising rupe e on a ________ developed.
engineering sector. 214. Experts feel that the amendment to the Act will
1) attribute, profitable adversely ________ private sector ________ in

2) establish, tensed infrastructure development.
3) intensity, volatile 1) effect, participation
4) substantiate, reinforced 2) facilitate, claim
5) ascertain, thriving 3) influence, involvement
Attribute = to regard something as belonging 4) measure, investment
to; caused by or produced by 5) expedite, stake
somebody/something. Adverse = not favourable; contrary; opposing
Volatile = l ikel y to change suddenly or Facilitate = to make something especially an
sharply; not stable. action or a process, easy or easier.
Substantiate = to give facts to support a claim; Expedite = to hel p the progress of work,
statement etc; to prove something business etc; to make something
Reinforce = to cause a process to continue or happen more quickly.
increase in intensity. 215. His absence at the crucial meeting cannot be
Ascertain = to investigate something so that one ________ as he ________ the country at important
knows and is certain; to find out
international forums.
Thrive = to live, continue, grow or develop
1) helped, represents
well and vigorously. 2) condoned, participates
210. The country's economic growth has been achieved 3) permitted, engages
________ exports and ________ large amounts of 4) sanctioned, governs
foreign direct investment. 5) forgiven, promote
1) on, boosting Condone = to accept wrong behaviour or to treat
it as if it were not serious; to ignore
2) despite, estimating
3) mostly, soliciting
216. The report ________ that the Indian IT industry
4) via, attracting
will earn over one hundred billion dollars in
5) substantial, opposing
________ in the next decade.
Fill in the Blanks 379

1) revealed, volume 2) states, services Impose = to try forcefully to make somebody

3) predicts, future 4) estimated, capital accept an opinion, a belief etc.
5) forecasts, revenue Imposing = impressive in appearance or manner;
217. The government should appoint a panel of
Intricate = composed of many small parts put
experts and ________ their advice on how to together in a complex way.
________ technical education in India. Entrust = to give responsibility for somebody/
1) interpret, reform 2) seek, better something to somebody.
3) solicit, mitigate 4) heed, uplifted 221. A committee has been ________ to ________ the
5) implement, renew transformation of the city into an international
Interpret = to explain what something means finance centre.
Solicit = to ask somebody eagerly or firmly 1) constituted, convert 2) appointed, oversee
for something; to try to obtain
3) converged, evaluate 4) inducted, change
Mitigate = to make something less severe;
5) inaugurated, determine
violent or painful. Converge = come together f rom diff erent
Heed = to pay attention to something directions.
Induct = to admit somebody formally or with
218. The company along with its foreign partners
ceremony into an of fice or
needs to work ________ to determine the financial organization.
________ of the joint venture. 222. Keeping in mind the ________ to develop the
1) diligently, nature sector the government has ________ solicited
2) cohesively, compliance foreign investment.

3) concretely, feasible 1) importance, never 2) proposal, forcibly
4) together, viability 3) objective, wanted 4) view, discretely
5) jointly, incentive 5) need, actively
Diligent = showing care and effort in ones Discrete = separate; distinct
work or duties.
223. In his speech he vowed to ________ the four billion
Cohesive = sticking together easily or well
Compliance = obedience to a command, rule or
unbanked individuals across the world into the
request; to agree (too readily) to do ________ of financial inclusion.
what others want. 1) represent, sphere 2) target, area
Feasible = that can be done; practical 3) bring, realm 4) engage, achievement
Concrete = definite; positive 5) convince, era
Viable = that can be done; that will work; Realm = a field of activity or interest.
possible 224. Although he puts in ________ of overtime and

Incentive = a thing that encourages somebody takes few holidays, he ________ can not support
to do something; encouragement.
his family.
219. His speech ________ the need for the media to
1) sufficient, however 2) lot, besides
play an important role to bring ________ on social
3) much, thus 4) plenty, still
5) frequency, yet
1) reflected, pressure
225. They have been ________ on incentives to ________
2) communicating, attention
these practices are implemented at grass roots
3) stressed, focus
4) addressing, emphasis
1) relying, ensure 2) improving, secure
5) convinced, light
3) advocating, confirm 4) debating, necessitate
220. They have finally succeeded in ________ the
5) focusing, display
management to hold ________ discussions on Grass roots = ordinary peopl e in s ociety in
issues pertaining to employee benefits. contras t with those who make
1) compelling, intensive decisions.
2) recommending, committed Rely = to need or be depend on somebody/
3) imposing, competitive something.
4) entrusting, intricate 226. To avoid ________, there is a need for ________
5) threatening, lately planning of the project.
Pertain = to be connected with or relevant to 1) cancellation, broad
something; to belong to something 2) problem, deliberate
as part of it. 3) pitfalls, systematic
Compelling = extremely interesting and exciting 4) inconvenience, convenient
so that one has to pay attention;
5) losses, temporary
that one must accept and agree with.
Delibrate = intentional.
Compel = to make somebody do something;
Pitfall = difficulty or danger especially one
to force somebody
that is hidden or not immediately
Intensive = concentrating all ones effort on a
specific area; extremely thorough
380 Test of English Language

227. A good management will decide not only the Erode = to destroy something or to wear
________ for equipment but also its ________ for something away gradually
deciding priorities. Fanatic = a person who is too enthusiastic
about something.
1) need, urgency
Deliberate = done intentionally
2) usefulness, utility Nasty = not nice; unpl easant; unkind;
3) cost, value morally bad; dangerous; threatening
4) requirement, necessities 233. Generally, ________ students ________ those who
5) technology, methodology are mediocre.
228. ________ appears to be a small error in the 1) humble, surmount 2) meritorious, surpass
beginning may turn out to be a ________ in the 3) bright, overestimate 4) intelligent, surrender
long run. 5) studious, respect
1) It, disaster 2) What, blunder Surmount = to deal with a difficulty; to overcome
3) That, debacle 4) It, slip something; to be or be placed on
5) What, incident top of something
Debacle = a sudden and complete failure or Meritorious = deserving praise or reward
collapse; a fiasco. Surpass = to do or be better than somebody/
Incident = an event or a happening something
229. Being very ________ in nature, he always uses Studious = spending a lot of time studying; very
his ________ skills. careful; deliberate
Mediocre = not very good; of fairly low quality
1) adamant, soft 2) polite, basic
234. ________ and ________ should not be tolerated in
3) humble, experimental 4) pushy, persuasive
our country which boasts of Ahimsa as its way
5) mild, aggressive
Adam ant = showing that one refuses to be
of life.
1) Politicking, elections

persuaded or to change ones mind;
stubborn 2) Dishonour, efficiency
Pushy = trying constantly to draw attention 3) Lethargy, procrastinate
to oneself; openly ambitious. 4) Nepotism, selfishness
Persuasive = convincing 5) Hatred, violence
Mild = not severe or harsh. Boast = to tal k about ones own
Humble = low in rank; unimportant achievements, abilities etc with too
230. Demand and supply do not ________ the same much pride and satisfaction
relationship as the one that ________ between Politicking = political activity especially to win
height and weight. votes or support.
1) possess, has 2) incur, is Lethargy = an extreme lack of energy or
3) defend, volunteers 4) bear, borne enthusiasm for doing anything; a
lazy state.
5) have, exists

Procrastinate = to delay or postpone action.
Incur = to cause oneself to suffer something
Nepotism = the practice among people with
bad; to bring s omething upon
power or influence of favouring their
own relatives especially by giving
231. If the system ________ to yield the desired result, them jobs.
try to ________ the whole procedure in the given Hat red = very strong dislike
sequence. 235. He ________ a wrong act because it was ________
1) entitles, dump 2) ignores, reproduce for him to do so due to circumstantial forces.
3) fails, reoperate 4) imitates, generate 1) compelled, necessary
5) equips, encompass 2) refused, dangerous
Yield = to produce or provide something 3) did, avoidable
Dump = to put something that is not wanted
4)committed, inevitable
in a place and leave it as rubbish
Imitate = to copy somebody/something; to
5) simplified, harmful
take or f ol low somebody or Inevitable = imposs ibl e to avoid; certain to
something as an example happen
Encom pass = to include something; to surround 236. Few professions can ________ the sheer variety
or cover something completely. and constant ________ of being a doctor.
232. He is so ________ in his approach that not a single 1) like, struggle 2) share, enthusiast
point ever ________ his attention. 3) match, challenge 4) draw, work-load
1) meticulous, escapes 2) casual, erodes 5) justify, exception
3) fanatic, brings 4) deliberate, attracts Shar e = complete; nothing more than
5) nasty, coincides 237. Many teachers ________ the lack of professional
Meticulous = giving or showing great care and freedom as the ________ for leaving the job.
attention to detail 1) cited, reason
Escape = to become free; to avoid something 2) explained, force
unpleasant or undesirable
Fill in the Blanks 381

3) claimed, understanding 1) watch, upward 2) noticed, peculiar

4) argued, culprit 3) observed, only 4) found, most
5) believe, ground 5) follows, mainly
Cite = to mention something as an example 244. After the board examinations, students are
or to support an argument; to refer ________ up for the various e ntrance
to something. examinations ________ for next month.
Culprit = a peron who has done something
1) ready, timed
wrong or against the law; a person
or thing responsible for causing a
2) gearing, scheduled
problem 3) prepared, programmed
238. A public servant who is guilty will not ________ 4) set, duration
punishment and no ________ person will be 5) geared, kept
punished. Gear up = to become or make somebody/
something ready for something
1) be, sincere 2) flee, guilty
Scheduled = to include something in a schedule;
3) defend, common 4) avoid, uninformed to arrange something for a certain
5) escape, innocent time
Flee = to run or hurry away; to escape 245. The governmental ________ spurred dramatic
especially from danger.
improvements in the way waste management is
Escape = to become free; to get away from a
place where one has been a prisoner
________ out in many hospitals.
or has felt like a prisoner. 1) rule, thrown 2) plans, conduct
239. Skeptics would not ________ that the earth 3) crusade, one 4) efforts, carried

actually moves, let alone that it ________ around 5) venture, disposed
the sun. Spur = to stimulate somebody/something
Crusade = any s truggl e or compaign for
1) permit, orbits 2) accept, revolves
something believed to be good, or
3) experience, circles 4) assume, went against something believed to be
5) challenge, spins bad.
Skeptic = a person who doubts that a claim, Carry out = to do something as required or
statement etc is true; sceptic specified; to fulfil something; to
240. Unpredictable ________ of the child could not lead perform or conduct an experiment
the consultants to any ________. etc.
1) performance, setting Venture = a project or an undertaking
2) belief, judgement es pecial ly a commercial one
3) operation, purpose involving a risk of failure.

4) behaviour, conclusion 246. Behaving in a ________ and serious way, even in
5) react, decision a ________ situation, makes people respect you.
241. The organization ________ to popularize Indian 1) calm, difficult 2) steady, angry
classical music among the youth which has lost 3) flamboyant, tricky 4) cool, astounding
________ with its cultural roots. 5) silly, sound
Steady = not changing; constant or regular.
1) endeavours, touch
Flamboyant = tending to attract attention; very
2) wishes, interest confident and noticeable
3) efforts, experience Astounding = extremely surprising.
4) exerts, intrigue Silly = not s howing thought or
5) need, relation understanding; foolish
Endeavour = to try to do something. 247. Along with a sharp rise in ________, a recession
Exert = to make an effort; to use or apply a would eventually result in more men, women,
quality, skill, pressure etc. and children living in ________ .
Intrigue = a secret plan to cause somebody
1) crime, apathy
harm etc
2) fatalities, poor
242. One of the major critiques of the examination
3) deaths, slums
system is that it ________ to a spirit of ________
4) unemployment, poverty
competition among the students.
5) migrations, streets
1) results, defective
Eventually = in the end; at last
2) accompanies, adequate Apathy = a lack of interest, enthusiasm or
3) develops, intense concern
4) takes, severe Fatalities = the sense of being controlled by
5) leads, unhealthy fate; a death caused by an accident
Critique = a critical analysis or in war etc.
243. Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, Slum = a street or district of old buildings
usually________ at night,________ in the Polar in a poor dirty condition of ten
regions. crowded with people.
382 Test of English Language

248. The government has ________ to provide financial 1) maintain, understand

aid to the ones ________ by severe floods in the 2) remain, address
city. 3) keep, interact
1) desired, troubled 2) promised, havoc 4) advise, find
3) failed, affected 4) wanted, struck 5) communicate, friendly
5) decided, ill 255. History ________ the kings and influential leaders
Severe = strict or harsh; very bad, intense or whereas the real battle was ________ by the
difficult. soldiers who remain little known and celebrated
Havoc = wide spread damage, disorder or in the texts.
1) remembers, played
249. An airplane with ________ passengers on board
2) highlights, underwent
made an unscheduled ________ as the airport to
3) biased, lead
which it was heading was covered with thick fog.
4) glorifies, fought
1) irritable, slip 2) faulty, stop
5) writes, done
3) variety, halt 4) tons, wait Glorify = to make s omebody/something
5) numerous, landing appear better or more noble than
Numerous = a large number of people or thing. they really are.
250. Deemed universities ________ huge fees, but have 256. We must ________ according to the situation as
not be e n succe ssful in providing ________ we wear ________ clothes during winter.
education to our students. 1) observe, pretty 2) plan, plain
1) collect, maintaining 2) pay, belted 3) change, warm 4) appear, attractive
3) ask, good 4) charge, quality 5) submit, clean
5) demand, quantitative 257. He ________ to submit his report owing to his
Deem = to consider; to regard.

________ health.
Belt = to move very fast in the specified
1) decided, good
2) failed, ill
251. One of the TV cameramen was ________ in the
3) resolved, decreasing
leg by a bullet when he was________ in the middle
4) hesitated, escalating
of a gun fight between two gangs.
5) continued, deteriorating
1) hurt, entered 2) shot, caught
Escalate = to increase or develop by successive
3) injured, came 4) stabbed, trapped stages.
5) beaten, engulfed Deteriorate = to become wors e in quality or
Stab = to push a knife or pointed object condition.
into somebody/something 258. He wanted me to discuss this issue ________
Tr ap = to keep somebody in a place from
because he had to ________ it out before lunch.
which they want to move but cannot.

