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Documentary Script for London Colours


London a multicultural city of ethnic Captions: Title of documentary: Title/Theme Music: Soul Bossa Nova- (Quincy Jones)
diversity. 'London Colours' (MisterAlcohol. Quincy Jones - SOUL BOSSA NOVA.
YouTube, YouTube, 8 Feb. 2010,
In this Short documentary, we will be Cutaway: feet walking on busy street. Accessed
exploring the variety of ethnicities that 08/11/2017)
make up the melting pot of one of Europes
largest cities. Sound: We hear the responses from people

Through the experiences of different Vox- Pops: of people giving their

London citizens, we will be learning about responses to the questions.
the characteristics of these ethnic groups
and how they express their cultural identity
through their daily lives.

Graph: of London ethnic diversity

In 2001, the percentage of white British
citizens was 58% has now dropped to 45%.
Here in the district of Wapping we met Archive footage: of different
Harry and spent the day with him. Ethnicities in London over the last
couple of years.
Music in the background of Archive footage and
White British description: Rule Britannia
Instrumental-(Dreadepic. Rule Britannia -
Even though the White British make up less Location: Bermondsey and Wapping Instrumental. YouTube, YouTube, 23 Sept. 2012,
than 50% it is still the largest ethnic group Accessed
in the city. Captions: 08/11/2017)G
The White British

Archive footage: of White British

Ethnicity in London.

(Historic Hackney. Pinterest,
toric-hackney/. Accessed
Scene 1: Morning routine
Scene 2: Getting Breakfast in the caf
Scene 3: Journey to footballing ground
Scene 4: Playing football
Scene 5: Watches EastEnders in the
evening with a cup of tea
Most Polish migrants arrived in the UK
after the 2004 enlargement of the Captions:
European Union. There are almost a The Polish
million Polish nationals living in Britain.
Name: Wiktor
Wicktor comes from a Polish immigrant
Location: Elephant, Polish shop
family and we found more about his
cultural background
Scene 1: Getting ready in the morning
Scene 2: At School or work
Scene 3: What they do in their spare
Scene 4: Preparing Food/ dinner
Scene 5: Consuming the media
The Bangladeshi ethnic group first Captions:
emigrated to London in the 1970s due to The Bangladesh
changes in Immigration laws in the UK. Name: Akilah
Today they make up 2.3% of Londons Music in the background of Bangladesh description
overall population. They are heavily and archive footage: Jai Ho-(A.R. Rahman)
Archive footage: of Bangladesh event,
concentrated in eastern areas of London (karaokemp3. Jai Ho! Instrumental. YouTube,
e.g. a Wedding.
such as the Tower Hamlets. We met with Location: East London, Stratford YouTube, 29 Sept. 2009,
Akilah to observe the culture of the Accessed
Bangladeshi community. Scene 1: On the phone to a friend 08/11/2017)
Scene 2: Journey to Stratford/ Filming
her with her friends
Scene 3: Shopping with her friends
Scene 4: Buying food unconventional
to her ethnicity

Jamaicans first arrived in the UK in the The Jamaican
1970s. The number populate a number of Name: Sharell
just over 160,000 residents in the city of Music in the background of Jamaican(Caribbean)
Archive footage: of a Caribbean
London. They are concentrated in the description and archive footage: Bam Bam Bam 3-
boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and (Martin Landh) (The Epidemic Sound Player,
Location: Brixton
Lewisham. We met Sharell, one of the
residents of Lambeth. 85.1510177469-
Scene 1: Buying Jamaican food
Scene 2: Salon
Scene 3: Meeting other Jamaicans
Turks first began to emigrate in large Captions: AqbwEALw_wcB#/. Accessed 08/11/17)
numbers from the island of Cyprus Turkish
seeking employment and then again Name: Cameron
when Turkish Cypriots were forced to Location: Turkish kebab shop.
leave their homes during the Cyprus
There are 200,000 people of Turkish or
Turkish Cypriot origin in London
according to Home Office estimates. We
met a London resident (Cameron) and
we spent the day with him to find out
more about the Turkish community

The Black African population in London has

almost doubled from 500,000 to 1 million
between 2001 and 2011. People who
African Music in Background of Archive footage and Black
identify as Black African are now the
Name: John African description: Leg Over Instrumental-(Mr
largest group in Britains black community
Archive Footage: of African Event Eazi) (Mr Eazi - Leg Over ( Instrumental ). YouTube,
We met with a British African citizen living
Cutaway: Peckham market YouTube, 26 Aug. 2017,
in London to observe the culture of the
African community practices his culture and Accessed

( | The Windrush

Generation. BBC News, BBC,
Accessed 08/11/2017)
Location: Peckham
Scene 1: Typical normal morning
As you can see London is a very Scene 2: Gives us a brief overview of
ethnically diverse city. his day.
Scene 3: Shows us his typical clothing.
London will continue to change for future Scene 4: In a library wearing glasses Closing theme Music: Spanish Flea- (Herb Alpert),
generations and will remain as one of the reading a book on historical British Gets Louder gradually. (Herb Alpert And The Tijuana
most multicultural cities in the content. Brass Spanish Flea (HQ Audio). YouTube, YouTube, 5
world Feb. 2017,
Accessed 08/11/2017).


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