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T he Northerner

Super Bowl shuts down North Central
North Central facilities to be used for Super Bowl functions; no classes held
By Ross Miltimore
and Josiah Mayo
munity outreach. Monger said due to the expected extreme Minnesota will have positive with Kare 11. nize the 10-day-long extrav-
North Central’s campus will that North Central longs to be traffic throughout Minneapo- impacts on Minneapolis and Airports will not be the only aganza. The Super Bowl has
be shut down between Jan. the “how can we help” kind of lis. Besides affecting on-cam- North Central. public transportation service become so much more than a
26 at 12 p.m. and Feb. 5 at place instead of closing off the pus students, the traffic would “Because of North Central’s feeling the effects of the Super football game; it has evolved
12 p.m. due to the activity of door to the needs of its com- create extra difficulty for com- unique position in the city, it Bowl. The Metro Transit rail into a week packed full of
the Super Bowl happening in munity. muter students. Even if stu- has the opportunity to make system will be running on all events that will affect the en-
Minneapolis. Students have Monger explained there is a dents could get to their classes business connections that cylinders for the 10-day span tire city.
been asked to leave campus misconception that North Cen- they wouldn’t be able to learn we wouldn’t get to make if it of activities. According to “The 1992 Super Bowl was
during this time. Classes will tral is making a large quantity well, Monger said. hadn’t been here,” Schrock Howie Padilla, spokesperson just a speck of what it is to-
not be held, no offices will be of money from this agreement. “Even if you’re not looking said. for Metro Transit, in an inter- day” said Dave Haselman,
open and no faculty will be on He expressed his frustration out the window, you’re just Schrock said the break will view with KSTP, the transit chief operating officer of the
campus. with the statements that North aware that there’s something help some students pay for the will need all hands-on deck for Minnesota Super Bowl Host
When the Super Bowl comes Central was selling students going on out there” said Mon- semester that week as they go the duration of the activities. Committee in an interview
to a city, the National Football rooms. “Simply inaccurate,” ger. “It doesn’t really set you back home and work. Schrock People who remember the with the Star Tribune.
League (NFL) does what they Monger said. up for a good learning experi- will be headed home for the 1992 Super Bowl won’t recog-
call a land grab. This NFL North Central has a Super ence.” Super Bowl.
requires a certain amount of Bowl task force that is working Philipps Hall resident Mi- “Going home will allow me
space and buildings to house
their various operations to ef-
closely with the Super Bowl
Host Committee. The univer-
kayla Saak, sophomore, has
applied to stay on campus
to take a little break and give
me some freedom, whereas if
Fashion Timeline
fectively function during the sity’s campus will be occu- during the 10-day break at I stay I’ll be stuck on campus
event. The official Super Bowl pied “for a variety of support North Central for the Super and won’t have the freedom
committee scopes out what fa- funtions” for the week leading Bowl. She works two jobs in to go around campus freely”
cilities will work for the needs up to the event, according to Minneapolis that expect her to Schrock said. North
of the Super Bowl. Once this an email from North Central’s be here and working. Saak has Applications to stay on cam-
process began last year North
Central began considering
communications department.
The visitors will primarily
mixed emotions about North
Central shutting down for the
pus were due Nov. 1. Notifica-
tions to students will be sent
how to contribute. be using the College Life Cen- 10-day time period, however out Nov. 20 letting students
“It always starts out with; ter (CLC) and large assembly she believes that North Cen- know whether they are ap-
how do we serve the com- areas such as Trask Word and tral has handled it the best way proved or denied to stay on
munity?” said Todd Monger,
executive director of student
Worship Center on campus.
Skyways connecting Carlson
“North Central has been
The NFL informed Minne-
from the
According to Monger, the
and Miller Halls will not be
accessible to students, accord-
very good with communicat-
ing all the details and require-
apolis airports to be prepared
for 60,000-70,000 people ar- past four
Super Bowl is a great opportu- ing to Monger. ments if you are needing to riving to the city by airplanes.
nity for North Central. Monger
believes the Super Bowl will
It will be extremely difficult
for students to gain a quality
stay on campus during this
time,” Saak said.
“We’re looking at 12 to 15
hundred aircraft coming in to
provide massive exposure for education during the Super Carlson Hall resident Ken all of our airports” said the
Page 6
North Central, as well as pro- Bowl week. Students will not Schrock, sophomore, believes Manager of Reliever Airports,
vide an opportunity for com- be easily able to get to campus the Super Bowl coming to Mike Wilson in an interview

News The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

North Central commemorates 500th anniversary of Protestantism
Protestant theologian visits campus to speak; teach in classes
By Kathryn Hoffland

As the 500th anniversary of the
Protestant Reformation approached,
North Central hosted public events
to commemorate the occasion. Ve-
li-Matti Kärkkäinen, professor of
systematic theology at Fuller Theo-
logical Seminary and a well-known
Lutheran/Pentecostal theologian,
presented in several classes Monday,
Oct. 23 through Wednesday, Oct. 25
as well as speaking in chapel those
three days. Kärkkäinen also lectured
on the doctrine of justification at a
7p.m. public event on Monday; Tues-
day evening brought a panel discus-
sion by the Catholic/Evangelical Dia-
logue also open to the public.
Allen Tennison, professor of theol-
ogy at North Central, said the word
“commemorate” was chosen when
promoting this event as it acknowl-
edges the fact that the Reformation
was monumental in affecting church
history, but all aspects of it are not On Tuesday October 24th, North Central hosted William Stevenson (left), Glen Menzies, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen (middle), Christian Washburn, Bonn Clayton (right) in a panel in celebration
necessarily worth celebrating. of the 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation. Photo by Ericka Sura
“We certainly use the word from North Central to see if Kärk- and research important so that ecu- together helps correct the liability
celebrate, which implies the Ref- käinen was free to speak on campus. menical convergence can be found; of Protestant theology,” Kärkkäinen
ormation was a good thing, but that Because of the work Kärkkäinen however, he does not see the doctri- said.
doesn’t always mean everything in does in international ecumenical cir- nal diversity among Christians as a Kärkkäinen facilitated the panel
the Reformation was a good thing,” cles, Tennison said he could not think problem that needs fixing. discussion between four representa-
Tennison said. “The word commem- of a better individual to speak at the Kärkkäinen gleans from Protestant, tives of the Catholic/Evangelical dia-
orate becomes important because we events North Central was putting to- Catholic, Orthodox, and Methodist logue; Glen Menzies, Bonn Clayton,
want to recognize that something gether. traditions in his speaking and writing. William Stevenson, and Christian
happened that shaped world history.” “Kärkkäinen is a voice that speaks He also uses Pentecostal and Char- Washurn. The panel members an-
Discussions about how North Cen- for a lot of Christians but also knows ismatic resources. Kärkkäinen noted swered questions from Kärkkäinen
tral should commemorate the 500th how to communicate to Christians of there are many areas where doctrinal about unity among believers and in-
anniversary of the Protestant Refor- various traditions. There is something understanding about the relationship terdenominational conversations.
mation began about three years ago about him that is somewhat diplomat- between faith and good works are “Having the conversation before
according to Tennison. During those ic as well” said Tennison. pointing in the same direction; both engaging in the argument is always
three years, many changes have hap- In his lecture on justification, Kärk- parties agree that faith without works extremely clarifying,” Washburn
pened at the university but the plans käinen acknowledged the presence is dead and that salvation comes by said.
for these events were still on the ta- of much intra-Christian diversity on faith. Kärkkäinen speaking in chapel. Photo by
ble. Tennison received permission topics of doctrine. He finds his work “Linking faith and deeds tightly Ericka Sura

