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Heart Attack

Binanda at home drinking coffee. Her son was playing and copying His wife also.
Binanda sudden heart attack. Her family immediately took him to the Hospital BIMC.
His wife and children so panic
Wife : Father, this coffee. Let's have a drink together on the front porch.
Binanda : Okay. Let's go to the terrace. Where are we?
Wife : It was behind again to play dolls.
Binanda : Already ripe mom? (As he finished his coffee)
Wife : It dong bin.
Binanda : Oh really heart pain (while holding his left chest)
Wife : What's the matter, son?
Binanda : Owwhhhh .... (Holding the left breast)
Wife : My son watch the father, the mother would prepare the car, we immediately take
you to the hospital. (serious)
Children : Okay (department)
(After removing the car)

(The car departed and arrived at the hospital emergency room BIMC).Arriving
at the hospital, the ER nurse immediately receive Binanda patient and the patient lay in
Nurse 1: "Good morning ma'am. I nurse Nita. I nurse on duty this morning. What happened
to you? "
Wife : "I do not know nurse. I had been with my husband was drinking coffee on the patio.
Suddenly she complained of chest pain left and then he fell on the floor. "
Nurse 1: "Well bu medical personnel will deal with his father now."

Doctor with a nurse 1 handle Mr. Binanda

Nurse 1: "Good morning father. I nurse Nita. What is the name the father? "
Binanda: "My name Binanda"
Nurse 1: "Age you how?"
Binanda: "My age is 47 years old"
Nurse 1: "What is the complaint you today?"
Binanda: "I feel pain in the left chest"
Doctor: (put the stethoscope on the left chest) "Sister, prepare oxygen, EKG, and take blood
Nurse 1: "Well Doc" (prepare tools) "Both my father now and the attending physician will
install ECG and oxygen. The aim is to examine the heart rhythm father. After that
we will take a blood sample for laboratory examination. "
Binanda: "Okay"
Doctor: "I'm sorry mother, if the father had a heart attack before?"
Wife: "This new, first, Doc"
Doctor: "Well mother, I would observation of patients for 3 hours, it is still early diagnosis
yaa bu, based on signs and symptoms and physical examination is given, the father
had a heart attack, but these diagnoses can be changed, if the state of the father
during the observed improved and experienced increase dpat father treated
diruangan "
Wife: "Let dock, thank you for your help."
(Doctors and nurses put ECG and blood draw)

After getting early treatment pack spatial binanda immediately brought to the
intensive care mendapatka. In the patient's room, accompanied by his wife and son.
Binanda: "ouch sick dear. Father's chest hurts. "
Child: "mom, wake!! dady chest pain again." (Panic)
Wife: "dad, why else? nak jagain briefly ya mama papa would get a doctor and nurse.
Doctor! sisters help my husband. "
Nurse: "Yes mother, what is happening? '
Wife: "My husband had a heart attack back. His chest ached. "
Children: "Yes sisters suddenly shouted father."
Nurse: "well I'll check his pulse first. (check pulse) I'll get a doctor. (nurses and doctors came
Doctor: "good mother wait and quiet I would check on the mother's husband. During the
examination of the child's mother and the mother can wait outside. "
(after examination)
Nurse: "Mother, doctors have checked the husband's mother. Examination results will be
presented to the mother in the counseling room.
Doctor: "good mother I have checked the husband's mother. The situation would be like this
when night fell because of the effect of an allergy to cold temperatures. We will give
pain medication to reduce pain effect.
Wife: "good doctor terimakasi above explanation. I became more calm. "
Doctor: "So here bu, the mother's husband suffered a heart attack due to the buildup of fat in
the blood vessels of the heart of the mother's husband, so the father during care of all
the activities will be supported in total by the nurse, the father should not be too tired
yaa bu, reduce fatty foods and contain kolesteror high . "
Wife: "well dock, I will keep you the best possible conditions"
Doctor: "well if the mother already know, I will prescribe drugs to the father"
Wife: "okey docter."

After that night. Pak binannda got a pain-lowering drugs. Nurse 2 help pack
binanda to take medication.
Nurse: Good evening gentlemen, introduce my name is Eka nurse. May I know the name of
the father and his age? (while matching with the patient wristband)
Binanda: My name is Mr. Binanda, I am 38 years of age.
Nurse: binanda good father, how the father of the current conditions? Do you still feel pain in
his chest?
Binanda: my condition was better, but the pain in my chest still felt.
Nurse: either pack binanda, to help relieve pain in the chest fathers, doctors already prescribe
the medicine. And now it's time for the father taking analgesics. Well now I will
help deliver the medicine.
Binanda: both sisters.
Nurse: binanda father this evening received the drug (Blaa bla bla), dose (bla bla) The
function of these medications to help the heart work father and relieve chest pain
that you feel. How to drink the medicine to put this drug under the tongue, do not
swallow yes sir.
Binanda: why should such a sus?
Nurse: yes father, because under the tongue, there are many blood vessels so that the work
would be more effective cure. Well, now I help you take medicine, you can open his
mouth and his tongue removed?
Binanda: (Aaaaaaaa)
Nurse: (nun put the medicine). Well now you can close his mouth, remember sir do not
swallow, wait until the medicine runs out.
Binanda: (nods) and a nurse to accompany the patient to take medication until the medicine
runs out.
Nurse: the mother, the medicine I gave, now the father was able to rest. Well for the mother,
father membutukan later if anything, the mother can call me at Nurse station. We
wish a speedy recovery and good night.
Wife: Well, sus, thank you very much. Good night
Nurse: You are welcome

After being given the treatment for 1 week, the patient's condition has improved so that
the patient is allowed to go home.