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USC Rossier SEaeaenres ere Ant Professor of Cine Edcation ‘To Whom It May Concem Itis a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Meghan Droog. Meghan was a student in both ‘my Education 531. and 541B classes, wo course In the USC Master of Ars in Teaching program ‘that Focus on Pedagogical Strategies in the History and Social Science classroom. I found Meghan tobe an outstanding classroom participant and an amazing lesson designer. She exhibited a very positive and motivated atitude and listened respectfully to the ideas of others. ‘What made Meghan a standout among her peers was the quality of te lesson plans she submited Writing lesson plans was the major work tha students were expected to do each week during the term for both classes. She demonstrated a level of professionalism andl creativity in lesson planning that was wonderful. As pat of the course, students were expected to design lessons that used a variety of pedagogies inchuding direct instruction and group work strategies. Most students ‘ean write a direct-nstraction lesson fairly well but they struggle with writing lesson plans that allow students to interact with one another or those that allow students to interact with concepts ‘without simply being lectured. Meghan’s ability to design interactive instruction was amazing. She ‘ot only was able to design lessons that were engaging, she had a good sense of planning for the logistics needed for successful implementation. Her lessons were consistent in their inclusion of frequent checks for understandings and use of formative assessments. These were just some ofthe qualities that set her apart from her peers In the both ofthe Pedagogy courses, Meghan’s emerging professionalism was clearly on display, ‘She was always on time, handled all paperwork (of which there was a significant amount—on average S submissions each woek), and showed a willingness to work collaboratively with others ‘As a classroom teacher for over 25 years, Thave an understanding of what is requited fora ‘successful teaching career feel that Meghan is the type of candidate who will enrich the teaching profession because she brings a deep commitment and dedication to the work. Ifyou need any Turther information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Repay LZ. rar Hawkins, Ed.D ‘Teacher, National Board Certified, Millikan High School Long Beach Unified School District Teacher ofthe Year, 2002, 2006 Los Angeles County Teacher ofthe Year, 2002 Ajunct Professor, USC MAT. shawkins@lhschoolsnet Lies ofS aioe 11805. ivet, Suite 210 Lar get 01S» Te 215 7600224 W