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Daulton Mobley

Final Assignment

The agency I completed my fieldwork this semester is the City of San Marcos
Parks and Recreation Department- Youth Services Division. This agency is a
segment of the city government and is considered a non-profit. The San Marcos
PARD is the umbrella of other divisions thats main mission is to bring recreation
and events to the city of San Marcos. Youth Services Division works particular to put
on programs and events for children 0-14. The mission statement for San Marcos
Parks and Recreation Department is To provide the citizens and visitors of San
Marcos with the highest level of programs, parks, facilities and services that will
positively enhance our vision of community.

Goal 1: To identify and become familiar with key components of recreation program
I feel like I met this goal. I became extremely aware and familiar with what
programs we were presenting and how to facilitate said program.

Objective 1: I will have a meeting with my supervisor to become familiar with

the Youth Services Divisions marketing plan by February 13th.
I feel like I somewhat met this objective. We met and spoke about the
marketing plan but didnt go into depth about the plan

Objective 2: I will contribute ten different games for Spring Break Camp by
March 6th.
I did not feel like I met this objective. When speaking and mentioning games
to Katelyn, she did not feel as if it was necessary that I helped her.

Goal 2: To understand the relationship between programming and the use of

facilities, natural resources, and human resources.
I feel like I met this goal outstandingly. I was very familiar with all faculties
we used and knew how to set up games accordingly.

Objective 1: I will visit the park where Party in Your Park to be held before
and hand plan three activities based on the natural resources that I am given.
I feel like I met this objective somewhat. I did visit the host site, and saw
where it would be and how the event would be set up, but again, wasnt really given
an opportunity to present games.

Objective 2: I will set up the Gaga Ball pit by 4 PM every other Thursday from
February 21st to April 20th.
I feel I met this objective amazingly. Although its not necessarily a high IQ
task, I was able to set up the pit and break it down effectively.

Goal 3: To prepare and disseminate appropriate promotional materials in

preparation for implementing recreation programs.
Daulton Mobley

I feel like this was a broad goal looking back at it, but I met this goal

Objective 1: I will create multiple forms of advertising, including page

flyers, social media posts, and a Facebook event page for the Spring Carnival by March
I feel I met this objective perfectly. I did all things stated and my page flyer
was chosen to use through out schools of San Marcos.

Objective 2: I will put a flyer at ten different locations for Spring Carnival by
March 23rd.
I met this objective perfectly. I actually put a flyer at 16 locations.

Goal 4: To demonstrate the ability to use existing resources to maximize program

effectiveness and efficiency.
I feel like this is a very broad goal looking back at it, but I feel as if I did meet
the goal.

Objective 1: I will inventory and organize all supplies for Spring Break Camp
by age group by March 3rd.
I did not meet this goal. I wasnt asked to do this when the time came so I did
not do such.

Objective 2: I will check on the Gaga Ball pit every Wednesday and make any
repairs if needed.
I feel as if I did meet this objective. I would make sure there were no visible

There are no huge requests or suggestions I have pertaining to fieldwork. I feel as if

there might be a little too many assignments pertaining to the fieldwork, but as if
there were a lot of assignments, they often helped with reflection and see how
others are doing as well.

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