HLC reviews accreditation NCU REWIND:
Freshmen will face required ministry
North Central positive after visit, April 28, 1989

proposes online degrees Originally published 1989 office, and freshmen cannot par-
ticipate unitl their second semes-
North Central Bible College will ter, Freitag added.
By Roger Busse enact a policy next fall requiring Freitag said approval will be
incoming freshmen to participate given to ministry choices if the
The Higher Learning Commission federal government concerning in North Central’s document they in four semesters of church or ministry requires weekly student
(HLC) visited North Central Monday, compliance regarding truth in ad- read before arriving. Now North parachurch ministry during their attendance and preparation. Stu-
October 2 through Tuesday, October vertising and management of feder- Central waits, possibly until February years at the college, according dent participation must be veri-
3 to determine whether or not to con- al financial aid funds. One outcome 2018, to hear the final determination to Paul Freitag, college ministries fie d by a church leader, Freitag
tinue the university’s accreditation. of the HLC’s decision is that it will from the HLC. coordinator. added.
The HLC is an organization which influence whether or not the federal Leeper noted one way improve- The regulation, which applies Though unaffected by the reg-
accredits universities. government will provide financial aid ments could be made would be to fur- only to incoming students, calls ulation, current NC students
Accreditation exists to show the to students attending North Central. ther develop the way in which North for active student participation in have expressed support for the
education provided by a university Moreover, maintaining accredited Central evaluates student learning ministry. “Each student will be re- measure. “I like the idea,” said
meets established standards and that status impacts recruitment, since stu- and implements changes based on sponsible to find a church in the Shawn Phillips, a senior major-
it is striving to improve the instruc- dents lean towards attending an ac- data; a committee has been devel- Twin Cities and plug into it,” Fre- ing in Christian studies. “A lot
tion it provides, according to Greg credited institution and that “… [be- oped to help provide solutions. itag said. “It doesn’t have to be a of people graduate from North
Leeper, director of institutional effec- ing accredited] helps our students get “Every semester we’ll be doing leadership role. It can be teach- Central with academic degrees
tiveness and research at North Cen- into graduate school as well,” Leeper major surveys that are emailed to all ing Sunday school, ushering or but are lacking in the practics,”
tral. said. students and it’s a great way for stu- janitorial work as long as it gets Lisa Midlam, a senior majoring in
Much was done to prepare for the An additional document was also dent voices to be heard and for us to the student involved in the local mass communications added: It
visit over the course of several years. composed as North Central is begin- make improvements based on student church meetings.” could change the attitude of stu-
North Central composed a 120-page ning the process of offering degrees feedback,” Leeper said. “We do make Though the regulation calls pri- dents on campus: when you’re
book about itself in the process of which can be fully completed on- changes based on the information. marily for church ministry, other involved, you’re less critical.”
evaluating the entire university, ac- line: The Associate of Arts in Church The administration, faculty, staff, re- forms of ministry participation Tennant said the reuglation is
cording to Leeper. The book intend- Leadership and Master of Arts in ally care about what students have to may be accepted for up to two a resuclt of concerns express
ed to express the ways North Cen- Strategic Leadership degrees. say and this is one of the main ways semesters if approval is given to college officials by pastors
tral meets the HLC’s 90 criteria for The HLC visit went well, accord- that we hear student feedback.” by the college ministries offic, and members of North Central;s
accreditation. Additional proof was ing to Leeper. The HLC’s visiting Previously only certain classes is- according got Dr. Carolyn Ten- Board of Regents who said stu-
required, amounting to nearly 500 reviewers voiced encouraging com- sued student-review surveys but now nant, vice-president for student dents were not gaining sufficient
evidence documents. ments and agreed with the respective all classes will and they will be com- life. All ministry choices must be practical experience through in-
Paperwork was arranged for the strengths and weaknesses explained pleted electronically. approved by the college ministry ternships alone.
The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 News
North Central sees increase in liquor
and drug law violations on campus
Annual security report shows campus criminal activity statistics
By Kyle Crowell

