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LIME 5 Challenge

Marketing Strategy and Plan for global sales of Italian jewellery brands of

Team MONKS NITIE, Mumbai (NIIE8240)

Anshuman Singh Deepanshu Sharma Komal Motwani
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Problem Statement and Our Approach

Problem Statement
Creation of marketing strategy and plan for global sales of Italian brands in USA, China and Middle East
Development of Brand Gitanjali as one of the leading luxury jewellers
Devising CSR plan to build its image as socially responsible corporate

Understanding Preparing Strategy CSR
Gitanjali Strategy Base Execution Plan Initiative Plan

New luxury Store Primary

International Business Country wise BRAND (La Research to
competitive Overview strategy fit Elegancia) identify social
scenario USA, mapping Brand Identity issues
China and Middle Key Strengths Creation
East and Issues World retail Promotion Identification of
formats analysis Strategies top issues
Trends and Italian Brands Distribution
Strategic Insights Overview Our Proposal Indian Brands CSR activities
Global Strategy and execution

Secondary Research Sources Primary Research Sources

Euro monitor reports Gianti Mumbai store visit
KPMG report Telephonic interviews in USA (NRI -3 Male, 1 Female, 1
Gitanjali website, Italian brands websites Family) and UAE (2 Male, 1 Female)
Media publications Online surveys (41 Respondents) - For CSR
Understanding Jewellery Industry
International Market, Trends and Insights
Jewellery Industry SNAPSHOT

USA China Mid East

Cartier 1.2% Joyalukkas 2.8%
Pandora 1.6% Ming Jewellery 2.4% Pure Gold 3.1%
Zales 1.7% Luk Fook 2.5%
Tiffany & Co 3.2%
Jared the Galleria 1.7% Lao Miao 3.2%
Lao Feng Xiang 4.7% Cartier 6.1%
TiffanyInternet and Home
2.5% Shopping are
Kay Jewelers 3.4%
Chow Big Difference between
Tai Fook CAGR Damas
6.2% 35.5%
important marketing channel
Jewellery 0%Specialist
by Value and
2% 4% 6%heavily
0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40%
dominate thegrowth
significant marketprospect in
Store based Retailer: 87.1 higher
Store based Retailer: jewellery i.e. Store based Retailer: 99.5
Internet: 5.8 premium
Internet: 0.2 and luxury segment Internet: 0.2
Home Shopping : 5.2 Home Shopping : 0.2 Home Shopping : 0.0
Jewellery Specialist: 42.9 Jewellery Specialist: 42.3 Jewellery Specialist: 81.1

Forecast Growth Real Jewel (CAGR) Forecast Growth Real Jewel (CAGR) Forecast Growth Real Jewel (CAGR)
Non Specialist
By Value(2012-17) : 2.3 RetailerByare major
Value(2012-17) : 13.3 By Value(2012-17) : 9
By Volume(2012-17) :contributor
1.8 to sales.
By Volume(2012-17) : 10.5 By Volume(2012-17) : 2.5
Gitanjali Gitanjali Gitanjali
104 store of Samuels Distribution in 50 retails 4 stores including Nakshatra
Key brands in over 500 retailer Exclusive Stefan Hafner & Indian jewellery in over 50 store
Nouvelle Bague Store
Trends and Insights- USA

Industry Trends Strategic Insights

Rising orientation towards retro glamour look, colored stones and

statement pieces Jewellery is being treated as a fashion
Celebrity endorsed/inspired collections : Fashion labels such as extension
Ralph Lauren entering business
American men becoming more comfortable wearing and Rise of metro sexuality has bring in new
target consumer for jewellery industry
purchasing jewellery for themselves
and developed market for jewellery
Little scope for traditional jewellery, Market driven by fashion
Shift in orientation
from specialist
branded retailers to mass are inclined to go forConsumers
, consumers cheapest wantdeals
Value for money and
merchandisers , online retailers and home shopping are indifferent towards purchase medium if
Increasing demandandforare lessprice
lower loyal
andto brands
greater convenience the brand is not popular

With loosening social structure , Jewellery sales is shifting from Gifting culture is giving way to
an event centric phenomenon to a self purchasing activity individuality and self-indulgence

