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Summary information from our staff meeting on 9/12/17:

Power Hour

Power Hour is up and running

After school through 4:15 p.m.
Tabatha Commins and Jackie Larsen are the regular staff, weekly teacher support as we
have done in the past through 4:00.
Bus will be running
Snacks will be provided


Julie and Shauna will be working on an informational slide show (or another format) to
send out to you with information regarding the program. It is in its infancy, so thank you
for your patience as we work out details, bugs, and adjustments as we walk our way
through this year.
Julie and Shauna will be holding morning meetings for individual BEACONs students.
More communication to follow.

Duty Schedule

Please as a team go back into this document (AM/PM duties) as it has been adjusted a
bit due to some adjustments in our schedules and needed areas of coverage.
The AM duties will be a bit shorter, since we are coming into the building at 8:05.
We have added an AM crossing person at the north drive due to increased student
walkers coming from the north part of town, and the parent drop-off traffic coming in that
The PM duties at the District Office and north crosswalks will seem a bit longer. The end
will be about what it was last year, but since we are out earlier, and all our students are
out at the same time, there will be a gap of walkers as our MS kids clear the campus
before the Anderson/Morris kids make their way to that part of campus.

8th Period covering

Please be judicious about asking our 8th period teachers (hello Social Studies
department) to cover classes too much. With our common planning times, the goal is to
have time to work collaboratively on curriculum as necessary. Let Shauna or myself
know if you need coverage for that period, and well work something out.

ICDPs, Teacher Portfolios, and how they connect to the Eval. Process

For veteran teachers, we will no longer be doing a formal teacher portfolio as a part of
the evaluation process.
Individual Career Development Plans (your individual work) will become more focused
and will, over the course of three years, become a body of evidence that will be a large
portion of artifacts for the summative evaluation year.
ICDPs will no longer be a group or team plan, and will focus on your individual areas
of growth that you would like to focus on.
The old forms for the ICDP will no longer be used, we will be using a new Google form
for the initial plan development, which you will complete with Mike, Shauna, or Kyle. The
mid-year form and end of year form will be created at a later date.
Those teachers on cycle for the year will work on their ICDP with the administrator that
will be conducting the formal summative evaluation. Those not on cycle will work
directly with our BSIL (Kyle Seidl) to formulate their ICDP plan and mid-year/end of year
For first and second year teachers, you still will have your mentoring courses, and will
create a portfolio/body of evidence during those two years. After that you will continue
with the ICDP process as you build that to be a part of your next formal evaluation.
The shared PLC folders/documents/etc. (collaborative work) which your team has saved
will be the other part of your documentation for a summative evaluation year.
So to summarize, the ICDP process (your individual work) and the work you already do
in your PLC teams (your collaborative work) will generate evidence for the evaluation
cycle, no special portfolio or digital format will need to be created. There will be shared
Google folders which will house the documents/artifacts as a part of the ICDP process,
and over time each years ICDP documents/artifacts will be housed in the same folder.