Engulf = to surround somebody/something
1) critically, flush 2) trivially, drag
es pecial ly s o that they are 3) immediately, sort 4) superficially, thrash
completely covered. 5) leisurely, spell
252. Although the fire was very small, everyone Flush = to clean or to be cleaned
________ and rushed out of the cinema hall Thr ash = to defeat somebody heavily in a
________ complete chaos.
259. These greeting cards may be a little more ________
1) shouted, leading 2) died, producing
but the money goes to a ________ cause.
3) injured, resulting 4) scared, making
1) expensive, noble 2) costlier, definite
5) paniced, causing
C haos = complete disorder or confusion
3) cheap, marvellous 4) standard, fine
Scared = frightened. 5) attractive, versatile
Panic = a sudden feeling of great fear that Versatile = turning easily or readily from one
cannot be controlled; to feel or make subject, s kill or occupation to
a person or an animal feel panic. another.
253. The ________ of pesticides and fertilizers while 260. Look ________ what you have ________ to the
growing the vegetables and fruits is one of the painting!
greatest________ to the health these days. 1) at, done 2) after, drawn
1) production, dangers 3) over, marked 4) for, sketched
2) consumption, problem 5) seriously, performed
3) overuse, threats 261. After having been friends for more than a decade,
4) application, rewards they had a________ last year and have not ________
5) amount, injury each other ever since.
254. The groups mission is to ________ peace between 1) fight, talked 2) argument, met
the nations and help different people ________ 3) dispute, seen 4) quarrel, admired
each other better. 5) difference, introduced
Fill in the Blanks 383

Dispute = a dis agreement; argument and Immense = extremely large or great

discussion Stall = to stop suddenly because of not
Admire = to regard somebody or something enough power or speed; to delay; to
with respect, pleasure or approval. prevent something from happening
262. The workers, several of ________ had complained or progressing.
about their low wages earlier, have now ________ Formidable = causing fear, anxiety or admiration
to move the court for the labour rights. because of size, strength, power,
level of difficulty etc.
1) who, indicated 2) whom, decided
Bloc = a group of countries or parties united
3) which, threatened 4) them, resolved by a common interest
5) number, warned Indigenous = belonging naturally to a place;
Resolve = to decide firmly; to determine; to native.
solve or settle problems or doubts. Hostilities = act of wars; fighting
263. The hutment dwellers were jubilant when the Proponents = a person who supports a cause,
government ________ an apartment to each of theory etc.
them at ________ rates. 267. According to a recent survey, sales figures of
1) demolished, fast 2) announced, less high-end cars have seen an ________ growth in
3) provided, high 4) acquired, low the past ye ar, which shows that Indian
5) promised, subsidised consumers have ________ the impact of recession.
Jubilant = feeling or showing great happiness 1) unprecedented, negated
and pride especially because of 2) unbelievable, suffered
success. 3) unusual, worsened

Demolish = to pull or knock down a building 4) insignificant, endured
264. The organisation was de e ply ________ by 5) adequate, proven
difficulties a decade ago but the new CEO brought Unprecedented= never having happened, been
many ________ changes in it and took it to a new done or been known before.
high. Negate = to cancel the effect of something; to
1) indebted, necessary 2) plagued, vital nul lify s omething; to deny the
3) coping, more 4) hurt, critical existence of somebody/some-thing.
5) shaken, inevitable Unusual = rare or different from what is normal
Indebted = owing money or gratitude to Worsen = to become or make something worse.
somebody Endure = to continue in existence; to last; to
Plague = to cause trouble or difficulty to suffer patiently that is painful or
somebody/something especially uncomfortable.
continually or repeatedly. 268. The National Knowledge Commission has said

Vital = essential to the existence, success, that India will have to bring ________ in education
or operation of something. if it has to emerge as the most ________ workforce
Cope = to deal successfully with something of the world.
difficult; to manage 1) changes, biggest 2) reforms, talented
Inevitable = certain to happen 3) alleviation, skilful 4) quality, brighter
265. The prime minister, who is ________ in his holiday 5) outcomes, demanded
home at the moment, said that he was very Emerge = to develop and become noticeable,
________ by the news of India winning the World important or prominent.
Cup. Alleviate = to make something less severe; to
1) visiting, happy 2) residing, obliged ease something.
3) intruding, dejected 4) staying, pleased Outcome = the effect or result of an action or
5) resting, cheerful event.
Reside = to live; to have ones home in a 269. Norway has stolen a march over other developed
certain place countries by ________ that it would reduce 40%
Intrude = to have an unpleasant effect; to of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and
disturb somebody/something; to ________ carbon -neutral by 2030.
put oneself into a place or situation 1) allowing, turn 2) posing, grew
where one is not welcome. 3) estimating, exist 4) perceiving, arising
Dejected = depressed; sad.
5) declaring, become
266. A controversial plan to build an immense dam Perceive = to understand or interprete
in Brazils rainforest was stalled when it ________ soemthing in a certain way.
a formidable bloc of ________ in ecologists and Pose = to create or present a difficulty, a
indigenous tribes alike. threat, a question etc.
1) resulted, hostilities 270. According to the language experts, children
2) gained, supporters should begin talking in their mother tongue
3) attracted, opponents rather than a foreign language which can ________
4) lead, protesters affect their comprehension abilities leading to
5) drew, proponents
384 Test of English Language

serious language-based ________ later in their 1) Note, overwhelming

lives. 2) Step, impressive
1) significantly, abilities 3) Execution, outdated
2) appropriately, achievements. 4) Action, expired
3) severely, advantages 5) Lawsuit, invalid
4) adversely, problems Overwhelm = to have a very strong emotional
5) positively, issued effect on somebody.
271. Drawing attention to the pitfalls of ________ Lawsuit = the process of bringing a dispute,
claim etc before a law court for it to
solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors,
be settled.
Indian scientists warned that Uranium will not
275. Even as the ________ elsewhere in the world are
last for long and thus research on Thorium as
struggling to come out of recession, Indian
its________ must be revived.
consumers are splurging on consumer goods and
1) using, substitute
to ________ this growth, companies are investing
2) believing, replacement
heavily in various sectors.
3) depending, reserve
1) economies, meet
4) reckoning, option
2) countries, inhibit
5) relying, alternative
3) governments, measure
Pitfall = a danger or difficulty especially one
that is hidden or not immediately
4) nations, inflict
obvious. 5) companies, counter
Rely on = to need or be dependent on Splurge = to spend money freely
somebody/something Inhibit = to restrict or prevent a process or an
Reckon = to rely on something or on something action
happening. Inflict = to make somebody accept

272. In an e ffort to provide ________ for higher something that is unpleasant or not
wel come; to make somebody/
education to all, most of the universities have
something suffer something.
been providing education without adequate
276. Ce ntre should ________ ministrie s whose
infrastructure , thus churning out ________
functions________ with the state ministries to
graduates every year.
save mone y, de live r e fficie ncy and avoid
1) chances, fresh
duplication of work.
2) platform, capable
1) finish, differ 2) establish, contradict
3) opportunities, unemployable
3) constitute, matches 4) abolish, overlap
4) prospects, eligible
5) block, vary
5) policy, incompetent Contradict = to say that something a person has
Churn out = to produce something quickly in said or written is wrong, and that
large amounts.

the opposite is true.
Incompetent = not having or showing the necessary Abolish = to end the existence of a law, a
skil l or qualifications to do practice, an institution etc.
something successfully.
277. Many people ________ genetically modified food
273. The move to allow dumping of mercury ________
but the reality is that all the food that we eat
an outcry from residents of the area who ________
has be en genetically modified naturally by
that high levels of mercury will affect their health
thousands of years of ________ .
and destroy ecologically sensitive forest area.
1) praise, manipulation
1) resulted, insist 2) provoked, fear
2) grow, mismanagement
3) incited, determined 4) activated, accept
3) criticize, farming
5) angered, believe
4) avoid, experience
Dump = to put something that is not wanted
in a place and leave it as rubbish
5) condemn, abuse
Outcry = a strong public protest Manipulate = to control or handle something with
Insist = to require or demand the specified skill
thing, refusing to accept an Condemn = to criticize somebody or something
alternative. 278. Given that only seven per cent of the countrys
Provoke = to make a person or an animal angry labour force is in the organised sector, training
or annoyed. options ________ for the unorganised sectors
Incite = to urge or persuade somebody to do should also be ________ .
something by making them very 1) available, enhanced 2) absent, improved
angry or excited.
3) lacking, sustained 4) existing, restricted
274. ________ has been taken against some wholesale
5) offered, limited
drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without
279. Government initiatives and participation of many
a valid licence and maintaining a stock of ________
industrial houses in ________ loans to the
villagers have led to the ________ of the farmers.
Fill in the Blanks 385

1) providing, plight 284. It was an excellent social evening with people

2) disbursing, betterment from all ________ of life getting a chance to let
3) denying, revitalization ________ their hair.
4) subsidizing, suffering 1) areas, drop 2) realms, flow
5) taking, advancement 3) arena, undone 4) walks, down
Plight = a serious and difficult situation or 5) types, loose
condition A walk of life = a persons occupation,
Disburse = to pay out money especially from a prof es sion or position in
fund collected for a purpose society.
Revitalize = to put new life into something; to Let ones hair down = to behave freely or wildly
make something stronger or more after a period of being formal.
lively. Realm = a field of activity or interest
280. Indians will ________ one-fourth of total work Arena = a place or scene of activity or
force in the next five years but India needs conflict
introspection whether its education system is 285. There can be no denying the fact that in sports,
________ for these demographic dividends. star coaches have the ________ to get something
1) become, adequate extra out of their ________ .
2) consist, incompetent 1) apprehension, work
3) constitute, unequipped 2) ability, teams
4) represent, sound 3) fear, member
5) comprise, prepared 4) capability, house

Introspection = the examination of or a concern 5) desirous, players
with ones own thoughts , Apprehension = anxiety about something in the
feelings and motives. future; fear that something will be
Demography = the study of the changing unpleas ant or that something
numbers of births, deaths, unpleasant will happen.
diseases etc in a community Desirous = having a wish f or s omething;
over a period of time. wanting something.
Comprise = to have somebody/something 286. Though his charges are ________ the service
as parts or members; to be provided is of a ________ quality.
composed of s ombody/ 1) exorbitant, consumable
2) dare, negligible
281. Adding to a growing body of research ________
3) whooping, lateral
cutting back on sweetened beverages it is now
4) high, standard

found that drinking ________ sugary drinks may
5) negligible, nominal
help lower blood pressure. Exorbitant = much too high or great;
1) for, all 2) sustaining, increased unreasonable
3) against, lesser 4) behind, more Whooping = very big
5) supporting, fewer Lateral = of, at, from or towards the side or
282. The blame game for the air tragedy is already in sides
full ________ with the authorities involved making Nominal = very small and far below the real
attempts to ________ for themselves. cost or value
1) sway, defend 2) view, try 287. The meeting had to be ________ for ________ of
3) fledged, protect 4) swing, cover quorum.
5) roll, hide 1) conducted, completion
In full swing = at a very busy or lively stage. 2) cancelled, desire
Sway = to influence or change the opinions 3) held, lack
or actions of somebody; to move or 4) postponed, want
swing slowly from side to side. 5) stalled, pressure
Fledged = able to fly; having mature wing Quorum = the minimum number of people who
feathers for flying must be present at a meeting of a
283. The actress, wearing a dark grey suit and open committee etc before it can proceed
ne cked shirt, sat ________ the proce edings and its decision can be considered
looking ne rvous throughout, occasionally valid.
frowning as her lawyer ________ with the judge. Want of = lack of something
1) through, argued 2) on, spoke 288. ________ matters most is your ________ and not your
3) for, addressed 4) with, discussed intelligence.
5) along, lectured 1) That, wisdom 2) Who, perseverance
Fr own = to show anger, worry or deep 3) Which, cleverness 4) These, performance
thought by bringing ones eyebrows 5) What, involvement
together and making lines in the Perseverance = continued steady effort to achieve
skin on ones forehead. an aim
386 Test of English Language

289. Two ________ of the committee were rejected Superfluous = more than is needed or wanted
because they were based on ________ aspects. Trivial = of little importance; concerned with
1) members, superfluous unimportant things.
Partial = showing too much favour to one
2) recommendations, trivial
person or side in a contest or a
3) points, important dispute; not complete.
4) reports, existing
5) explanations, partial

Direction: In each of these questions two 6. I. It is when he ________ a new method, he faced
sentences (I) and (II) are given. Each sentence has opposition.
a blank in it. Five words (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) are II. The suspect was________ for the crime.
suggested. Out of these only one fits at both the 1) suggested 2) sentenced 3) tried
places in the context of each sentence. Number 4) found 5) evolved
of that word is the answer. 7. I. The human ________ has its own healing
1. I. He has now become a ________ to reckon with. powers.
II. It is better not to use ________ to prove ones II. The elected ________ is responsible for major
point. policy changes.
1) model 2) force 3) coercion 1) being 2) body
4) name 5) influence 3) representative 4) segment
Reckon with = to take somebody/something into 5) mind

account, to consider the possibility 8. I. Even ________ the book doesnt draw from
of something political characters, the possible coincidence
Coercion = the action of coercing somebody or
is not missing.
the process of being coerced.
Coerce = to make somebody do something by
II. Our college trip was great ________ it lasted.
using force or threats 1) while 2) though 3) until
2. I. He tried his ________ best to score distinction 4) when 5) if
in this exam. 9. I. Since the sender has not indicated her name,
II. It plays to ke e p a ________ he ad in an this letter will be classified as ________.
emergency. II. Many of the important things that surround
1) cool 2) utmost 3) very you are still the work of ________ minds and
4) possible 5) level hands, about whom we may not know.
Distinction = the quality of being excellent or 1) known 2) bogus 3) void

distinguished. 4) anonymous 5) artistic
Ut most = greatest; most extreme Anonymous = with a name that is not known or
3. I. The system is working with ________ to getting not made public; written or given by
things done. s omebody whos e name is not
II. ________ must be commande d and not known or revealed
demanded. 10. I. It is better to keep things on ________ till we
1) status 2) relation 3) attitude get due approval.
4) respect 5) honour II. If our conduct is good, we can ________ our head
4. I. There is a complaint against him that he high.
________ the mistakes of his juniors. 1) wait 2) keep 3) watch
II. A good thing about this house is that it ________ 4) raise 5) hold
the sea. 11. I. He is________ with whatever little he has.
1) ignores 2) promotes 3) examines II. They kept the ________ of the communication
4) overlooks 5) faces a secret.
Overlook = to fail to see or notice something; to 1) happy 2) matter 3) gist
miss something; to have or give a 4) content 5) sense
view of a place from above it. Gist = the main point or general meaning
5. I. Out of the total loans ________ by the bank, of something spoken or written
the largest share was for infrastructure. 12. I. It is hard to believe the ________ of operations
II. The trees________ throughout the area. involved in this activity.
1) disbursed 2) covered 3) distributed II. The map is drawn to a ________ of 1 inch to 50
4) spanned 5) extended km.
Disburse = to pay out money especially from a 1) magnitude 2) size 3) scale
fund collected for a purpose 4) proportion 5) significance
Span = to extend over or across something
Fill in the Blanks 387

13. I. Heavy snow did ________ the rescue efforts. 1) arraying 2) collection 3) swarming
II. The food was kept in a ________. 4) gathering 5) numbering
1) delay 2) bundle 3) basket Array = to place a group of people or things
4) hamper 5) holder in order especially in a pleasing,
Rescue = the action of saving or bringing away impressive or threatening way
somebody/s omething f rom a Swar m = to move in large numbers in the
dangerous or harmful situation specified direction
Hamper = to prevent somebodys f ree 23. I. Pe ople are ________about the growing
movement or activity; to restrict or corruption in our society.
hinder; a large basket with a lid, II. In spite of all the provocations, he
especially one used to carry food, ________utmost patience.
wine etc. 1) restrained 2) exercised 3) sustained
14. I. They left ________ after breakfast. 4) inflicted 5) aggrieved
II. It is difficult to find a ________ person for this In spite of = regardless of; despite
job. Provocation = the action of making somebody
1) right 2) immediately 3) suitable angry by del iberatel y doing
4) best 5) soon something annoying or offensive
15. I. He would always do ________ was told by his Ut most = greatest; most extreme
superiors. Sustain = to keep somebody/something alive
or in existence
II. He appeared on stage ________ a narrator of
Inflict = to make s omebody/something
the drama. suffer something.