White gold becoming more prominent as it highlights the stone Consumers are open to experimentation
better and equally prefer all metals as long as
Colored gems , platinum and white diamond still a popular they contribute to Jewellery aesthetics
choice for engagement rings
Trends and Insights- CHINA

Industry Trends Strategic Insights

- Strong Gift Exchange Culture Cross generations and vice versa

-China witnessing Highest number of weddings in history Jewellery Consumption is driven by Gifting
- Peak sales volume during Chinese spring festival, valentines day Culture in China

- Purchase motives Ornamental, Financial and Social status

High concern towards Outward (Social
- High style consciousness and low brand consciousness
,design) satisfaction than Inward
- Healthy sales in spite of recession

- Middle and old aged Chinese Preferred towards Gold

Fragmented jewellery choice that varies with
- Young Chinese preference towards Platinum and Diamonds,
generations and occasions
consider gold as a vulgar metal

- Increased consumer confidence fueling Online Retail growth Customers Receptive to new mediums if
- Consumers still Skeptic of High value online purchase enough assurance and credibility is attached
Trends and Insights- CHINA

Industry Trends Strategic Insights

Domestic players inclination towards
-Domestic player dominance and their dependency on gold and
traditional jewellery leaves a Strategic Gap
traditional jewellery to fulfill rising demand for contemporary and
- Rising liking and awareness towards contemporary designs and alternate jewellery forms
forms (colored stones)

- Rising trend of premiumisation amongst domestic players due

Healthy ecosystem for premium/luxury
to its increasing acceptance HIGHLIGHTS product shaping up and is expected to
- Rising ability of customers to differentiate between product
increase over time
Healthy market for traditional as well as contemporary jewellery
Traditional jewellery sales are event centric
-Rising cross border purchases superiority
due to of Western luxury brands, rise of luxury
perceived quality
Relative ease of adoption amongst Chinese
differences in Hong Kong, ecosystem
USA and Europe
of international brands
- Rising inclination towards international travel due to increasing
Online and physical stores need to coexist to be successful
Trends and Insights- MIDDLE EAST

Trends Insights

Change in preference toward contemporary and designer jewels

High brand consciousness of residents and tourist Greater willingness to pay premium on
Increased disposable income brands
Greater exposure to western culture

Strong mall culture
Touch and feel are important for
Low interest in online sales of jewellery
assurance before buying jewellery
Excellent market for sales of Italian as
well as traditional Indian jewellery
using stores only
Unbranded jewellery form major share of jewellery sales
Preference toward gold traditionally Existing familiarity with metals other
Men refrain from wearing gold Brand
due reputation
to religious customsin Western countries
than gold
will heavily
Use of silver and platinum for wedding bands affect sales in mid east

Sales to tourist comprise 50% of sales

Market for both traditional and
Gold still major purchase by South Asian people (50%)
contemporary jewellery
High brand consciousness of residents
Understanding GITANJALI
Business, Strengths and Issues
Gitanjali Gems Ltd. OVERVIEW
One of the largest integrated branded jewellery players
Resources & Capabilities Global Presence
Market Size : $3000 million
multinational group

Financial Resources : Large cash

Europe Japan
inflow and heavy spending on
Innovation & New Initiatives:
Creation of smallest heart shaped USA Middle
diamond in the world (at o.o3
Automated Jewellery Vending India

Business Expansion through

acquisitions : Brands like Stefan
Hafner, Io Si etc

Strategic Presence across

markets : 10 global and 6 regional
offices.This not only allows for the
attainment of extensive reach but
4 stores in Dubai Distribution to a retail chain
also mass 104 stores of Distribution of Indian with over 50 stores
Samuels in the South Jewellery to over 50 stores of Key market for future
West Damas, Al-Haseena, Alukkas growth potential for the Group
Gitanjali Gems Ltd KEY STRENGHTS

