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Global experience
and trusted solutions
Bridges Bridges

World-leading Tailored
coatings forbridges
Hempel was founded in 1915 and is today one of the
worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers of coating Bridges are essential in bringing people together.
solutions. Our advanced protective and decorative They span land, rivers and even the seas. Made from
coatings can be found on millions of surfaces around concrete and steel, bridges require tailored protective
the globe. coatings to ensure they are resistant to weather,
climate and the pollution caused by continual traffic.
From the worlds longest bridges and tallest skyscrapers
to airports, sports stadia and civil structures our coatings Whether huge and breathtaking or functional and
protect your assets against corrosion in many different unassuming, bridges are essential to keep us
and challenging environments. connected. This is why we have designed our range of
high performance, anti-corrosion systems to provide an
Our history is rooted in protective coatings for the extreme advanced, durable, hard working and good looking finish
conditions experienced in the Marine, Decorative and to reduce maintenance and keep people on the move.
Protective industries, so you can be assured that we offer
trusted technology, experttechnical service and reliability. Whatever the challenge of your project, we have the
right corrosion protection to meet your specific needs
With our vast expertise and knowledge, you know that by and offer on and off site technical support that makes
choosing Hempel, you are choosing a brand you cantrust. a real difference to you.

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Bridges Bridges

Global service Proven performance Professional support Innovative solutions

We want to give you the right products on site, on time, Our range of high performance protective coatings Our customers know that specifying the right products With 15 global research and development facilities, we work
every time. With the support of our 28 manufacturing offer advanced protection and optimised application is crucial when designing bridges, to ensure corrosion locally with you to provide the right solution for your project.
plants and over 150 stock points worldwide, we offer for a durable finish that looks good for longer, in even protection, good appearance and minimum maintenance. Our research and development teams are committed to
a flexible service to all our customers. A service that the most challenging climates. With a proven track record, Our multinational, globally based teams are uniquely continuous development of innovative and effective speciality
we believe is second to none. we are a trusted protective coatings partner for our positioned to ensure the smooth running of your project. coatings to give you durable protection whilst ensuring
customers in the construction industry around the world. From planning to completion, specification to application, environmental responsibilities are met.
we have key people to support you both off and on site.

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Bridges Bridges

Contex EM
Elastomeric coating for
outstanding protection

Tough climates require tough protection.

Our Contex range uses advanced technology to
deflect solar rays, protect against carbonation and
enhance crack bridging.

Outstanding crack bridging properties
Excellent anti-carbonation properties
Excellent UV resistance
Exceptional weathering resistance

Crack bridging in mm
Contex EM is ideally suited for bridges, roads, by-passes Certification
and tunnels, itis available in a variety of finishes and
textures that prolong the life of concrete surfaces. BSEN 7-1062 Crack bridging
Flexible formulation for
outstanding crack bridging BSEN 6-1062 Carbon dioxide diffusion
Contex EM is a waterborne elastomeric topcoat with 2.7
outstanding dynamic and static crack bridging properties to
accommodate structure movements. Based on 100 percent
pure acrylic binders it provides effective protection against 1.7

harsh climatic conditions. Thebreathable smooth textured

surface offers brilliant anti-carbonation properties.

Dry film thickness in microns

The graph shows that the increase of Contex EM thickness can
bridge wider cracks.

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Bridges Bridges

Focus on

Here at Hempel, we strive to develop coatings that are ever
stronger to protect our customers assets around the world
Avantguard has improved
barrier properties Hempadur Parameters
against the corrosive effects of industry and nature alike. Avantguard displays low water
permeability. The salts produced by
Avantguard 550 DFT range (min and max)
Curing time dry to handle (20-25C)
50 100 micron
1 hour 30 mins
Avantguard, is our innovative, award winning anti-corrosion the activation process fill any space Anti-corrosive performance in compliance VS% 65
technology that redefines anti-corrosion. It is based within the film, sealing it, and enhancing with ISO C5-I high, which is faster curing VOC (g/L) 319
on activated zinc and is locked in to our range of high the barrier properties. and easy to apply.
performance protective coatings. Pot life (20C) 3 hours
Min. overcoating intervals with epoxy (20C) 1 hour
Inhibitor Complies with the requirements for
Avantguard technology uses a new combination of zinc, level 3, type II in SSPC paint 20, 2002. Application equipment Airless spray, air spray,
hollow glass spheres and a proprietary activator, which The inhibition effect helps improve
activates the zinc and enhances its protective capabilities. the anti-corrosive protection Utilises ASTM D520, type II zinc dust.
The zinc salts formed contain high
Avantguard significantly reduces the effects of corrosion and levels of chloride ions that are
offers superior protection. This increased durability has been captured as they are diffused from
proven in extensive tests against standard zinc primers. the environment through the film. This
reduces the concentration of corrosive
Hempadur Parameters