1) as 2) what 3) about Restrain = to prevent ones el f/somebody/
4) whatever 5) always something from doing something
16. I. The truck stopped ________. Aggrieved = feeling that one has been unfairly
II. We take a ________ walk every day. treated; resentful
1) suddenly 2) long 3) short 24. I. The message was written on a ________of paper.
4) distant 5) near II. Gautam got into a ________with his classmate.
17. I. I got the grains ________ in the machine. 1) grab 2) box 3) scrap
II. I do not have any ________ for doubting him. 4) brush 5) fist
1) done 2) basis 3) ground Grab = to take s omething f irml y and
4) crushed 5) tune suddenly, roughly or rudely
Get into a scrap = to get into a fight or rough quarrel
18. I. We were asked to design a ________ of the dam.
Fi st = a hand when it is closed tightly with
II. This Institute is a ________ of modern thinking. the fingers bent into the palm.

1) picture 2) type 3) function 25. I. Sachin managed to ________the ball even
4) fabric 5) model though he had to run a long distance.
19. I. Keep a ________ grip on the railing. II. Anshul said that the plan was not as simple
II. He was ________ asleep. as I was making it out and there was some
1) fast 2) firm 3) deep ________in it.
4) strong 5) sure 1) take 2) catch 3) grab
20. I. He asked me to ________ over the fence. 4) bring 5) clutch
II. We should keep the valuables in the ________. 26. I. Our office decided to organise a party for the
1) vault 2) cross 3) safe ________ couple.
4) tie 5) locker II. She ________ him in conversation to while
Vault = to jump in a single movement over
away some time.
or onto an object with a hand or
hands resting on it or with the help
l) new 2) engaged 3) pledged
of a pole; an underground room used 4) held 5) encountered
f or s toring things at a cool While away = to pass a period of time in a relaxed
temperature way.
21. I. His ________behaviour is an indication of his Pledge = to promise s ol emnl y to give
something eg ones support
27. I. It is required that you fill out these two
II. During our field visits we visited ________parts
________ to register for the job.
of Rajasthan.
II. This subject has many practical ________ in
1) inner 2) distant 3) far-off
day to day life.
4) introvert 5) depressed
1) forms 2) applications 3) relevance
Far-off = remote
4) statements 5) views
22. I. Students started ________ their books when
28. I. The next ________ of this case is after two
the bell rang.
II. There was a huge ________at the Airport
II. After the accident her ________ has been
waiting for the President.
388 Test of English Language

1) dates 2) balance 3) evidence Ancestral = belonging to or inherited from ones

4) health 5) hearing ancestors.
29. I. As a last ________ we had to accept these terms 37. I. The research scholars received a /an ________
and conditions. from the university to develop their project.
II. This place has become a good tourist ________ II. Being located in a backward area the college
now. receives a /an ________ from the education
1) resort 2) step 3) attraction department.
4) spot 5) means 1) benefit 2) aid 3) grant
As a last resort = the person or thing one relies on 4) loan 5) help
when everything else has failed 38. I. The little girl had a ________ face.
30. I. The organization de cide d on an hourly II. It is ________ obvious that he was lying.
minimum ________of Rs 35. 1) lovely 2) clear 3) fair
II. Will he ________ a war on these fronts to 4) faint 5) pretty
improve things? 39. I. He does not ________ any ill feelings against
1) pay 2) declare 3) pose anyone.
4) wage 5) campaign II. A ________ was appointed to take care of his
Wage = to begin and continue a war, ailing mother.
campaign etc. 1) nature 2) maid 3) bear
31. I. Boats take more time going against the 4) nurse 5) feed
________ of the river. Ail = to trouble somebody in body or mind
II. She keeps herself abreast of ________ events. Ailing = ill and not improving
1) low 2) latest 3) water 40. I. The mother had to ________ the stubborn child.
4) all 5) current II. He is so invincible that none can ________ him.

Keep abreast of = to be or remain always aware of 1) convinced 2) beat 3) duty
the latest news, ideas , 4) knock 5) console
developments etc. Stubborn = determined not to change ones
32. I. While trying to open the door, the ________ attitude or position; having a strong
broke. will
II. It is not difficult to ________ tricky situations. Invincible = too s trong to be overcome or
1) handle 2) knob 3) bracket defeated
4) overcome 5) win Console = to give comfort or sympathy to
Overcome = to s ucceed in deal ing with or s omebody who is unhappy,
controlling something; to defeat disappointed etc.
somebody 41. I. His sudden death came as a hard ________ to
33. I. This course teaches you not to ________ to his family.
temptations. II. It is immodest for a man to ________ his own

II. We hope to increase our ________ of rice this trumpet.
year. 1) bloom 2) shock 3) blow
1) succumb 2) produce 3) yield 4) jolt 5) time
4) share 5) submit Blow ones = to boast; to praise ones own
Succumb = to fail ro resist an illness, an attack own trumpet abilities and achievements
etc. Bloom = to be in a very healthy condition
Yield = to s top opposing or resisting Jolt = to dis turb, push or shake
something/somebody somebody/something from their
original or normal position,
34. I. When you play your radio at high ________ it
especially suddenly or roughly.
disturbs others.
42. I. There is a ________ on the bottle.
II. We have just received a latest ________ of this
II. The weather being conducive, we had to
________ the journey.
1) edition 2) volume 3) channel
1) break 2) crack 3) halt
4) frequency 5) pitch
4) separate 5) stop
35. I. It helps to rinse ones mouth early morning Conducive = helping something to happen or
with a________of salt and water. making it likely.
II. You can always refer to this reference material 43. I. He employed a famous architect to ________
to find the ________ to these problems. his house.
1) mixture 2) answers 3) liquid II. The intricate ________ on this fabric, makes it
4) fix 5) solution more attractive.
36. I. According to the law, women are also entitled 1) intention 2) pattern 3) design
for a ________ in the ancestral property. 4) model 5) build
II. Every job has its own ________ of problems. Intricate = composed of many small parts put
1) stock 2) portion 3) possess together in a complex way
4) share 5) claim
Fill in the Blanks 389

44. I. Based on his appraisal, he is ________ for a 50. I. The farmer made a lot of profit by selling his
promotion shortly. ________ at the market.
II. The advance, which was ________ to me, was II. The traffic police asked him to ________ his
paid well on time. driving licence.
1) expected 2) due 3) credited 1) field 2) produce 3) make
4) scheduled 5) offered 4) procure 5) show
Appraisal = a judgement of, or the action of Procure = to obtain something especially with
judging the value, quality or nature care or effort; to acquire something
of something/somebody. 51. I. Your ________ is my command, said the genie
45. I. We can ________ him as a good orator. to the prince.
II. The ________ of every commodity at the Super II. I ________ you could understand me better.
Market is fixed. 1) whim 2) demand 3) wish
1) price 2) rate 3) rank 4) hope 5) need
4) sum 5) five Genie = a magical spirit with strange
Orator = a pers on who makes f ormal powers.
speaches in public or who is good Whim = a sudden desire or idea especially
at public speaking. an unequal or unreasonable one.
46. I. The rich miser had never any money to ________ 52. I. I could finish my work ________ ahead of time.
for the poor. II. He is ________ off when compared to his other
II. I like to play badminton during my ________ siblings.
time. 1) much 2) better 3) well

1) free 2) offer 3) exempt 4) good 5) harm
4) spare 5) leave Sibling = each of two or more people with the
Miser = a person who loves wealth and same parents; a brother or sister
spends as little money as possible 53. I. The notorious burglar was finally ________ by
Spare = for leisure; free; to choose not to use, the cops.
give or impose II. I was ________ unaware when my photograph
Exempt = free from an obligation, duty or was clicked.
payment; not liable.
1) held 2) seized 3) apprehended
47. I. He built a palatial house with his ________
4) caught 5) trapped
gotten wealth. Burglar = a person who enters a building
II. Many children were taken ________ after especially by force in order to steal.
consuming adulterated sweets. Apprehend = to seize or arrest somebody; to
1) bad 2) sick 3) ill

understand somebody/something
4) evil 5) negative 54. I. The management took no ________ of the
Palatial = like a palace; extremely large or problems pertaining to the workers.
splendid. II. The class teacher was called to ________ for
Adulterate = to make something poorer in quality the dismal performance of the students in the
by adding another substance.
48. I. The participating teams were asked to abide
1) consider 2) explain 3) account
by the rules of the ________.
4) estimate 5) notice
II. Hunting of ________ animals is prohibited by Pertain = to be connected with or relevant to
the forest department. something; to belong to something
1) game 2) play 3) wild as a part of it.
4) performance 5) trick Dismal = caus ing or s howing s adness ;
Abide by = to accept and act according to a law, miserable; gloomy; less good than
agreement etc, to be faithful to expected; very poor
something 55. I. Government aided schools are now offering
Prohibit = to forbid something or somebody to teach computer course to students ________
from doing something especially by of charge.
laws, rules or regulations.
II. Since he is a spend thrift he is very ________
49. I. The mango tree did not ________ any fruit this
in spending money.
1) parole 2) devoid 3) lavish
II. The students were asked to ________ in mind
4) free 5) release
the instructions given by the examiner. Thrift = the habit of saving money and
1) endure 2) keep 3) field spending it carefully
4) bear 5) withstand Parole = the release of a prisoner before the
Endure = to continue in existence; to last end of a punishment if he or she
Withstand = to endure something without giving promis es to behave wel l, or
in, collapsing, wearing out etc; to temporarily for a special purpose.
resist something. Devoid = without something; compl etel y
lacking in something
390 Test of English Language

Lavi sh = giving or doing something 1) reign 2) rule 3) dominate

generously or excessively 4) tenure 5) over power
56. I. The millionaire has ________ ` 10,00,000 for this Benevolent = being or showing a desire to be kind,
priceless artefact. helpful, or generous; doing good
II. I was aske d to________ a price by the rather than making profit; charitable
auctioneer. 64. I. I do not ________ him as a brilliant performer.
1) quote 2) attempt 3) bid II. At any ________ I shall see that
4) say 5) spent you get over the crisis.
Artefact (also Artifact) = a thing made 1) rank 2) cost 3) rate
by people especiall y a tool or 4) value 5) see
weapon of historical interest. 65. I. The ________ accused in the murder, was
57. I. This person is not ________ to me in any way, sentenced to death.
he is a trickster. II. The office of the vice chancellor is in the
II. The two groups are ________ to ________ building of the university.
each other. 1) main 2) important 3) principal
1) allied 2) connected 3) related 4) chief 5) only
4) recounted 5) narrated 66. I. They had to ________ off the picnic as it was
Trickster = a person who cheats people. raining.
58. I. Can you please ________ the bell? II. ________ me up at eight oclock, I have an
II. The words spoken by him still ________ in my appointment at nine.
ears. 1) ring 2) book 3) call
1) sound 2) ring 3) chief 4) phone 5) arrange
4) call 5) sell Call off = to cancel or abandon something
59. I. ________ the pe rpe trators of the crime !