Strong Brand Skills and Manufacturing
Advertisement and
Portfolio Technology Capabilities
Invested 500 Crores Rs Dedicated design teams 3 state of the art
4 of the top 5 leading in past 5 years to create comprising award diamond cutting and
luxury brands in India consumer desire for winning designers polishing facilities
diamond jewllery Use of high precision 9 modern jewellery
Different price points
and varying degrees of Largest media buyer in CAD CAM processes and manufacturing facilities
fashion-intensity. Indian Jewellery equipment 235,000 pieces per
segment Around 70+ designers month
High recall value
through consistent introduce approx 4,000 Geographical dispersion
association with top new designs each year helps in mitigating risk
Indian Celebrities arising due to labour etc

Because of diverse brand The company ensures high Gitanjali enjoys a strong It has the flexibility to switch
portfolio it is able to satiate visibility of all the brands competitive advantage designs rapidly thus being
varied needs and demands which can be leveraged owing to its automated able to service shorter
of customers , nationally as while launching them in and best-in-class jewellery life cycles more
well as globally foreign markets machinery & techniques effectively than others


Fully Integrated Supply Chain allows Gitanjali to exercise complete operational control and bring
down cost of jewellery
Gitanjali Identity CRISIS

Leading Italian Jewels

Giantti Stores Store name not reflecting luxury image
Multiple brands (Indian + Italian) Brand name is generic and passive
Limited visibility and promotions
Store brand v/s In store brands Website poorly designed


Brand Stores v/s Gitanjali Stores Departmental Stores

Nearly same brands available at both the stores Gilli, Asmi available at fashion departmental stores
Dilution of individual brand equities Brand equity dilution

Everything available Everywhere Strategy (Multiple distribution formats with
conflicting brand images) Biggest hindrance in road to luxury brand

Gitanjali brings multiple images (Multiple Brands Disconnected Brand system with
no binding force) in prospects mind No Singular Identity
Gitanjali Gems Ltd OBSTACLES

Vision : To become the worlds largest player in branded luxury space

Segregation of
Well known Flagship
Luxury and Non-
luxury product

Presence of luxury
Unique identity
brands in portfolio
This can be achieved by creation of an Asset which
have a Strong, doto
Route we
Singular have?
and Consistent identity of
Information Rarity its own across the world
Recognized Symbol-
Rarity of people
Logo / Image
who wear them

Distribution Rarity
Selective Heritage/ Personal
Distribution History
Brands Overview ITALIAN
Name Product Attributes Distribution Promotion
Stefan - New classic looks - 3rd party online stores -Trade shows, Jewelry Awards
Hafner - Traditional craftsmanship with - 3rd party jewelry retailers - On Store promotional displays
(Ultra contemporary approach (Online + Offline) - Collections at Fashion shows
Luxury) - Diamond, pearls and colored - Flagship store in China, - Magazine advertisements
gems UAE
Some Common Observations
Porrati - Seductive ,Feminine designs, 3rd party online stores - PR Channels - magazines,
(Luxury) high on fashion (eBay) websites
- Serves as a mean to express - 3rd party jewelry retailers - Fashion Shows
All theFemininity (Online + Offline)
brands have Unique Designs and styles of their- On
-Use of Gold, Diamonds, Stones - Damas store in UAE
Best of the world designs
Nouvelle - Diamond and gold jewellery - 3rd party online stores - Limited Magazine
Bague - Inspired by Fantasies, Dreams - 3rd party jewelry retailers Advertisements
(Fashion) Limited
and EmotionsPromotional and Marketing efforts
(Online + Offline) are put -inOn
these brands as compared
-For Cosmopolitan, Confident to Global Counterparts
- Damas store in UAE
woman with dynamic social life
Valente - Extensive use of stones, rose gold, - 3rd party online stores - Limited promotional efforts
Milano diamonds - 3rd party jewelry retailers - On store displays
(Luxury) - Innovative, Contemporary with (Online + Offline)
traditional touch
Io Si - Limited Editions, Personalized, - 3rd party online stores - Limited promotional efforts
(Fashion) Contemporary, - 3rd party jewelry retailers - On store displays
- Fusion of Gold with Rubies, (Online + Offline)
Pearls and Diamonds
Strategy BASE
Reasons behind Recommendations
Insights Strategy
Healthy market for traditional as well -Create Room for Indian (Nakshatra, Asmi)
as contemporary jewellery and Italian brands to Coexist
Perceived superiority of Western - Italian brands will be Relatively Easy to China
luxury brands, rising luxury ecosystem establish
Online and physical stores need to Critical Success
- Tap the Growing Factor
online retail market by
Coexist to be successful differentiating on service and trust front
Facts: Chinese are amongst the largest number of tourists in US and Europe
Insights Strategy
Rising influence of Western culture on middle east countries
Use of jewellery as fashion extension -Indian brands are Design Misfit due to
Light jewellery Diamond branding
& White and positioning
gold traditional of our store as a
and ethnic orientation
Consumers orientation Valuein US,
towards Europe
- Extra and Hong
efforts to develop Kongthewill have
luxury around USA
for money and indifference towards brand to gain Acceptance
cascading effect of sales in China and Middle East
purchase medium if brand not popular
Customization + Self Indulgence - More emphasis on in Store Service