Improves full systems agents that reach the steel structure. Avantguard 750 DFT range (min and max)
Curing time dry to handle (20-25C)
50 100 micron
1 hour 30 mins
Strengthening the system at itsa core, Avantguard gives
Corrosion approaches the surface of the paint and starts Galvanic
The layer on the surface continues to get thicker, Further zoom to show the build of of white salts
to create layer of white salt (layer of green). This should then the glass spheres begin to collect the white on the surface of the glass spheres.
Anti-corrosive performance in compliance VS% 65
the system enhanced anti-corrosion performance.
visually look like a gradual build up. salts (layer of green). Again, this should look like
a gradual build up.
with NORSOK M-501 which is faster curing, VOC (g/L) 316
Activated zinc gives excellent easy to apply and retains its properties
Redefines protection anti-corrosive properties Pot life (20C) 4 hours
even at excessive application.
Avantguard shows reduced rust creep and significantly In the presence of oxygen, water and Min. overcoating intervals with epoxy (20C) 1 hour
better corrosion protection in Cyclic corrosion testing salt, zinc reacts faster than steel. Complies with NORSOK M-501 Ed. 6 Application equipment Airless spray, air spray,
(ISO 20340) NORSOK M501 revision 6 and Salt Spray This delays the corrosion process (ISO 20340) and Level 2, type II in brush
testing (ISO 12944). for much longer. SSPC paint 20, 2002.
Redefines productivity
First approach of the corrosion shouldnt effect
Second approach of the corrosion should form Sacrificial red zinc to then release white salts
the surface of the paint. the crack and start the electrical contact of the (highlighted in black around red zinc) which then Utilises ASTM D520, type II zinc dust.
Avantguard has a high tolerance
zinc. to different climatic makes the green surface layer thicker.

conditions, displayed during application under extreme

thickness, temperature and humidity. Avantguard has a self-healing effect
on micro cracks, which is something
Redefines durability
Avantguard displays improved mechanical strength in the
that weve never seen before. The
protective coating, with improved crack resistance, (shown insoluble salts which are created in
in the Thermal Cycling Resistance test). The NACE cracking the unique zinc activation process
test and Hempel welding test have proven that Avantguard
significantly reduces cracking at low and high DFT. actually occupy the space left by the
microcrack, further preventing the
This new generation of activated zinc primers reduces
the effects of corrosion, offers advanced protection and development of a more serious crack.
increased durability for all-round performance and unlike Josep Palasi
standard zinc epoxies, is effective using all three methods Hempel Strategic Technology Director
of protection.

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Bridges Bridges

Tower Bridge, London UK
After a four-year face-lift, historic Tower
Bridge looks resplendent again in its familiar
blue and white colours. Coated with 22,000

Ring Road
litres of our advanced protective coatings,
this iconic bridge will resist Londons harsh
city environment and continue to display its
true colours for at least the next 25 years.


By using a network of new at-grade roads, depressed roads in Hempaxane Classic 55000
troughs and tunnels, elevated roads and bridges, the first phase
of the First Kuwait Ring Road project will significantly improve Hempathane HS 55610
access to downtown Kuwait City while reducing traffic congestion. Hempadur Mastic 45880

To ensure the Ring Road is protected with leading technology

coatings, the bridge has been coated with over 80,000 litres Nanjing Bridge, China
of ContexEM, providing exceptional flexibility, excellent crack Being the 6th largest suspension bridge
bridging andanti-carbonation properties. in the world the Nanjing Bridge required
over 400,000 litres of Hempel protective
Products coatings. With a length of over 28km and
a span of 5.448km crossing the Yangtze
Contex EM 58600 River, the bridge carries the G42
Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway.

