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Afghanistan Faiz Satellite Communication AFSAT CONNECTION WITH CONVENIENCE FA Afghanistan Faiz Satellite Communication (AFSAT) is. a private non-religious, non-political and non- government related profit organization. We started our operation in 2002 by the name of Faiz Internet Company and retittled in 2007 to Afghanistan Faiz Satellite. Communication (AFSAT). AFSAT is working in the field of Internet Services, IT, Networking & other services closely related to the communication business. We envision an Afghan society with highly qualified and skilled professionals Where businesses are run according to world class. standards. AFSAT communications is a center of excellence which is committed to providing services in the fields of IT, Networking and related services & communication in a sustainable, client oriented and efficient manner. To develop the Afghanistan through Information Technology and become the part of development. Internet Service Provider EET We envision an Afghan society with highly qualified and skilled professionals where businesses are run according to world class standards. We are committed to develop and maintain the highest standards of performance in the field of Information Technology and services beyond expectation to —_ facilitate socio-economic development. iy cn Parsee aye Afghanistan Fiaz Satellite Communication (AFSAT) commitment to provide the internet services which fulfill the business and organizations goals of all our clients all over Afghanistan since 2002. AFSAT Communication excellent customer care services provide granted 24/7 support. Our customers choose us because we provide convenient internet services through VSAT, VSAT Point to Point, Wireless Point to Point and also provide networking services and products else we provide web designing and hosting services to our valued customers. We strive for excellence in all that we do. AFSAT Communication believe that communication builds trust, which is the foundation of our business relationship with our clients. AFSAT Communication - internet Service Provider Fhastconaiin V alNFSAT CSU Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company and each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we make sure 24/7 connectivity to your office or home, while building loyalty across every touchpoint. ol Tomy We are proud to provide excellent services to hundreds of organizations, companies, NGOs, Government sector, UN Organizations, US military, NATO and ISAF all over Afghanistan since 2002. ABDULLAH FIAZ PRESIDENT & FOUNDER PD Mr Abdullah Faiz was born in Herat, Afghanistan in 1977. He eamed his masters degree in Business Administration and Social science from Kateb university in Kabul, afghanistan. He is the founder and President of Afghanistan Faiz Satellite Communication (AFSAT). He has more than 20 years of experience in national and international businesses. Partook in International Conferences: 2004 — International Information Technology (IT) conference, Dubai. 2005 — ASIA Pacific Broad Casting Conference, Singapore. 2007 — Conference on Cyber Security in the World, Beijing, 2008 — World Business Conference, Germany. 2012 — Match Making Conference, Washington DC. g& AFSAT Communication - Internet Service Provider Internet Services All Over Afghanistan GENERAL - QUICK FACTS AISA License No: D-20140 TIN No: 1000555019 DUNS No: 850464871 CAGE Code: SSB22 ‘Comparsion of Revenue in last four Years We provides reliable, cost effetive VSAT internet services. C Band Ku Band Ka Band Meeting your wireless internet services need AFSAT Communication provide latest technology. The latest wireless internet technology is designed to work in high interference areas and in heavy snow- fall and rain fade. Our VSAT Point to Point connectivity solutions provide dedicated SCPC link between two terminals. Where network bypass the hub station and create a connection directly between two terminals in different locations. YahClick internet services are cost effective broadband services with easy installation of small antenna and easy site relocation, the YahClick satellite broadband is the perfect solution if you are looking for cost effective and high speed dedicated and shared services any where in Afghanistan. Our Networking resources include cabling, switches, routers, setting up servers and creating Wi-Fi network for your home and offices. website creates the first impression for visitors so that visitors perceive the output in similar way, our professional website designing helps to reach your goals. We also provide web and email hosting services.