Community for Christ

First United Methodist Church Russellville, AL 35653
Newsletter — November 14, 2017

Consecration Sunday
November 19th
Lunch served at noon
5:15 pm Meal Our community
6:00 pm Class Help Fund

November 15th Is Empty
Ham & Dressing
This fund helps with food & utility for
those in need.

Mark your check
November 29th
Chicken Spaghetti/Beef Spaghetti
Community Help Fund
Reservations are required!

Poinsettia’s can be ordered soon!
Call the office at 256.332.2955
or email Watch for order form in the bulletin. Cost will be $15

Thursday National Collection Week

November 30th November 13th-20th

We need to borrow at least 5 hand trucks to load our

10,000 shoeboxes
If you have a hand truck we can borrow—please put your
name and drop it off in the Ministry Center
Wednesday @ noon and reopen We will also need as much help as possible on Friday
(17th) and Monday (20th)
Monday, November 27th @ 8:30 am
Church Wide Breakfast
Sunday, November 26th
8:00 am
$5.00 per person

Community Thanksgiving
Worship Service
Location: Calvary Baptist Church
Time: 6:00 pm
Speaker: Pastor Bo Lloyd
Tyler Blevins on being approved as a
candidate for ministry
The children will help lead the service on In the Methodist Church
November 26th at 11:00 am service.
The children have enjoyed
preparing for this service
and we hope to
participate in future
services on a
regular basis!

Construction for our new Welcome Center has
Please prepare for a little extra dust this Sunday