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Exercise 1

Ask questions and give short answers:

Example: you/ a toy plane? (no) Have you got a toy train? No, I havent.

1. your father/ a black car? (yes)


2. Jimmy and Mark/ new computers?/ (no)


3. this bookshop/ good books?/ (yes)


4. Spotty/ a black and white puppy?/ (yes)


5. Your grandparents/ a colourful parrot? (no)

Exercise 2
Fill in have or has in the affirmative, negative or interrogative:

1. _________________ he got any friends in London?

2. Joe _____________ breakfast every morning.

3. They ______________ got any sandwiches.

4. My cat _______________ got any white kittens.

5. ______________ you got a large room?

6. ______________ Mary got classes on Thursday?

7. I_______________ got short and curly hair.

8. Walter and I ______________ got beautiful bikes.

9. ____________ Betty and Sue got a canary?

Solutions A1: Has your father got a black car? / Yes, he has.
Have Jimmy and Mark got new computers? / No, they havent.
Has this bookshop got good books?/ Yes, it has.
Has Spotty got a black and white puppy? / Yes, it has.
Have your grandparents got a colourful parrot?/ No, they havent.
Solutions A2: Has , has, havent, hasnt, Have, Has, have, have, Have