Insights Strategy
Market for traditional as well as Italian - Indian as well as Italian brands can coexist
Mall culture shadows online retail
Brand reputation in West will have - Careful branding in west on strategic
trickle down effect on east locations with healthy tourist traffic
Worldwide Jewelry RETAIL FORMATS
A - Ultra Fine Guild Mapping the Mediums D - Well Established local Stores
-High quality, high priced upscale shops Type USA China UAE - Localized operations, good local image
- Advertise heavily at awards, charities, - Freestanding buildings, malls
fashion shows, magazines etc. A - Moderate to high quality jewelry, keep
- Upscale malls, upscale shopping streets collections of Good
brands too for
- Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston B - Discounts, schemes, credit
development of
- Lux Bond, Joyalukkas, Mings
C luxury/premium
B - Designer Outlets/ Boutiques store in Mid
D E -Large Retail ChainsEast
- Stores of well known reputed
Mature Market in US. anddesigners
- Distributors of known China
designers E
- Very highGood
designs name
and or low collections, new designers
construction price are two prime F Online storefrom quality to affordable
- Wide range
-TV, newspaper inserts, discounts
- Located in upscale for purchase
shopping locations negligible in mid east
- Sterling , Chow Tai Fook, Damas
- High priced, limited collection Matured
- Stefan Hafner, Jean Schlumberger etc. Growth Phase but gaining traction
- Established malls, high traffic locations
Nil / Introduction in China.
C- Online Retail Chains F -Departmental Stores
- Fastest growing medium - Mass , popular, stylish jewelry
-3rd party stores, merchant stores -Private label brands
- Wide range of jewelry, mass -premium - Newspaper inserts, TV, discounts etc.
- eBay, BlueNile, Amazon, Osterjeweler - Sears, Wal-Mart, Target etc.
What do we PROPOSE?

Global Luxury Store

Single dedicated Luxury Stores for Italian luxury

Jewellery Brands
Strong and Consistent Brand Identity across

Extended Distribution

Distribution of selected Gitanjali brands(Indian/

Italian) through
Standalone Brand Stores (Owned/ Franchised)
Third Party Distributors
Creation ,Promotion and Distribution
CREATION Proposed Global Store Identity

Core Identity Premium destination for Reputed Italian Jewelry brands known for its EXCELLENCE in design
A clear cut identity driving all future branding initiatives Clearly defines the unique position as store of ITALIAN jewelry

Personality Store Ambience Services and Staff

Interiors inspired by rich Knowledgeable and
Elegant Sophisticated Italian heritage technically competent staff on
Upper Class Aspirational Designed to give an overall diamonds and jewellery
ITALIAN EXPERIENCE rather Experts on Italian design and
than a Shopping experience its heritage

Brand Name: Emotional & Self Expressive

Brand name Typical user admirer and
resonating with core connoisseur of Italian designs
identity of excellence Feeling of enrichment and
and elegance satisfaction

Unique attribute
Packaging to be identified
with brand
White colored boxes with store
name logo on it
Tied with Steel Bracelets designed
by Italian Designers
CREATION Proposed Global Store Identity

Objective Premium destination for Reputed Italian Jewelry brands known for its excellence in design
Issue Creating Identity of ultra premium store without diluting luxury identity of its In-store brands

Road to Luxury

Price not mentioned anywhere outside store catalogue Emblematic print only advertisement

No use of known celebrities in any ads Use of celebrities as ambassador and for testimonials only