Crime is everywhere, and North to, thefts, drug and alcohol miscon-
Central is no exception. The most duct, and sexual assaults and offens-
common violations that occur on es. It also keeps track of offenses like
campus are thefts or burglaries. These homicides, manslaughter, and arson;
recently peaked in 2015 when there none of which North Central has had
were six burglaries and a car theft on any reported cases of in the last three
campus. There was a recent spike in years.
liquor law and drug law violations on The perpetrators of these crimes
campus with seven and nine incidents are often thought to be people that
respectively being reported in 2016. make their way onto campus from
Despite these violations, the street, like when Chris Woelfle,
North Central security strives to keep Carlson Hall resident director, had his
the students and faculty as safe as apartment burglarized in recent years.
possible. “Suspects were seen gaining access
“Our goal, and our prayer, is each into the school from off the street, but
day our team will do our best to assist couldn’t be confirmed at the scene of
with safety on our campus, and our the crime,” said Woelfe regarding his
university community members will burglary case.
do their part by supporting campus However, unless there is absolute
rules and being mindful as they are and undeniable proof of guilt, many
out and about in our urban neighbor- of these crimes are left open-ended
hood,” James Crabtree, director of with no convictions or disciplinary Graph by Ericka Sura
campus safety and security, said. actions being taken. In instances tion in the process. This ranges from a verbal warning sports teams, etc.
Each year North Central releases where it’s a North Central student “There have been some spiteful to dismissal from campus. Instanc- “The whole process is meant to be
the “Annual Security Report and Fire that is found to be guilty, there are false accusations in the past,” said es where guilty students are putting educational and supportive [for the
Safety Report” that shows statistics steps North Central faculty will take Woelfe. themselves or others in danger are students involved],” Woelfe said.
of the crimes committed on and near to resolve the issue. North Central handles each situ- typically the violations that are dealt Individuals who see or hear of
campus throughout the past three When an accusation is brought to ation very carefully and as fairly as with the most severely. crimes happening on campus are
years. This year’s report lists offenses light, the first step is always to offer possible. If the guilt of a student is If the guilty party complies with the encouraged to contact the security
from 2014, 2015 and 2016. This re- the accused student a chance to meet proven there are an array of ways the school, they will typically face softer emergency line as soon as possible at
port is accessible to all members of with their respective resident director school will respond depending on repercussions. These include coun- 612-343-4444.
the North Central community and to voice their side of the story, in case the severity of the crime and how the seling, writing apology letters, or for-
includes statistics on, but not limited of misinformation or miscommunica- guilty party responds to accusations. feiting student leadership positions,

1500 Park Ave. suspected arson case under investigation Corrections from
volume 59, issue 1:
Suspect faces two counts of second degree murder
By Grace Lindberg
Further investigation into the Oct.
6 apartment fire at 1500 Park Avenue Variety Section
is being done by the Hennepin Coun-
ty Medical Examiner, Minneapolis Lewis Hatcher’s first name in
Police and the State Fire Marshall is the profile was published with an
taking place. incorrect spelling. This error has
Arson is the suspected cause of the been fixed and is reflected in both
fire and the suspect, Marcus Dewayne the web and downloadable copies
Shanks, is facing two counts of sec- of Issue 1.
ond degree murder. The Star Tribune
reported that Royce Wayne James,
age 59, jumped from the window of
a third-floor apartment to escape the
fire. James died from multiple blunt Homecoming court
force and thermal injuries according
to the Hennepin County Medical Ex-
Vickie Lee Ness, age 59, also Since publication, it has been
jumped from the apartment window made evident that there have been
to escape the flames. Ness was tak- previous homecoming kings and
en to the Hennepin County Medical queens in North Central’s history.
Center in critical condition following
the fire. Ness died from multisystem
organ failure complicating man-
agement of thermal and blunt force Story headlines
injuries on Oct. 27 according to the
Hennepin County Medical Examiner.
Shanks has been charged with two Some subheadlines in the News
counts of second degree murder, ar- section and Variety section were
son and a count of murder, according cut off in the editing process. The
to the criminal charge records for missing words have been re-add-
Hennepin County, Minnesota. He is ed and now are displayed correct-
currently in custody with $1,000,000 ly in the downloadable copy of
as his bail. 1500 Park Avenue was the site of a possible arson on October 6th. Photo by Kathyrn Hoffland Issue 1.

Opinion The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NFL players kneel for racial injustice
Method of protest becomes focus instead of issue
By Jessica Baker
“If we are white, we are the products of the his-
tory our ancestors chose. If we are black we are
Colin Kaepernick was a quarter- products of the history our ancestors most like-
ly didn’t choose. When we understand this, is
back for the San Francisco 49ers until
he chose to opted out of his contract.
During last year’s preseason, Kaeper- when we can escape from it.” -13th Documentary
nick decided to take a seat during the
national anthem as a silent protest deserve. the elements of racism in America. In
against police brutality towards un- “I am not going to stand up to show other words, we have an opinion on
armed African Americans. pride in a flag for a country that op- the way these protests are happening
Many people, including Attorney presses black people and people of so we don’t have to talk about the ac-
General Jeff Sessions, believe that color,” Kaepernick said in a state- tual topic at hand.
players should make their protest ment. “To me, this is bigger than For example, Domonique Fox-
other places and that someone should football and it would be selfish on my worth and Will Cain debated over
stand during the national anthem. But part to look the other way. There are this topic on ESPN. Throughout the
for many African Americans, the flag bodies in the street and people get- debate you see Cain overlooking the
and the anthem are symbolic remind- ting paid leave and getting away with message and solely looking at the
ers of the promises they hold that murder.” method of which he used.
have not come to pass yet. Taking a knee is an act of faith. Foxworth asked Cain, “Do you
Nate Boyer, a U.S. military veteran Many people believe that it isn’t agree with what Kaepernick is trying
sat down with Kaepernick and dis- the “right time and place” but my to say and do you believe we have
cussed the difference between sitting question is when is the right time an injustice at hand, because I be-
down and kneeling during the nation- and place? When Rosa Parks took a lieve that this is the conversation we
al anthem. stand, and sat down on the bus - we should be having”
After hours of consideration, ac- ridiculed her. When protests filled the Cain went on to say, “I am happy
cording to a Snopes article Boyer streets in America - we told them they to have that conversation, I am here
said, had to be silent. When football play- right now with you. But here’s my
“Soldiers take a knee in front of a ers decided to take a knee to show the problem, when you make that of-
fallen brother’s grave, you know, to injustice that is happening still to this fensive kind of gesture like that and
show respect. When we’re on a pa- day - we told them it wasn’t the right choose to sit down during the na-
During the NFL’s 2016 preseason 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, took a knee during
trol, and we go into a security halt, time. tional anthem...” and the message is the National Anthem which started a protest throughout the NFL.Jessica Baker, North
we take a knee. We choose to kneel The moment an African American missed. Central junior, “took a knee” to explain her thoughts on the pro-football players’ protest.
because it’s a respectful gesture. I dies - just for having a different skin I believe this is what often happens Photo by Ericka Sura

