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Report for transferees and failed students

And the system has a User Management system for user login and logout
System Improvements
Based on the existing problems observed on the current system being used by
the organization the proposed system will
Saving and backuping datas are more secure and safe
In terms of space or storage the system has a database access which can solve
for the lack of storage problems and can save datas using computer through the
Creating account and login, for the security that no one can open the system
unless youre an employee or the administrator only
With the use of the system the editing is much better than the current system with
just clicking the tool bar and edit it.
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Computer-Based Barangay Complaints with Analysis

Software Description
Enrolment system is a successful tool for decreasing the number of manpower, space
and time needed for Enrolment. The Enrolment system will not only give the school benefit
of being able to cut down the money and time spent for the enrolment. It is also includes the
computerized processing of transactions needed for the business. The system also enables
the faculty and staff to have an access to the enrolment system in their own school. Since the
current enrolment system or a file based for inputting students information takes time
consuming most specially is the risk of losing datas and informations in terms of storage. The
system will provide an information that is accurate reliable, robust, secure and in timely.
Problems of the existing system

Due to Investigation and observation of the Current System Researchers were able to identify
the following problems.

Inefficient document transportation in Transporting in paper-based system is

often problematic for the employees.
Editing problems, if you want to make change to a paper-based document, you
will need to photocopy the original.
There is a real chance the office and its documents could be damage by a flood
and typhoons, a fire could also wipe out your onsite records.
Paper work can take up a significant amount of space, and it will only get bigger
as the number of documents accrued grows.
The current system has the risk of losing and missing documents since it is paper-

Significance of the study

The Proposed system will focus on the development of Learners Enrolment System. The
proposed system will intended to replace the current system that is in operation. The
proposed system is designed and work into code to reduced time wasted on manual paper
works and maximized the efficiency of Employees. The proposed system have a lot of features
such as but not limited to:
Adding new Students, Search and Update records listing of students
This system also can able to change the status of each student
You can add, search and update subjects at every year level
Add grades to a subject taken by the students
Report for a list of students by year
Report drop students