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Anuva Fellner

UWRT 1104
Midterm Reflection

When I started this class, I was hesitant about writing and wasnt aware of my
capabilities. I didnt think I could write well enough or get my ideas down onto paper. Through
all the activities that we did, I was able to branch out and feel comfortable writing how I felt. Commented [FA1]:
Doing different activities that pertained to my writing style rather than what others wanted me Commented [FA2R1]: *How comfortable? K.D.
to write led me to develop as a writer and not mind writing as much. By starting with reading Commented [FA3R1]: Ive become more accepting of my
and analyzing different articles and practicing our analyzation skills, I was able to grow as an thoughts and comfortable sharing them with others without
intellectual and find key points in certain articles. Using those points, I have been able to apply the fear of being judged -A.F.

them to everyday scenarios and use them in other writing sources. The modules and studios Commented [FA4]: You said analyze twice, kind of
that we have completed have allowed me to expand my knowledge on other media outlets that
I can use to create presentations or how to use them to learn more about a topic. I would have Commented [FA5]: Good point, how can you use them in
never thought that memes could be used to connect real-world problems or scenarios, because the future? K.D.

I originally only looked at memes for comedic purposes and never took them seriously. Commented [FA6R5]: I can reach out to a larger audience
and create more visually appealing ways of getting my
Now halfway through the semester, I have written more journal entries, essays, or points across. A.F.
inquiry questions than I ever have in all of high school. The inquiry project started off really
foggy and unclear to me in the beginning, but now I have a clear understanding of where I want
to head with the project. Its interesting to see how I started out to where I am now on the
inquiry project. I initially started with the general idea that I wanted to address ignorance, but I
had no idea where I wanted to go with it-who I wanted to address (discourse community), what
type of ignorance, etc. Now, after working with Dr. Mitchell and completing projects such as
the annotated bibliography, which allowed me to find sites about certain types of ignorance,
and the group inquiry project, which allowed me to connect my topic with another, I have
made a clear vision for my inquiry project. Working and discussing in class and with different
groups has allowed me to expand my knowledge on other topics and in return has helped me
become less ignorant to other topics, which helps me for my project because I am a first-hand
account for ways learning has encouraged me to be more curious and more open-minded.
With only half of the semester left, my goal is to continue to branch out onto new media
outlets to learn how to use that in different ways, to continue to write in different genres, and
to talk about issues I usually wouldnt talk about. I hope I continue to grow as a writer and Commented [FA7]: I like how you begin to talk about goals
adapt to new scenarios as well as I did taking this first-year writing course. I hope to use the that you set for yourself.

techniques I have learned from this course in future classes and life, because writing is a huge
part of success, and this course has already shown me the impact writing can have on my life,
so Im excited to see where writing takes me in the future. Commented [FA8]: Youre so cute, good job - Kate