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18386 Little Prairie Rd.

Prairieville, LA 70769
Another 2017 activities that took place be-
tween the Spartans & Gators.
Spartan / Gator Week
has come to an end Monday the week started off with
208 golfers playing in the 2017
The committee that works this full
Spartan / Gator Ryder Cup at Peli-
week actually calls it HELL
can Point Golf Course in Gonzales.
WEEK, due to the fact that there
The St. Amant Gators won the
is something to do every day the
2017 Ryder Cup with a score of
entire week during the community
(Gators 98.5) (Spartans 84.5).
rival week.
Wednesday saw the Spartan and
Here is a complete update of the
Gator freshman and JV football

teams gathering at Spartan Sta- lunch sales. Over 1500 plates of
dium on Burnside. The results jambalaya were sold to both
were. communities.

Gator freshman 0 Hundreds gathered this day for

Spartan freshman 6 the 2017 Spartan / Gator Shout
Out Competition at the Lamar
The JV Teams did not play due Dixon Center. The Shout Out is
to the terrible weather that won by the school that screams
rolled through Ascension Parish the loudest the best two out of
this day. three screams with no artificial
noise makers. The Principals of
Thursday saw both communi- each school are the judges of the
ties gather at Rouses Supermar- sound meter during all screams.
ket on Airline for jambalaya

Air Liquide Enlink Midstream LBC PCS Nitrogen Rubicon

Air Products Enterprise TBone Lion Copolymer Potash Company Shell
Baker Hughes Hexion Lonestar NGL Pipeline Syngenta
BASF Honeywell Refinery Technology Univar
CF Industries IMTT Methanex Praxair Westlake
Chemours Innophos Motiva Renewable Energy Williams
Eastman Chemical Kinder Morgan OXY Group (REG)

First Scream: The St. Amant Gators won the this morning in their mall area. $10,000 checks to both East
St. Amant 105 decimals 2017 Spartan Gator Shout Out Ascension High and St. Amant
EA 103 decimals on the first two screams. Saw thousands of fans from High for 2017. Bringing the
both communities lining the Pit committees totals to
Second Scream: football stadium in St. Amant. $140,000.00 PER SCHOOL
St. Amant 113 decimals Friday over the past ten years. That is a
EA 111 decimals East Ascension students went The Spartan/Gator Shout Out total of $280,000.00 raised in
on their annual gator hunt Committee also presented the last ten years.

Then the football game winning 22-10. 2017 would see
between the two schools saw St. Amant finish 5th in the State
an endearing display of and East Ascension 6th in the
sportsmanship from the states State and both moving into the
most fierce high school rivalry 2017 State Playoffs.
with the St. Amant Gators

Garden Club
Meeting Adopts
Japanese Theme
The Gonzales Garden Club outdid themselves at
their recent gathering for a make-and-take
workshop, a savory Japanese meal and a
productive business meeting. Twenty club
members met at Mary Jo Pohligs Diversion The Gonzales Garden Club hostesses embraced a Japanese theme for their November meeting. L to R: Rita Bourque, Dana Teepell,
Canal waterfront home in St. Amant on the first Mary Jo Pohlig, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Barbara McCormick, Jamie Trisler and Conchita Richey.

day of November in perfect midday weather.

President Jamie Trisler opened the meeting by

yielding the floor to longtime member Janis
Poche for a demonstration of an unusual
container planting technique. Poche taught
members how to create kokedamas, which are
Japanese moss balls. She removed much of the
dirt from the roots of a tiny shade plant and set

GGC Member Barbara McCormick

formed her kokedama ball of soil before
wrapping it in sheet moss. GGC members (L to R) Loretta Ramirez, Marilyn Oubre, Lorraine Gautreau and Marilyn
Rice form kokedama plants while Mabel Savoy and Barbara McCormick work in the
it aside. She mixed two parts peat moss with background.

one part finely crumbled clay and enough water learning a new way to grow small houseplants.
to form balls of compressed dirt. Poche then
broke the dirt ball in half, placed the plant The Japanese theme continued into the lunch
between the halves and remolded the dirt into hour. Mary Jo Pohlig, Rita Bourque, Cynthia
the ball form with the plant roots inside. After Cagnolatti, Barbara McCormick, Conchita Richey,
squeezing moisture from a square of sheet Jamie Trisler and Dana Teepell provided the
moss, she molded it around the dirt ball and meal. Hostesses donned kimono garb while
wrapped it with waxed string to secure the serving grilled teriyaki chicken, white rice, a
sheet moss to the dirt. She set it on a shredded carrot/cabbage salad with ginger
decorative saucer lined with small rocks to vinaigrette and fresh satsuma sections. Dessert
display her finished kokedama. Subsequently, choices were an apple and cream cheese bundt
Poche supplied eager members with the
Gonzales Garden Club Member Janis
cake, lemon doberge cake, pecan cookies and a
GGC Member Loretta Speligene says she
materials to make and take their own
Poche conducted a workshop on how to is happiest when [shes] playing in the dirt.
traditional Japanese treat known as magashi,
make kokedamas, which are plants
kokedamas home. The workshop was a unique which is made of moshi wrapped around sweet
growing in balls of soil covered by moss. effort for these experienced gardeners to enjoy bean paste flavors.
as their Hero Project so, on October 25th, the
Business meeting topics included the clubs habit Gonzales location Manager David Laverne, Team
of recycling newspapers, treasurers report, Leader Stephanie Morris and three other
garden therapy commitments, district meeting employees (Lynette Bowman, Mary Taylor, and
notes, lifetime member guidelines, Baton Rouge Brady Gautreau) showed up to work alongside
Garden Club Flower Show details and GGC members to weed, trim and thin the plants
Jambalaya Park garden developments. in the garden plot. Besides sweat equity,
Lowes donated ten bags of compost to amend
Jambalaya Park Butterfly Garden Committee the soil for autumn plantings. The follow-up
Chairman Mary Jo Pohlig updated the club on plan is to add annuals, herbs and milkweed
her groups work at the garden plot in varieties to help butterflies survive.
The Gonzales Garden Club watched a new plant technique demonstration outdoors at a collaboration with Lowes Home Improvement
members home in St. Amant on November 1. Company. Lowes has adopted the entire park This months horticulture hint is to gather fallen
Gonzales Garden Club Yards of the Month
The Gonzales
Garden Club
chose this
beautiful home
on S. Tiffani for
its overall curb
appeal as
Residential Yard
of the Month.
The black
rocking chairs,
garden statuary,
and autumn
GGC members display the groups kokedama plants. L to R: Ellen Richmond, Gwen decor nicely
Heck, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Janis DBenedetto, Weezie Cashat, and Rita Bourque. accessorized the
homes facade.
The porch beds
of agapanthus
moist shade on dirt and rocks. It can be peeled
off to use in floral designs. and impatiens
spread out to gardenia, marigolds, camellia, miniature roses, and knockout roses. Six live
oaks formed a shady grove in the front and side yards. The pampered lawn was a cool thick
The garden clubs next gathering will center cushion of weed-free St. Augustine completely devoid of disease or insect damage. Its
uniquely beveled edging was the detailed craftsmanship of a master barber. The spotless
walkway and driveway concrete further supported the meticulous nature of these Gonzales
around its traditional Christmas holiday meal,
gift exchange and canned good drive. homeowners. This is the residence of Louisiana State Representative Johnny Berthelot and
his wife Paula Chauvin Berthelot.

