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Abnormal CS MT call
during LTE test


Abnormal CS MT pushed UE drop to 3G frequently
UE was frequently pushed to 3G
by CS MT call during idle mode
GUL reselection test in Cluster 1.
There were totally 9 CS MT calls
cause UE drop to 3G which cause
the test result couldnt reflect the
real situation.

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Abnormal CS MT during drive test

About 4S after security

procedure, UE received
Abort from CN to cancel
the procedure.

But all these 9 MT calls looked not like real calls:

All of them are Aborted by CN 4 seconds after the
Security Mode Complete. This kind of Abort cause MT
CSFB call fail due to not reach the alerting procedure.
Since UE didnt received the Setup message, so we
couldnt see the MO number.
From Drive Test team feedback, it is happening in all
clusters randomly.
And since the call didnt succeed in 3G, so fast return
didnt trigger to push UE back to LTE in time but only wait
background 3G data release then reselect to LTE. Thus
user may complain why I drop to 3G even in LTE good
coverage area
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MT case in Senayan City Space walk test for the event

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MT case in Senayan City Space walk test for the event

CS paging and the Abort message are from CS core

Need MSC help to do joint trace to locate this issue to
What trigger these MT call to the test number.
Why CN always send abort message to UE to cancel the call
before it setup.
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Thank you