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Published by:
Eagle Bible School


No portion of this book may be translated into any language,
reproduced in any form, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any
form or by any means electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise
without the written permission of the author- copy right owner.

1. All Things Are Possible

2. Amazing Testimonies

3. Deliverance Prayers

This book is dedicated to

Our Lord Jesus Christ -
the one who was, who is,
and who is to come.

E nough is enough. You cannot, and must not
continue in that problem any longer. The solution
to your problem is nearer than you realize.
This book of miracles, healings, signs, wonders,
testimonies and prophetic prayers is specially written to
bring your solution home to you.
No matter what problem you are going through, God has
provided the solution in Christ. Jesus has paid the price
and you can now take delivery of your miracles and
The amazing testimonies in this book are small
compared to the one you will receive and testify about.
Read with an open and passionate heart. Pray all the
prayers fervently and testify instantly.
Welcome to the world of all possibilities.


Y es, all things are possible! There is no sickness
that cannot be cured. There is no problem that
cannot be solved. There is no demon that cannot
be cast out. When we pray in the name of Jesus, anything
is possible.

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given

him a name which is above every name: That at the name
of Jesus every knee should bow, of [things] in heaven, and
[things] in earth, and [things] under the earth; And [that]
every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord, to
the glory of God the Father. Phil 2:9-11

This is the truth and nothing but the truth. At the name of
Jesus, every knee shall bow. Everything bows when we
pray in the name of Jesus. As I pray for numerous people
day after day, both on phone, in Church meetings,
revivals or one on one, the impact is the same. They are
all healed and delivered in the name of Jesus. There is no
mountain that can stand when we pray in the name of
Jesus. When we pray in the name of Jesus, all manner of
problems disappear.

Sometimes ago, I was in a crusade, and a stammerer

came up for prayers. He could hardly say a word without
stuttering. As I prayed for him, he was instantly healed.
His tongue was loosed and he spoke freely. Two other
stammerers rushed out and were healed too. The news
spread that stammerers were being healed. People went
around and invited the stammerers in town, and as many
as came were healed and spoke clearly instantly.

I strongly believe that all things are possible. There is no

issue or problem that cannot be solved. God has made all
the provision for us to be set free from all our problems.
Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross of Calvary. You
do not have to remain in that problem any longer.

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my

name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new
tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink
any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay
hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Mark 16:17,18


When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we

were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled
with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said
they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great
things for them. The LORD hath done great things for us;
[whereof] we are glad. Turn again our captivity, O
LORD, as the streams in the south. Psa 126:1-4

To be in captivity is to be in bondage. It is a situation of

pain and sorrow. Multitudes of people are in one form of
bondage or the other. Satan, the master of captivity
keeps them in strong bondages of sickness, failure,
misfortunes, poverty and so on.

It takes the power of God to receive freedom from all

such captivities. When the power of God is unleashed,
the forces and power of captivity is broken. When this
happens, your mouth becomes filled with laughter, as
the good things of life that were held back from you,
begins to flood your life.

When Two Sisters Went Blind At Once

Two sisters once became blind in one night and the
husband of the elder sister called me up. The man was a
medical doctor while the now blind wife was a nurse, but
their profession could not help them. Medicine and
doctors are good and helpful but there are so many cases
that are beyond their ability to solve. I drove to the house
and saw both ladies blind. In less than three minutes I
broke the yoke and they received their sights
immediately. I love the name of Jesus; anything is
possible when you pray in that name.

When The Paralyzed Walked

Earlier this year, I received a call from Kwankwashi, Niger
state, to come and pray for a man that was paralyzed for
four months. When I got there, the man was in a pitiable
condition- the whole half of his body was dead. Right
there, I saw a vision of the man walking. I pulled out my
Bible and preached the miracle working power of Jesus
to him and his household. I stormed the forces of
paralysis with effectual fervent prayers and then said, like
Peter, Silver and gold, I do not have, but what I have, I
give to you, in the name of Jesus rise up and walk. I took
him by the hand, pulled him out of the chair. He fell back
like a sack of grains. I was not deterred. I repeated the
whole process again and pulled him out of the chair the
second time and the paralyzed man began to walk with
me. Who says miracles are not real? There is nothing as
real as the miracle working power of God. The man and
his wife came over to testify last month.