A new strip mall at

12550 Airline Hwy.
was chosen as
GGC Member Mabel Savoy is ready to Commercial
wrap her moss-covered soil ball with wax Landscape of the
string to hold the form together. Month by the
Gonzales Garden
Club for its many
neatly mulched
leaves to use as mulch or additions to compost
piles. The gardening tip of the month is to know beds of flowering
shrubs and young
trees. Adam
the differences in horticulture mosses.
Sphagnum moss is used for decoration such as McCartys State
Farm Insurance
Agencys office
mounding around the top of a container plants to
hide dirt and conserve moisture. Peat moss is a anchors the
GGC Member Gwen Heck joined the
soil amendment used to aerate plant roots.
Spanish moss is an epiphyte, not a true moss, GGC after she came to Ascension Parish
from the Houston area where she was
certified as a Texas Master Gardener.
that hangs from large trees. Sheet moss is a
green carpetlike ground cover that grows in

Made Easy
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of trays at Order Early

Open 7 Days a Week 225.673.8876 Airline Hwy Prairieville

Presents the 2017

Festival Association
Christmas Parade Quickly
December 10th at 1pm
The 2017 JFA Christmas Parade with the theme, Louisiana 2017 Jambalaya Queen.
Christmas, will take place Sunday, Dec. 10 at 1p.m. The For those wishing to participate, Registration Forms can be found at
parade will take place along Burnside Avenue in Gonzales. JFA President, Wally Taillon, along with Parade Committee our Web Site: and our E-mail:
Members is excited to announce the Grand Marshal for the 2017 Must be pre-registered to
The parade route will begin along Worthy Road and continue down Christmas Parade will be long time JFA member Mr. Frank Frederic. participate and no registrations will be taken after Nov. 18.
Burnside Ave. ending before Airline Highway.
He was President of the JFA in 1984 and 1992. He was also
Parade celebrations will showcase a wide variety of decorated crowned Jambalaya Festival King in 1987 and is also a past Please visit the website for more information and
floats featuring several Parish dignitaries, Christmas music, local recipient of the Nora Lee Ricca Award. He remains an active mem- direct any questions to
elementary and high school bands, dance teams, and the ber of the festival today, volunteering at the festival each year.
President Matassa Cuts the Ribbon on Multi-Use Sports Complex
Ascension Parish President The complex boasts seven place for our people to enjoy a The Parish has partnered with
Kenny Matassa officially cut tournament-based lighted variety of sports and leisure Gonzales Soccer Club to
the ribbon this morning on the soccer fields, restrooms and activities, said Matassa. Plus, maintain and operate the
Parishs new Multi-Use Sports concession facilities, paved it enables us to host state and facility, which will coordinate
Complex at Lamar-Dixon parking, and its own entrance regional tournaments, scheduling with the Parish
Expo Center. from South St. Landry Avenue. which is great for economic Recreation Department.
With this complex, we have a development.
Sounds crazy, but go for a
walk after your lunch. It
doesnt have to be a power
walk, but a stroll around the
neighborhood. It will help
burn calories and invigorate
that digestive track through
additional circulation.
Sampling rather than an en-
tire serving. If you really want
something, then limit yourself
to a sample rather than an entire
Offer to cook or bring a
healthier side that you enjoy
eating and go for fresh ingredi-
ents rather than canned or pre
prepared foods. Quite often
canned goods have additional
sodium and are often over-
cooked thus losing its
nutritional value. For example,
I make my green bean casserole
by sauting fresh green beans

and every other traditional

Dont Get southern recipe.
Stuffed Now Im all for enjoying good
Ascension food, but what I am not all for
is my pant seam slowly pulling
Parish! apart as a direct result of too
much pecan pie. But how does
Most Americans gain between a southern gal stay strong in the
five and ten pounds during the opposition of constant
months of November and confection?
December, and its no wonder
why. In south Louisiana we First its important to know that
celebrate the holidays with fried it takes 3500 calories for your
turkey, cocoons, oyster dressing, body to create another pound
bread pudding, pecan pralines of fat. And guess how much just one plate of the typical
and portabella mushrooms in a
Thanksgiving lunch is?.... 3000
little butter and olive oil plus
to 4500 calories for one meal!
seasonings until tender. Top
That doesnt count seconds,
with breadcrumb and parmesan,
dessert or leftovers the next day,
then serve with lemon wedges.
so you can see how easy it
Voila! Instantly more delicious
would be to gain just a few
and better for you!
pounds in a day or two.
Dont overcook! I dont
So here are a few tips to stay
know about you, but its the
slim and avoid gaining weight
LEFTOVERS for days after that
during this holiday season:
really make me feel miserable.
Mentally prepare yourself to
Leftovers for the next few days
face those temptations and
are what continue to pack on
visualize eating less than you
the pounds, so dont cook extra
normally would.
portions and give away leftovers
Eat very light meals for days
if you have any.
before and days after your cele-
Finally, the most important
bratory meal and make your
tip is to connect with family and
holiday splurge one meal only.
friends. This time of year is all
Limit the simple carbs to one
about quality time and being
serving. In other words, dont
with those we love and care for.
have mashed potatoes, rolls, rice
The food is just lagniappe!
AND cornbread dressing on
your plate; just choose one.

Enjoy wine and hors doeuvres while watching live
demonstrations and presentations.
Learn about Skin Care services, Cool Sculpting,
Laser Treatments, Surgical and Non Surgical options,
Injectables and more!
(225) 927-7546
Serving Baton Rouge & Gonzales

Michele Musso, FNP-C.

Amanda Maxwell-
Aesthetician/Laser Technician

Rotary Club of Gonzales Hosts Kids in the Park
Beautiful Day, Beautiful Smiles:
On October 24, 2017, the causes, this one is purely to
Rotary Club of Gonzales bring joy into the hearts of
welcomed nearly 246 special the special needs children in
needs children for Ascension our area.
Parish schools on the east
bank of the river, their Kids in the Park was held at
teachers, and paraprofession- the Kidz Kove Discovery Park,
als, for one if its signature an adapted playground
events, Kids in the Park. providing access to children of
Gonzales Rotarian and local all abilities. Kidz Kove has
businessman, Mike Hebert, proven to be a great location
has been chairing this beloved for this event because it
provides the children with
recreational equipment on

Rotarians, ice cream, and a

Rotary Club of Gonzales, bag of Halloween candy.
Public Relations Chair, Jon
Hirsch, said This is a
heartwarming event for both
our Rotarians and the
students. The smiles and
excitement of the students are
contagious. Thats why many
members of the Gonzales
Rotary consistently rank this
event as their favorite each
year, he said.
event for close to 20 years.
This is an event which is which to play without the need In addition to enjoying the
distinct in a number of ways, for their teachers and teachers park, the children and their
he said. While the clubs aides to bring extra chaperones were treated to
other events are for raising equipment, said Gonzales hamburgers and hotdogs
funds for various local, Rotarian and Mayor of grilled and served by
regional, and international Gonzales, Barney Arceneaux.
ric shapes. Newest creations feature tions tend to build up and can
pendants and earrings designed form a film that dulls a diamonds
with stunning circles of sparkling lively sparkle.
white diamonds and delightful
elongated teardrops. To clean your diamonds yourself,
soak diamonds in a solution of
If you favor a traditional look, re- water, detergent, and ammonia.
member that the customary New Then scrub gently with a soft
brush. Put the jewelry in a fine
wire strainer and rinse under warm
running water. The strainer
prevents diamonds from slipping
and harmony to those born in down the drain.
this month.

