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Science F3 Chapter 9 Stars and Galaxies Ilmu Bakti

Paper 2 Answers 1. (a) W: white dwarf

X: supernova
Fajar Bakti Y: neutron star
1. (a) A: Nebula Z: black hole
B: White dwarf (b) 1. Very high gravitational force
C: Neutron star 2. Light in it cannot escape
D: Super-large star (c) A cloud of dust and gases like hydrogen and helium
E: Black hole (d) Hydrogen
(b) A massive red giant contracts quickly and explodes
2. (a) A gathering of billions of stars, planets, dust and gases
2. (a) Nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms forms helium. This (b) In the Universe, there are billions of galaxies
generates a tremendous amount of light and heat (c) (i) 1. Spirals 2. Elliptical 3. Irregulars
(b) Sunspot (ii) A spiral-shaped galaxy
(c) Corona

Section A
1. (a) i. Layer P (Corona)
ii. It consists of gas boiled off from the Sun
(b) From thermonuclear reactions in the core
(c) S: Sunspot
T: Flare
U: Prominence
(d) Prominences
(e) It causes the tail of a comet to point away from the

2. (a) Dust and hydrogen gas

(b) i. Vega
ii. Vega, the Sun, Betelgeuse
(c) i. The Milky Way
ii. At the edge of the galaxy

3. (a) A red giant or a super red giant

(b) Supernova explosion
(c) i. A black hole
ii. A neutron star
(d) Black hole - File Sharing Community Rebecca Choong XH’2010 – A blog on educational and inspiring articles, videos and links which you can’t miss out! Catholic High School, PJ