It is your turn for miracles, signs and wonders. This book

you are reading is loaded with God's power. As you are
touching, reading or praying from this book, miracles will
happen to you instantly, demons will flee from you,
sicknesses will disappear, all manner of problems will

Lay the book on your body and declare with me, I

receive my miracle, in the name of Jesus. I rebuke all
demons oppressing me. I receive my breakthrough in
Jesus name. Amen.


Barrenness Terminated
I and my husband got married in 2012 and almost
immediately began to suffer series of attacks on our
health. Both I and my husband had terrible afflictions. It
was as if hell was let loose on us. We kept receiving one
bad medical report after another. We soon discovered
that I could not conceive medically. We were told that
both I and my husband had inability to bear children. The
news was devastating for us. It was like a death sentence.
We went from one hospital to another and from one
Church to another yet, the problem persisted.
The barrenness and all the other mysterious sicknesses
drained our finances. Things began to go bad with our
finances and we began to regret ever marrying each
other. In the midst of these crises, I contacted Apostle
John Udoh on his face book page. I had once been under
his ministration in a program in northern Nigeria and
knew he operated in a strong prophetic, healing,
deliverance and miracle anointing.
I told him our problem and requested for his phone
number. He shortly replied and sent me his private line. I
and my husband called him and he immediately by
prophecy began to tell us the root cause of the bareness
and mysterious sicknesses. He told us how a curse was
placed on the marriage and exactly when it happened.
He placed us on a three day fasting and prayer and prayed
for us on the phone each of the three days. In the course
of the three days praying and fasting we had great
deliverances and dreams of victory.
At the end of the fasting and prayer, Apostle John Udoh
told us exactly the period when I will conceive. This was
hard for us to believe but surprisingly, amazing things
began to happen. First, all the mysterious sicknesses
disappeared and seven weeks after the prayer and
prophecy, I conceived and at the ninth month gave birth
to a lovely baby girl. The Apostle also prophesied to us
that the conception and delivery of the child will also
bring great financial open doors for us and it happened
exactly like that.
As soon I conceived, my husband almost immediately,
began to have amazing contract breakthroughs and a few
weeks after I delivered I got a miracle job appointment in
a reputable organization.
We never met the Apostle face to face, until after the
delivery of the child, but everything he said on phone,
came to pass in our lives. It was after the delivery that we
visited him in a programme he came for in Delta State
recently. Praise the Lord.
Mr. and Mrs. E - Delta

Genotype Changed From AS To AA

As part of the preparation for our wedding, we were
asked by the Church to run series of medical test. When
we got the report of the tests, I was displeased with the
fact that my wife to be was an AS. I remembered that I
had once heard of testimonies of genotype change from
our pastor, Apostle John Udoh.
I immediately got an appointment to see him. I took my
wife to be, to him in Abuja and when we told him the
challenge, he laid his hand on her and prayed a simple
prayer for genotype change. He told us to go and run a
new test and return with the testimony. We ran the test
as instructed and to the glory of God, her genotype
totally changed to AA.
G - Birnin Kebbi
Hepatitis B Healed
Apostle John Udoh prayed for me early this year and I got
a new job in a prestigious organization. I was so excited
and quickly went to resume. When I resumed, I was
instructed to go and conduct series of medical test.
To my utter amazement, the medical report showed that
I had hepatitis B. I was shattered, battered and confused.
I felt like killing myself. I cried and cried and wondered
where such disease came from. I sent a text message to
Apostle John detailing my predicament. He prayed and
sent me a reply that the sickness was terminated. He said
I was free to go for another test to authenticate my
healing. Fear and work schedule did not allow me go
When I finally went, I got a totally different report of not
having hepatitis B. I screamed in the hospital for joy. The
superior medical officer ran in to see what was
happening. When I told him everything, he insisted on
conducting another test right away. He did and the result
still confirmed that I am free of hepatitis B. I am now
enjoying my new job and new health. Praise the Lord.
Sis P - Abuja

Scrotum Healed And Ministry Established

I had a terrible and disgraceful infection in my scrotum. It
was painful and embarrassing. Someone told me about
Apostle John Udoh. I went to see him for prayers. He laid
hands and prayed for me, and the terrible affliction
disappeared instantly, right before my very eyes. One
moment it was there, and the next moment it was not
there. I jumped for joy and ran out side screaming and
praising God. It has been over 5 years since that healing,
and I have never had that affliction again. Apostle also
prophesied and gave me direction concerning my calling
and assignment in life as a minister of God. Through his
prayers, counsel and help, all my confusion concerning
my calling and ministry disappeared. I am now fully
established in ministry. Praise the Lord.
M - Lagos