In the Middle Ages, Opal was

considered a stone that could
provide great luck because it was
What Will You believed to possess all the virtues of
each gemstone whose color was
Be Wearing For represented in the color spectrum
the Holidays? of the opal.
Years colors are black and While transparently clear, Tourma-
with Layne Gautreau white, symbolizing the birth of line comes in a rainbow of colors
the New Year and the death of the more than almost any other
The holidays are always a special old one. Classic black and white
excuse to get dressed up in your gem. Old Egyptian legend states
jewelry is always in fashion. Popu- Tourmaline passed through a rain-
finest clothes. Whatever outfit you lar items include black and white
select, there is a wide choice of ele- bow on its way up from the center
pearls, black and white of the earth assuming all of the To keep your diamonds looking

Jewelry Doctor
gant jewelry pieces to go with it diamonds, plus opaque gems their best they should be cleaned

from dramatic contemporary styles, colors of the rainbow.
such as black onyx. regularly. The safest way is to let us
enchanting traditional designs, or do it for you using a high
fun flirty baubles. powered steam bath made
October Opal & Tourmaline.
Care Tips for Diamonds specifically for cleaning gems and
For the fashion-forward look, Diamond is the hardest substance
Those born in October are lucky jewelry. That way we can also make
choose jewelry with eye-popping known to man. It is a brilliant,
to have a choice of two beautiful sure prongs or other settings are
color. For the retro-eccentric look, sparkling, and durable gem but it is
and distinctive gemstones. For not weak or loose.
choose one of the latest fashion de- also a magnet for grease. If you
centuries, Opal and Tourmaline
signs made-up of exciting geomet- wear your diamonds every day,
have offered the power of hope
soap, cosmetics, skin oils, and lo-

with your brand. This is done so

"Intro to Inbound
by developing a unique identity
that your company shares across

various platforms such as social
media, website pages, blogs, and
anywhere your customers go to
communicate with you.

Direct connections with

by Orhan Mc Millan consumers not only create brand
dezinsINTERACTIVE loyalty but they let you know
what problems exists so you can
solve them. In addition, your
customers are empowered to
become ambassadors for your
business. When customers feel
connected to a brand, they are
more likely advertise their
experience with that brand and
recommend it to others
(ultimately, free advertisement!)
For this reason, its important to
have an image your customers
can connect with. Whether youre
an established firm or a small
startup, inbound marketing helps
As the Internet expands and information. By publishing the expensive than mass media.You propel brand loyalty and
innovation continues to soar, right content in the right place, focus on a target audience that is awareness, at the same time
digital media and technology has your marketing becomes relevant already interested in your increasing lead generation and
once again brought a new horizon and helpful rather than products, and converting them to retaining client relationships.
to the landscape of sales, interruptive. The kick? Inbound sales results in decreased costs
marketing, and consumer marketing is proven to be less associated with lead generation. On November 16th,
interaction. These days, strategies expensive than traditional dezinsINTERACTIVE will be
that used to work arent as outbound marketing. The methodology approach to hosting an in-house seminar on
effective as they used to be inbound marketing comes in four Inbound Marketing. The seminar
outbound marketing techniques Outbound marketing is expensive phases: attract, convert, close, will serve as an introductory
relying on push tactics such as because they are usually retain. Each phase consists of course into the vast world of
billboards, TV ads, spamming lists, broadcast to a mass audience marketing tactics that self- inbound marketing, providing
and so on have been deemed even if they arent in your target promote your brands identity, in-depth look into the difference
interruptive marketing. These demographics. Instead of pushing and when executed properly, of outbound vs. inbound, the four
strategies give a voice to the a message out onto a large open doors to communicate and phases on methodology,
brand and not the consumer, re- population, inbound marketing build relationships with clients. multi-channel marketing, and
sulting in a one-way communica- attracts specific audiences that This way your clients arent just much more. To learn more, visit
tion that allows little to no room are out there looking for being flooded with promotions,
for interaction. With inbound information. The cost per lead and offers for products and or register here.
marketing, people can talk back drops significantly for inbound services but are presented the
and engage with the brand. They marketing because online opportunity to put a face to the
can send an email, comment on a resources are significantly less name and develop a relationship
blog, post on social media, leave a
review, and engage your business
in many ways. In a way, the
Internet has returned power to
the consumer.

-So what is inbound

Inbound marketing is a holistic,
data-driven approach to
marketing that attracts individuals
to your brand and converts them
into lasting customers. At its core,
inbound marketing is centered
around building relationships with
your customers in a way that isnt
forced or annoying, but that
provides real value to them in
their search for a product or

Taking Pride
in Our Community

Stay on Schedule this Holiday Season

December 2nd : Join us for donuts with Santa January 11th- 1:30 Dismissal
at Dutchtown Primary!
January 12th- Staff Development and Training
December 4th-December 8th: Santas Village for teachers no school for students!
let your Eagles shop while they are at school!
January 15th-Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
December 21st: 1:30 Dismissal
February 6th-1:30 Dismissal
December 22nd-January 5th: Holiday Break!
No school for students or teachers!! February 12th-13th-Mardi Gras Holidays
Enjoy your time with family and friends

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Diet and sugars. Added sugars often are present in
soft drinks, candy, cookies and pastries.
If your diet lacks certain nutrients, it may
Some foods that you would least expect
contain sugars. Some examples are fruits,
edge, pouring rights contracts inevitably
include the promotion of sugar containing
products as well as other non-nutritious

