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Approach & Methodology

Objective: Usage & Attitude

Driving Penetration
Driving Frequency
Fortifying Dine-In
Relevance of Positioning

Primary diagnosis: Triggers & Barriers

Qualitative research: Consumer interviews

Segments: Current/New to Category
Driving Penetration

Hotter the food, better

its taste

Price consumers pay Change the hook- time to Temperature color changing
dependent on temperature temperature on delivery scale at delivery
Driving frequency

I want something
new today!

Increase Short eats Flavors Day time targeting

Fortifying Dine-In

I have graduated!

Dominos Esperienza
Dine-in exclusives Ambience
a flagship store
Relevance of Positioning

Yeh hai Rishton ka Time!

Split TV campaigns

Sharing half pizzas

across cities

Staggered Deliveries
Given the objective was to understand Usage & Attitude of existing and
potential consumers, diagnosing Triggers & Barriers were key
Therefore Qualitative research via
In-depth consumer interviews
Interviewed the following segments :
Current consumers New to category consumers
Defined as : Not consumed Pizzas in the past
1 year
Objectives :
Drive frequency of existing customers to gain more share of OOH consumption
Increase penetration by acquiring new consumers who are new to category
Amplify current positioning theme and increase in relevance
Fortifying dine-in business in India
Customer speak Barriers to consumption

Existing Pizza consumers

A frequent visitor to Domino's for My visits to Domino's have
While being here with friends is
many years ; however over the last reduced a bit; I now frequent
cool, I prefer to take my family to
year, have shifted to Pasta Italiana more Casual dining restaurants
a restaurant with better
etc as Pizza is simply maida & as I feel I have graduated to that
ambience and lesser noise
therefore unhealthy life stage

Young working A young executive Young working

adults in their 20s in his late 20s executive with family

Pizza Nonconsumers
My parents are not fond of
We prefer a biryani We feel anything that is home-
Pizzas as they are unhealthy- plain
much more than Pizzas; delivered would not taste well
maida and cheese; we have not
as they are since it was made much before
ordered-in anything in the last one
real Value for money I like my food hot & fresh
year or so

5 friends having A College going Young married

lunch at a local biryani outlet student couple

* Pizza Non consumers defined as someone not consuming Pizzas in the Past 12 months
For a meal with the family,
The service at Kamats better than It is a very hurried and uninviting
Id prefer to go to
what I get at Dominos experience
a restaurant

Young married Working executive Young working

couple with a kid in his 30s adult

Dominos doesnt offer me The perfect place for me to have

anything additional when I go some time with my wife away from
there. the family

Group of 4 college kids Young married couple

Acquiring new customers

Perceived loss of taste from Oven to Home : Hotter the food, better its taste

According to our findings, new to category consumers especially in Tier 2/3 cities
felt that the taste of food is directly proportional to how hot it is. While ordering in,
they have a perception that food is not fresh as it has traversed 30 odd minutes
from oven to home.

We propose changing the hook from time of delivery to temperature of pizza on

delivery. This will make it relevant from the consumer perspective

Also, make Price consumers pay dependent on temperature rather than time.
This will enhance engagement and help breaks a key mindset barrier

To make it measurable from consumer perspective, we can use a temperature color

changing scale at point of delivery, thereby Visibilizing the invisible for the
Local options being familiar regarded as tastier & more value for money,
creating significant barrier for first trial
Since local methods are more entrenched in new towns and are regarded as more
Value for money, it is important to bridge this familiarity-gap via offerings that
also communicate a higher Value for money perception. The idea of familiar
flavors wrapped in esoteric names works well in terms of gaining trial
Lack of awareness about price points offered by Dominos has been a finding.
Therefore it is important to focus on communicating Price point affordability of
offerings by Dominos to increase salience & generate trial.
Give specific names to offerings : Singles ~ Uno & Doubles ~Duple as part of Pizza
Pizzas perceived to contain primarily maida & cheese, & therefore regarded
unhealthy even without trial
Significant awareness among the population regarding poor health connotations
with Pizza & other items - bread perceived as healthier than maida; for example:
Dominos can introduce sandwiches named Oven fresh grilled Sandwiches that
might help diffuse such a perception
Positioning of Yeh hai rishton ka time, while a universal theme works well in more
evolved markets
While Dominos elicits a strong association with relationship and good time, this was
found to be more entrenched especially with existing consumers, who had a higher
Ad recall

New consumers who still have to get on to the Pizza bandwagon witnessed a poor
Ad recall, with most of them only remembering the 30 min Paresh Rawal starrer

The new consumers therefore need a stronger reason to engage with the brand,
hence should be also communicated about more functional parameters such as
product offerings & price points