remember thinking our posture was color - we become silent. I believe anytime we have a difficult conver- if you are going to take the time to about the injustice that is happening
like a flag flown at half-mast to mark that when protests happen, many sation that we don’t want to face. We lay out why you respect the flag, you in our backyard. This is about in-
a tragedy.” people look at the method rather than throw a bandage on a broken leg that probably have a few extra moments equality. Being an American isn’t just
The national anthem reflects the the overall message they are trying to instead, needs a cast. for reflecting on what someone else’s saying the pledge of allegiance and
freedom that one has as a citizen in get across. “Your American experience is experience might be.” being “proud” to live in this country.
America. But thousands if not hun- I believe that it is easier to have an yours and no one will ever take that This topic is not about you. This is It’s about working to improve it and I
dreds of thousands of African Amer- opinion on whether or not there are away, it is your truth.” Matt Ufford not about me. It is not about the mil- believe that it will never come to pass
icans across America do not receive better and less controversial ways to said in Foxworth and Cain ESPN ex- itary, the national anthem, the flag unless we begin to put other people’s
that same freedom we all supposedly protest then it is to have an opinion on change. “But it is not universal and or America as a whole. This topic is rights ahead of our own comfort.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Review
Is a soft reboot enough to save the franchise?
By Christian Morris It’s not the best story in the series, but rushed at the tail-end of the game and obtaining new weapons for your meaning you can use your favorite
it kept me engaged in the 35 hours it while too much time was spent on character. This new leveling system weapon throughout the game.
After a one-year hiatus to refresh took to beat it. Bayek and Aya are two the backstory which led to the orig- works well. I only had to grind out Egypt is massive. The amount of
the franchise, the beloved series is of the more charismatic characters in ination. extra levels two different times while side quests, hunting areas and forts
back with Assassin’s Creed: Origins. the series, and their relationship was The biggest story drawback for me I played through the story, and I nev- for Bayek to raid can be overwhelm-
The game is set in Ptolemaic Egypt exciting to follow. was Aya’s three playable missions. er felt like it took Bayek too long to ing at first. There are at least 60 to 80
and takes place in the 40s B.C. Bayek The story’s pacing is awful. Assas- They feel like they were shoehorned reach the next level, even as I quick- hours of content for the player. The
of Siwa, one of the last Egyptian sination targets are given no time to into the game. None of the upgrades ly approached the level cap. This is main story takes Bayek through just
medjay, and his wife Aya are the main develop. The goal of the story is the Bayek obtains transfer to Aya, and largely due to the new quest format. over half the map, leaving plenty of
characters. show the origination of the Assassin Aya is not playable outside of these Gone are the days of DNA-format- exploration for the post-game. To top
As a whole, Origins’ story works. Brotherhood. It does this, but it felt missions. I was disappointed to not ted quests with their mission con- it off, there is a gladiator and racing
be controlling Bayek, a character I straints in order to “fully synch” a arena for Bayek to take part in. The
had become emotionally invested mission. Completing quests will give environments throughout the map
in, during the climax and then the you a level-appropriate amount of ex- are greatly varied. Each major city
final mission of the game. I enjoyed perience and possibly a new weapon. feels different. The northern part of
playing as Aya, but it’s puzzling that I found most of the side quests to be the map is filled with lush swamp-
the development team chose to go quite entertaining. Some tell a story land contrasted by huge deserts in the
this route after Assassin’s Creed: of their own while others flesh out south.
Syndicate’s excellent handling of a characters Bayek encountered in the Assassin’s Creed: Origins is a fun
two-playable-characters system. main story. These side quests made game. The new combat system large-
Origins also has a playable pres- leveling seem less of a chore and ly works, but is rough around the edg-
ent-day story with all-new charac- more entertaining than most RPGs. es. The many weapon types each play
ters mostly unconnected to previous The loot system is the most play- differently, encouraging the player to
events in the series. The present day er-friendly system I have encoun- experiment with their playstyle. The
isn’t much, having maybe an hour’s tered. Weapons are divided into massive map, the player-friendly loot
worth of content. It’s reminiscent of three categories: normal, rare and system and the new quest system are
the first game in the series. What’s legendary. Legendary weapons are all strides in the right direction, but
there seems to be setting the stage for easily obtainable through daily loot the game is held back by a poorly
future games. box quests or high-level side quests. paced story and the addition of loot
Unlike previous games in the se- Weapons have levels which can be boxes, no matter how friendly they
ries, Origins places a strong empha- increased by paying a blacksmith a may be to the player.
Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed: Origins on Octorber 27, 2017. Poster by Ubisoft
sis on RPG elements like leveling up sizable amount of money to upgrade, Final score: 8/10
The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Opinion
Domestic violence in new PlayStation trailer sparks controversy
Game developer David Cage aims to push the videogame medium
By Kazden Risk viewed Cage to discuss issues of re- strong and dark emotions as long as care and research - yet when a trail-
sponsible exploration in this medium it’s done in a fair, honest, and sincere er showcasing such heavy themes is
as well as what exactly is fair game way.” presented without context at a trade-
Last week Sony showcased a pleth- in video gaming. This interview was Many others across the internet show meant to build hype and antic-
ora of video game trailers for the Play- conducted one day after the premier have echoed Robinson’s hesitations ipation it can come across as cheap
Station 4 console at the Paris Games of the trailer. At the time, Cage had with Cage’s writing. Austin Walker, and irresponsible. It’s not necessarily
Week conference. However, while Kara, played by Valorie Curry, is a female not had the opportunity to view feed- editor-in-chief of Waypoint and for- wrong to have these issues in Detroit:
games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man android owned by a human in this scene. back on the trailer - yet regardless of merly an employee of Giant Bomb, Become Human, but they should be
She is choosing to disobey and protect
gave us glimpses of web-slinging Alice, seen behind Kara, against her father,
feedback Cage advises that people said in a tweet, “I don’t think there’s experienced in the proper progres-
action and colorful fun, one game Todd. “should see the scene, play the game a person I trust less to do an abusive sion - not on a stage with little to no
decided to lean into raw, violent emo- and see it in context to really under- dad story than David Cage.” preparation for what you’re about to
tion to market their product. cused on the mystery of a serial kill- stand it.” Unlike almost every other medi- witness.
For some commentators in the in- er. It has an aggregate score of 87/100 Cage goes on to explain that a scene um, video games can take those im- Furthermore, when Cage responds
dustry a trailer such as this was to be on Metacritic and was one of the first like this “has to have a purpose, have mersive graphics, environments, and to feedback and questioning on his
expected, yet some have reservations titles to lean heavily on multiple out- a meaning, and create something that characters and allow you, as a player, work with deflecting it makes it ap-
as to what we should choose to em- comes and story-arc endings based is hopefully meaningful for people.” to interact with them. Thus, why not pear even more so that that he may
brace as video games ease their way on player choices. Robinson said in response, “Domes- use such an art form to allow us to ex- not have the caution that should be
more into mainstream media. David De Gruttola, known in the tic abuse and child abuse is quite ex- perience new perspectives, situations, demanded of a scene like this.
Quantic Dream, a studio that has industry as David Cage and the treme as these things go.” and challenges? It’s not the message, it’s the mes-
been around for 20 years, has always founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, When asked on what is off-limits as Robinson reiterates throughout senger. Highly emotional and sensi-
been one of the forerunners in push- wrote and directed these hits and is a writer, Cage said, “When you feel his interview with Cage that writ- tive topics can help us grow as people
ing the limits of how we view video currently working on his newest title, okay with the content and the mean- ers need to be careful with how far and games can be used as a platform
game narratives. Their game Heavy Detroit: Become Human. The game’s ing when you know you have nothing to push the experience. If we push for that - yet you must be able to trust
Rain was described by Tim Clark of narrative focuses on artificial intelli- to be ashamed of because it’s fair and video games as an art for the sake of the source. Hopefully Detroit: Be-
the Official PlayStation Magazine as gence (AI) as they develop sentience. it tells the right story and because it’s simply pushing them, we risk turning come Human has pacing and subtext
“one of the freshest, most exciting One of the prominent characters is moving - there are no limits.” what could be a respectable form of that work together to make Kara’s
and important games on [PlayStation named Kara, who is on a search for “I’ve been saying the same thing art into something to be dismissed by story really resonate with gamers.
3].” their role in the company of humans. for 20 years, [video games are] an art the masses. The game’s release is slated for early
Classified as an interactive ac- Martin Robinson, author for Eurog- form, and an art form should be free That’s not to say Cage isn’t han- 2018. We’ll see then.
tion-adventure drama, the story fo- amer’s features and reviews, inter- to express different things, including dling the situation with the utmost