Oral health. be more difficult for tissues in your mouth

to resist infection. This may contribute to
periodontal (gum) disease, a major cause
milk, bread, cereals and even vegetables.
The key to choosing foods wisely is not
to avoid these foods, but to think before
soft drink products. In addition to a
singular brand endorsement, it has been
widely reported that these arrangements
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD of tooth loss in adults. Although poor you eat. Not only what you eat but when oblige schools to allow pervasive
nutrition does not cause periodontal you eat makes a big difference in your marketing to children and include
disease directly, many researchers believe dental health. Eat a balanced diet and limit minimum sales incentives that can i
Your body is like a complex machine. that the disease progresses faster and between-meal snacks. If you are on a nfluence children's consumption patterns.
The foods you choose as fuel and how could be more severe in people with special diet, keep your physician's advice in
often you fill up affect your general nutrient-poor diets mind when choosing foods. For good
health and that of your teeth and gums. dental health, keep these tips in mind Why is this coming
Many dentists are concerned that their
patients are consuming record numbers of
What can you do? when choosing your meals and snacks. up now?
sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, Maintain a healthy diet. Dentists are aware of reports that since
and non-nutritious snacks that affect their Make sure water is readily available. What are tips for better 1998 over 300 school districts in 32 states
teeth. These items generally have little if
any nutritional value and over time they
Limit the number of between-meal dental health? have entered into pouring rights contracts,
snacks. When you must snack, choose some contracts lasting 10 years - longer
can take a toll on teeth. nutritious foods that are low in sugar. 1. To get a balanced diet, eat a variety of than the term of most school board
Eating patterns and food choices among Brush thoroughly twice a day with a foods. Choose foods from each of the five members. The Association has for many

breads, cereals and other grain products

children and teens are important factors fluoride toothpaste that has the American major food groups: years opposed targeting children in the

that affect how quickly youngsters may Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance. promotion and advertisement of foods low

develop tooth decay. When bacteria Floss or use another kind of interdental in nutritional value and high in cariogenic

meat, poultry and fish

(plaque) come into contact with sugar in cleaner daily to remove plaque (a thin film carbohydrates. Also, the Association

milk, cheese and yogurt

the mouth, acid is produced, which attacks of bacteria) from under the gums and encourages its state and local dental
the teeth for 20 minutes or more. This can between teeth. societies to work with school officials to
eventually result in tooth decay. Schedule regular dental visits for 2. Limit the number of snacks that you ensure that school food services, including
Not sure you're getting the nutrients, checkups and cleanings. eat. Each time you eat food that contains vending services and school stores, provide
vitamins and minerals needed by your Keep a food diary for a week. Record sugars, the teeth are attacked by acids for nutritious food selections.
body (and your teeth and gums)? Check every item you eat and drink, including 20 minutes or more.
out the U.S. Department of Agriculture's hard candies or chewing gum that contains 3. If you do snack, choose nutritious
Web site. The USDA oversees the
nutritional health of the nation. The
sugar. Compare the diary to the food foods, such as cheese, raw vegetables, plain What can kids drink?
Pyramid recommendations. yogurt, or a piece of fruit.
agency's dietary recommendations are 4. Foods that are eaten as part of a meal Choose beverages that hydrate and con-
designed to promote optimal health and to cause less harm. More saliva is released tribute to good nutrition. Drinking 8-12
prevent obesity-related diseases including How does the food you eat during a meal, which helps wash foods cups of water a day is important and
cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes
and cancers.
cause tooth decay? from the mouth and helps lessen the consuming optimally fluoridated water can
effects of acids. help prevent tooth decay. A resource list of
The government's recommendations When you eat, food passes through your 5. Brush twice a day with a fluoride nutritious foods and beverages that could
recognize that people have different di- mouth. Here it meets the germs, or toothpaste that has the American Dental be sold in schools was developed by the
etary needs at various stages of life. They bacteria, that live in your mouth. You may Association Seal of Acceptance. California Center for Public Health
offer guidance for children and adults have heard your dentist talk about plaque. 6. Clean between your teeth daily with Advocacy and may be found by clicking
based on their levels of physical activity. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria. floss or interdental cleaners. here. The California Center for Public
Your physician or a registered dietician can These bacteria love sugars found in many 7. Visit your dentist regularly. Your dentist Health Advocacy resource list recommends
also provide suggestions for your daily foods. When you don't clean your teeth can help prevent problems from occurring beverages that may be sold in schools in-
food intake. after eating, plaque bacteria use the sugar and catch those that do occur while they cluding, beverages that contain at least
Foods that contain sugars of any kind to produce acids that can destroy the hard are easy to treat. 50% fruit juice with no added sweeteners,
can contribute to tooth decay. Almost all surface of the tooth, called enamel. After a water, low fat milk and non-fat milk. This
foods, including milk or vegetables, have while, tooth decay occurs. The more often resource list was used to develop part of
some type of sugar. However, they you eat and the longer foods are in your What's the concern with the 2001 California law, which establishes
shouldn't be removed from our diets mouth, the more damage selling soft drinks in nutritional requirements for foods and
because many of them contain important occurs. beverages sold and served to children
nutrients. And they add pleasure to eating. schools via pouring rights during breaks and through
To help control the amount of sugar you
consume, read food labels and choose How do I choose arrangements? vending machines.
foods and beverages that are low in added foods wisely? To the best of the Association's knowl-

IV Sedation
Invisalign Certified
Laser-Assisted Decay Detection
Porcelain Veneers
Wisdom Teeth

Calvin G. Bessonet, DDS, FAGD

13053 Hwy 73, Ste A Geismar, La 70734 Call: 225.217.2688 www.
First, it can help alleviate Medicaid appealed this ruling.
YOUR ESTATE MATTERS tension between family
members by making sure the On December 23, 2014, the
work is fairly compensated. It Louisiana First Circuit Court
By Linda Melancon also rewards the family of Appeal said it disagreed with
member doing the work. Keep the trial court and overturned
in mind, however, that there the decision. The appeals
care to an adult in the previous are tax consequences and the court found that the lack of a
12 months. It is rare in our caregiver and the person personal care agreement made
elder law practice to find needing care may have to the transfers to the relatives
anyone who has not been report this income to the IRS. improper. The court stated
touched by the need to care There may also be labor and that a payback arrangement or
for an elderly parent or family workers compensation laws personal care agreement was
member. What is even more that must be considered. In necessary to validate this
rare is an understanding of the addition, it can be a be a key alleged arrangement; however,
legal ramifications of providing part of Medicaid planning, Mr. David did not offer any
care for an aging family helping to spend down savings type of evidence of an agree-
member, particularly if Medi-
Family Caregiving caid is later needed to pay for
so that the elder will more
easily be able to qualify for
ment or contract to
substantiate and validate
You Mean I nursing home care. Medicaid long-term care his argument.
coverage, if necessary.
Need A Contract Although most people are If you intend to provide care
willing to voluntarily care for a
For That? parent or loved one without
In fact, if Medicaid is needed
to pay for nursing home care,
for an elderly family member
or pay other family members
any promise of compensation, having a caregiver contract in or friends for their caregiving
This month is National Family it is wise to have a written place is essential. A 2010 work, you need to have a
Caregivers Month and what contact that provides Louisiana case illustrates this formal agreement, especially if
better time to recognize all of compensation for the point. Widley David entered a you think you will ever apply
those who give so much of caregiver. These types of Louisiana nursing home in for Medicaid long-term care
their time to help family contracts are usually called 2008. Between 2008 and benefits. However, not just
members who are no longer caregiver contracts (they 2010, Mr. David wrote six any agreement will work for
able to care for themselves may also be called personal checks totaling $49,195 to his Medicaid purposes. Caregiver
adequately. It was estimated in service or personal care nephew and his nephews wife, contracts must meet very rigid
2015 that 34.2 million agreements). Having such a who were his closest living requirements so that payments
Americans provided unpaid contract has many benefits. relatives. According to Mr. made for caregiving do not
David, the checks were count as gifts that may later
intended to repay the couple disqualify the elder from re-
for daily care that they ceiving Medicaid. Additionally,
provided him in the nursing there are tax and labor law
home. They visited Mr. David implications to such contracts.
daily, drove him to appoint- For these reasons, it is very
ments, and paid various bills. important to get an elder law
The nephew even quit his job attorney's help in drafting this
so that he could devote himself type of contract.
to Mr. Davids care.

