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I.- Reading passage

The old Mill House

12 th September

Dear Mike
Jeans found a house for us in Alcombe. Its a village south of Cockermouth.
We can see the sea from our bedroom. The house is small, but very comfortable. Its got
a lovely kitchen, a living room an three tiny bedrooms but it sleeps five, or even six-
and outside theres a small garden and a place for the car. We love it! We are about eight
miles from Lancaster a miles from the beach, and a few minutes `walk from a 15 th
century pub (The Red Lion)
You and I must work, so would you and Hilary like to join us for the weekend? We can
work together in the morning and then maybe we can all swim in the afternoon . Of
course well be able visit the pub before supper, and after supper we can drink wine and
talk. Ring me. Best wishes.

1.- Alcombe is a a mile from the beach.
2.- There is room for six people to sleep in the house.
3.- The pub is about 500 years old.
4.- Dons reason for inviting Mike and Hilary to Alcombe is he wants to work with
5.- Don wants Mike to telephone him.

Walter: You think Im not very good at Spanish, but I think I am Sometimes I dont
understand but I can usually get by.
Jean: I think your pronunciation is good- you speak with a good accent. But you ought
to read books and magazines in Spanish. You need more vocabulary.

Pronunciacin: El sonido she: dictionary

Roy: Whats the matter?
Jill: Oh nothing. Its Martin. He doesnt helpe us.
Roy: What do you mean?
Jill: For example, on Saturdays Sally gets up early, goes out and does the shopping. But
Martin stays in bed and watches football. Oh sometimes he puts the rubbish out
Roy: Wonderful.

Pronunciacin: El sonido speak: advice

George is a friend of mine. He and Alice got married last year. This year, George forgot
his wedding anniversary!.
Alice was not very happy. Two days later, George saw she wasnt wearing her ring. He
thought that. She didnt love him- but Alice told him that she lost the ring while she was
washing the car.

I.: Where do yo live now?
G: Now? In a little house in Corwall.
I.: Do you live it?
G: Oh yes. I love has it got there,
I: But its small. How many rooms has it got?
G: It hasnt got as many rooms as my house in Mexico. But I love it
I: What is the furniture like?
G: Its very old there are lots for- old tables and chairs. I love old things!. But the beds
are new.

1.- Sarah went to Portugal two years ago.
2.- After her holiday. Srah flew to London.
3.- Sarahs regular detinst had white hair.
4.- David said the new man wasvery specialbecause Sarah forgot the pain.
5.- The new dentist proposed to Sarah in the restaurant.