Rescued From Death

I was sick and dying in the hospital. My mouth was
twisted to one side and I was quickly drawing close to the
grave. I was hospitalized and the medical doctors did
their best, yet I kept declining in health. It was like all
hope was lost. One day while in my dismal condition I saw
a man in suit walk towards my bed (I later learnt his name
was Apostle John Udoh).
He didn't know me from anywhere. He asked, What is
the problem with her? and those around me told him of
my predicament. He laid his hand on me and rebuked the
sickness and the spirit of death. I was supernaturally
healed and shortly discharged. After I was discharged, I
and my fianc went to visit the Apostle to appreciate
him. Right there, he prophesied that, he saw me and my
fianc in the United States of America. A short while after
that, my fianc got admission to study in the United
States of America. I remained behind for quite a while.
One day I went to the Apostle and asked him when it will
be my turn. He told me not to bother myself, that it was a
settled matter. Shortly after, I received an open door to
the United States. I have since joined my husband and we
have happily settled down here in the United States.
Interestingly Apostle told us things that will happen to us
here in advance and God has been faithfully performing
his works.
Sister T - United States of America.

Breast Lump Disappeared

I am a Civil servant and business man. One day, my wife
discovered a lump in her breast. It was painful and
uncomfortable. We were afraid it was cancer. A brother
of mine in Abuja called and told me of Apostle John Udoh
and the amazing miracles he was performing. He sent me
the Apostles number.
I called the Apostle and told him the problem and he
asked me whether my wife was there with me. I said yes
and handed the phone over to her. He prayed a simple
prayer and commanded the lump to depart. To our utter
amazement, the lump disappeared immediately. We
pressed the breast, searched and searched but could not
find it again. The Apostle also began to speak accurate
prophecies about us. He told us things to come and they
happened accordingly. Praise the Lord.
Mr C - Port Harcourt

Political Appointment By Prophecy

I am a politician. Things were not going well for me in my
political career. I was short-changed and deprived my
rightful place by my political opponents. I ended up with
a small appointment by my state government. Things
were not okay at all for years.
Someone connected me with Apostle John Udoh. When
we met, he prayed for me and my family, and prophesied
that the governor of my state will give me a high profile
appointment within seven days. The prophecy looked
unbelievable and unrealistic. Seven days was too short to
for such a thing to happen. However, on the seventh day,
my name was announced on the radio for the very post
that the Apostle prophesied.
I have been hearing and receiving prophecies, but none
of them was as powerful, accurate and effective as this
one. Praise the Lord.
Mr. M
Miracle Job Appointment
I finished my NYSC and combed everywhere possible for
a job but got none. It was very frustrating for me. The
years were rolling by and yet there was no hope.
When I learnt that Apostle John Udoh was in Port
Harcourt for a programme, I got an appointment with
him. He prayed a simple prayer with me, and told me that
it was settled. Shortly after my meeting with him, I got
the job appointment I had been searching for. Praise the
Bro I - Kano

Blind Eyes Healed

I am student of the Federal University of technology,
Minna. Sometime in 2012, I noticed a pain on my left eye.
I went to the clinic for treatment, but the pain persisted
and I began to lose my ability to see with that eye. I later
travelled back home, and my parents took me for
treatment with the specialists. They did everything
possible but the eye kept getting worse until I became
totally blind in that eye.
We went from one hospital to another but the report we
got from each of them, was that the eye was damaged
beyond repair. I went back to school blind in one eye.
However, I soon began to experience the same kind of
pain in my right eye.
I was alarmed at the prospect of losing both of my eyes.
Sometime in 2013, Apostle John Udoh was invited for a
program in my school fellowship. I was so blessed by his
ministration, and after the service, I joined the queue to
see him for counseling.
When it got to my turn, I told him my problem. He laid
hands on my eye and I began to see faintly. He laid his
hand the second time, and my eye popped open fully. I
bursted into tears! My sight was fully restored. I can see
clearly again after almost two years of blindness. Praise
the Lord!.
Female Student - FUTMINNA

