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Fact Sheet

Illustrative Rendering

A vision for a The Plaxall family has invested in LIC and its institutions since the founding
of its plastics manufacturing business more than 70 years ago. Informed
new Anable Basin. by decades of experience working with local residents, businesses and
institutions, the family has crafted a plan for a new mixed-use district along
the western Queens waterfront surrounding Anable Basin. The proposal,
detailed below, includes mixed-income housing, a precedent-setting
commitment to LIC’s commercial heritage through production/light industrial
workspace, retail stores along pedestrian lanes connecting to the waterfront,
and, for the first time, the public activation of the 150-year-old Basin itself
through a bi-level public esplanade.

Innovation Hub
The rezoning will create a live-work, mixed-used district that will introduce
approximately 335,000 square feet for production and light industrial uses,
providing a home for artisans, makers, and innovators.

Mixed-Income Housing
The rezoning will permit approximately 4,995 housing units; 25% –
approximately 1,250 units – will be made permanently affordable under the
City’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing program.

School Site
If the rezoning is approved, Plaxall will gift the City a site on 11th Street for a
new 700+ seat public school.

Public Waterfront Access
The rezoning will plan for a total of 3.1 acres of new open space to activate
the waterfront, creating a continuous esplanade that wraps around the 3.7
acre Basin, providing access to the East River waterfront, and creating
dynamic pedestrian lanes.

Enhanced Resiliency
The new esplanade around the Basin is planned to be elevated, promoting
flood resiliency for the district and neighborhood beyond.

Job Creation
At full build, the new development permitted by the rezoning would create
at least 2,200-2,600 permanent jobs – over five times the number of onsite
jobs today – and generate $450 million in annual economic output. Build-
out of the district would support over 10,000 construction-related jobs.
A blueprint for a
new district.

Illustrative Rendering

Illustrative Site Plan The rezoning creates a flexible framework for the long-term build-out of a
mixed-use district at Anable Basin over 15 years. Below are the zoning
actions that must be approved through the City’s land review process, the
Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). ULURP includes a 60-
day review by Queens Community Board 2, 30-day review by the Queens
Borough President, 60-day review and decision by the City Planning
Commission and a 50-day review and decision by the New York City

1. Creation of the Special Anable Basin Mixed-Use District, which:
• Permits development with density ranging from 5.75 to 7.72 FAR
• Requires up to 7% of floor area to be reserved for production/light
industrial uses in larger buildings
Rezoning Boundary
2. Change underlying zoning designations to M1-5/R7-2, M1-5/R8, and
Plaxall Sites
Non-Plaxall Sites

New Open Space 3. Amendment of the provisions of the existing Waterfront Access Plan
Existing Open Space

Pedestrian Lanes 4. Mapping of the District as a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing area

About Plaxall. Plaxall is a third-generation family business founded in Long Island City by
Louis Pfohl seven decades ago as an innovative plastics manufacturer. Its
family leadership has since expanded the company’s reach into real
estate and property management, and today plays a critical role in the
neighborhood through its active support of local civic, non-profit and
cultural institutions. Plaxall has also worked to cultivate a community within
its own properties, from providing space for local non-profit organizations
like LIC Community Boathouse and Recycle-a-Bicycle to co-founding and
sponsoring the popular LIC Flea & Food.

The Anable Basin effort is being led by Jonathan Drescher, President of
Plaxall Realty, and three family members and managing directors Paula
Kirby, Tony Pfohl and Matthew Quigley.