But when Mr. David applied

for Medicaid in December
2010, Louisiana Medicaid
officials contended that the
checks were intended not to
repay the relatives but to The information provided is
reduce Mr. Davids assets, so not intended to be legal advice
he could qualify for Medicaid. and does not constitute an
WE ARE THE SEAFOOD SPECIALIST The officials determined that
due to the asset transfers,
attorney/client relationship.
You should consult with an
Mr. David would have to wait attorney for individual advice
nearly 15 months before regarding your own situation.
Oysters By the Sack qualifying for Medicaid.
Fresh Shrimp
A Wide Variety The Medicaid officials noted Ms. Melancon has engaged in the
that the payments would have practice of law in Ascension Parish
of Fish and Seafood been valid if they had been for the last eighteen years. The
Snow Crabs made as part of a written primary focus of her practice is estate
personal care agreement. planning, probate, special needs
Turtle Meat Unfortunately, Mr. David planning and elder law. For more
and his relatives had never information or to attend an
executed such an agreement. upcoming estate planning seminar,
Ask for Sallys stuff crabs. Doug & Sally
Nevertheless, a trial court
ruled in favor of Mr. David,
call her office at (225) 744-0027.

Youll love them. persuaded that the payments

were reimbursement for care
and not to qualify Mr. David
for Medicaid. Louisiana

La Fete des Bayou at Holy Rosary
Sit Back, Relax and Let the
Atmosphere of the Kilt
Take Your Worries Away!

Welcome to Tilted Kilt Pub America, everyone agrees There Is Always

A Game On.
& Eatery, where good times that A Cold Beer Never
are always on tap. Thats Looked So Good.
because were more than With 55 big screen TVs,
just a restaurant, and so Happy Hour is the sports have never looked

Best Time Of Day

much more than a sports so good!!

Our Happy hour is the best

around with $2 Domestic
Draft Beer, Half Price on Meet General
Monday Night
house wines and $1 off all
other craft beers.
Javier Pallais
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The Tilted Kilt would like

beer for only $19.95.
to introduce the new GM That includes our famous
Javier Pallais. Javier, also wings and any domestic
draft beer. We will have
some prize giveaways at
halftime as well.

Book Our Patio

bar. Our fun, festive or Party Room
atmosphere makes us the
go-to place to watch sports,
for Your Holiday
enjoy a cold beer and hang Parties.
out with friends. We offer a
delicious, mouth-watering There is always Great Food We can
menu, more than 30 draft & Cold Beer served by a accommodate
and bottled beers to choose Beautiful Tilted Kilt Girl. 40 guest for the room
from and an extensive spirit and 80 for the patio.
selection. All this, plus Enjoy Our Lunch
Menu Everyday of
year-round, nonstop pro
and college sports action on
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course, theres also our
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A different delicious
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available Monday thru tremendous experience
so friendly, everyone is Friday including: Red
eager to put a smile on your in the food and beverage
face and an ice cold beer in
Beans and Rice, Meatloaf, industry. Hes making sure
your hand. So, when youre your visit is entertianing and
Fried Catfish. Lunch
Roast Rice and Gravy and
in the mood for fine Pub a quality experience.
specials are designed to be
food and cold beers, get served quick in case you
2828 S. Outfitters Dr.
into your nearest Tilted Kilt need to be in and out in
Gonzales LA 70737
Coming Soon:

Pub & Eatery. All across 30 minutes.

Car Shows,
St. Patricks Day Party
and Live music on ythe patio.

30 Years of Top Notch Services

Braud Company Welding & Industrial Supplies Abrasives Janitorial Equipment
has been providing material to industries for over Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Marking Tools
thirty years. Our emphasis is on service. Chemicals, Lubricants & Paints Material Handling
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When the Wins-and Losses-of
November Come Early by Bill Delaune