From Misfortune To Favour

I saw an advert of the book launch of Apostle John Udoh
DELAY, on my friends facebook wall. I made up my mind
and attended the book launch in Kubwa, Abuja, with a
desire to have all the delays in my life crushed.
The book launch turned out to be a prophetic miracle
service. Apostle John prayed for all of us and prophesied
to many people individually, myself inclusive. That night,
in my dream, I went to urinate and three strange things
came out of my body. I called the contact in the book and
got an appointment with Apostle John Udoh. He
revealed so many things to me by prophecy and
conducted deliverance for me. I was instantly set free.
Previous to my meeting with the Apostle, nothing went
well in my life. People hardly gave to nor favoured me. I
was always having nightmares. But from that day
forward everything turned around for good. Blessings
and favours started flooding my life. He also rebuked the
evil over my marital life, and since then, things turned
around for good. People started giving me money - even
dollars. It has been from one testimony to the other since
Miss O - Abuja

Locked Jaw Healed

I woke up one morning and could not open my mouth.
My jaw was shifted, locked and jammed. Severe pains
shot through my jaw and head. I forced the jaw open and
left for work but throughout that day, I was in terrible
pains. When I got home from work, I called Apostle John
Udoh. Painfully and inaudibly I told him my challenge. He
told me to lay my hand on the jaw. As I did, he
commanded healing and deliverance for me, and I was
instantly made whole. My jaw returned to position and
all pains vanished. Praise the Lord.
Bro A - Minna, Niger State.
Divine Prosperity
I am a family man with numerous responsibilities. Things
got very bad for me in 2013. I was broke beyond
imagination. No contract was coming to me. Any
contract I got was withdrawn at the last moment. I
became frustrated.
Through my wife, I met Apostle John Udoh. He
immediately by prophecy told me the history of my life
and revealed the cause of my problems. He broke the
yoke and I dedicated my life to God. Within that week
someone blessed me with ten thousand naira. I rushed
back to the Apostle with a tithe of one thousand naira.
He looked at me and said, because you remembered to
bring your tithe, God will surprise you.
That same month, I got a contract of over a million naira
with a profit of five hundred thousand naira. I rushed
back to the Apostle with the tithe of 50,000 naira. He
looked at me and said before you finish that contract,
the same people will give you another one. It happened
exactly as he said. I rushed back to him with the tithe
again and many more contracts kept coming.
My life has not been the same again since I met the
Apostle. I have moved from glory to glory. Praise the
Mr. I - Abuja

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth

much. Jas 5:16

rayer works. Right from the days of Adam to our

days, men have prayed and procured amazing
results. The prayers in this chapter are effectual
fervent prayers. As you pray these prayers, several things
will immediately begin to happen. You might begin to
vomit, cough, heavy breathing, spitting, shake, vibrate,
fall under the anointing, gas from behind e.t.c. If you
experience any of these things, stop the prayer and
continue to release the thing till you have let all the evil

For example, if you begin to cough, stop the prayer and

continue coughing till you have coughed all the evil out.
You might experience more, less or none of these
physical manifestations. Either way, just keep praying the
prayer till you are free. Some of you might experience
demons resisting you. You might feel drowsing or sleepy
each time you attempt to pray the prayer. Some might
feel something chocking them.

If these things happen, rebuke the forces resisting you in

the name of Jesus and forcefully pray through. I have
received amazing testimonies across the world from
people who had amazing encounters, deliverances and
healings from praying the prayers in my book. You are the
very next person to testify.

Pray these prayers intensively and repeat them as often

as necessary, till you are totally set free.
If you are not born again, pray this prayer first:

Dear Father in heaven, I know that I am a sinner and that

your son Jesus has paid the price for my salvation. I now
believe in your son for salvation. I receive forgiveness of
sins and cleansing by the blood of the lamb. I receive
Jesus into my life as my Lord and savior. In the name of
Jesus. Amen.
1 I renounce every legal hold I announce that I have a
of Satan over my life. new legal agreement with
2 I renounce every pact, I announce that I have a
agreement or covenant brand new, greater and
that I have with Satan. permanent covenant with
Jesus my savior.

3 I renounce every covenant I announce that I have

agreement or pact that been covenanted to God.
was made on my behalf. No one has the right to
make any evil agreement
or covenant on my behalf.

4 I r e n o u n c e e v e r y I announce that I have

ceremony, rite or occasion, been dedicated to God,
where I was dedicated to through Jesus Christ my
S a t a n . Lord.

5 I renounce ever been sold I announce that I have

over to the devil. been bought with a price. I
am no longer my own, I
belong to Jesus.