Spoiler: Have you really seen Stranger Things 2?
By Meghan Bishop into the drama and opening the cur- choosing to “make it official.” This her mother, sister and deepest fears. Bob’s character was vital to this sea-
tains on Stranger Things 2: season “bad boy” Steve, newly heart- Two new kids came to Hawkins son, for one reason, and one reason
Last year’s first season of Stranger Nancy Wheeler was season one’s broken, takes a turn in his life for the this year, Billy and Max. Billy, from only. Bob saved everyone from being
Things turned the Netflix watchers’ sweetheart and now Nancy is a better. He becomes the show’s “mom the moment he makes an appearance eaten alive by demodogs while try-
world upside down. This year on the heart breaking liar, who’s falling for figure” and by that I mean Steve takes in the season, becomes known as the ing to escape Hawkins lab. The only
morning of Oct. 31 was the beginning ‘shy boy’ Jonathan Byers. Nancy a guardian role over the main group town’s new “bad boy”, but this boy person Bob didn’t save was himself.
to a new year of Hawkins Lab mys- and Steve Harrington started out the of boys for over half the season. is much worse than the first season’s We’ll never know if Joyce would
teries and demogorgan hunts, it was season as a happy couple planning Steve’s character became mature, Steve Harrington. Max is Billy’s have chosen to leave everything her
the release of season two. Let me tell their future together. By the second understanding and humble; for last younger sister, who also happens to and her family had built in Hawkins
you, the anticipation had built. Peo- episode, we find Nancy and Steve season’s fans that idea can be pretty be in 8th grade just like Mike, Lucas, to escape to Maine for a normal life,
ple stayed up until midnight Oct. 20 together at a Halloween party that mind blowing. Dustin, and Will. The two characters but one thing we do know is that new-
to catch the new season. I can imag- Jonathan Byers also decides to show Eleven, also known as “El”, es- become weaved into the plot, to the ly single Joyce Byers and divorced
ine there were quite a few sleepy peo- up too, invited by no other than Nan- caped the upside down not too long point where Billy almost beats Steve Chief Hopper may not be without a
ple on the North Central campus that cy Wheeler herself. During the par- after she was taken there from defeat- to death and Max kisses Lucas at special someone for much longer, if
next morning. ty, Nancy’s mind is doing so much ing the demogorgon at the end of last Hawkins’ middle school “Snow Ball” you know what I mean.
The producers had some nerve bouncing around about Barb that she season. She doesn’t know where to dance. All in all, the season was a blast
making fans wait over a year to get gets mad at Steve for thinking of what go, but also knows she needs to hide Bob Newby is Joyce Byer’s new (from the past, literally, because it’s
their eyes on season two. Some fans happened to Barb as something of from the “bad men,” which leads boyfriend. Joyce is Will’s mom. As set in 1984). Just about anyone that
may say that waiting a whole year the past and that she should just ‘get her to living in the woods for a little the season progresses, we learn that you ask about Stranger Things 2 will
wasn’t even worth it. I believe be- over it’. Nancy breaks up with Steve while until she runs into Jim Hopper. Bob and Joyce went to high school tell you it was a mix of 80’s nostal-
cause of the second season’s charac- that night and ends up having Jona- Hopper takes El in and lets her live together. Joyce was once an attractive gia, The Goonies and CGI. The one
ter development and production qual- than drive her home, which lights with him while also keeping her ex- rebellious teenager, while Bob was thing I can say for certain that I’m
ity; a year was more than worth it. the flame to the Nancy and Jonathan istence a secret for her own safety. a nerdy math geek known as “Bob happy about, is that Eleven and Mike
Season two featured almost all the flicker that was always there. Eventually, El gets sick of not being the Brain.” The two’s relationship reunited and are together again, and
same characters as the first season, Steve Harrington was first seasons allowed to exist in the world outside becomes strengthened to the point if that doesn’t make every Stranger
but the personality roles of who the ‘too cool for you’ bad boy, with one of Hopper’s house so she chooses to where Bob asks Joyce to move to Things fan smile, then I don’t know
characters turned out to be were very heck of an eye for Nancy Wheeler. run away from the safety of Hopper, Maine, where her and her boys can what will.
different this season. Here’s to diving The first season’s ends with the two taking her on an adventure, finding have a fresh start and a stable family.

