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About Us

Food N Stuff is a locally run, community

based grocery store dedicated to low pric-
New Direct Delivery
es and quality service. Contact us for Food N Stuff
questions, comments, or suggestions. A local one-stop shop!

Managers Title food: Michael Stern,CC license

Back Panel bags: Tim Samoff, CC license
Miranda Duncan Inside Pumpkins: Pimthida, CC license
Stephanie Bai
EDT 180D
Publisher In-Class Group Exercise
October 26, 2017

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Food N Stuff
"The BEST food and stuff around town!"

Phone: 555-555-5555
1234 West Color Street Ste. 2 Fax: 555-555-5555
Tempe, Arizona 85205 Email: Tel:
About Direct Delivery
Hours Menu for Homemade Meals Community Involvement
Monday through Friday: 6:00 am12:00 am All of our Homemade Meals are available for Do you want to get involved with Food N
Saturday and Sunday: 7:00 am11:00 pm Direct Delivery! Stuff? Contact us and let us know if you
We are excited to announce our new DI- Sandwiches want to start working with us in:
RECT DELIVERY service! Food N Stuff is Turkey and Cheddar Recycling projects
expanding its focus on convenience and Chicken or Tuna Salad
Food donation
accessibility by launching delivery right to Ham and American
your door! To receive direct delivery, Annual Pumpkin Patch Festival
please fill out our Direct Delivery form on Salads Thanksgiving meals for the Home-
our website at least half an hour before less
delivery time. Simply include the address
you would like your groceries to be deliv-
Southwest Have other ideas? Please let us know!
ered to (your home, work, or destination),
Thai Chicken
the requested delivery time, and all the
items you need*. You will receive a confir-
mation email as well as an online receipt . Chicken Noodle
Tips are not mandatory but are greatly Rice and Chicken
appreciated. Potato Chowder
Chili (Bread bowl)
Hot Foods
Mac and Cheese
Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
*As supplies last Pork Tenderloin and Green Beans