August 13, 2010 Mark Gravel Mark A.

Gravel Properties LLC 1795 Albert Street Alexandria, LA 71301-6302 Dear Mark Gravel: 1793 Albert Street & 1795 Albert Street (Land Development Code Violation) As you are aware, the above captioned property is zoned “SF-2”, Single-Family (Moderate Density) District and has lost its nonconforming use status. A recent review of utility records has confirmed that utilities have been recently secured for both houses located on the lot, as follows: • • 1793 Albert Street – The utilities were turned on, for Ethel Bethard, on June 16, 2009. 1795 Albert Street – The utilities were turned on, for Gravel Properties, on April 8, 2010.

Based upon this information, it appears that the two (2), detached, single-family, residences are being inhabited, in violation of the zoning ordinances. As a result, by order of the Director of Planning, the Planning Division hereby issues a Cease and Desist Order to you, whereby one (1) of the detached, single-family, dwellings, located on your property, may no longer be used as a detached, single-family, dwelling, on or after ten (10) days after the date of this letter, which coincides with the date this letter is mailed. Mr. Gravel, you may be liable for all enforcement costs incurred by the City of Alexandria in correcting the violation. However, you have the right to appeal the Cease and Desist Order. In the event you wish to appeal, the following guidelines explain that process, and its’ requirements: 1. Initiating an appeal. An appeal may be initiated by filing a petition with the Director of Planning, once informal attempts to resolve the customer’s complaint have failed. The following information shall be contained in the petition: a. The name, address, and telephone number of the interested party filing the appeal, and the name of the owner and/or customer, if the appeal is being filed by an interested party other than the owner and/or customer. b. The property address and a facility contact person, if different from the owner.

Jacques M. Roy Mayor

Post Office Box 1872 Alexandria, Louisiana 71309 Tel (318) 473-1370 • Fax (318) 473-1372

City of Alexandria Planning


The decision, enforcement action, or other action being appealed and the decision of the action.

d. An indication of the appellant’s status as an interested party. e. A statement giving specific reason why the appellant believes the decision of the Director of Planning is incorrect or does not comply with the rules and regulations found in this Chapter. f. New or different documents, drawings, plans, or other material appellant believes supports the case.

2. Hearing. The City Council may itself conduct the hearing and take the evidence, or may designate any of its members or any officer or employee to: a. Issue, in the name of the City Council, notices of hearings requested, the attendance and testimony of witnesses, and the production of evidence relevant to any matter involved in such hearings; b. Take the evidence; c. Transmit a report of the evidence and hearings, including transcripts and other evidence, together with recommendations to the City Council for action thereon.

At any hearing held pursuant to this article, testimony must be under oath and recorded stenographically. The transcript, so recorded, will be made available to any member of the public or any party to the hearing upon payment of the usual charges thereof. After the City Council has reviewed the evidence, it may issue an order to the user responsible for the violation, following a specified time period, that corrective action be completed, and/or penalties be paid. Further orders and directives, as are necessary and appropriate, may be issued. A party or person aggrieved by the City Council decision shall have the right of judicial review of such determination in Ninth Judicial District Court.


Glen Couvillion Zoning Enforcement Analyst GC/gc cc: Ethel Bethard

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