Hempel's Galvosil 15700
Hempadur Sealer 05990
Hempadur MIO 45670
Hempathane Topcoat 55210

Trinec Baliny Road Bridge, Czech

Built as part of the Trinec City Bypass,
the Trinec - Baliny road bridge is one of three
bridges protected with our high performance,
anti-corrosion coatings.

Our proven products meet international,

and more importantly, local approvals, so our
customer is assured of long term durability.
And, with our local service, ensuring optimised
application, the customer benefits from real
cost effective solutions.

Hempadur Zinc 17360
Hempadur Fast Dry 17410
Hempathane HS 55610
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Bridges Bridges

Protective systems
for bridges
1.1. New metal structures (high durability systems) 2. Concrete structures
Dry to Dry to
Volume VOC Volume VOC
System DFT (m) Recommended use Finish touch System DFT (m) Recommended use Finish touch
solids % (g/L) solids % (g/L)
(20oC) (20oC)
Hempels 60 As a versatile primer for Flat 65 1 315 30 mins Contex N.R. A water repellent, well Slight 15 2 678 1 hour
Galvosil long-term protection of Siloxane penetrating, clear siloxane sheen
15700 steel in severely corrosive Acrylic Primer acrylic primer/sealer,
environments. 06300 developed for use in Hempels
Topcoat Contex anti-carbonation
Hempadur 200 Self primed, surface tolerant Semi 80 1 216 3 hours 2nd Coat
Premium Mastic paint system or as an gloss Primer
Topcoat Exterior
2nd Coat C5I-H system 45880/1 intermediate or finishing coat coatings Contex EM 2 x 150 An elastomeric, breathable Silk 42 2 48 2 hours
Primer exterior in heavy duty paint systems
coatings 58600 topcoat offering
where low VOC and high film
>15 years anti-carbonation properties,
build are required. Surface
based on high quality pure
Surface Hempaxane 60 As a VOC-compliant, high-build Glossy 67 1 336 5 hours acrylic binder offering
Light 55030 finishing coat for protection excellent flexibility and crack
of structural steel in severely bridging properties.
corrosive environment.
Contex 1 x 30 An alkali resistant, acrylic Matt 32 2 558 2 hours
Hempadur 60 As a versatile primer for Flat 65 1 318 10 mins SB Primer solvent-borne primer/sealer
Avantguard long-term protection of 2nd Coat 26600 especially developed for
750 steel in severely corrosive Primer use in Hempels Contex anti-
environments. Exterior carbonation systems.
Hempadur 200 Self primed, surface tolerant Semi 80 1 216 3 hours Contex 2 x 150 An alkali resistant, acrylic, Matt 35 2 565 2 hours
High quality Mastic paint system or as an gloss Surface Smooth solvent-borne topcoat in
Topcoat C5I-H system 45880/1 intermediate or finishing coat
2nd Coat 46600 Contex anti-carbonation
exterior in heavy duty paint systems
Primer system.
coatings where low VOC and high film
>15 years build are required.

Hempathane 60 As a VOC-compliant, high-build Glossy 67 1 336 3 hours
HS 55610 finishing coat for protection The physical constants stated are nominal data according to the Hempel Groups approved formulas.
of structural steel in severely Coating shades are according to Hempel assortment list.
corrosive environment.
With regards to corrosion category for maintenance (1.2) and concrete (2) coating systems, follow the
recommendations below:
When a repair is done it can be done in two ways:
1.2. Maintenance of metal structures a. The old paint is completely removed back to the steel and a new system is applied. In this case the system will
correspond to a new full system (new building).
Dry to b. The old paint system is partially intact - e.g. if a customer wants to apply a new topcoat and the underlying old
Volume VOC
System DFT (m) Recommended use Finish touch epoxy coat is still present. In this case a full system (old + new paint) should be considered, in order to access
solids % (g/L)
(20oC) what corrosion category the system is fit for.
Hempathane 50 Finishing polyurethane coat Glossy 51 1 442 1 hour
Topcoat Topcoat for protection of structural Note: shown examples are based on the recommendation of ISO 12944 but other specifications can be provided
Primer 55210 steel in severely corrosive if required.
Exterior atmospheric environments.
coatings Hempadur 150 Self primed, surface tolerant Semi 80 1 217 3 hours
Mastic epoxy paint system or as an gloss
Surface 45880/1 intermediate or finishing coat
in heavy duty paint systems.