Double bubble, toil game in New Orleans. Who you got in this race, 7 p.m.-On a picture-perfect
and trouble Sounds good to me, said Black Cat? asked Coach. fall evening with a good chunk
When shall we three meet Coach, but it doesnt look like I like an Irish filly named of Ascension Parish looking on,
again Macbeth. were going to get much rest in Happily. She ran long distance EA and St. Amant square off for
the next 72 hours. races in Europe and even did the 38th time with a district
Friday, November 3 When you get the some steplechasing, replied championship on the line.
opportunity, sleep fast, advised Blackie. If she keeps What do you think, Coach?
12 noon-The three gentlemen the Kid. improving, Ill live Happily asked the Kid. Whos going to
seated at the corner table of 4 p.m.-The final stop on Kids ever after. Who you got, win? You know this series is so
Carli-Cos Restaurant in whirlwind party parade was at Coach? close that the Gators hold a
Gonzales were not as menacing the spacious residence of Mike I played my favorite turf 19-18 edge. Cant get much
as Shakespeares witches but and Gina Lees where a soiree jockey Javier Castellano-the closer than that.
two of the company were nearly
as old and the third was fond of
omens and predictions.
Okay, Kid. I see youve laid
out our entire itinerary for the
weekend, said the oldest
known simply as Coach-a
60-something former molder of
young men who wore 35 years
of heartbreaking losses in the
multitude of lines on his face.
Lets have a look at it.
The young man was hardly a
Kid but he understood that
Coach addressed all his former
players that way-mainly because
of the destruction of thousands
of brain cells over the years.
On certain fall weekends, Kid
served as designated driver,
memory enhancer and social
director for his old mentor and
his buddies.
Well, Kid began, well
start off with a few tailgating
parties before the EA-St. Amant roughly the size of Woodstock The God of the Sod-on I think the Spartans have a
football rivalry and get to The was taking place. Rushing Fall, said the old few more athletes but that
Pit in plenty of time for the There were hoards of mentor. Gator spread offense is hard to
game. Then blue-clad Spartan supporters Coach, Coach, how many stop. One thing for certain-it
Just make sure were huddled around a simmering times must I tell you-theres so should be a high-scoring affair.
somewhere that I can see the Alligator sauce piquant while many good riders in this race What about you, Black Cat?
Breeders Cup races, spoke up the bands of black and gold theres not a necks worth of You got a favorite?
the third member of the party, Gators mapped out strategy difference in all of them, Blackie grinned for the first
a grizzled veteran of the around meat-filled barbecue Black Cat scolded. time since the ill-fated race.
racetrack-and sports betting- pits. Due to a masterful ride by Who cares? I took bets on EA
circuit who actually looked Theres enough food here to Castellano, Rushing Fall wins minus six points from all those
older than Coach thanks to eliminate starvation in the first million dollar or the Spartans and turned around and
longshots that went off at 20-1 several African nations, weekend resulting in a payday convinced the Gator partisans
and came in at twenty after two. mumbled Kid through one of of over $60,000 for the winning to take St. Amant minus six. So
Ive got some serious change Ginas famous muffulettas, and jockey. now if its a close game, I
bet on those nags. more good-looking women How did your horse do, collect from both sides. Then I
Dont worry, Black Cat, Ive than in the states of Kansas and Cat? asked Kid who had made a team total for the
taken care of your vices, too, Nebraska wondered over from the Gators at 20 points and the EA
assured Kid. At least one TV combined. festivities. Who was he- guys jumped all over the under
screen at every stop will be But not all eyes were on the Happy Irish? citing their terrific defense.
tuned to your million-dollar grills and the gals. While the No, but he ran like hed Did you ever think of calling
races today and tomorrow. raucous multitude gluttonized spent too much time at the one of those 1-800 numbers for
In fact, Saturday afternoons themselves on food and wine Happy Irish bar on Third help? asked Kid shaking his
plans center more around racing and exchanged good-natured Street, Blackie lamented. head.
than football-until LSU- trash talk about the game, two That steeplechase horse Theres not enough 800
Alabama kicks off, of course. old men squenched through would have run better if he numbers in the world for me,
Then, if that game doesnt Dollar General glasses at a hadnt kept jumping up in the laughed Black Cat.
last all night, Kid continued television in Mikes shed as the air every 30 yards, laughed Maybe there will be a trick
almost prophetically, we have assistant starters loaded the Coach. play like the year St. Amant ran
an early eight oclock departure horses into the gate for the Can we just go to the ball a guard-around on the first play
Sunday morning for the Saints Breeders Cup fillies turf race. game now, snarled Blackie. for a touchdown, said Kid.
No way, grumbled Coach. make both of you happy, said
This game will be won in the Kid smiling. One of my bud-
trenches-by the offensive and dies Joe Jenks has an LSU room
defensive lines. full of memorabilia that even
The Spartans beg to differ and the flood couldnt wash away.
open the game with a Z-sneak-a The room has been featured on
receiver staying on the sidelines television, in newspapers and all
as the play is run-but the pass over the internet. And get this,
goes incomplete. Blackie, hes a regular at the
The Gators go back to basics Fairgrounds so I promise one
on an 80-yard drive to begin the TV will be on your races.
second quarter sparked by the Football for you, Coach, racing
running of 5-7 tailback Cade for you, Cat, and more good
Nelson who goes the final 17 food and pretty girls in boots
for a 7-0 STA lead. and jeans for me.
Never put a tape measure on Is this a great country or
your running back, Coach what?
announces. That guy can As expected, Coach was
run. completely enthralled with the
But the Spartans bounce awesome display of LSU hanging on for a 62-52 victory tomorrow, Coach predicted.
back on a couple of Jason pictures, jerseys, balls and other and finally-after two weeks of There would have been some
Wakefield-to-Shaivonn equipment that Joe had hype-the LSU Bama game was sore players in the football pool
Robinson passes and a late collected over the years, but he about to kick off. if Bama had scored at the end
field goal to take a 10-7 did tear himself away from a If LSU can keep it close, the for a 21-point win, said Black
halftime lead. 1958 photo of the Chinese quarterback play will decide the Cat counting his money.
But the Gators continue their Bandits to join Black Cat at the game, predicted Coach. Man, I am exhausted,
surprising running success in the racing television for the I think Arden will be the sighed Kid. I feel like I played
second half and take a 14-10 Breeders Cup Juvenile Key to the Tiger defense, in that game. Were not really
advantage. Fillies event. punned Kid. still going to the Saints game
Perfect, said Black Cat. The winner here will be the I just hope the Tigers can tomorrow, are we?
If the game ends like this, I hit early favorite for the Kentucky cover that 20-point spread and Coach glared at him
both sides. Oaks, announced Black Cat, Ill recoup all my horse losses, incredulously. Theyre still
But a couple of strange and Ive got the winner right said Black Cat. playing, aint they?
bounces-one leading to a safety here in Blonde Bomber. Shes Bama quarterback Jalen Hurts
and the other to a clinching as fast as another blonde picked up where he left off last Sunday, November 5
Gator touchdown make the bombshell that I knew in year with some escapes Houdini
final 22-10. Lafayette a while back. would have been proud of. 12 noon-Suffice it to say that
uOh well, sighed Blackie. Whos Mike Smith riding? Dont let him beat you with our three weary travelers
At least I made a few bucks. asked Coach. Ill take Mr. his legs, screamed Coach. But sufficiently revived themselves
Were not going back to that Breeders Cup on whoever Hurts does just that staking the with world-famous Bloody
madhouse at the Lees after that hes on. Tide to a 14-0 lead. No one Marys from the Old Coffee
emotional-drainer are we? When will you ever learn? wanted to say the painfully Pot on St. Peters and made it
Coach pleaded. Cat sneered. Not even Smith obvious-Here we go again to the Superdome in time to
Of course we are, answered can get Caledonia Road home -so Kid tried a more optimistic watch the Saints scuttle the
Kid. I didnt get any sauce in front of this talented field. approach. Bucs 30-10.
piquant a while ago. Besides, the name sounds like a Get them overconfident and Coach was happy because
Of course we are, mimicked bath soap. catch them at the end, he New Orleans resorted to an
Black Cat. You get your sauce Blonde Bomber looks all over offered. Just like the old-fashioned running attack
piquant. Ill pick up the bread. a winner at the 16th pole when Auburn game. to pound Tampa Bay into
Smith overtakes her on LSU has got to throw long submission. Kid was delirious
Saturday, November 4 Caledonia and wins going away. and get those corners out of because he got to meet some
Bath soap, huh? chided press coverage, Coach opined. Saintsations outside the Dome
12 noon-Ive got this Coach. Well, I just cleaned up And, on cue, the Tigers do-four in a pre-game promotion. And
Breeders Cup thing figured with that soap at 18-1. times in fact. But one is Black Cat was thrilled when the
out now, announced Black Im done till the Classic, overthrown, one is under- Saints easily covered the 9-point
Cat. The favorites are getting whined Black Cat. This crap thrown, one is dropped and one spread.
absolutely clobbered so Im has to be fixed. hits a Bama safety in the helmet. The ride home was
playing nothing but longshots Meanwhile, the rest of the The Bengals do manage a field predictably quiet until the Kid
today. gathering was getting sore necks goal before the half but Coach broke the silence somewhere
Coach whirled around to his from watching the scoring fest is still not happy. over the Ponchatrain.
friend in the backseat of Kids that was going on in the Needed a touchdown there, I love coming to New
SUV and scolded him like a Oklahoma-Oklahoma State he mumbled. You play Orleans, he gushed. Maybe
player who had just jumped game. between the 20s for the we can do it again if LSU wins
offside on a fourth-and-one. Bedlam is the right name for spectators. You play in the out and plays in the Sugar Bowl.
LSUs playing in the Game of this rivalry, cried Kid. Its Red Zone to see who wins Ill buy if you fly, offered
the Century and all youre 38-38 at the half with almost the game. Coach meaning hed buy the
worried about is those damn 900 yards in total yards. Now The second half is a brutal tickets if Kid would drive.
horses? thats entertaining football. battle in the trenches with And I do believe the
Hey, I got money to burn No, thats flag football, several Alabama players leaving Fairgrounds will be open that
after cleaning up on that game grumbled Coach. the game with injuries but the day for some afternoon
last night, fired back Blackie. Theyre scoring faster than a Tide hangs on for a hard-fought ujdelight, added Black Cat.
Betting on high school foot- prostitute when the fleets in, 24-10 victory. The game ends Now all the Tigers have to do
ball-thats deplorable, mut- laughed Cat. But just keep the with Bama kneeling on the ball is win out and these three will
tered Coach. Hey Kid, where Sooners within the 2-point inside the LSU 10. indeed meet again.
are we headed anyway? spread and Ill be fine. There will be some sore Sounds like a plan to me.
Somewhere that should The game ends with OU
players in the whirlpool
Deer & Hog
Deboning Ground Meat
Fresh Sausage
It's been quite a few years since location.