67. I. Do you ________ any musical instrument?
Shouted the angry mob. II. Children love to ________ in the park.
II. There is ample space in the wardrobe for you 1) enjoy 2) compete 3) stall
to ________ your clothes. 4) learn 5) play
1) execute 2) loiter 3) hang 68. I. She works so hard that she often falls asleep
4) bend 5) store ________ the newspaper.
Perpetrator = a person who commits a crime or II. She will soon get ________ at them.
does something considered wrong.
1) above 2) over 3) below
Ample = enough or more than enough
Loiter = to stand in a public place usually
4) on 5) back
with no particul ar or obvious 69. I. The children had picnic on the ________ of the
purpose river.
Execute = to kill somebody especially as a legal II. Can I ________ on you to support my claim.

punishment. 1) bank 2) depend 3) edge
60. I. This book pertaining to fine arts is beyond a 4) shore 5) rely
________ mans comprehension. 70. I. They couldnt get along, as they were on
II. I helped mother to ________ the table for different intellectual ________.
breakfast. II. The ________ taking off from the airport was a
1) pin 2) lay 3) lend beautiful sight.
4) ordinary 5) common 1) planes 2) plain 3) clear
61. I. He wanted to change the ________ of his 4) girl 5) levels
spectacles. Take off = to leave the ground and begin to fly.
II. Can you please________ this picture for me? 71. I. Sams ________wit often got him out of tight
1) build 2) bend 3) frame spots.
4) state 5) draw II. The task they did was so different that the
62. I. Despite being hardworking he could never difference was ________.
________ success in his career. 1) sharp 2) clear 3) intelligible
II. The ________ of mango is relished by the young 4) visible 5) transparent
and old alike. Wit = the ability to combine words, ideas
1) taste 2) flavour 3) enjoy etc to produce a clever type of
4) experience 5) small humour
Relish = to enjoy or get pl easure f rom 72. I. The commander gave order to ________the guns
something at enemy positions.
63. I. Akbar was known for his benevolence, people II. It was intere sting to se e the ________of
were happy during his ________. ducklings following the man.
II. Better to ________ in hell than to serve in 1) retinue 2) array 3) target
heaven. 4) turn 5) train
Duckling = a young duck
Fill in the Blanks 391

73. I. I feel scared when I look at ________buildings. 81. I. The government has decided to ________ the
II. Because of his ________behaviour, many people physically handicapped people from paying tax.
are offended with him. II. You should ________ no effort, in order to
1) proud 2) lofty 3) haughty achieve your target.
4) high 5) exalted 1) free 2) offer 3) exempt
Offend = to make somebody feel upset or 4) spare 5) leave
ins ul ted; to hurt s omebodys 82. I. The two siste rs do not ________ any
feelings. resemblance to each other.
Lofty = very high and impressive
II. Unable to ________ the stress and strain
Haughty = believing or showing the belief that
one is superior to others; disdain
involved in his profession, he decided to take
Exalt = to make somebody higher in rank or a long holiday.
greater in power; to prais e 1) endure 2) keep 3) yield
somebody/something highly 4) bear 5) withstand
74. I. The distance from Amman to Bombay is too 83. I. By this attitude, I could make out that he
________to be covered by the A 320 planes. does not mean ________.
II. Ashish waited at the door for his father with II. She is ________ dressed when compared to
a ________face. other women in the gathering.
1) bad 2) heavy 3) long 1) much 2) better 3) well
4) unlucky 5) distant 4) good 5) harm
Distant = far away in space or time 84. I. For many years India was ________ in a tricky
75. I. The waiter ________the teapot towards the situation, whether to go in for a nuclear

chair. weapon or not.
II. The advocate ________up an agreement for the II. The marathon innings of the batsman came
partners. to an end when he was finally ________ by the
1) dragged 2) hauled 3) made same bowler who troubled him the most.
4) drew 5) arranged 1) him 2) seized 3) apprehended
Haul = to pull or drag something with effort 4) caught 5) trapped
or force. 85. I. The jail authorities have decided to ________
76. I. Many young cricket fans ________ Tendulkar some of the prisoners, who possessed a clean
as a hero. record, as a gesture of goodwill.
II. The principal promised the students that he II. He de cide d to ________ himse lf of all
would ________ their demand. responsibilities by handing over charge to his
1) notice 2) consider 3) account

4) estimate 5) explain 1) free 2) devoid 3) release
77. I. It was ________ that he was guilty. 4) lavish 5) parole
II. There were several policemen in________ Gesture = A movement of a part of the body
clothes. especiall y the hand or head,
1) planes 2) plain 3) clear intended to sugges t a certain
4) girl 5) levels meaning; the us e of s uch
78. I. The internet is ________ the most remarkable movements
of modern inventions. 86. I. The organisation was established at the
II. This custom still exists ________ certain tribes. ________ of this century.
1) among 2) in 3) between II. The little boy could not ________the cap off
4) along 5) with the bottle.
79. I. India and Russia ________ an excellent bilateral 1) break 2) turn 3) swing
relationship. 4) crack 5) dawn
II. Due to a crash in the ove rseas market, 87. I. Ashok has got a ________disposition.
________ marke t in India was also badly II. The ________sunshine in the morning filled
affected. my heart with joy.
1) stock 2) portion 3) possess 1) joyous 2) pleasing 3) genial
4) share 5) claim 4) happy 5) congenial
Bilateral = having two sides; aff ecting or Disposition = a persons natural qualities of mind
involving two groups, countries etc. and character
80. I. The foster mother tried to ________ the infant Genial = friendly in a cheerful way
Congenial = pleasant because suited to ones
with great care.
nature or tastes
II. A lot of patience is required to ________ an
88. I. He had a very ________period during his
aged person.
1) nature 2) nurse 3) maid
II. Kantis father advised him that IAS was a
4) bear 5) feed
career worth ________.
392 Test of English Language

1) competing 2) trying 3) intending 1) stacked 2) dumped 3) stocked

4) contending 5) experimenting 4) stowed 5) treasured
Intend = to have a particular purpose or plan Stack = to pile something up
in mind; to mean to do something Stow = to pack or store something carefully
Contend = to struggle in order to overcome a and neatly especially in its proper
rival, competitor or difficulty place.
89. I. Some of the e dible oils ________a high 94. I. He is ________in his dealings with others.
cholesterol level. II. The offer for the job is still ________.
II. The fore st authoritie s have faile d to 1) due 2) open 3) honest
________poaching in that area. 4) plain 5) operating
1) comprise 2) possess 3) restrain 95. I. The stadium is so big that it can ________more
4) contain 5) suppress than one lakh spectators.
Edible = fit or suitable to be eaten II. Deepak is willing to ________his itinerary with
Poach = to be active in an area that properly mine.
belongs to somebody else. 1) hold 2) arrange 3) view
Restrain = to prevent ones el f/somebody/
4) participate 5) accommodate
something from doing something
Itinerary = a plan for, or record of, a journey; a
Comprise = to have somebody/something as
parts or members; to be composed
of somebody/something.
96. I. Avinash was the ________suspect in that case.
90. I. His ________of the subject was really good. II. The driver decided to ________the engine before
II. Vijay had to ________ the handle of the door going to sleep that day.
with all his strength. 1) major 2) suffer 3) counter
1) make 2) power 3) pull 4) prime 5) complete
97. I. Saurabh was ________to the library when he

4) seizure 5) grasp
Seizure = the action or an instance of seizing met me.
something by force or legal authority II. The newspapers carried the news about the
Grasp = to understand something fully murder with a large ________.
91. I. The government decided to ________a new 1) starting 2) venturing 3) heading
series of lectures called the Honour Lecture 4) prefixing 5) beginning
Series. 98. I. The tree was ________towards the building.
II. The decision to ________ a new University in II. I was ________to accept the first offer made by
that town was welcomed by the people. the shopkeeper.
1) manage 2) organise 3) institute 1) sloped 2) disposed 3) bent
4) build 5) plan 4) forced 5) inclined
92. I. Priya spends her ________time reading novels. 99. I. I saw your photograph with that ________fellow.

II. Kamal had a ________body and could manage II. I cannot do this work, was my ________reply.
to squeeze into the little space available. 1) plump 2) stout 3) bulky
1) spare 2) relaxed 3) free 4) curt 5) prompt
4) thin 5) disjointed Plump = having a pleasantly full round shape;
Squeeze = to hold and press on something/ fat; to make something full and
somebody from opposite sides round
93. I. Mrs Menon ________all her jewellery in one Stout = strong and thick; brave and
box carelessly. determined
Curt = rudely brief; abrupt
II. The equipment had to be ________in this ware
Prompt = done without delay; immediate
house at short notice.

Direction : The following questions consist of Desert = to go away from a place without
a single sentence with one blank only. You are indenting ever to return
given six words as answer choices and from the Abandon = to go away from a person, thing or
place not intending to return.
six choices you have to pick up two correct
Detest = to have a strong feeling of dislike
answers, either of which will make the sentence for somebody/something.
meaningfully complete. 2. She was charged with ________ a six-month-old
1. He claimed that his parents had ________ him. child.
(A) examined (B) deserted (C) abandoned (A) abducting (B) beating (C) scolding
(D) scolded (E) refused (F) detested (D) kidnapping (E) hurting (F) loving
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (E) 1) (A) and (D) 2) (A) and (B) 3) (A) and (C)
4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (F) 4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
Fill in the Blanks 393

3. The soldiers were ________ to shoot at will. 8. The prisoners were living in ________ condition.
(A) empowered (B) advised (C) supported (A) poor (B) abashed (C) vaulted
(D) authorized (E) edified (F) frustrated (D) sensitive (E) appalling (F) shocking
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (A) and (E) 1) (A) and (D) 2) (A) and (B) 3) (A) and (C)
4) (A) and (D) 5) (C) and (F) 4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
Empower = to give somebody the power or Abashed = embarrassed and ashamed
authority to work. Vaulted = having a vault (a roof in the form of
Edify = to improve the mind or character of an arch or a series of archs)
somebody. Appalling = shocking, extremely bad
4. The brutality of the crime has ________ the public. 9. Now that the problem has bee n identifie d
(A) pinpointed (B) strained (C) differed ________ action can be taken.
(D) appalled (E) concocted (F) horrified (A) suitable (B) obvious (C) strict
1) (A) and (B) 2) (D) and (F) 3) (B) and (E) (D) valuable (E) appropriate (F) necessary
4) (C) and (D) 5) (D) and (E) 1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (C) and (D)
Brutality = cruel behaviour; cruelty. 4) (B) and (D) 5) (B) and (C)
Appal = to make somebody feel horror or 10. He was correct in his ________ that the minister
disgust; to shock somebody deeply. has been lying.
Concocted = to make something by mixing
(A) assertion (B) remark (C) estimate
ingredients (especially one that do
not usually go together); to invent a
(D) claim (E) indolence (F) surmise
story, an excuse, etc. 1) (A) and (F) 2) (A) and (D) 3) (B) and (C)
5. The ________ he felt towards his old enemy was 4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)

still very strong. Indolence = laziness
Indolent = lazy
(A) anguish (B) hostility (C) peculiarity
Surmise = to guess; to suppose something
(D) antagonism (E) ovation (F) appraisal without having evidence that makes
1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (B) and (D) it certain
4) (E) and (F) 5) (C) and (E) 11. She speaks English with (an) ________ accent.
Anguish = severe distress or mental suffering (A) American (B) atrocious (C) terrible
Hostility = showing strong dislike; aggressive
(D) fluent (E) vulnerable (F) imminent
Peculiarity= the quality or being odd or strange,
especially in a rather unpleasant
1) (A) and (D) 2) (A) and (D) 3) (C) and (F)
way. 4) (E) and (F) 5) (B) and (C)
Antagonism = a feeling of hostility or opposition Atrocious = very bad or unpleasant
Ovation = a long and enthusiastic show of Terrible = of very low quality or standard; very

appreciation from an audience bad
Appraisal = a judgement of, or the action of Vulnerable = that can be harmed, hurt or attacked
judging the value, quality or nature easily, especially because of being
of something/somebody small or weak.
6. For years the British film industry merely ________ Imminent = about to happen; likely to happen
very soon
12. Forty hours is fairly ________ working week for
(A) dribble (B) droop (C) imitate
most people.
(D) ape (E) steer (F) perforate
(A) average (B) promising (C) prolific
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
(D) attainable (E) normal (F) good
4) (A) and (D) 5) (B) and (F)
Dribble = to fall in drops or a thin stream
1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (E) and (F)
Droop = to bend or hang downwards , 4) (C) and (D) 5) (B) and (E)
especially through weakness or lack Prolific = producing many works.
of energy 13. I am ________ why she has not called.
Steer = to guide somebodys movements, (A) baffled (B) confused
thoughts, etc (C) surprised (D) well
Ape = to copy somebody/something (E) delighted (F) accomplished
Perforate = to make a hole or holes through 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (F) 3) (E) and (F)
4) (D) and (E) 5) (B) and (F)
7. He delivered the speech with his usual ________. Baffle = to be too difficult or strange for
(A) aplomb (B) manner somebody to understand, solve or
(C) self-confidence (D) desire explain
(E) response (F) zeal Accomplish = to succeed in doing something; to
1) (B) and (F) 2) (D) and (E) 3) (B) and (E) complete something successfully; to
4) (A) and (C) 5) (A) and (D) achieve something
Aplomb = confidence, especially in a difficult 14. Chemical weapons are ________ internationally.
situation (A) banned (B) employed (C) exhibited
Zeal = great energy or enthusiasm (D) prohibited (E) frustrated (F) imposed
394 Test of English Language

1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (E) and (F) Extraneous = not bel onging to or directl y
4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (E) connected with the s ubject or
15. The ________ attitude of the management forced matter being dealt with
Obfuscate = to make something confused or
the workers to resort to strike.
difficult to understand, especially
(A) unenthusiastic (B) critical deliberately.
(C) rude (D) lackadaisical Efface = to rub something out; to cause
(E) inquisitive (F) explosive something to fade
1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) Constrain = to restrict somebody/something or
4) (D) and (E) 5) (A) and (D) to limit their scope
To resort to = to make us e of s omething, Diffuse = to spread something or become
something es pecial ly s omething bad or spread widely in all directions.
unpleasant, as a means of achieving 20. Under the influence of alcohol he became
something, often because no other ________.
course of action is possible.
(A) clad (B) dependent (C) talkative
Lackadaisical = l acking vigour and
(D) ablaze (E) numb (F) loquacious
Inquisitive = tending to ask a lot of questions, 1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (D) and (F)
especially about other peoples 4) (C) and (F) 5) (A) and (D)
affairs Cl ad = dressed; covered
16. The highly polluted environment in which we live Ablaze = very excited
________ allergies. Numb = having lost all physical feeling or the
power to feel, because of cold or pain
(A) develops (B) exacerbates (C) acquires
Loquacious = talking a lot; fond of talking
(D) worsens (E) removes (F) conveys
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (D) and (F) 21. In his lectures he reveals himself to be merely a

4) (C) and (E) 5) (B) and (E) ________ speaker.
Exacerbate = to make a pain, a disease or a (A) baggy (B) pleasing (C) perfunctory
situation wors e; to aggravate (D) clean (E) superficial (F) abandoned
something 1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (A) 3) (C) and (E)
17. ________ jewellery is available only in this shop. 4) (E) and (F) 5) (D) and (E)
(A) genuine (B) duplicate (C) false Baggy = having loosely
(D) imitation (E) fastidious (F) facetious Perfunctory = done as a duty or routine, without
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (C) and (E) care or interest
Superficial = appearing to be true or real until
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)y_____
Fastidious = selecting carefully; choosing only looking at more carefully
what is good; hard to please; easily 22. ________ has become the order of the day in pop
disgusted music.

