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Past Simple

Rewrite the sentences in the past simple.

1. Bob works in a restaurant.

2. Tom studies hard.

3. Mary watches TV in the evening.

4. I go to work every day.
5. He always wears jeans.
6. We have dinner at nine.
7. She eats a lot of food.
8. He often comes late.

Write the negative form.

1. Pat was pretty last night

2. Bob and Jill were hungry.

3. I was in hospital last week.

4. I saw your father.

5. I heard a noise.

6. I hated him

7. Tonia found a new house.

8. Jean wrote a letter.

Put the verbs into the negative and the interrogative.

1. Bill washed the car.


2. Dad tried to open the door.


3. She stopped the car.

4. Alex slept till 2.00.


5. Mum lost her wallet.

6. Vivi stole the money.

Complete. Use the past simple.

1. I .(call) you last night but your werent at home.
2. I .(not / like) the film we saw yesterday.
3. What (you / do) last night?
4. I .(not / feel) very well, so I
..(stay) in bed.
5. I (not/want) to meet Jane so when she came in I
6. Jim .. (eat) two sandwiches for breakfast.
7. Nasia ..(learn) French at school.
8. Where (you/go) yesterday?
9. What (she/drink)?
10. He .. (know) the answer to the problem.