Smoked Sausage
I've had to do a science project, so For the next few days the young
when my granddaughter asked me girl shared the work load for the
Green Onion Sausage
to help her with her science project project. After all it was her project.

Italian Sausage
I agreed to do so. The subject mat- By now beyond being tired and

Cajun Sausage
ter that she chose was an experi- wore out this "project" was be-

Breakfast Sausage
ment involving putting out three coming very challenging for me.

Jalapeno & Cheese

types of deer feed and confirming We each toted bags of feed to the
which food was most preferred by bait site the next morning hoping
the deer. I had some vacation days that the deer had eaten what I had

Vacuum Packed
to take so I planned to take several put out the day before. As we ap-
of those days to make this happen, proached the site I could tell from
Custom Cuts although that was not really what I
was wanting to use all of those days
a distance that nothing had dis-
turbed any of the piles of feed.
Available with on. But I truly love my grand- There was no need to replenish the

daughter and I'm proud of her in- three piles of feed with the bags we
terest in this subject matter. had carried in. While sitting on the
Friday evening found me head- deer stand we discussed how we
ing to the hunting camp with three were going to successfully gather
Tee Wayne's types of deer feed that I purchased the data needed for her project. I

Cajun Cooking
on the way there. Corn, rice bran told her one things for sure: that
and golden nugget deer food were there was unquestionable evidence
still offers our feeds of choice. Instead of that your paw-paw ain't very good

hunting that evening I carried at choosing places to bait for deer.
three bags of feed along with a trail I had never put out feed there be-
full-service camera to an area where I'd seen fore without them finding it but

deer often after scattering deer give me a break, we're now getting

For all your catering needs

corn in that area. close to the end of our mission.

call 225.806.FOOD
I hunted somewhere else the The next morning was a beauty
next morning. When the hunt was and at last there was a since of sat-
over I returned to the feed site to isfaction when we discovered that
find that not a single deer had two of the feed piles had been
Come See Us at found the food. I was disappointed eaten down overnight. We didn't
but I decided to leave the feed piles spot any deer that morning and as
Tee Wayne's Cajun Cooking there thinking the deer would soon as the hunt was over my
Now a Restaurant, too!! surely find the food on this night. eleven year old sweetheart headed
Later that evening as I was for the camera to confirm what had
approaching my hunting site I happened in the darkness. At least
noticed two whitetails scampering now she had some data. Around
off as I neared the tree stand. They six-thirty p.m. A very big beautiful
were the only deer I saw that eight point buck appeared at the
evening. location and appeared to favor eat-
After an unsuccessful hunt the ing the rice bran. Around eleven
next dawn I returned to the bait o'clock that night a doe or two ap-
site only to find that again no deer peared and they preferred the corn
had found the bait. I was in a rush pile. Although the massive buck
to head home for a family event was pictured smelling the golden
and to pick up the granddaughter nugget deer feed, it did not appear
so she could hunt with me while that he ate any of it. What does all
39087 Hwy. 621, Gonzales, she worked on her project. At this of this mean? One things for sure,
La. 225.644.FOOD

Tee Wayne
point I began to feel that we were you don't want me to bait any of
225.644.3065 (fax) running out of days for gathering your hunting sites for you....
Monday & Tuesday: successful data for the project. I
11am-2pm decided to move the feed location Till Next Time

Wednesday, Thursday, to the area where I'd seen the two
Friday & Saturday:
deer the evening before. Well, here Do It Yourself,
I go again, toting feed and camera
11am-8pm across the woods to the next James "Goosie" Guice

DEC 15TH ....... Foret Tradition


with Kellie
Useless Random Facts
Monday Night

Every person's tongue is unique, and similar to fingerprints some
$4 Bombs
see the potential for the tongue to act as an identity
$2.50 Blue Moon Drafts
verification tool.

A snail can sleep for 3 years.

Tuesday Wednesday
You share your birthday with at least 9 other million people in the DJ MUSIC/KARAOKE DJ MUSIC / KARAOKE
world. $5 Double Wells! 2 for 1 Bomb Shots Special $5 Bombs Coors Draft Combos

Wednesday 11/22 Sofa Kings

Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds,
dogs only have about ten.

Polar bears are left-handed.
There are only four words in the English language which end in 11/17 ..... Original Music Night
"- dous": tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous. 12/1 ..... Taylor Nauta Band

Taste buds only live for 10 to 14 days.
12/8 ..... Burnhouse
12/15 ..... Foret Tradition
Daylight Saving Time is not observed in most of the state
of Arizona and parts of Indiana.
12/2 ..... Contraflow
A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and 11/18 ..... Heath Ransonnet Acoustic
down continually from the bottom of the glass to the top.

For some time Frederic Chopin, the composer and pianist, wore a 12/9 ..... Jump House
beard on only one side of his face, explaining: "It does not matter, 12/16 ..... Karaoke
my audience sees only my right side."

In 1986 Congress & President Ronald Reagan signed Public Law Every Sunday
99-359, which changed Daylight Saving Time from the last DJ MUSIC & KARAOKE ... $2.50 Domestics!!
Sunday in April to the first Sunday in April. It was estimated to

Come Enjoy Golden Tee and Target Toss Pro

save the nation about 300,000 barrels of oil each year by adding
most of the month April to D.S.T.