Facetious = trying to be amusing but in a way or (A) plagiarism (B) hoodlum (C) menace
at a time that is not considered (D) creativity (E) copying (F) quack
appropriate. 1) (A) and (B) 2) (D) and (F) 3) (C) and (E)
18. The USA is trying to find ________ between the 4) (A) and (D) 5) (B) and (F)
Iraqi version and the information Washington The order of the day = the state of things at a
has collected. particular time
(A) discrepancies (B) lacunae Plagiarism = the action or instance of taking
(C) disparities (D) incongruities somebody elses ideas or words and
(E) conflicts (F) contradictions use them as if they were ones own
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (E) and (F) Hoodlum = a violent and noisy young man; a
violent criminal; a gangstar
4) (B) and (E) 5) (A) and (F)
Menace = a thing or person that threatens to
Discrepancy = a difference; failure to agree
harm somebody/something
Lacuna = an empty space where something is
Quack = person who dishonestly claims to
missing; a gap
have special knowledge and skill,
Disparity = a difference
Incongruous = strange because not in harmony especially in medicine
with the surroundings; out of place 23. The ________ teachings in the madarsas breed
Contradiction = the action of saying that something terrorists, according to some people.
a person has said or written is wrong (A) pernicious (B) motivating
and that the opposite is true. (C) fastidious (D) enduring
19. Lawyers often try to ________ the case with (E) patriotic (F) destructive
extraneous information. 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
(A) confuse (B) obfuscate (C) efface 4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (F)
(D) constrain (E) wind (F) diffuse Pernicious = having a very harmful effect on
1) (B) and (C) 2) (D) and (E) 3) (A) and (F) somebody/something especially in
4) (B) and (E) 5) (A) and (B) a gradual or subtle way
Fill in the Blanks 395

Fastidious = selecting carefully; choosing only Evasive = done in order to avoid a dangerous
what is good; hard to please; easily or unpl easant s ituation;
disgusted intentionally not direct or completely
Enduring = continuing in existence; lasting for Moody = bad-tempered or depressed and
a long time likely to show this; having moods
24. When she couldnt win the argument she took that change quickly.
recourse to ________ ways to present her point. Voracious = hungry for knowledge or information
(A) agitated (B) lively 28. The citys moral police in ________ with
(C) convoluted (D) controversial authorities, have enforced regulations quite
(E) complex (F) concocted unsympathetically.
1) (B) and (D) 2) (D) and (F) 3) (A) and (C) (A) pretension (B) connivance (C) collusion
4) (B) and (E) 5) (C) and (E) (D) ignorance (E) combination (F) keeping
To have recourse to = to use somebody/some- 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
somebody/something thing as a source of help 4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
in a difficult situation Pretension = a claim or the making of one.
Agitated = troubled; anxious or excited Connive = to work together with somebody in
Convoluted = extremely complicated and difficult order to do something wrong or
to follow. illegal.
Concoct = to make something by mixing Collusion = secret agreement or understanding
ingredients (especially one that do between two or more people with
not usually go together); to invent a the aim of deceiving or cheating
story or an excuse others.

25. The ________ came to an abrupt stop when she 29. There is a critical ________ in asset classification,
entered the room. which makes money invested in a stalled project
(A) conversation (B) confection to be treated as a standard asset.
(C) celebration (D) commotion (A) lacuna (B) promise (C) definition
(E) performance (F) rhetoric (D) gap (E) grading (F) abyss
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F) 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
4) (B) and (E) 5) (D) and (F) 4) (A) and (D) 5) (D) and (F)
Abrupt = sudden and unexpected Lacuna = an empty space where something is
Confection= a dis h etc made with sweet missing; a gap
ingredients Abyss = a hole so deep that it seems to have
Commotion = noisy confusion or excitement no bottom
Rhetoric = the art of using language in an 30. The debate took a toll on the government with

impress ive way es pecial ly to
the ________ of the coalition eroded.
inf luence peopl e in public
speaking; speech or writing that
(A) divisiveness (B) diversity
sounds important and impressive (C) plan (D) cohesiveness
but is often insincere or exaggerated (E) amity (F) unity
26. The authorities refused to bow down to the 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
________ protests of the students. 4) (D) and (F) 5) (B) and (D)
(A) fickle (B) solemn (C) demanding To take a toll = to cause damage injury or deaths
(D) vociferous (E) clamorous (F) resounding Amity = a friendly relationship between
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (E) and (F) people and country.
4) (D) and (E) 5) (C) and (D) 31. The ________ for the mistake were borne by
To bow down = to bend the head or body as a sign innocent people.
of respect or as a greeting (A) repercussions (B) consequences
Fickle = often changing; not faithful or loyal (C) joys (D) benefits
Solemn = done, said, etc in a serious and (E) controversies (F) pains
sincere way; not happy or smiling 1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (D)
Vociferous = noisy and forceful in expressing
4) (A) and (B) 5) (B) and (F)
ones feeling or opinions
Repercussion = an indirect and us uall y
Clamour = a loud demand or protest
unpleas ant ef fect or result of
Resounding = very great; remarkable something; a consequence
27. Being a ________ reader, he seldom feels lonely. 32. To the most ________ of observers, the referendum
(A) insatiable (B) lethargic appeared to be a self-defeating exercise.
(C) unenthusiastic (D) evasive (A) elated (B) incompetent(C) professional
(E) moody (F) voracious (D) inept (E) clannish (F) gnarled
1) (A) and (F) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (D) 1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E)
4) (B) and (C) 5) (E) and (F) 4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (B)
Insatiable = that cannot be satisfied Elated = very happy, excited or proud
Lethargic = laziness Inept = having or showing no skill at all
396 Test of English Language

Clannish = associating closely with each other 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (F)
and showing little interest in other 4) (D) and (F) 5) (C) and (E)
people Wont = in the habit of doing something;
Gnarled = twisted with swollen joints and used to doing something
rough skin, especially from old age Propitious = giving or indicating a good chance
or hard work. of success; favourable
33. It is difficult to define the ________ quality of Urbane = having or showing refined manners;
excellence in institutions of higher education. elegant and sophisticated
(A) nebulous (B) definite (C) clear 38. We often long to hold on to the ________ joy of
(D) vague (E) visible (F) lucid childhood.
1) (B) and (E) 2) (A) and (D) 3) (C) and (F) (A) ephemeral (B) transitory (C) enduring
4) (B) and (D) 5) (C) and (E) (D) remarkable (E) hopeful (F) flirtatious
Nebulous = not clear; vague 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (E)
34. With UN support, and hence ________ from the 4) (E) and (F) 5) (C) and (D)
Arab neighbours, the war against Saddam is To long to do = to want something very much; to
likely to be short. something have a strong desire for something
(A) support (B) encouragement or to do something.
To hold on = to keep holding or gripping
(C) empathy (D) acquiescence
something; to succeed in not letting
(E) consent (F) sympathy go of something/somebody
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (D) and (E) Ephemeral = lasting for a very short time
4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (C) Transitory = lasting for only a short time; brief;
Empathy = the ability to imagine and share temporary
another persons feel ings , Enduring = continuing in existence; lasting for
experience etc a long time

Acquiesce = to accept somebody without protest; Flirtatious = tending to flirt with many people
to offer no opposition to a plan, 39. Many democracies resort to ________ methods to
conclusion, etc. control dissidence.
35. Mr Kamat would probably not ________ a coup (A) disagreeable (B) coercive (C) unsavoury
while Mr Rahmat remains in office. (D) infernal (E) footling (F) distant
(A) countenance (B) cloak 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (D) and (E)
(C) support (D) envy 4) (A) and (C) 5) (C) and (D)
(E) gamble (F) instigate To r esor t t o som ethi ng = to make use of
1) (B) and (D) 2) (A) and (B) 3) (A) and (C) something, especially something
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F) bad or unpleasant, as a means of
Countenance = to support or approve something. achieving something, often because
Cloak = to cover or hid something. no other course of action is possible.

Envy = to wish one had the same qualities, Dissident = a person who strongly disagrees
possessions, opportunities, etc as with or opposes official opinions and
somebody else. policies
Instigate = to make something begin or happen Coercive = using force of threats
36. Will the centre consider the constitutional rule Unsavoury = offensive or unpleasant; having an
broken down only after ________ rule the streets? unpleasant taste or smell.
(A) gaffes (B) people Infernal = of or like hell; used to express
(C) insurgents (D) vagabonds
Footling = unimportant; trivial
(E) onlookers (F) mob
40. After two months of ________ a breakthrough came
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (E)
out of the blue.
4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (C)
(A) grating (B) cajoling
Gaffe = a social mistake; an embarrassing
act or remark
(C) catching (D) stone-walling
Insurgent = a pers on f ighting agains t (E) exacting (F) delaying
government forces in her or his own 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
country; a rebel 4) (E) and (F) 5) (D) and (F)
Onlooker = a person who watches something Out of the blue = unexpected(ly); without warning
happening without getting involved. Grating = a framework of wooden or metal
Vagabond = a person who wanders from place bars, either parallel or crossing one
to place without a settled home or another, placed across an opening,
job, especially one considered lazy eg a window, to prevent people or
or dishonest. animals from climbing through or to
37. During recession, conditions are not ________ to allow air to flow easily
the development of business. Cajole = to make somebody do something by
(A) wont (B) sharp (C) favourable cleverly persuading, deceiving or
(D) fortunate (E) propitious (F) urbane
Fill in the Blanks 397

Exacting = requiring great effort and attention 45. She was ________ for refusing to work on Sunday.
to detail; making great demands. (A) fired (B) humiliated (C) patronized
41. There are enough ________ in the law to raise (D) fumbled (E) sacked (F) hindered
serious doubts about its serving the intended 1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
purpose. 4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (E)
(A) loopholes (B) amendments Fumble = to fail to hold or catch something
(C) ambiguities (D) openings properly
(E) drawbacks (F) vagaries Patronise = to treat somebody in a way that
1) (B) and (D) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (A) and (C) appears friendly, but cl earl y
4) (B) and (E) 5) (C) and (D) displays that one feels superior to
Ambiguity = the state of having more than one them
possible meaning Hinder = to prevent or delay the progress of
Vagary = a strange or sudden change that is somebody/ something
difficult to predict 46. I will work till late in the evening, but my
42. The BJP won a two-thirds majority vote simply weekends are ________ .
by ________ communal hatred. (A) fumed (B) disposed C) sacrosanct
(A) stoking (B) fabricating (C) inciting (D) sacred (E) flattering (F) unpleasant
(D) scorching (E) generating (F) off-putting 1) (A) and (F) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (D)
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (E) and (F) 4) (A) and (D) 5) (C) and (E)
4) (A) and (B) 5) (C) and (D) Fume = to be very angry; to show this anger
Hat red = very strong dislike Sacrosanct = too important to be changed,
disturbed or argued about

Stoke = to encourage or increase an emotion
Fabricate = to invent false information, a false 47. The ultimate ________ will be the closure of the
account of events restaurant.
Incite = to urge or persuade somebody to do (A) sanction (B) penalty (C) feeling
something by making them very (D) result (E) parable (F) triumphant
angry or excited; to create or cause 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (D) and (E)
something especially conflict or 4) (E) and (F) 5) (D) and (E)
violence. Parable = a story told to illustrate a moral or
Scorching = very hot spiritual truth
Off-putting = unpleasant; disturbing Triumphant = very successful; showing great
43. The recent petrol pump and prime land allotment satisfaction or joy about a victory.
scams did not expose corruption but mammoth 48. The ________ in his voice was unmistakable.
patronage , not crime but ________ class (A) sanctity (B) malice (C) paragon

exploitation. (D) rampage (E) mellow (F) rancour
(A) explicit (B) implicit (C) clear 1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (E)
(D) horrifying (E) horrendous (F) awful 4) (E) and (F) 5) (B) and (F)
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (B) and (F) Sanctity = the state of being holy or sacred
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F) Malice = the desire to harm somebody; hatred
Mammoth = huge; immense for somebody
Patronage = the support and encouragement Paragon = a completely perfect person
given by a patron Rampage = to rush around wildly or violently
Explicit = clearly and fully expressed Mellow = having become wis e and
Horrendous = abs ol utel y terrible; extremel y s ympathetic through age or
unpleasant and unacceptable experience
Awful = extremely bad or unpl easant; Rancour = bitter or angry feelings; spite
terrible 49. His ________ inspite of the incriminating evidence
Patron = a pers on who gives money or surprised all of us.
support to a person, an organization, (A) capricious (B) exoneration
a cause or an activity.
(C) gumption (D) vindication
44. Politicians often resort to ________ tactics to stay
(E) magniloquence (F) recollection
in power.
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (D) and (F)
(A) fair (B) evil (C) lascivious
4) (C) and (E) 5) (B) and (E)
(D) extravagant (E) graceful (F) ornamental Incriminate = to make somebody appear to be
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E) guilty of wrongdoing
4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (D) Capricious = showing sudden changes in
Lascivious = feeling, expressing or causing sexual attitude or behaviour
desire Exonerate = to declare somebody free from blame
Extravagant = willing to use more of something Gumption = common sens e and practical
especially money, than is necessary intelligence, used in a manner likely
or appropriate to bring success
Ornamental = of or for ornament Vindicate = to clear somebody/something of
blame or suspicion
398 Test of English Language

Magniloquent = using high-flown or bombastic 54. She felt groggy in the morning as she had slept
language ________ the previous night.
Recollection = memory; the ability to recollect or the (A) fitfully (B) faintly
action of recollecting something
(C) fleshly (D) respectfully
50. The phenomenal growth of this chain of stores
(E) starkly (F) intermittently
________ globalisation and was a glitzy part of it.
1) (B) and (C) 2) (D) and (E) 3) (A) and (F)
(A) augmented (B) spurned (C) repudiated
4) (B) and (D) 5) (D) and (F)
(D) threatened (E) supported (F) signaled Groggy = weak dizzy because of illness,
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (D) and (F) shock, lack of sleep etc
4) (C) and (E) 5) (B) and (E) Fitful = occurring in short periods; not
Phenomenal = very remarkable; extraordinary regular and steady
Glitz = the quality of appearing attractive Faint = that cannot be clearly perceived by
and splendid, but in a superficial or the senses
excessive way Fleshly = of the body; sensual or sexual
Augment = to make something larger in number Stark = severe and without comfort
or size; to increase something Intermittent = continuall y stopping and then
Spurn = to reject or ref us e somebody/ starting again; not constant
something in a way that shows 55. He was ________ regarding the potential benefits
contempt for them/it of the tiny gadget.
Repudiate = to refuse to accept something; to
(A) trivial (B) incredulous (C) weary
reject something
(D) repentance (E) skeptical (F) facsimile
51. Its brand image is ________.
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
(A) invisible (B) invincible (C) muddled
4) (B) and (D) 5) (E) and (F)
(D) tipsy (E) secure (F) scarce
Incredulous = not will ing or abl e to bel ieve;
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (D)

showing disbelief
4) (E) and (F) 5) (B) and (F) Weary = very tired, especially as a result of
Invincible = too s trong to be overcome or effort or stress
defeated Repentance = regret or sorrow for something bad
Muddled = confused that one has done
Tipsy = slightly drunk Skeptical = unwilling to believe something
52. I have decided to ________ smoking. Facsimile = an exact copy of a piece of writing, a
(A) renounce (B) delineate (C) relinquish picture etc
(D) discontinue (E) delude (F) usurp 56. His introverted behaviour is often ________ as
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (E) haughtiness.
4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (B) (A) snubbed (B) erred
Renounce = to give up a habit; to abandon (C) pampered (D) misconstrued
something (E) confused (F) portended

