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22/09/2017 have + been + past participle: what tense?

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have + been + past participle: what tense?

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manuuna I'm losing my mind trying to find out what tense exactly is
New Member have + been + past participle
probably is a dumb question.. but i really have to know. =))
portuguese and english

manuuna, Janeiro 15, 2010 #1

Natalisha 'I have been told' - passive form of present perfect.

Senior Member


Natalisha, Janeiro 15, 2010 #2

Giorgio Spizzi Maybe the example offered by Natalisha is a little sophisticated in that it contains a passive form of "tell" which is rather peculiar to
Senior Member English. I would invite manoona to think of the following pair: "Jack has eaten the cake" and "The cake has been eaten by Jack". The
1st contains a Present Perfect (Active) whilst the 2nd contains a Present Perfect Passive. More formally: Jack + HAS + eatEN + the
cake > The cake +HAS + beEN+ eatEN + by Jack.

Giorgio Spizzi, Janeiro 15, 2010 #3

manuuna thanks. now, i get it! it's quite simple actually.

New Member

portuguese and english

manuuna, Janeiro 17, 2010 #4

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