The Northerner Staff Email
Editorial Staff Writers
Editor-in-Chief Josiah Mayo Hillary Streitberger Grace Lindberg @ncunortherner
News Editor Kathryn Hoffland Marissa Gruening Ross Miltimore
Sports Editor Christian Morris Samantha Bergum Ethan Krohn
Design Editor Makenna Heitman Kyle Crowell
Web Editor Kazden Risk Ross Anderson
Photo Editor Ericka Sura Roger Busse
Varity Editor Meghan Bishop
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Variety The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Retro 1970’s spec-
ticles featured in a
classic look.
Photo by Makenna
Model: Trevor

NCU Fashion time capsule
Taking a journey back through our wardrobe.
By Hillary Streitberger

One of the things that make a Pentecostal campus unique, is the dress code is always changing. What is allowed,
what is not allowed. Based off that, we develop our own styles that are unique to us. Obviously, things have been
vastly different throughout the years and now we have more flexibility, but you could not always pair your suit and
tie with tattoos. Turning back time to take a closer look is helpful-47 years to be exact.
Starting with the 70s, all the
way through modern day, we
will take a journey through the
fashion and trends of North
Central. What is interesting is
a lot of the present reflects the
past. Certain apparel is making
its way back. Watching conser-
vative and contemporary unfold
throughout the years of atten-
dance and throughout the years
of The Northerner is exciting to
watch come about. Thumbing
through the archives, traveling
through plaid and high-tops,
washed out denim and cuffed
sleeves the sense of creativity
among students, past and pres-
ent is relative.
The self-expression we see
throughout campus is a subtle,
but incredible way to keep this
expression of art alive.

A window back to North Central in the 1980’s
Photo by Makenna Heitman.
Model:Klarissa Inumerable

Top: A contemporary twist on Millennium era campus fashion.
Photo by Makenna Heitman.
Model: Trevor Westad

Right: A modern-day approach on campus fashion.
Photo by Makenna Heitman.
The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Variety
Cats and Coffee
The Café Meow is soon to be opening their doors in Uptown Minneapolis
By Meghan Bishop
ness start-up opportunities when she quarter if they are not adopted be- partnerships to provide all the cafe
Pairing the local coffee shop with found Purina One’s pop up cat café fore then. The goal being more cats needs.”
the local animal shelter, The Café in New York City, which sparked the will have exposure and in turn, find a Burge has several goals planned
Meow is bringing Minnesota’s first idea to begin one of her own, accord- good home.” Being able to adopt the for the cafe starting with helping to
ever cat café experience to Uptown ing to The Café Meow’s website. cats from the café is a new concept get shelter cats adopted especially
Minneapolis this fall. The cafe will consist of two sepa- that Burge hopes will be “something long-term rescue cats and older cats.
The café signed a lease to 2317 rate areas: the cat room and the cafe. that could benefit the cities by provid- The other main goal is to support
Hennepin Ave. at the beginning of “You can come order some cat time ing a unique place that could really small and growing local businesses. Uptown residents welcome new neighbors,
this October, according to The Café with your coffee,” Burge said. Cus- do some good for bringing up adop- “To do that we are getting our coffee The Café Meow, where customers can drink
coffee with some cat company.
Meow’s Instagram post. tomers can visit the cats before or tion rates of cats.” beans, treats, teas and most of our Photo provided by The Cafe Meow
“I was looking for a business to after having coffee. There is also the The Café Meow is planning on other products from local business-
build near the end of my university option of only playing with the cats. “working with local roasters, tea-sup- es,” Burge said. Supporting The Café keep everyone updated on social me-
career,” co-owner of The Café Meow, No coffee drinking necessary. pliers, farms, and bakeries to deliver Meow supports the community of dia, through our blog,” Burge said.
Jessica Burge, said “We will be supporting our local a sustainable experience to our cus- Minneapolis. Follow the journey of The Café
Burge and co-owner Danielle Ras- shelters by providing housing for tomers. All our coffees and teas will When the café is to open has not yet Meow on Instagram and Facebook,
mussen have been trying to start the some of their cats temporarily,” ac- be Fair Trade Certified and organic,” been determined. “Once we have all as Minneapolis get its first ever cat
café in Minneapolis since 2014, ac- cording to The Café Meows website. states The Café Meow website. “The our permits for build out and licens- café.
cording to the Star Tribune. Burge “The cat population provided by our Cafe Meow believes in the local busi- ing approved it will be easier to pro-
had been looking into possible busi- partner shelters will be shifted every nesses of Minnesota and has created vide an estimated timeline. We will