Delineate = to show something by drawing or 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
describing it in detail
4) (B) and (D) 5) (C) and (E)
Relinquish = to stop having, doing or claiming
Introverted = having the characteristics of an
something; to give something up
Delude = to mislead somebody deliberately;
Snub = to treat somebody in a cold rude
to deceive somebody
manner or deliberately ignore them
Usur p = to take somebodys position of
Er r = to make a mistake or mistakes
power or importance illegally or by
Pamper = to treat a person or an animal with
too much kindness, attention or
53. After their trauma they were exhausted and comfort
________. Haughty = believing or showing the belief that
(A) despondent (B) defiant (C) luscious one is superior to others
(D) morose (E) deleterious (F) rapturous Misconstrue = to interpret somebodys words, acts
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E) etc wrongly
4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (D) Portend = to be a sign or warning of something
Tr auma = an emotional shock producing a in the future.
lasting harmful effect; an injury 57. On the occasion of the festival, the deity was
Despondent = having or showing loss of hope ________ with jewels of many types.
Defiant = openly refusing to obey or resisting (A) rebuffed (B) gratified (C) embellished
somebody/something (D) repudiated (E) beautified (F) beatified
Luscious = having a rich sweet taste or smell 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (E)
Morose = unhappy and bad-tempered but not
4) (A) and (E) 5) (B) and (F)
saying much
Rebuff = an unkind refusal or rejection of an
Deleterious = harmful
offer, a request or a friendly gesture;
Rapturous = expres sing great del ight or
to give a rebuff to something.
Fill in the Blanks 399

Gratify = to give pleasure or satisfaction to Rife = widespread; common

somebody Fugitive = escaping; trying to avoid being
Embellish = to make something beautiful by arrested
adding decorations etc Foment = to create especially political trouble
Repudiate = to refuse to accept something; to or to make it worse
reject something 61. His subtle discomfort in front of the camera
Beautify = to make s omebody/something reveals that he is a ________ in this field.
beautif ul ; to adorn s omebody (A) veteran (B) novice (C) snug
(D) smug (E) tyro (F) snub
Beatify = to honour a dead person by stating
officially that he or she is specially
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
holy 4) (D) and (F) 5) (C) and (D)
58. The student leader ended his speech singing Subtle = difficult to detect or describe; fine
Veteran = a person with a lot of experience,
________ about the initiative adopted by the new
especially as a soldier
principal. Novice = a person who is new and has little
(A) diligent (B) punctilious (C) ignoramus experience in a job or situation
(D) paeans (E) anathema (F) accolades Smug = too pleased with or proud of onself
1) (B) and (D) 2) (D) and (F) 3) (A) and (C) or ones achievements
4) (B) and (E) 5) (C) and (D) Snug = warm and comfortable; sheltered
Diligent = showing care and effort in ones from the cold
work or duties Snub = to treat somebody in a cold rude
Punctilious = very careful to carry out ones duties manner or deliberately ignore them

correctly; showing great attention to Tyro = a pers on who has l ittl e or no
details of behaviour experience of something or is
Ignoramus = an ignorant person beginning to learn something
Paean = a song of praise or victory 62. The ________ religions and the multitude of
Anathema = a person of thing that is hated cultures contribute to the rich spiritual heritage
Accolades = an award of praise, approval or of our country.
honour (A) cogent (B) nefarious
59. Her ________ disposition camouflaged her illness. (C) virtual (D) variegated
(A) remembrance (B) vivacious (E) colourful (F) diversified
(C) sprightly (D) monstrous 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (B) and (E)
(E) ominous (F) perky 4) (B) and (F) 5) (C) and (F)
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (F) 3) (B) and (E) Multitude = an extremely large number of things
4) (A) and (E) 5) (B) and (D)

Heritage = things such as works of art, cultural
Disposition = a persons natural qualities of mind achievements and customs that
and character have been passed on from earlier
Camouflage = to hid somebody/s omething by generations.
camouflage (the deliberate use of a Cogent = convincing; strong
situation, statement, etc to hide the Nefarious = wicked
truth) Virtual = almost or nearly the thing described,
Remembrance = the process of remembering but not completely
somebody/something; a thing given Variegated = marked with differently coloured
or kept in memory of somebody/ patches, spots, etc; of different
something types
Vivacious = having or showing a lively attractive 63. The film succeeded in spite of a ________ plot.
personality (A) fictitious (B) weak (C) cognate
Sprightly = lively and full of energy
(D) fretful (E) officious (F) reckless
Monstrous = s hocking and unacceptable;
extremely large; huge
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
Ominous = suggesting that something bad is 4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
going to happen; threatening Cognate = having the same source or origin as
Perky = lively and cheerful another one.
60. The ________ internet cafes have helped increase Fretful = bad-tempered or compl aining,
especially because one is unhappy
the level of its accessibility to the common man.
or worried
(A) dominating (B) ubiquitous (C) stumbling Fictitious = imagined or invented; not real
(D) rife (E) fugitive (F) fomenting Officious = too ready or willing to give orders,
1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E) offer advice or help, or use ones
4) (B) and (F) 5) (C) and (D) authority.
Ubiquitous = seeming to be everywhere or in 64. The ________ tilt in her voice attracte d the
several places at the same time listeners.
Stumble = to fall or almost fall, especially as (A) malicious (B) diverse (C) vacillating
the result of accidentally hiting ones
(D) prefatory (E) melodious (F) lyrical
foot against something
400 Test of English Language

1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F) Wistful = full of or expressing sad or vague
4) (A) and (B) 5) (C) and (F) longing, especially for something
Tilt = an attack in speech that is past or that one cannot have
Malicious = intended to harm somebody; caused Longing = strong desire
by hatred 69. The ministers ________ to the small investors
Vacillate = to keep changing ones mind; to to return to the stock market is timely and ought
have first one emotion or opinion to be welcomed.
and then another repeatedly (A) plea (B) persuasion (C) extradition
Prefatory = acting as a preface or an introduction (D) exhortation (E) hesitation (F) exudation
to something
1) (A) and (E) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
65. At a point of time drinking liquor was
4) (B) and (D) 5) (C) and (E)
completely________. Plea = an appeal; an urgent emotional
(A) proscribed (B) condemned request
(C) discouraged (D) transpired Persuasion = the action of persuading somebody
(E) recuperated (F) predestined or of being persuaded
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) Extradite = to send back somebody accused or
4) (D) and (F) 5) (B) and (D) found guilty of the crime to the
Proscribe = to state officially that something is country where the crime was
dangerous or forbidden committed
Recuperate = to recover after being ill, tired, weak Exhortation = the action of advising somebody
etc; to regain health, energy or strongly; the action of us ing
strength somebody
Transpire = to become known; to prove to be so; Exudate = to display a feeling openly and
to happen strongly
Predestined = already decided or determined by 70. Beggars are unable to ________ their power of

fate choice as they are denied any alternative
66. It is wrong to presume that the entire police (A) exercise (B) select (C) use
force is ________. (D) declare (E) prove (F) perform
(A) captivating (B) rapacious 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
(C) ephemeral (D) scenic 4) (B) and (E) 5) (A) and (C)
(E) unequipped (F) avaricious 71. This incident was the one that ________ on the
1) (A) and (C) 2) (D) and (F) 3) (C) and (D) right of the people to choose their religion.
4) (B) and (F) 5) (D) and (E) (A) belittled (B) propagated (C) impinged
Captivating = fascinating; charming (D) studded (E) infringed (F) attacked
Rapacious = greedy, especially for money 1) (A) and (C) 2) (D) and (F) 3) (B) and (D)
Ephemeral = lasting for a very short time 4) (C) and (E) 5) (B) and (F)
Avarice = extreme greed for wealth or material Belittle = to make a person or an action seem

gain unimportant or of little value.
67. The fertility of the land is barely sufficient to Propagate = to spread an idea, a belief ,
________ twelve people to the acre. knowledge etc more widely
(A) help (B) sustain Impinge = to have a usually damaging or
(C) support (D) ease negative eff ect on s omething/
(E) raise (F) revive somebody
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D) Stud = to decorate a surface with many
precious stones etc
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
Infringe = to break a rule, an agreement etc
68. Kicking the bucket is a humorous ________ for
72. The primary market at present is in a ________
(A) euphemism (B) incantation (C) addendum
(A) moribund (B) critical
(D) dictum (E) genteel (F) wistful
(C) thoughtless (D) prolific
1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E)
(E) momentous (F) meritorious
4) (B) and (F) 5) (A) and (F)
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
Euphemism = an expression that is gentler or less
direct than the one normally used
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
to refer to something unpleasant or Moribund = no longer operating effectively and
embarrassing about to stop or come to an end
Incantation = a series of words used as a magic completely
spell or charm Prolific = producing many works
Addendum = a thing that is added, especially an Momentous = very important; serious
extra material at the end of a book Meritorious = deserving praise or reward
Dictum = a short, often wel l- known 73. The clerk had the ________ to contradict his boss.
statement; a saying (A) impudence (B) guts (C) guilt
Genteel = polite and refined, especially in a (D) remorse (E) audacity (F) revocation
affected or exaggerated way
Fill in the Blanks 401

1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (C) and (D) 78. The scheme needs to be popularised through
4) (B) and (C) 5) (E) and (F) persuasion, ________ the genuine concerns of the
Impudent = rude; not showing proper respect affected parties.
Remorse = deep regret for having done (A) clarifying (B) allaying (C) petrifying
something wrong (D) alleviating (E) rupturing (F) rambling
Audacious = showing a lack of respect; impudent
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E)
Revocation = the cancelling of a law, licence etc
4) (D) and (F) 5) (E) and (F)
74. Certain ________ variables like organizational
Persuasion = the action of persuading somebody
culture, organizational climate etc too can affect or of being persuaded
a persons productivity and job efficiency. Allay = to make something less; to relieve
(A) overwhelming (B) declamatory something
(C) intangible (D) unfelt Petrify = to make somebody very frightened,
(E) abstract (F) imbecile especially so they are unable to
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (D) and (F) think or act
4) (C) and (E) 5) (A) and (F) Alleviate = to make something less severe
Abstract = existing in thought or as an idea but Rupture = to burst or break an organ or a tissue
not having a physical or practical etc in the body; a breaking away
existence from something
Imbecile = a person with abnormall y low Ramble = to walk for pleasure, especially in
intelligence the countryside
Declamatory = adjective of declaim. 79. The gift of nature has to be ________ distributed
Declaim = to expres s something loudly, among human beings.

forcefully or with great feeling to, or (A) equitably (B) susceptibly
as if to, an audience (C) surprisingly (D) judiciously
75. The party supported the ________ of certain clauses (E) improperly (F) impartially
of the constitution. 1) (A) and (F) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (D)
(A) revocation (B) abrogation 4) (A) and (C) 5) (B) and (D)
(C) desiccated (D) notification Susceptible = easily influenced or harmed by
(E) proceeding (F) dissemination something
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) 80. Minimizing human exposure to radiation is
4) (A) and (B) 5) (E) and (F) ________.
Revocation = the cancelling of a law, licence etc (A) refractory (B) malicious (C) perfunctory
Abrogate = to cancel or abolish something (D) imperative (E) scintillating (F) mandatory
Desiccated = dried, especially in order to preserve 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)

it 4) (D) and (F) 5) (B) and (E)
Disseminate = to spread ideas, beliefs etc widely Refractory = dif ficult to control; very badl y
76. It requires a man of ________ to complete this behaved
challenging task. Malicious = intended to harm somebody; caused
(A) means (B) riches by hatred
(C) determination (D) fame Perfunctory = done as a duty or routine, without
(E) conviction (F) words care or interest
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) Imperative = very urgent or important
Scintillating = brilliant; amusing in a clever way
4) (D) and (F) 5) (C) and (E)
Mandatory = compulsory; required by law or by
77. Such nuclearisation would only ________ the certain rules
tension between the two neighbouring countries. 81. The organization has been ________ in this
(A) diminish (B) inflame controversy since last month.
(C) etch (D) pester (A) engulfed (B) embroiled (C) involved
(E) obligate (F) exacerbate (D) discerned (E) buttressed (F) spurred
1) (A) and (C) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (B) and (F) 1) (A) and (F) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
4) (C) and (E) 5) (B) and (E) 4) (D) and (F) 5) (B) and (C)
Diminish = to decrease; to become or make Engulf = to surround somebody/something;
something smaller or less es pecial ly s o that they are
Inflame = to make a situation more tense, completely covered
violent or hard to control Embroil = to involve somebody/oneself deeply
Etch = to make a strong clear mark or in an argument or a difficult situation
pattern on something Discern = to perceive know or f ind out
Pester = to annoy or dis turb somebody, something
especially with frequent requests Buttress = to support or strengthen something
Obligate = to oblige Spur = to encourage or be a reason for
Obligated = legally or moral ly f orced to do somebody to act or make an effort;
something to stimulate somebody/something
402 Test of English Language