6 I renounce every evil mark I announce that I bear upon

and incision upon my me the mark of Christ,
body and life. therefore let no one
t r o u b l e m e .
7 I renounce every diabolic I an n o u n ce th at th e
sacrifice made on my sacrifice of Christ on the
behalf through which cross of Calvary is sufficient
demons and devils have for me.
access to me.
8 I renounce every strange In the name of Jesus, I
food or substance that I partake of the bread of life
have swallowed or that that came down from
was diabolically put inside heaven.
of me.
9 I renounce every demonic I announce that the angels
presence around and of lord are all around me.
against me.

10 I renounce every satanic I announce that the Lord is

creature assigned to round about me, just like
monitor and afflict me. the mountains are round
about Jerusalem.
11 I renounce every cult, I announce that I have now
coven, or diabolic group been adopted as a son in
that I belong to the kingdom of God. I am a
consciously or citizen of heaven.

12 I renounce and crush I announce that the eyes of

every satanic tracking the lord are watching over
device in and against my me from the beginning to
life. the end of the year.
13 I renounce every evil spirit I announce that I am
husband/ wife, spirit married to Jesus and I have
children, and evil spirit an innumerable company
playmates. o f a n g e l s .
14 I renounce every spirit of I announce that I will
error at work in my life. I always do the right things
will not make errors at the at the right time by the
verge of my breakthrough. grace of God.

15 I renounce every spirit of I announce that the lord

fear in my life. I renounce has not given me the spirit
the fear of the future, of fear, but of power, love
failure, sickness, rejection, and sound mind. I refuse to
harassment, disgrace, be tormented by fear. I am
disappointment, death, as bold as a lion.
sin, Satan, specific
individuals (mention their
n a m e s . )

16 I renounce every satanic I announce that I am filled

gift and equipment in my with God's gifts, talent and
l i f e . anointing.

17 I renounce every curse, I announce that I am

enchantment and blessed with the blessing
divination upon my life. o f A b r a h a m .

18 I renounce every evil spirit I announce that I am born

of inheritance in my life. again. I have a godly
h e r i t a g e .

19 I renounce the spirit of I announce that I am

near success syndrome anointed to succeed in life.
and failure. Everything I do prospers.

20 I renounce the spirit of I announce that I have the

poverty and lack. power to make wealth. I
am rich and prosperous.
21 I renounce the spirit that I announce that no good
withholds good things thing will ever be withheld
f r o m m e from me.

22 I renounce you spirit of I announce that I have the

night mare. spirit of God, for visions,
dreams and revelations.

23 I renounce the spirit of I announce that I shall not

death. die, but live, and declare
the works of the Lord.

24 I renounce the spirit of I announce that I have the

addictions, bad habit and mind of Christ. I have the
sin. nature of God, I am free
from addictions. The law of
the Spirit of life in Christ
Jesus has made me free
from the law of sin and

25 I renounce the spirit of I announce that am healed

sickness and infirmity. by the stripes of Jesus.

26 I renounce all vexations of I announce that the lord is

Satan and his forces good and gracious to me.
against me.
27 I renounce every evil spirit I a n n o u n c e t h a t my
misrepresenting me. identity cannot be cloned
because I am complete in
C h r i s t .
28 I repent of unforgiveness I forgive everyone that has
and anger. I renounce the hurt me. I release them all
spirit of unforgiveness and in the name of Jesus. I
a n g e r . receive freedom from the
29 I renounce every lawful I announce that the son of
captivity in my life. God has set me free. I am
free indeed.
30 I renounce every curse of I announce that I am
delay upon my life. blessed with supernatural

Now that you are saved and set free. You must remain in
Christ, to sustain your salvation and deliverance. Your
peace and safety is in Christ Jesus. Cast all your cares on
Him as you remain righteous by his grace.

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin [is] a reproach

to any people. Pro 14:34

This is for those who may want to contact our ministry for
testimonies, prayers, deliverance, counselling, purchase
of our ministry materials etc.

Great Cornerstone Ministry Int'l,

Kubwa, Abuja- Nigeria.

Phone: 08060361421, 08025916371
Face Book: Apostle John Udoh

New Book
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John Udoh is the founder and senior pastor
of Great Cornerstone Ministry int'l. He is
also the set man of Apostle John Udoh
Global Outreach. He is a second generation
minister of the gospel with an amazing
Apostolic and Prophetic anointing.
He has a unique call to raise great generals for God in every facet of
life, by the demonstration of the Spirit, power and love of God. His
numerous healing and miracle crusades have transformed lives
across the world with amazing miracles and healings.

He lives in Abuja Nigeria with his lovely wife, Grace and their son,
David. They serve a growing number of Churches.