Events sponsor and organization attended by selected few Special emphasis on enrichment of customer

Brand physique Brand Personality

Collection of beautifully designed Connoisseur , Elegant ,
jewellery from reputed brand Sophisticated

I trust the company to bring me Kapferer Prism Culture
best in class Italian jewellery for Italian

La Elegancia
Customer Reflection
Self Concept
HNWI , Celebs , Successful
I am beautiful , classy and unique. I
businessman and Classy
understand nuances of fine jewellery

Intended Brand Identity


Branding Challenge: To develop brand equity at 3 levels All 3 entities have Conflicting Branding
Gitanjali Group In Store Brands Outlet Possible Cannibalization of brand equity

Branding in Phases by strategically deciding the priorities and order Timeline In Store Brands
Developing ecosystem to complement overall brand environment
Store Gitanjali

6 Months 12 Months 18 Months

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

1 - Kick off with the Store 2 - Get In store brands in game 3 Time for Gitanjali
Time: Start the branding Time: 6th month onwards Time: 18th month onwards
Entirely new brand Complementing the brand Will benefit by established
Need time to build brand equity of store brands (Store + In Store)
equity Enhancing own Brand Value Complement the whole

After 18th month branding for Store and Brands will take place in parallel to the group branding
PROMOTION La Elegancia
In Store Service Advertisements
Trained staff: Staff should know about diamond and jewellery
nuances especially about the Italian jewellery and brands . Testimonial: Testimonial from celebrities that
Enriched Customer: Share knowledge with customer about visits store and ensuring that it is circulated by PR
diamonds and jewellery design technicalities so that he feels
enriched and boast about his knowledge to others Ambassador : Not needed. Brand ambassador will
No pressure to buy : Customer should feel like they are visiting be used at individual brand level
art gallery with purpose of enjoying beauty
Print Ads: Emblematic print using no sales pitch
Public Relations : Generating awareness without actually
and no known face. Special attention on
advertising it
Online presence - SEO, Magazines ,
Event sponsor and Organization
CSR - Active communication of major CSR events
Stories that happened inside the store
e.g. Stories behind the designs and the designer Events attended by selected few only
Stories around usage by celebrity clients No Team Sponsor

Using the Signatures: Codes that decodes a brand In Store Ads PR

Logotype: The logo attached to the brand name

Visual Symbols: Additional visual symbols identified with the brands
Packaging : Final pack with specially designed steel chain with logo X
Picture : with special close up detail X
Motifs : Motif taken from steel chain used wherever possible

La Elegancia Italian Brands Gitanjali


Objective To strengthen existing Brand Equity To generate Awareness amongst new customers
Issue Striking a balance between New store marketing and In store brands marketing
A luxury brand requires a different marketing approach to develop its brand equity 3 Steps

Public Relations : Generating awareness without actually advertising it

Stories around the brand- Implicit mention of brand name e.g. Stories behind the designs and the designer
Listing on all luxury brand databases, luxury rating agencies Stories around usage by celebrity clients
Online presence - SEO, Luxury awards listings, Magazines
Offline presence - Tabloids, lifestyle magazines Personal letter: Sending printed letter to each esteemed
Utilize PR muscle of Porrati customer

Using the Signatures: Codes that decodes a brand In Store Ads PR

Creator Figure : Using figure of creator of the brand - Stefan Hafner, Roberta Porrati X
Logotype: The logo attached to the brand name
Visual Symbols: Additional visual symbols identified with the brand (e.g. picture of a design)

Testimonials: Capturing what famous people saying Ambassador: Paying celebrity to endorse product
about the brand
Only for Fashion Jewelry: Nouvelle Bague and IoSi
All 5 Italian brands Preferably celebrity known for good fashion sense
Entries by celebrities visiting store or using product like Sonam Kapoor

La Elegancia Italian Brands Gitanjali


Post 18th Month the branding for the group will take place at 3 parallel levels


Use of PR
muscle of the International level Jewellery Design
Competition for leading design schools in
company India , US, China and UAE