Therefore, we propose adopting an emotional route with an underlying functional

appeal is critical

Tier 2 /3 markets can be exposed to a slight variant of the current campaign on both
a functional & an emotional plank using a Split campaign, an
organization that helps localize campaigns by targeting specific cities
Give them strong reasons to engage -
Expand the concept of sharing
Enable and offer community events such as Birthday parties, sport matches,
guests at home to increase rishton ka time
Introduce concepts like staggered deliveries for parties short eats and
beverages in 1st round, pizzas & other mains in the 2nd & desserts in the 3rd
and final round of delivery
Referral Domino effect - incentivize referring consumers in the form of
loyalty points or freebies with next order following referral (to be checked
against address & phone numbers)
Driving Frequency
Innovation of pizza button hardware button/phone to order favorite pizza in just
one click
Short Eats
Currently what is working for the consumers are offerings such as Indianized Taco,
Pasta etc. Therefore, we should increase variety of offerings within Short eats
Customers like experimenting and want to have variety in what they eat. They also
want to have potato based eats which can be had as a side.
Other short eats (like Pasta) should be made more meal-appropriate and not
relegated to a side order quantity. This will also result in spreading consumption
away from meal occasions ; increased day-part consumption.
Have foreign sounding names BUT familiar taste, enhancing new trials and repeat
As mentioned above, consumers are like experimenting. Thus having and more
importantly highlighting variety of flavors and toppings would get them excited.
The option of making your own pizza should be highlighted have the counter
upfront like Subway so that consumers can pick and choose
Loyalty Programme
In addition to having the Precision marketing, introduce loyalty program to
track and entice consumers
Give them a sense of earning rewards and then getting a discount based on
those earnings
We can tie in social media accounts to better track and target these
customers as well
Even family and friends could be tied in as mentioned in the positioning
Day Time Targeting
Creating more occasions to consume the pizza
Variety in offerings (Pizzas, short eats etc) will enable day part
consumption to be spread across rather than at some points of the day
Fliers scented with the aroma of Pizza as Aroma a key impact parameter
that drives Overall likeability in this category increases engagement,
breaks the clutter and serves as a strong mode of recall
Fortifying Dine-in
New format store Dominos Esperienza as a flagship store,
These new outlets will serve as image leaders for Dominos.
They will be aspirational for a bulk of the existing consumers.
It will be an upscale restaurant with a more authentic Italian
We would have only one or two such outlets in every city. -
They would then be amplified via media channels to serve
their critical function of changing the perception in the
consumers minds that Dominos is not a Restaurant
The experience at an Esperienza outlet can be made more
engaging by educating customers on the history of Pizzas,
best baking tips for pizzas. This will enable Dominos to gain
domain expertise in the mind of the consumers as well.
Fortifying Dine-in

Improve service levels. Expectation-delivery mismatch - Current consumers said that they
receive better service at a Kamats Restaurant!
More welcoming atmosphere. Have ambient music playing to drown out the noise from
Basic cutlery should be provided
serve the pizzas on wooden boards rather than boxes. This gives them an added incentive to come to a
store rather than eating it at home
Have the pizza making process a little more visible to the customers it is currently hidden
and thus still a black box for the consumers
Dine-in exclusives
Special Coupons redeemable only in store driven by precision marketing
Customized food which is possible only in dine in eg. sizzling brownie/pizza
Pizza ready buzzer via apps provide a buzzer for customers which beeps to know when
pizzas are ready; moving away from the usual digital coupon number display which leaves the
customer looking and waiting.
It could serve as an attraction for kids as well
Have an engaging make your own pizza which could be based on Virtual Reality
Photo-booth & Social Sharing Kiosk at the stores enable customers to keep memories of the
fun time with loved ones at the store (and also share it via social media)
Relevance of current positioning

Positioning of Yeh hai rishton ka time, while a universal theme works

very well in more evolved markets
However segments being introduced to the category also need to be
communicated about more functional parameters such as product
offerings, price points etc
Therefore, an emotional route with an underlying functional appeal is critical
Functional appeal focusing on Value for money pizzas, short eats and new
product introductions like Oven fresh grilled sandwiches to attract
attention and therefore generate trial
Half sliced pizzas that can be shared between more than 2 people located
anywhere across India encourages sharing (of time & love) & extends the
Staggered deliveries can be made available for deliveries above minimum
threshold, specifically catering to enhancing Dominos experience for
Relevance of current positioning

Sub-themes to build on the concept of sharing and bonding in slice-of-

life situations:
Enable gifting & sharing pizzas with loved ones across locations
Gifting can be immediate where payment and delivery is at separate locations, or
two orders with one payment location with two delivery locations.
Gift vouchers can be sent by email or post, to be redeemed within the validity
A couple in a distant relationship both enjoying Domino's while on the
phone with each other: Dominos allows either one to order Pizza for the
other and delivered as a gift
Elderly parents enjoying the gifted Oven fresh grilled sandwiches & pizzas
while video chatting with NRI son, eating pizza in the US same brand
enjoyed across the world: Dominos makes it possible to order online from
anywhere, and delivered to a specified location
Students sharing pizzas in college, reminiscing those years later while
sharing pizza in their corporate lives: Dominos enables email gift voucher to
be sent to dear friends
Addressing the 6Ps

Product Price Place Promotion Pack Proposition

Temprature Own VFM Esperienza outlets Temprature serve on wooden boardsSplit Campaigns
Brand & Own Pizza ManiaShort eats Better service Own VFM With basic cutlery functional in T2/3
Healthier Products Engagement at outlet Brand & Own Pizza ManiaTemprature indicator emotional in T1
Short eats Social sharing Referral sub-themes
Flavours buzzers Loyalty Sharing pizza's
Day time targeting half/half toppings
Scented Flyers staggered delivery
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