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Bridges Bridges

Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD)
The WHSD highway is a key link improving
road transport between Scandinavia,
Central Russia and the Baltic States.

The central section includes 21km of bridges
and a tunnel designed to take 140,000
vehicles a day across St Petersburg, the
River Neva delta and the Gulf of Finland.
This is an extremely challenging C4 corrosive
environment requiring a robust anti-corrosive
coating system to protect vital structures.
Hong Kong

Hempadur Zinc 17360 The elegant span of the Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong
stretches some 1,018 metres, and, with a tower height of
Hempadur Mastic 45880 290 meters, is an impressive landmark. Hempadur Zinc 15350
Hempaxane Classic 55000 Hempadur ZP 47940
The third longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, it is constructed
to British standards and uses a high anti-corrosive coating system Hempathane Topcoat 55210

Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge to ensure durability in the Hong Kong Bays marine climate.
Jiangyin Yangtze bridge is a cable-stayed
bridge totalling 1,806m in length and with As a trusted world-leading coatings supplier, we were the customers
a main span of 818m making it number choice. Our globally certified coatings provide proven protection
seven in the top ten of the worlds largest against corrosion and met the project needs exactly.
cable-stayed bridges. Coverage required over
300,000 litres of Hempel protective coatings. And, with our technical team on hand, both on and off site,
our customer was assured of efficient and effective application
to ensure long-term corrosion protection.

Hempadur Zinc 17360
Hempadur Epoxy 45150
Hempels Fluorcarbon 555CN

Mekkah Metro, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Mekkah Metro C-Line will be part of a
4-line transport system capable of carrying
72,000 passengers per hour and stations
will capture the unique fusion between the
ultra-modern technology of the metro system
and the historical richness of Mekkah itself.

Contex EM 58600
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Bridges Bridges

Marlarbanan, Stockholm (Barkarby)
The Marlarbanan Project comprises several
major improvements to the Stockholm-Kallhll
railway line, including: additional new tracks
separating commuter services from long
distance and freight trains, a new station at
Prague Kallhll, as well as two road bridges and three

We worked with long-standing partners

The award-winning Troja Bridge carries pedestrians, Talleres Acciona and Aplicaciones de Pintura y
cyclists, four lanes of traffic and a double-track tramway Decapados S.A on this project.
over the River Vltava into Prague city centre. Hempadur Zinc 17360
Hempadur Fast Dry 15560 Products
The unique design, which includes a huge number of Hempathane HS 55610 Hempadur Zinc 15360
assembly joints and large overhangs, called for a unique
coatings solution, particularly given the C4 corrosive Hempadur Mastic 45880
environment and 30-year coating life-cycle specification. Hempathane HS 55610

Our highly protective solution was selected after extensive

laboratory performance testing and the landmark bridge Langenfeld Bridge
is now topcoated with Hempathane HS 55610 to provide A major investment in the German Autobahn
long-lasting colour fastness. network is the Langenfeld Bridge. On the
outskirts of Hamburg, between Volkspark
andWest Stellingen, this is an important
commuter route on the A7, one of the longest
and busiest motorways in Germany.

Hempadur TL/ZN 87260
Hempadur TL87/ZP 87431
Hempadur TL87/EG 87280
Hempathane TL87/RAL 87481

De Hef Bridge, Rotterdam

We are helping to restore De Hef Bridge in
Rotterdam, the oldest rail bridge in the city
and a significant monument. De Hef Bridge
served the city centre of Rotterdam from 1927
until 1993. The bridge has been blasted and
recoated with a modern 3-layer coating system
giving class C5-I high protection.

Hempadur Mastic 45880
Hempathane TL87/EG 87480

16 17
Bridges Bridges

Selected references
Project Location Products Year Project Location Products Year
Highway Bridge SO 202 Slovakia Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur 47200, 2015 Jiangyin Yangtze China Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur 45150, 2011
Mengusovce - Jnovce Hempathane Topcoat 55210 River Bridge Hempels Fluorocarbon Topcoat 559CN

Langenfeld Bridge, Germany Hempadur TL/ZN 87260-19840, Hempadur 2014 Lanheses Bridge Portugal Hempathane Enamel 5510E 2011
Hamburg TL87/ZP 87431-R8012, Hempadur TL87/EG
87280-DB601, Hempathane TL87/RAL
87481-R9006 Jing-Yue Yangtze River China Hempadur Epoxy 45150, Fluorocarbon Topcoat 2011
Highway Bridge 559CN, Hempadur Epoxy Sealer 05990,
ZheJiang Bin Hai Bridge China Hempadur Epoxy Sealer 05990, Hempadur 2014
Epoxy 45150, PU Topcoat 552C0
Mastic 47550, Hempathane PU Topcoat 55190