Campus Organizations are Building Blocks for Student Faith
North Central student organizations encourage students to find authentic community
By Ethan Krohn
North Central has many opportuni- community, enduring authenticity Central’s human trafficking aware- some growing pains at the begin-
ties for students to get involved in the and a sense of belonging at NCU,” ness organization, for an event called ning of the year. However, they are
campus community through student says junior Meagan Teply, director of Banquet for the Broken which seeks now well supported among the men
organizations. Unlike many universi- Delta Kappa. to raise awareness for human traffick- of North Central. As the organization
ties where one or two organizations Although the name resembles that ing. continues to grow they are searching
have their roots in faith and religion, of a Greek sorority, Delta Kappa is Much like Delta Kappa, Journey is for more ways to connect with the
most of North Central’s student orga- not a sorority, but a women’s minis- a place where men can come togeth- men of North Central. “There is such
nizations are founded with a basis of try and activities organization. As an er for community at North Central. a big demographic on men; it’s hard
faith in God. organization, they realize that what it “[Journey’s] main goal is to connect to come up with an event that incor-
Journey and Delta Kappa are two means to be feminine looks different the men of North Central and grow porates the majority,” Schrock said.
organizations on North Central’s to every woman, and they look to em- together in our faith and vocation. Student organizations help students
campus that are dedicated to the de- brace that and provide diverse oppor- We want journey to be a place where to find a smaller community within
velopment of community for men tunities for every woman on campus men come together and pour into the community of North Central to
and women in their organizations and to get involved. each other,” said sophomore Kenneth belong in. Delta Kappa and Jour-
See what Ken Schrock (right), Journey within North Central’s as a whole. Delta Kappa will be hosting a mov- Schrock, Director of Journey. ney are two student organizations at
director, and Isaac Pirk (left), assistant
director, have done with the men’s ministry
Delta Kappa is open to all women ie night at the beginning of next se- This is Journey’s first year as a stu- North Central that help to shape the
they created and developed last year. of North Central. “Delta Kappa seeks mester in January. They will also be dent organization, and like many new community of the University that
Photo by Ericka Sura to create a way for women to find collaborating with Release, North organizations Journey went through stands today.

Regina Daniels brings passion into career choice
With a passion for dancing and PhD in signing, the two assets come together for
By Samantha Bergum
adelphia University. Her top choice She graduated with her master’s de-
Regina Daniels is the newest pro- was Julliard but the tuition price was gree and continued teaching and be-
fessor in the Carlstrom American high, so she went to Philadelphia. ing involved in signing theatre com-
Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting She realized she didn’t know what panies. As she continued to do theatre
program at North Central. Teaching she wanted to major in, so she went she realized her love of teaching and
American Sign Language is only one back to live with her mom and sister decided to really pursue it. She took
of the many hats she wears. in Maryland. a teaching while pursuing her PhD
Daniels grew up with her mom and While at home she was involved in through Boston University and taught
sister in New Orleans. She grew up deaf theatre companies. While work- there for four years.
in a deaf home but attended a main- ing with the theatre companies, she While in Boston an associate pro-
stream school, meaning she was the discovered The University of Mary- fessor at North Central, Bill Ross,
only deaf student in her classes until land and decided to go there for her asked her if she was interested in tak-
her middle school years. She then at- bachelor’s degree in dance. Follow- ing the position at North Central. All
tended a residential deaf school. She ing the achievement of her bachelor’s things seemed to point to her being at
was very involved in fine arts includ- degree she went to Chicago for grad- North Central and truly feels that she
ing dance, theatre and pageants. uate school. has found her home.
After graduating high school, she Through her dance classes she met She has not only grown in her
was recruited to Gallaudet Univer- with her interpreters to teach them teaching, but also has grown a lot in North Central welcomes new American Sign Language professor Regina Daniels.
Photo Cred: provided to us by Regina Daniels
sity for dancing. Although she loved dance words and make sure they her faith. She grew up Catholic and
being there the only thing she imag- knew what she needed to know to be has enjoyed learning more about the “This job has everything I have into. She also hopes to partner with
ined herself doing after school was successful in her classes. Teaching Lord. wanted and gives me opportunities the theatre department to do more
dancing and Gallaudet didn’t offer a ASL, Daniels’ began to see the art’s “My office days are Tuesday and I didn’t have teaching elsewhere,” deaf theatre.
dance or theatre major. As she wres- dynamic uniqueness. Thursday, and I can typically do work Daniels said. She has enjoyed Outside of North Central, she plans
tled through considering her next Her professors began to ask why from home, but I will always drive in ‘dreaming’ with Ross about what’s to do some side work at the Guthrie
step, one of her professors suggested she didn’t teach ASL because she for chapel.” Daniels said. [Through next for the Interpreting program at with deaf theatre as well. She is so
American University. was so good at it. Daniels’ consid- an interpreter] North Central. excited to be able to combine her pas-
Daniels’ took an internship at ered it and finally decided to teach She loves the experience North She hopes to add emphasis to in- sions of teaching with dancing/the-
American University and from there an introductory ASL course. As she Central holds within the spiritual terpreting majors because it is a very atre and grow here at North Central.
they recognized her talent for dancing started she fell in love with teaching realm and being able to experience broad major in itself and gives stu- Daniels is looking forward with an-
and encouraged her to attend Julliard and dancing was slowly pushed to the it with fellow faculty members and dents the opportunities to learn more ticipation to the future at North Cen-
School, Columbia College or Phil- side. students. about the specific field they plan to go tral ahead of her.

Athletics The Northerner
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kicking their way to new goals
Future recruiting is crucial with loss of three seniors
By Marissa Gruening
2015 season. recruiting.”
Though the team has players with Cameron has a list of recruits for
North Central’s women’s soccer the ability to score, it took some the 2018 season: some have commit-
team is coached by Andrew Cam- time for the women to become com- ted, some are on the fence and some
eron, a class of 2010 alumni that fortable with the new system. There he knows will commit later in their
has since been heavily involved in were seven new players scoring goals application process to North Central.
women’s soccer. In his second year and getting assists this season, which Not only is recruiting for 2018 taking
as head coach, he derived a new sys- shows an understanding of the new place, but Cameron has started a list
tem of play for the women to take on system that magnifies benefits as for the 2019 season as well. He likes
the 2017 season. Continuing this new well. Freshmen Anna Hartwig and to accumulate a large pool of names
system will build a solid foundation Cheyenne Brown scored seven and and contacts then narrow it down as
for future athletes Cameron is recruit- nine goals respectively, and freshman the next season approaches.
ing. Brea Zellner added three assists. For the recruits living in the Mid-
The new system is based on the “Showing up ready to play in games west, Cameron makes it a point to
positioning of players. Cameron has I know we’re capable of competing attend a game to get an idea of the
changed to a field of four defenders, in shows the team’s intensity and tac- player both on and off the field. With North Central’s woman’s soccer team played against Northwestern University on October
28th. The Rams lost 5-1. Photo by Samantha Burgum
three mid-fielders and three forwards tics,” Sparrman said in an email. those located further away, Cameron
to ensure a stronger attacking oppor- Going into next season, Cameron relies on game film and phone calls who may not be surrounded by the recorded five wins came from confer-
tunity for more scoring options. is losing three significant players due to the player’s recent coaches to learn downtown heart of a city. ence play where the Rams defeated
“Dakotah [Sparrman] is probably to graduation. Sparrman, Rebekah about the student’s method of play. “There’s a lot of opportunity that Crown College. The other wins were
our most lethal scoring threat,” Cam- Simerson and Lindsay Freitag have As for North Central, Cameron is comes with being so close to the accounted for by defeating Alverno
eron said. all had an impact on North Central’s certain to tell recruits of what makes downtown area,” Cameron said. College, Faith Baptist College, and
Sparrman, a senior captain who soccer program. the university stand out compared to “That is the single biggest draw for a Providence University. An additional
was named to the UMAC All-Con- “All three of them are starters so other Division III options. Having re- lot of students looking at a Christian two wins came from the Mount Mary
ference second team, holds the school that’ll be significant to find people quired chapel every day reflects the Division III institution.” invitational tournament early in the
record for most goals scored in a sin- who are competent in those areas,” active faith-based aspect along with The Rams finished their season season that sparked the Rams to fur-
gle season with 72 goals scored in the Cameron said. “That’s all a matter of the location being a draw to those with a final record of 5-12. Two of the ther success.

