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National Student Research Conference, 10th Nov, 2017 (9:00 am onward)

Title: Analysis of Performance Indicators in Health care Industry using Analytic Hierarchy Process

Authors: 1Munish Bimal, 2 Pratik More, 3Sanket Patil, 4Toyesh Patra

Affiliation: Symbiosis International University, Pune, India

Email: ,,,

Contact Details: 17760772244, 28655116404, 39892948900, 47743934556


The hospital performance is affected by numerous factors and these factors have significant impacts on the
health care industry. The purpose of this paper is to capture the key performance indicators that affect the
Health Care Industry.

The paper reviews the existing literature in performance measurement related to health care to identify the
top factors that affect its performance. This paper intends to analyze the performance indicators of primary
health care organizations using analytic hierarchy process (AHP). AHP has found an important application in
decision making, and is used around the world in a wide variety of decision situations, in fields such as
industry, shipbuilding, healthcare government, business and education. To validate the research a total of 20
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were listed down and AHP was applied on them taking 4 at a time. After
analyzing the results this paper came to a conclusion that Maintenance Efficiency Indicator (MEI), Working
Life Quality, Supply Chain Efficiency, Annual Maintenance Expenditure (AME) and Production Control are the
key indicators amongst all the 20 indicators listed in the literature review.

The paper provides useful information on the various KPIs used in measuring performance of hospitals. The
performance of health care organizations should not focus only on the characteristics of these organizations
but also on the environment in which it operates. The scope of this paper is limited to the 20 KPIs only and
these indicators do not represent all the performance metrics used in the health care organizations. Thus the
findings of this paper should not be misunderstood as industry benchmark, but it represents a comparison
among various KPIs. The framework, used in the paper to measure the indicators and related measurement
tools, needs further testing in practice, since there are plenty of performance indicators that affect the health
care industry which goes beyond the scope of this paper. Although the findings in this paper may be useful
for healthcare management and comparison of some performance indicators used in the industry. The paper
provides useful information on various KPIs used in health care organizations and their comparison that can
contribute to the aim of good health care.

Keywords: Key Performance Indicators, Primary care, Health care industry, Healthcare management, Analytic
Hierarchy Process