82. The ________ questions that now need to be Morose = unhappy and bad-tempered but not
answered is whether this system would help the saying much
bank to recover its dues. Hectic = very busy; full of activity and
(A) clumsy (B) parried (C) dubious
Odious = very unpleasant; disgusting
(D) unsullied (E) moot (F) disputed Hefty = big and strong; large and heavy
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (E) 87. When the editor refused to publish my first
4) (C) and (D) 5) (E) and (F) article, I was totally ________ .
Clumsy = done without skill or in a way that
(A) perverted (B) discouraged
offends people
Parry = to avoid having to answer something
(C) disturbed (D) muzzled
Unsullied = not spoiled by anything; still pure (E) stripped (F) disheartened
or in the original state 1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (C) and (D)
Moot = a matter about which there may be 4) (A) and (E) 5) (D) and (F)
disagreement or uncertainty Muzzle = to prevent a person, society or
83. The cases the CBI is investigating are of wide newspaper from expressing their
________ and greater complexity. opinions freely
(A) outcome (B) ransack (C) scope Strip = to remove all the things from a place
and leave it empty
(D) realm (E) lacerate (F) phenomenon
Pervert = to make somebody, their mind, etc
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F) turn away from what is considered
4) (A) and (E) 5) (B) and (F) right or natural
Ransack = to search a place thoroughly 88. The story which the mountaineers ________ was
Realm = a field of activity or interest
very excited.
Lacerate = to injure flesh by tearing
(A) narrated (B) told (C) explained
84. Ambedkar ________ soul into a soulless people.
(D) disclosed (E) revealed (F) analysed

(A) enraged (B) hindered (C) vaulted
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
(D) infused (E) inculcated (F) uttered
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
89. Some satirists are known for their ________ style.
4) (A) and (C) 5) (D) and (E)
Enrage = to make somebody very angry
(A) critical (B) trenchant
Hinder = to prevent or delay the progress of (C) sharp (D) incisive
somebody/something (E) aggressive (F) elegant
Vault = a roof in the form of an arch or a 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (B) and (D)
series of arches 4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
Infuse = to fill somebody/something with a Satirist = a person who writes, performs or
quality uses the art or practice of mocking
Inculcate = to fix ideas, principles, etc firmly in people, institutions, etc and making
somebodys mind, especially by them appear ridiculous in order to

often repeating them show how foolish, wicked and
Utter = to make a sound with your voice; to incompetent they are
say something Trenchant = strongly and effectively expressed
85. The politics of division stirs the ________ over the Incisive = clear and perfect; direct or sharp
Ambedkar tone. Elegant = graceful and attractive in
(A) furore (B) friction (C) dignity appearance or manner
(D) camber (E) outcry (F) hunk 90. Many educationists think that the classroom
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D) instruction should be made more ________.
4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (E) (A) active (B) lavish (C) grotesque
Stir = to excite somebody or provoke (D) lively (E) opulent (F) vigorous
strong feelings 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (E) 3) (B) and (D)
Furore = a display of great anger or 4) (D) and (F) 5) (E) and (F)
excitement shown by a number of Lavi sh = giving or doing something
people, usually caused by some generously or excessively
public event Grotesque = ugly or absurd in an offensive way;
Cam ber = a slight upward curve on the surface looking strange, ugly or unnatural
of something, especially a road Opulent = made or decorated in an expensive
Outcry = a strong public protest style; luxurious
Hunk = a large piece of something that is 91. The navy gave ________ support to the marines.
cut from a larger piece; a big strong (A) practical (B) expert (C) tactical
man, especially an attractive one
(D) sensitive (E) strategic (F) oral
86. She just sat there looking ________.
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E)
(A) happy (B) morose (C) hectic
4) (B) and (F) 5) (A) and (F)
(D) gloomy (E) odious (F) hefty
92. Soon he felt uncomfortable, for the coach was
1) (B) and (D) 2) (A) and (C) 3) (B) and (C)
now moving over a ________ road.
4) (D) and (F) 5) (E) and (F)
Fill in the Blanks 403

(A) rugged (B) rough (C) lengthy 98. The Hollywood star and the Bollywood heroine
(D) dusty (E) narrow (F) sturdy are being ________ as the next big onscreen couple.
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (C) and (D) (A) labelled (B) explained (C) worshiped
4) (D) and (F) 5) (E) and (F) (D) touted (E) exclaimed (F) shouted
Rugged = rough and uneven 1) (B) and (D) 2) (A) and (C) 3) (B) and (F)
Sturdy = strong and firm 4) (A) and (D) 5) (C) and (D)
93. The striking labourers attempted to ________ the Tout = to offer or propose somebody/
loyal and dutiful labourers. something in the hope that people
(A) inform (B) scale (C) perfer will believe or accept them/it
(D) intimidate (E) ventilate (F) threaten 99. An organisation ________ to the mission of road
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (B) and (F) safety has prepared an action plan for reducing
4) (C) and (F) 5) (D) and (F) accidents and related injuries and fatalities.
Intimidate = to frighten somebody in order to (A) specified (B) inaugurated (C) committed
make them do something (D) kicked off (E) succumbed (F) dedicated
Ventilate = to allow air to enter and move freely 1) (C) and (F) 2) (A) and (E) 3) (C) and (E)
through a room, building etc 4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (C)
94. The debate has ________ a full offical enquiry into Fatality = a death caused by accident or in war
the incident. Succumb = to fail to resist an illness, an attack
(A) instigated (B) initiated (C) admonished etc
(D) forced (E) ventured (F) quibbled 100. The ability of a woman to do well does not ________
1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (C) and (F) on whether it is a mans world or not, because

4) (A) and (E) 5) (D) and (F) everyone has his/her own opportunities.
Instigate = to make something begin or happen (A) trust (B) depend (C) reckon
Admonish = to give a mild but firm warning to (D) live (E) rest (F) believe
somebody 1) (D) and (E) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (A) and (F)
Quibble = to argue about small difference or
4) (B) and (E) 5) (C) and (D)
Reckon = to consider; to expect
95. He was so ________ in the music that he did not
101. Medical ethics ________ a doctor to have a love
here the door open.
affair with a patient
(A) embroiled (B) engrossed (C) engaged
(A) censure (B) forbid
(D) amused (E) involved (F) engulfed
(C) contraindicate (D) prohibit
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (B) and (C)
(E) permit (F) disallow
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E)

Embroil = to involve somebody/oneself deeply
in an argument or a difficult situation
4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (E)
Engross = to occupy all the time or attention of Censure = to criticize somebody severely;
somebody to s how formal ly that one
Engulf = to surround somebody/something disapproves of something
es pecial ly s o that they are Prohibit = to forbid s omething or
completely covered. somebody f rom doing
Amuse = to make somebody laugh or smile something especially by laws,
rules or regulations
96. Drugs worth three lakh were ________ from the
For bid = to order somebody not to do
apartment by the police. something
(A) manufactured (B) ruptured Contraindication = a sign that a drug may be
(C) seized (D) confiscated harmful in particular
(E) bought (F) compared circumstances
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (E) 102. Putins overwhelming victory clearly shows that
4) (E) and (F) 5) (C) and (D) the Russian wants is a strong leader who will
Rupture = to burst or break an organ or a ________ Mother Russia to her former pride and
tissue, etc in the body glory.
Confiscate = to take somebodys property away (A) restate (B) restore (C) reinstate
from them by the use of ones
(D) rescue (E) retrieve (F) repair
authority, usually as punishment
1) (A) and (B) 2) (A) and (F) 3) (B) and (C)
97. A man reportedly ________ two passports with the
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
same photograph but under different names was
Restate = to say something again or in a
arrested by the commissioners Task Force. different way
(A) possessing (B) examining Restore = to bring somebody/something back
(C) surrendering (D) mastering to a former condition
(E) holding (F) fixating Reinstate = to restore somebody to a previous
1) (B) and (C) 2) (C) and (F) 3) (A) and (E) position, especially an important
4) (A) and (D) 5) (D) and (E) one
404 Test of English Language

Rescue = to save or bring away somebody/ Hurl = to throw violently in a particular

something from a dangerous or direction
harmful situation 107. His story is ________ in the literal sense of the
Retrieve = to get something back especially word.
from a place where it should not be (A) creditworthy (B) accredited
103. Some students are ________ and want to take only (C) unaccredited (D) unbelievable
the courses for which they see immediate value. (E) incredible (F) incapable
(A) pragmatic (B) reclusive 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (B) and (C)
(C) ambivalent (D) consistent 4) (D) and (F) 5) (D) and (E)
(E) practical (F) precarious Accredited = officially appointed or recognised
1) (A) and (E) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (E) Incredible = difficult to believe; extraordinary
4) (E) and (F) 5) (B) and (E) 108. The shortcomings of the writers analysis are
Pragmatic = treating things in a sensible and ________ by his clarity in explaining financial
realistic way to produce results; complexity and the sheer importance of this text.
concerned with actual
(A) demonstrated (B) alleviated
circumstances rather than general
(C) offset
Recluse = a person who lives alone and likes (D) magnified (E) lessened (F) pertinent
to avoid other people 1) (A) and (F) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (A) and (D)
Ambivalent = having or showing mixed good and 4) (B) and (E) 5) (C) and (F)
bad feelings about a particular Offset = to compensate for something; to
object, person or situation balance something
Precarious = not safe; dangerous Pertinent = relevant or applicable to a particular
104. The train was ________ delayed by the accident. matter
(A) invariably (B) inexactly 109. Now the management graduate can expect to

(C) inexhaustibly (D) inevitably have a prosperous life on a ________ income
(E) independently (F) unavoidably without having to depend on finding a place in
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (D) and (F) the family business or having to te nd the
4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (F) paternal estates.
Invariably = always (A) professional (B) regular
Inexactly = not exactly or precisely (C) meaningful (D) dependable
105. His ________ soon had the crowd booing his (E) substantial (F) considerable
opponents. 1) (A) and (B) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (E) and (F)
(A) audition (B) oratory (C) arrogance 4) (A) and (D) 5) (B) and (E)
(D) audacity (E) rhetoric (F) orangery 110. The earth is at pre se nt in great dange r of
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) becoming uninhabitable because of ________
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F) environmental pollution which is going on at an

Boo = to show disapproval or contept for incredibly rapid pace.
somebody/soemthing by shouting (A) immense (B) inhuman
(C) gigantic (D) colossal
Audacious = showing a willingness to take risk;
(E) splending (F) stupendous
Oratory = public speaking, especially when 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (D)
used skil full y to inf luence an 4) (E) and (F) 5) (A) and (D)
audience Incredibly = unbelievably
Rhetoric = the art of using language in an Immense = extremely large or great
impres sive way, es pecial ly to Colossal = large; huge; immense
influence people in public speaking Splending = megnificent; very impressive
Orangery = a place, especially a glass building, Stupendous = extremely great or large
where orange trees are grown 111. Nothing probably has more contributed to
106. The dean tried to retain control of the situation ________ poverty and backwardness of India than
on campus, but his attempt was ________ by the the want of good roads.
board of trustees. (A) alleviate (B) circumvent
(A) thwarted (B) witnessed (C) justified (C) perpetuate (D) accelerate
(D) disclosed (E) foiled (F) hurled (E) accentuate (F) emphasise
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (C) and (E) 1) (A) and (B) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
4) (A) and (E) 5) (D) and (F) 4) (C) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
Thwar t = to prevent somebody doing what Circumvent = to find a way of overcoming or
they intended to; to appose a plan avoiding something
etc successfully Perpetuate = to make something continue
Foil = to prevent somebody from achieving Accentuate = to emphasise something; to make
something; to prevent a plan etc from s omething very noticeable or
succeeding prominent
Fill in the Blanks 405

112. Shivalal ________ classical music. He always 117. We cannot go on strike every year. Now that we
prefers Bhimsen Joshi to Asha Bhonsala, and have gone on strike we must ________ this issue.
Pandit Jasraj to Kumar Sanu. (A) clinch (B) settle (C) culminate
(A) adores (B) apprehends (D) cross (E) canvass (F) coordinate
(C) encompasses (D) loves 1) (A) and (D) 2) (A) and (B) 3) (B) and (E)
(E) cultivates (F) cares 4) (C) and (F) 5) (C) and (E)
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) Clinch = to confirm or settle something finally;
4) (A) and (E) 5) (B) and (F) to finalize something
Adore = to like something very much; to love Culminate = to rich the hightest point or specified
and respect somebody very much conclusion or result
Apprehend = to understand somebody/ Canvass = to discuss an idea thoroughly; to find
something; to seize or arres t out what people think about a
somebody particular issue or product by asking
Encom pass = to include something; to surround them; to go around an area asking
or cover something completely people for political support
113. As a general rule, politicians do not ________ 118. Man is ________; however, he is more in need of
centre stage. me ntal companionship than of physical
(A) forward (B) forbid (C) forgive companionship.
(D) forsake (E) foster (F) renounce (A) egositic (B) biological (C) emotional
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (D) and (F) (D) democratic (E) gregarious (F) sociable
4) (C) and (E) 5) (E) and (F) 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (B) and (C)
4) (D) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)

For bid = to order s omebody not to do
something Gregarious = liking to be with other people; living
Forgive = to s top bl aming or wanting to in groups or communities
punish somebody 119. I was totally ________ by his line of thinking and
For sake = to give something up completely; to could not put forth any argument.
abandon somebody/something
(A) demolished (B) nonplussed (C) exhausted
Fost er = to help the devel opment of
(D) refuted (E) dumbfounded (F) degraded
Renounce = to give up a habit; to abandon 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
something 4) (D) and (E) 5) (B) and (F)
114. The ________ study on import of natural gas from Demolish = to pull or knock down a building; to
Iran through a pipeline would be completed destroy a theory, etc
Nonplus = to surprise and confuse somebody
so much that they do not know what

(A) natural (B) viability (C) calculated to do, think etc
(D) economic (E) reallocation (F) feasibility Refute = to prove soemthing to be wrong; to
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (D) 3) (B) and (F) deny something
4) (C) and (E) 5) (D) and (F) Dumbfounded = not able to speak because of
Viable = that can be done; that will work; surprise; astonished
possible 120. Leadership defines what the future should look
Feasible = that can be done; practical; possible like and ________ people with that vision.
115. His party is solely to be blamed for the political (A) aligns (B) develops (C) trains
________ in the country. (D) encourages (E) associates (F) transforms
(A) devaluation (B) revival (C) advocacy 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
(D) stalemate (E) degradation (F) impasse 4) (A) and (E) 5) (E) and (F)
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) 121. We upset ourselves by responding in an ________
4) (D) and (F) 5) (C) and (E) manner to someone elses actions.
Stalemate = a stage of dispute, contest, etc at (A) unabashed (B) irrational (C) illogical
which further action or progress by
(D) arduous (E) arguable (F) invalid
either side seems impossible
Impasse = a difficult position or situation from
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
which there is no way out 4) (B) and (C) 5) (E) and (F)
116. We still have not given our ________ to conduct Unabashed = not as hamed, embarrass ed or
discouraged in circumstances in
the survey of natural resources in our state.
which others might be
(A) projection (B) consent Arduous = needing much effort or energy,
(C) request (D) compliance especially over a period of time
(E) provision (F) permission 122. All the people involved in the issue feel a great
1) (A) and (C) 2) (B) and (F) 3) (D) and (E) ________ to his suggestion.
4) (B) and (D) 5) (C) and (F) (A) contradiction (B) adherence
Compliance = obedience to a command, rule or (C) indifference (D) objection
request; the tendency to agree (too
(E) repugnance (F) repulsion
readily) to do what others want
406 Test of English Language