Team chemistry propels men’s golf to season goals
Rams look to build on team unity moving into next season
By Ross Anderson the North Central Invitational where where we wanted to be.” said in reference to a good round, fol- man team, Flippo said of his older
they finished at a season-high second The Ram’s scores improved dra- lowed by a terrible one. The Rams did players, “Bringing that life experi-
place. matically from last season to this sea- exactly that in the conference meet ence was very influential on the de-
Another Rams’ golf season has The Rams finished no higher than son. The Rams finished the meet with with their top player Justin Johnson velopment of the team.”
come to an end, but their consisten- seventh place on any of the three days a 423 score, shaving off 63 strokes keeping his daily scores within a two- Although the team scores were no
cy at the conference tournament is of the UMAC Championship Tour- from their score in the 2016 confer- stroke range, putting together rounds more than average, Flippo views this
pushing the team into next season on nament, but second year head coach ence meet. of 80, 81 and 82 (243, +27) to place season as a great success. The Rams
a positive note. Lon Flippo says this meet was the Going into this season, Flippo was 20th individually. will not lose any players to gradua-
The team finished in seventh place highlight of the season. focused on two main goals: be com- Flippo credits a great deal of the tion this offseason, and look to con-
or lower in every meet this year ex- “It’s a grind, and it’s tough work.” petitive and be consistent. team’s consistency to the chemistry tinue to build on this year’s chemistry
cept for the St. Scholastica Invita- Flippo said of the three day tourna- “We really wanted to avoid the Dr. that comes from upperclassmen lead- moving into future seasons.
tional where they finished fifth, and ment. “We stayed right in that niche Jekyll and Mr. Hyde rounds” Flippo ership. With a majority underclass-

Ram’s monthly recap
By: Christian Morris

Cross Country
The men’s team did not place at
the Jim Drews Invitational hosted
by the University of Wisconsin La-
Crosse. Freshman Kendric Branter
finished with a 194th-place 5:42.0,
sophomore Austin Hagemeister fin-
ished with 317th 6:10.2 and soph-
omore Brody Elg had his best time
of the season, 6:53.6, finishing in
35oth place. Every Rams’ runner had On Saturday November 11th North Central’s Men’s and Woman’s Cross Country teams
competed in the NCAA region Championship hosted at Carleton College in Northfield, MN.”
either a season or career best time
Photo by Ethan Krohn.
at the UMAC Championship meet,
where the team finished sixth. Brant- onship, where the team had their best battled to a double-overtime draw
er finished 16th with a 27:40.2, junior average time of the season. Novak at home against Northwestern. The
Kaleb Gunderson ran a 39th-place led the way for the Rams with a 68th- Rams did not qualify for the tourna-
29:12.2, Hagemeister finished 46th place 29:31.5, Griffin finished 7oth ment and finished the season with a
with a 30:29.2, senior Daniel Mor- with a 29:45.3, Barcelon ran 30:20.7 5-7-4 record.
genstern ran 31:35.4 to finish 57th for 73rd, Palmer ran a 74th-place Sophomore Josué Boutouli led
and Elg finished 66th with a 32:44.6 30:29.5 and junior Danelle Pageler the Rams with 11 goals scored this
The women’s team finished 21st at ran 32:09.3 to finish 83rd. season. Junior Kaleb Smith led the
the Tori Neubaur Invitational hosted team with two assists. Junior Ga-
by the University of Wisconsin La- Soccer briel Hartwig, the team’s primary
Crosse. Freshman Holly Peterson led The men’s team found themselves goalkeeper, ended the season with
North Central’s Men’s soccer team faced off against Northwestern University on October
the Rams with a 261st-place 7:41.3, in position to return to the NCCAA 83 saves on .716 save percentage. 28th. The game ended in a 2-2 double overtime draw. Photo by Ericka Sura
junior Taylor Novak ran a 278th-place Division III championship tourna- Boutouli was named to the UMAC
8:09.8, freshman Sidney Palmer ran a ment after losing the championship All-Conference first team and junior and final win of the season on Oct. kills and blocks per set, was named
8:17.7 to finish 283rd, junior Brianna game last year. Entering the final Danny Williams earned Honorable 20, defeating Mount Mary on the to the UMAC All-Conference sec-
Griffin finished at 8:20.8 for 285th week of the season with a 5-6-3 re- Mention. road, 3-0. Faith Vander Gailen’s de- ond team. Senior Bekah Johnson led
place and sophomore Raen Barcelon cord, the Rams needed to win one but season as head coach ended with the team in assists per set and junior
ran a 287th-place 8:21.7. The Rams game to make the tournament. The Volleyball a 2-26 record. Sophomore Emma Maddie Stocker led in digs per set.
finished ninth at the UMAC Champi- Rams lost to St. Scholastica 5-0 and The Rams picked up their second Middendorf, who led the Rams in