Accompanied by extensive media

coverage Online + Offline

Awareness Group Awareness generation at, future

generation designer + Consumer level
through CSR

La Elegancia Italian Brands Gitanjali


La Elegancia Store
Italian Brands
Suggested Store Locations *
Middle East Abu Dhabi , Dubai , Sharjah , Beirut ,
Los Angeles , New York ,Chicago , Stefan High Jewellery
USA Washington , San Francisco , Boston , Hafner Top
Philadelphia , Houston

Porrati , Necklace,
Beijing , Shanghai , Guangdong ,
Valentene , Io Heart of Costly Rings
China Zhejiang
Si , Nouvelle Range and Bracelets

* Based on combination of Per capita income , Number of Porrati , Entry

millionaires in that region Valentene , Io Products Rings ,
Si , Nouvelle Bracelets
Retail Distribution
Third Party Samuels , Company owned Must be necessarily present only in
Premium Brand Selected Stores like Exclusive La Elegancia Store
Retailers Premium Brand Nakshatra , Third
Retailer party Premium Lower range rings and Bracelets can also
brand retailers use multi brand retail like Samuels
Global Distribution and Marketing
Brand Positioning Taste and Preferences of customers in
Price Foreign market
Both Traditional and
Contemporary Jewellery
Recommended Brand Assortment Ornamental
More for Social Status
New Line
inspired USA: DDamas, Gili , Nakshatra , La Elegancia Store
by China : DDamas, Gili , Nakshatra , A china exclusive
Chinese traditional collection , La Elegancia USA Less Traditional , more trendy
Easy to wear jewellery
culture Mid East : All indian brands , La Elegancia

Rise of Luxury brands

Mid Indian essence is preferred

High on Tradition East Transition from gold to diamond

High on Fashion

Traditional Blended Elegant Stylish Trendy

Nakshatra, Gili and DDamas will be launched Internationally in All Three Markets
China: No traditional indian brand like Maya , Shuddhi. We recommend launch of new line inspired by Chinese culture
UAE : All Indian brands along with La Elegancia

Distribution Samuels Stores (Online + Offline) Current brand equity does not justify Standalone Gitanjali stores
The Royal Corner: Special section dedicated to Indian brands at each Samuels store
Promotions Section designed and inspired by Indian Heritage
Royal corner section listed on Online Retail website of Samuels

Middle East
Distribution Standalone Brand Stores(Gilli, Nakshatra) + Multi Brand Gitanjali stores
Strong Brand Equity and Visibility amongst large South Asian population
Print advertisements in lifestyle magazines and leading tabloids
Promotions Launch of collections at fashion weeks
Celebrity Endorsements are must due to huge popularity of Bollywood in Middle east

Distribution 3rd Party multi brand jewellery outlets
Launch of New Collections inspired by Chinese designs to suit local taste
Promotions On store promotions
CSR Initiatives
Indian and International

Research Issues cited in Survey

Primary: Online Survey in India using Facebook and
mails ,, 41 Respondents , 30 Males , 11 Females . Age :

Corruption in the form of bribing

Yz1HoIuOampJddexNlz8N4oFnwBbQ9k/viewform Education

Secondary: CSR online journals, Consultancy Reports Human Trafficking. Special attention to woman

Education and upbringing of orphans
Consumer tend to pay premium if they believe
Sanitation in and slums
issues in rural
genuineness of CSR. This makes Concern
PR very forimportant
Old age people ousted by children
Medical Care
Top national issuesinMajority of issues
mind that CSR cited here
can address are covered by Gitanjali
Support to Farmers
Do you think Socially Responsible Companies are
initiative Sambhav Child Marriage
more trustworthy than companies with little or no
CSR activities ?
The survey will be used to pick Environment
up top two issues to be aided
Are they ready to pay in India for products which
aids national issues
Ready to Pay Premium
Believe CSR is Genuine Total : 56%(23/41) Male: 46.67 (14/41)
Female: 81.81%(9/11)

Total: 75.60 % ( 31/41) 36.37%(8/22) Male who believed CSR is out of

Male : 73.33 (22/30) genuine concern yet chose not to pay premium for CSR
Female : 81.81% (9/11)
All Females(9/9) who believed in genuineness were
eager to pay for CSR

