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The residents were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman and were introduced to Andrew
Birkett one of the Parish Councillors who gave an update on the work being undertaken in Old

The play area on the Green should now be complete early in August and it is hoped to have the
official opening on 19th August when there is the Summer Fete. There is also the possibility of a
Skate Park on the swale on Sherbourne Drive for which funding is to be applied for and one
resident has agreed to look into this. The councillor did state that the residents would be consulted
on this at a later date

Ian McLennan our Wiltshire Councillor is still involved in the provision of a purpose-built Nursery for
Old Sarum and Longhedge but progress is slow. In the mean-time the present Nursery which is
situated in the school and one of the halls in the Community Centre is extending its hours from 8

There is an issue with the new play area on Norman Drive in that cars are being driven up on to the
area. A barrier is to be put at the bottom of where there is a tarmac to stop this.

Summer Fete on 19th August. Councillor Burkett will help with this as the Parish Rep. It will run from
2 5 pm and more information will be available shortly through the Community Facebook page

The Chair of the Residents Association resigned from the Association together with his wife due to
other commitments but three other residents agreed to join in order that the Association can

Questions from Residents

1. Weeds in gutters on Partridge way resident advised to contact the Parish Clerk who will
follow up.
2. Grass cutting on the Portway. Only one strip has been cut. Resident advised to contact the
Parish Clerk with details.
3. The bus shelter near the school has a pane of glass missing. This is still owned by Persimmon
Homes. Ian McLennan will contact them.
4. Land near Norman Drive and Virginia Way. A resident wondered why all the area had not
been cut. It is still owned by Persimmon Homes but it is thought that part may be a wild
flower area.
5. The telephone box on the Portway has been damaged. Ian McLennan will take this up with