Jiangxi Jiujiang Bridge China Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur 45150, 2011
Afcons Bridge Project India Hempadur Zinc 17420, Hempadur 2013
Hempels Fluorocarbon 555CN
in Jammu Ultra-strength 47500, Hempathane PU
Topcoat 55190
Selune Bridge France Hempadur 47200, Hempathane Topcoat 55910 2011
Zhang Hua Highway Li Shui Hunan Epoxy Sealer 05990, Hempadur Mastic 45880, 2013
Bridge Hempathane Topcoat 55210
La Riviere St Etienne France Hempadur Pro Zinc 17380, Hempadur Mastic 2011
Bridge 8588E, Hempathane HS 55610
Viaduct Deck Internal Turkey Hempadur Pro 17411, Hempadur Mastic 45880 2013

Agivey Bridge United Kingdom Hempadur Mastic 45880, Hempathane 2010

Enamel 5510E
Forth Bridge Piers Scotland Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur MIO 47950, 2013
Hempathane HS 55613
Asnieres Bridge France Hempadur 45143, Hempathane Topcoat55910 2010
Bridge Mokre Lazce Czech Republic Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur Fast Dry 2013
17410, Hempathane HS 55610
Travessia Do Sado Refer Portugal Hempadur Zinc 17340, Hempathane HS 55810 2010
Railway Bridge
Amsterdam Bridge, Netherlands Hempadur Mastic 45880, Hempathane HS 2013
new stairs and 55610
construction Nanjing Yangzi River 4th China Galvosil 15700, Hempadur Hi-Build 45230, 2010
Bridge Hempadur 45150, Hempathane PU Topcoat
Tsakona Arch Bridge Greece Hempadur Fast Dry 17410, Hempathane 2013 55210, Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur
Topcoat 55210 Hi-Build 45200

Western High-Speed Russian Federation Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur Mastic 2012 Hubei Edong Changjang China Galvosil 15700, Hempadur 45150, 2010
Diameter in St. Petersburg 45880, Hempathane HS 55610 Expressway Bridge Hempathane Topcoat 55210,
Hempadur Zinc 17360

Si Chuan Nan Xi Bridge Sichuan Epoxy Sealer 05990, Hempadur Mastic 45880, 2012 Sinntal Bridge Germany Hempadur TL/ZN 87260, Hempadur TL87/ 2010
Hempathane Topcoat 55210 ZP 87431, Hempadur TL87/EG 87280,
Hempathane TL87/RAL87481
Railway Bridge - Komarno, Slovakia Hempadur 15570, Hempadur 45143, 2012
Km 3,021 Hempathane HS 55610 Dames-Tepelene Bridge Albania Hempadur Mastic 45880, Hempathane PU 2010
Topcoat 55210
An Hui Tong Ling Yangtze China Hempadur Epoxy Sealer 05990, Epoxy 45150 2011
RiverBridge PU topcoat 552C0 Bridge D3 Tabor Czech Republic Hempadur Fast Dry 15560, Hempathane PU 2008
Topcoat 55210
Bizkaia Bridge Spain Hempatex Hi-Build 46330/46410, 2011
Hempadur 45150 Zhe Jiang Zhou Shan Xin Zhejang Hempadur Multi-Strength 45540, 2005
Cheng Bridge Hempathane PU Topcoat 55210
Chongqing Qingcaobei China Hempadur Zinc 17360, Hempadur Mastic 2011
Changjiang Bridge 45880, Hempathane Topcoat 55210,
Hempels Fluorocarbon Topcoat 559CN

18 19

Since 1915 Hempel has been a world-leading

coatings specialist, providing protection and
inspiration to the world around us. Today we have
over 5,500 people in 80 countries delivering
trusted solutions in the protective, decorative,
marine, container, industrial and yacht markets.
This includes many recognised brands like
Crown Paints, Schaepman and Jones-Blair.

Hempel is proudly owned by the Hempel

Foundation, which supports cultural, humanitarian
and scientific causes across the world.

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