Widening the Scope of current CSR Initiative SAMBHAV

Initiative for
Livelihood for old
eliminating Women
age people

Rescue Foundation , PRAYAAS Help Age India, Age Well Foundation

Suggested Partners

An Initiative for eliminating WOMEN TRAFFICKING

Severity of the Issue SHIKSHA Initiatives

Awareness JYOTI: A
Shristi : A Computer
training Literacy
Program on Program
Training in Basic
culinary skills skills knowledge of
Psychologic Stitching computers
al training Cloth cutting Job of
Educating Embroidery Receptionist ,
about HIV work Data entry
Jewel setting personnel in
and other
workshops malls and
diseases offices

The initiative will help in eradicating this grave
Some Facts: issue thus saving lives of many innocent girls
38% is commercial sex trafficking ( Data about India)
It is the second largest criminal Industry worldwide Providing education and training will help
them in becoming self dependent

Livelihood for old age people

Causes to Support
Today there are 77 million old people in India. Activities in collaboration with
This number is likely to rise to 177 million by 2025
90% of the older people are from unorganized
Agewell Foundation
sector with no social security Engaging them in voluntary teaching or student
40% of the old live below poverty line counselling programs
75% of the old are from the rural areas Training them in handicraft skills thus helping
55% of the women 60+ in age [a staggering 19 them to become self dependent
million] are widows Celebration of festivals like Diwali, Holi
73% of the old are illiterate


Share your story
Own Portal Campaign
Company owned portal created to drive higher
customer engagement with Sambhav Create a Facebook Page of Sambhav
This portal will detail all the activities done by Invite people to share their CSR experience or
Gitanjali in various domains story with us
Creating customer login where they can come Popular CSR Initiative will get help from
and donate voluntarily in favor of any cause Gitanjali in form of funds and support
Objective: Implementing CSR as part of corporate strategy by being socially responsible in its core competencies

Responsible Jewellery Council

Responsible Jewellery Council has more than 440 members. Each

member is audited independently on international practices
Copy of audited certificate prominently displayed in each exclusive
outlet by Gitanjali
Customer communicated that Gitanjali has taken enough measures to
ensure that diamonds are conflict free
DTC , Tiffany , Bulgari , Cartier are member of this Council
Organization ensuring its supply chain remains free of conflict diamond
Organization ensuring its supply chain remains free of conflict diamond

Global initiative to strengthen local artisan

Collaborating with designing and fashion institutes to conduct free sessions

and trainings for week handicraft industry and local artist
Enriching experience for both students and artisan
Implemented in all major market of Gitanjali

Organization associating itself deeply with designs and designers

CSR : Let the CONSUMER Know
Give Back to Society

Markup price was

We propose to include the 10000 for product
contribution towards CSR in every bill when displayed on
that a customer gets shelf
At 0.1% of markup price net
contribution 2012-13 would be 12.49
Crore at 12498 crores of sale for
For every contribution by customer
same amount can be donated by

You helped them smile This initiative will be launched globally at all Gitanjali stores

A small printed brochure containing

all the details of CSR activities by
Gitanjali will be pinned with the bill
The idea is to let consumer know whom
they helped and make them feel proud
by association with Gitanjali
Different brochure for India and
foreign countries
Executive Summary

Jewellery Market and Gitanjali

Jewellery Market Gitanjali

US is mature luxury market while China and Fully integrated supply chain as major
mid East are evolving competitive advantage
Traditional jewellery important in Asia core obstacle toward its vision of becoming
Luxury in US is accepted as luxury in Asia global luxury player is absence of a global
Ecommerce not major distribution avenue brand that can provide it with global identity

Gitanjali as major Luxury Player

La Elegancia Italian Brands Indian Brands

Ultra Premium Italian Strategy : Utilization of Selected brands based
store housing luxury luxury branding strategy on trends and insights
Italian brand different from regular from country
Major challenge: new branding Gili , Nakshatra and
store identity should not Extended Distribution: Ddamas sold in all
overshadow Italian Low cost rings and bracelets markets
luxury brands equity sold through this medium

CSR as Corporate Strategy

Two initiatives each in national and international CSR has been proposed.
Objective is to incorporate CSR as major strategic leverage.
Bill , Brochure and PR will be key to improving companys CSR reputation worldwide
Thank You