The average person spends about two years on the phone
in a lifetime.
E V E R Y D AY A T H A P P Y H O U R ,
Sloths have a four-part stomach that very slowly digests the tough T R Y Y O U R L U C K A T R O L L - A - D AY !
leaves they eat, it can sometimes take up to a month for them to L I K E U S O N FA C E B O O K
digest a meal. Digesting this diet means a sloth has very little en- Visit our
ergy left to move around. 1711 S. BURNSIDE GONZALES 644-8901
Thoughts from Bully
The Older We
Get The More
Set In Our ways
We Become.
I know I have a set routine on
a day and weekly basis. You can
make that routine on a monthly
schedule. Hot dogs and chili are
dinner on baseball game nights.
Wednesday through Sunday are
my days to play golf. I try to go responded. We ended up with
to bed at 10 and get up by 6. over a 100 players and STA had responded, AE. Oh well he they showed up at the Gonzales
This year when the yearly over a 100 players also. didnt need to know the name Country Club and realized
Ryder Cup Golf Tournament I must admit I recruited a few of the school just play well. there was no course and came to
came around I immediately guys that didnt go to East As- Another 2 EA players, Jeff and Pelican Point hoping it was
signed up. I also did some re- cension. This one particular guy, Dean Bourque, they seemed to being held there.
cruiting for the EA team. Last who was a scratch golfer de- be set in their way also. I hadnt Thank you guys. I hope your
year we had about 35 players cided to play. I was accused of seen these guys on a golf course return to the golf world was fun
against 70 STA players. This stacking the deck. In reality it in years. When I saw them on and wondered how did those
year we made many calls and was extra money for the schools the driving range they said it persimmon woods in your golf
got the word out and the East but it did look bad when a STA was their first time back playing bag hold up.
Ascension Community golfer ask him what school he in the Ryder Cup. Matter-of-
was playing for and he fact its been so long they said

The Solid Choice in

Ascension Parish

We want to provide 150 Needy Children with a bike for Christmas

You can HELP by Donating to Bikes for Tykes.

APSO Christmas Crusade

Make checks payable to:

828 S. Irma Blvd., Gonzales LA 70737

For More Information to Donate contact:

Pelican Point Marines Col. Sam Decoteau (USMC Ret.) 225.253.9698
Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office Dy. Janet Fontenot 225.621.8318

1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 S T. A M A N T

I Always Stand for the National

Anthem but the Sight of these Cans


brought me to my Knees.
On my last trip to the hunting with the lid still attached. I first


camp I packed all the necessary thought the company had made
supplies including icing down a mistake in filling the cans.
enough beer to last the week. Upon a closer inspection I
After 4 days it was time for me discovered the ice had punctured
to open the last ice chest in the cans as the ice chest bounced
which I had iced down 30 beers. on the rough dirt road coming
These beers were to last me into the camp. After checking
the last 2 days in the woods. I the cans I had lost 15 out of 30 State-of-the-Art
opened the ice chest and beers. I was heart broken and Equipment
grabbed a can and it was empty. needed to call my son who had
The lid was still on the can with headed to town for groceries and
Front End
no beer. I grabbed another can place and order for more beer.
and it was empty with the lid on Heaven forbid if I had to Alignments


it. Oh no what is happening spend a day at the camp without


here, beer after beer was empty a cold one.

24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service

Helping Rebuild Our Community

from the Ground Up!
Johnson Cement Finishing
is locally owned, reliable
and insured. During these
tough times we can deliver
All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery Emergency road service

your job and construct

All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only

what you need.

18 wheelers, including tractor/ Locally owned and operated since 2004
construction equipment tires New used and retreads

No Job Too Big or Small Locally Owned & Operated by

15985 Gunboat Landing Road, Maurepas, LA 70449 Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Contact: Lee Johnson 225.304.1983 or C. J. Johnson 225.380.8188
Call for Appointment 225.644.8473
Both Schools are Winners

Come Fall in Love with Our
Home Like Atmosphere
Your Home Away
From Home
2305 S. Purpera Avenue,
Gonzales, LA 70737


The Hall for
All Occassions!
Accommodates up
to 300 guest.
Full catering menu
Damn St. Amant!

Outdoor Pavillion
for Weddings
Space for seminars
Business meetings
Birthday parties
Call to set up an appointment
to view our venues.

17425 Airline Hwy Prairieville
Our Front End Alignment
Equipment is State-of-the-Art
Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount

225.647.3000 1311 N. BURNSIDE GONZALES

Team Wizard Witches

Wins the 2017 PPLGA

Halloween Spooktacular
Crazy Golf Scramble
Janelle Waguespack Aaron Bourque Betty Latuso

2017 PPLGA Halloween Spooktacular Crazy Golf Scramble

A very spooky congratulations Team Wizard Witches 1st Best Costume Thank you to all of todays
goes out to Team Wizard Shooting 55 1st- Janell Waguespack participants and we hope
Witches for winning the Aaron Bourque 2nd- Darlene Lee everyone has a spooky and
2017 PPLGA Halloween Janelle Waguespack 3rd- Jana OBanion safe Halloween.
Spooktacular Crazy Golf Betty Latuso
Scramble. The event offered Closest to the Hole Best Regards,
some great twist on the Team Batty Beauties 2nd #4 Karen Snell
traditional golf scramble for- Shooting 56 #8 Jackie Dennis Jonathan Stuart, PGA
mat, we also had a great Food Karen Snell #14 Diane Clouatre Head Golf Professional
and Beverage experience and Debbie Stevens #17 Aaron Bourque
a spectacular golf course that Gloria Kyler
featured a couple of
scarecrows on the course.

Two Communities Coming Together As One ...

Two Communities Coming Together As One ...

Two Communities Coming Together As One ...
Cooking Gourmet at Home Ingredients:
1 lb. -eggplant (peeled and thinly sliced)
cup -green bell peppers small diced
cup -green onions-chopped
cup -celery small diced
1 tsp -granulated garlic
1 cup -onion small diced
1 cup -bread crumbs
1 tsp -kosher salt
1 cup -small shrimp
lb. -crawfish tails (rinsed thoroughly)
4 -redfish filets (cut a pocket in the middle to place stuffing in)
Pinch -red pepper
Pinch -black pepper
1 tsp -granulated garlic


STUFFED REDFISH DANTES Place eggplant on a sheet pan and rub both sides generously with olive oil
and bake at 350 degrees until tender. Chop well with spatula to break up
the eggplant into a puree. In a small brazing pan over medium heat cook
Prep Time: onion, celery, and bell peppers until tender then add eggplant and
1 hour seasonings. Add shrimp and crawfish to pot and cook for five minutes.
Remove from heat. Add bread crumbs and green onions and fold until
Cook Time: fully incorporated. Allow mixture to cool then scoop a generous portion
15 minutes into redfish. Place fish on a baking pan and season to your taste. Pour a
Servings: half cup of melted butter and a half cup of water onto pan and place
into a preheated 350 degree oven for 15 minutes or until the center
4 servings reaches an internal temp of 165 degrees. Remove from oven and enjoy!

Garrett- Executive Sous Chef Sam- Executive Chef Chevy- Sous Chef