1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (E) and (F) (A) respect (B) train (C) delegate
4) (D) and (E) 5) (C) and (E) (D) judge (E) realise (F) achieve
Repugnance = strong dislike or disgust 1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F)
Adherent = a supporter of a party or set of ideas 4) (E) and (F) 5) (D) and (E)
Repulsion = a feeling of strong dislike or disgust 130. It is ________ in pursuit of these very objectives
123. How do you expect us to stay in such a ________ that our government has made some basic
building even if it can be hired on a nominal changes in our economic policies.
rent? (A) greatly (B) constantly
(A) scruffy (B) desperate (C) fragmented (C) clearly (D) largely
(D) shabby (E) robust (F) damaging (E) mainly (F) precisely
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) 1) (A) and (D) 2) (D) and (E) 3) (B) and (E)
4) (E) and (F) 5) (B) and (C) 4) (C) and (F) 5) (B) and (F)
Scruffy = dirty or untidy In pursuit of something = the action of looking for
Shabby = a poor condition through much use
or trying to find something
or being badly cared for; untidy
Robust = vigorous; healthy and strong
131. ________ before the clock struck 8 on Saturday
124. All the respondents should express their ________ night, India Gate was swamped with people
views in this questionaire. wearing black T-shirts and holding candles.
(A) convenient (B) confident (C) candid (A) Minutes (B) Time (C) Later
(D) honest (E) favourable (F) capable (D) Quickly (E) Since (F) Seconds
1) (B) and (E) 2) (C) and (D) 3) (A) and (F) 1) (B) and (E) 2) (A) and (C) 3) (A) and (F)
4) (A) and (E) 5) (A) and (D) 4) (B) and (D) 5) (C) and (E)
Candid = not hiding ones thoughts; frank To swamp with = to make somebody have more
something of something than they can deal
and honest

125. The ship waited till the storm ________ before 132. The state should take steps to ________ the
sailing out to sea. process of teachers appointments as the Centre
(A) evaporated (B) consolidated (C) abated has already sanctioned six lakh posts.
(D) subsided (E) normalised (F) trivialised (A) fasten (B) move (C) hasten
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) (D) speed (E) early (F) quicken
4) (C) and (D) 5) (E) and (F) 1) (D) and (F) 2) (A) and (C) 3) (F) and (B)
Abate = to become less intense
4) (D) and (E) 5) (B) and (D)
Trivialise = to make a subject, problem etc seem
Sanction = to give permission for something to
take place
126. The chief guest came into the room ________ by Fasten = to become closed or joined together
the chairman of the company. Hasten = to make something happen sooner
(A) watched (B) allowed (C) followed or more quickly

(D) joined (E) coupled (F) preceded 133. A senior citizens son ________ threatened her
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) every day and physically harmed her, forcing her
4) (E) and (F) 5) (C) and (D) to transfer her property to him.
127. All of us must endeavour to ________ the miseries (A) superficially (B) mistakenly
of poor. (C) allegedly (D) miserably
(A) augment (B) elaborate (C) discourage (E) doubtfully (F) purportedly
(D) mitigate (E) exhibit (F) alleviate 1) (C) and (F) 2) (A) and (E) 3) (C) and (E)
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (E) 3) (C) and (F) 4) (D) and (F) 5) (A) and (D)
4) (C) and (E) 5) (D) and (F) Purported = that has been s tated to have
Endeavour = to try to do something; an attemp or happened or to be true, when this
effort might not be the case
Augment = to make something larger in number 134. Medical teachers said that the management had
and size; to increase something continued to remain ________ to their cause
128. The cost of this operation has ________ our small leading to the stretching of their strike.
store of money. (A) unmoved (B) lethargic
(A) destroyed (B) depleted (C) damaged (C) unconcerned (D) apathetic
(D) affected (E) elated (F) exhausted (E) indifferent (F) bored
1) (B) and (F) 2) (A) and (C) 3) (D) and (F) 1) (B) and (C) 2) (C) and (F) 3) (A) and (E)
4) (A) and (B) 5) (E) and (F) 4) (A) and (D) 5) (D) and (E)
Elated = very happy, excited or proud Lethargy = the state of not having any energy
Deplete = to reduce greatly the quantity, size, or enthusiasm for doing things
power or value of something Apathetic = showing no interest or enthusiasm
129. The manager is to help his subordinates ________ Indifferent = having or showing no interest in
their potential in their present as well as in their somebody/something
future assignment.
Fill in the Blanks 407

135. The parents had approached the high court to Void = to state officially that something is
________ the gove rnme nt orde r after the ir no longer valid
childre n, who passe d UKG, we re de nie d Quash = to take action to stop something from
continuing; to officially say that a
admission by a school.
decision made by a court is no longer
(A) void (B) quash (C) annul valid or correct
(D) stay (E) lift (F) post Annul = to state officially that something is
1) (A) and (D) 2) (B) and (C) 3) (C) and (E) no longer legally valid
4) (E) and (F) 5) (C) and (D)

1. 4 2. 2 3. 1 4. 3 5. 3 106. 5 107. 3 108. 1 109. 5 110. 2
6. 3 7. 5 8. 4 9. 3 10. 3 111. 4 112. 4 113. 1 114. 5 115. 5
11. 4 12. 1 13. 4 14. 3 15. 2 116. 1 117. 2 118. 3 119. 1 120. 4
16. 3 17. 5 18. 4 19. 2 20. 4 121. 3 122. 3 123. 2 124. 4 125. 5
21. 3 22. 3 23. 4 24. 2 25. 4 126. 3 127. 3 128. 3 129. 1 130. 2

26. 2 27. 4 28. 2 29. 1 30. 5 131. 5 132. 5 133. 2 134. 3 135. 3
31. 5 32. 4 33. 2 34. 1 35. 3 136. 1 137. 5 138. 4 139. 1 140. 5
36. 4 37. 1 38. 2 39. 5 40. 3 141. 4 142. 4 143. 2 144. 3 145. 5
41. 5 42. 4 43. 5 44. 2 45. 3 146. 3 147. 4 148. 3 149. 1 150. 5
46. 1 47. 1 48. 2 49. 3 50. 4 151. 1 152. 4 153. 4 154. 3 155. 1
51. 3 52. 2 53. 3 54. 4 55. 5 156. 5 157. 4 158. 5 159. 3 160. 2
56. 1 57. 3 58. 2 59. 2 60. 3 161. 4 162. 2 163. 3 164. 3 165. 4
61. 3 62. 3 63. 4 64. 5 65. 1 166. 5 167. 2 168. 1 169. 4 170. 2
66. 2 67. 1 68. 4 69. 5 70. 3 171. 3 172. 2 173. 3 174. 1 175. 3
71. 4 72. 5 73. 5 74. 4 75. 2 176. 4 177. 4 178. 1 179. 1 180. 3
76. 2 77. 3 78. 5 79. 5 80. 4 181. 1 182. 5 183. 4 184. 2 185. 2
81. 1 82. 3 83. 3 84. 4 85. 1 186. 1 187. 4 188. 3 189. 2 190. 5

86. 2 87. 4 88. 3 89. 5 90. 1 191. 3 192. 4 193. 2 194. 2 195. 1
91. 5 92. 4 93. 3 94. 2 95. 1 196. 3 197. 2 198. 1 199. 4 200. 4
96. 4 97. 1 98. 2 99. 3 100. 4 201. 1 202. 2 203. 3 204. 5 205. 5
101. 3 102. 2 103. 4 104. 3 105. 1 206. 5 207. 3 208. 5

1. 4 2. 3 3. 1 4. 2 5. 5 96. 4 97. 3 98. 2 99. 1 100. 3
6. 4 7. 1 8. 4 9. 5 10. 5 101. 2 102. 1 103. 3 104. 5 105. 5
11. 2 12. 1 13. 1 14. 4 15. 3 106. 5 107. 1 108. 2 109. 4 110. 4
16. 1 17. 2 18. 4 19. 5 20. 4 111. 3 112. 3 113. 2 114. 1 115. 3
21. 2 22. 3 23. 1 24. 2 25. 5 116. 5 117. 2 118. 4 119. 2 120. 1
26. 1 27. 2 28. 3 29. 4 30. 5 121. 5 122. 2 123. 5 124. 3 125. 1
31. 3 32. 5 33. 2 34. 2 35. 1 126. 5 127. 4 128. 1 129. 3 130. 2
36. 3 37. 5 38. 5 39. 4 40. 3 131. 4 132. 2 133. 1 134. 5 135. 3
41. 5 42. 3 43. 3 44. 1 45. 2 136. 1 137. 5 138. 2 139. 3 140. 4
46. 4 47. 4 48. 2 49. 1 50. 1 141. 5 142. 1 143. 1 144. 2 145. 1
51. 1 52. 4 53. 2 54. 5 55. 4 146. 3 147. 3 148. 4 149. 2 150. 3
56. 3 57. 2 58. 5 59. 4 60. 1 151. 4 152. 2 153. 5 154. 1 155. 3
61. 3 62. 2 63. 5 64. 5 65. 3 156. 4 157. 1 158. 4 159. 3 160. 5
66. 3 67. 5 68. 2 69. 1 70. 2 161. 3 162. 5 163. 4 164. 2 165. 1
71. 3 72. 5 73. 4 74. 3 75. 2 166. 2 167. 3 168. 1 169. 4 170. 5
76. 3 77. 4 78. 5 79. 4 80. 2 171. 5 172. 2 173. 2 174. 5 175. 3
81. 1 82. 5 83. 2 84. 3 85. 1 176. 2 177. 3 178. 1 179. 4 180. 1
86. 4 87. 5 88. 2 89. 1 90. 2 181. 3 182. 4 183. 1 184. 2 185. 3
91. 4 92. 5 93. 5 94. 5 95. 3 186. 1 187. 3 188. 2 189. 5 190. 4
408 Test of English Language

191. 2 192. 4 193. 1 194. 3 195. 5 241. 1 242. 5 243. 3 244. 2 245. 4
196. 2 197. 1 198. 1 199. 3 200. 5 246. 1 247. 4 248. 3 249. 5 250. 4
201. 4 202. 3 203. 5 204. 2 205. 3 251. 2 252. 5 253. 3 254. 1 255. 4
206. 2 207. 4 208. 3 209. 5 210. 4 256. 3 257. 2 258. 3 259. 1 260. 1
211. 4 212. 5 213. 2 214. 3 215. 1 261. 3 262. 2 263. 5 264. 2 265. 4
216. 5 217. 2 218. 4 219. 3 220. 1 266. 3 267. 1 268. 2 269. 5 270. 4
221. 2 222. 5 223. 3 224. 4 225. 1 271. 5 272. 3 273. 2 274. 4 275. 1
226. 3 227. 1 228. 2 229. 4 230. 5 276. 4 277. 3 278. 1 279. 2 280. 5
231. 3 232. 1 233. 2 234. 5 235. 4 281. 5 282. 4 283. 1 284. 4 285. 2
236. 3 237. 1 238. 5 239. 2 240. 4 286. 4 287. 4 288. 5 289. 2

1. 2 2. 5 3. 4 4. 4 5. 5 51. 3 52. 3 53. 4 54. 3 55. 4
6. 3 7. 2 8. 2 9. 4 10. 5 56. 3 57. 3 58. 2 59. 3 60. 2
11. 4 12. 3 13. 4 14. 1 15. 1 61. 3 62. 1 63. 2 64. 3 65. 1
16. 3 17. 3 18. 5 19. 1 20. 1 66. 3 67. 5 68. 2 69. 1 70. 1
21. 2 22. 4 23. 2 24. 3 25. 2 71. 1 72. 5 73. 2 74. 3 75. 4
26. 2 27. 2 28. 5 29. 1 30. 4 76. 2 77. 2 78. 1 79. 4 80. 2
31. 5 32. 1 33. 3 34. 2 35. 5 81. 4 82. 4 83. 3 84. 4 85. 1
36. 4 37. 2 38. 5 39. 4 40. 2 86. 2 87. 2 88. 2 89. 4 90. 5
41. 3 42. 1 43. 3 44. 2 45. 2 91. 3 92. 1 93. 2 94. 2 95. 5

46. 4 47. 3 48. 1 49. 4 50. 2 96. 4 97. 3 98. 5 99. 2

1. 2 2. 1 3. 4 4. 2 5. 3 71. 4 72. 1 73. 1 74. 4 75. 4
6. 2 7. 4 8. 5 9. 1 10. 2 76. 5 77. 3 78. 2 79. 1 80. 4
11. 5 12. 1 13. 1 14. 1 15. 5 81. 5 82. 5 83. 2 84. 5 85. 5
16. 2 17. 1 18. 1 19. 5 20. 4 86. 1 87. 2 88. 1 89. 3 90. 4
21. 3 22. 4 23. 5 24. 5 25. 1 91. 3 92. 1 93. 5 94. 1 95. 2
26. 4 27. 1 28. 2 29. 4 30. 4 96. 5 97. 3 98. 4 99. 1 100. 4
31. 4 32. 2 33. 2 34. 3 35. 3 101. 2 102. 3 103. 1 104. 3 105. 2

36. 5 37. 5 38. 1 39. 4 40. 5 106. 4 107. 5 108. 4 109. 3 110. 5
41. 3 42. 1 43. 4 44. 2 45. 5 111. 5 112. 1 113. 3 114. 3 115. 4
46. 3 47. 1 48. 5 49. 2 50. 3 116. 2 117. 2 118. 5 119. 2 120. 4
51. 2 52. 1 53. 5 54. 3 55. 2 121. 4 122. 3 123. 1 124. 2 125. 4
56. 4 57. 3 58. 2 59. 2 60. 2 126. 3 127. 5 128. 1 129. 4 130. 2
61. 2 62. 3 63. 1 64. 3 65. 1 131. 3 132. 1 133. 1 134. 5 135. 2
66. 4 67. 2 68. 1 69. 4 70. 5