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Testimony by Dr.

Valerie Hunt
Received on April 29, 2008

I am particularly excited about
researching the instrument for the
following scientific reasons:

1. The individual analysis of each person’s field as to communication frequency patterns
and time recommended for biofeedback is in line with the fact that all communication is
patterned and changing. The constant reevaluation of the full field shows adaptive
changes and uncovers hidden imbalances. This is the first instrument that I have seen
that gives dynamic recording of a living person rather than a static evaluation of dense

2. The ONDAMED with its extensive frequency range of 1Hz to 32 KHz has solved the
most difficult problems of transferring energy from outside to inside tissues. The fact is
that outside energy must penetrate the electromagnetic field of the human aura
surrounding the body and radiating inside thru connective tissue. This unique auric field
of each individual becomes a signature which encourages or restricts all communication
with outside energies. Therefore outside stimuli must be compatible with this aura or
greatly amplified to blast through this barrier. Organs and tissues are nourished by
patterns of frequencies 1 to 250 Hz .The additional frequencies to 32 KHz are the
microvoltage of the field which when introduced with the lower tissue frequencies
provides a perfect interface. Other biofeedback instruments or procedures visual,
auditory or tactile will require strong amplitudes to overcome the auric barrier or be
inefficiently weak. Over stimulation in turn causes anticoherency in an individual’s
auric field, further limiting transactions with outside fields and the body’s
electromagnetic pool. The above scientific facts help explain the outstanding clinical
treatment reports.

3. Intuitively I believe that the very high frequencies of the records will give us sound new
facts about the elusive human mind and emotions as these control all human capabilities.

4. Starting summer 2008, my Bioenergy Fields Laboratory will include evaluation of all
subjects as we carry out frontier research on hypoxia and inflammation as basic stresses
in most diseases. Additionally, we will survey energy of neurological disabilities,
Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and autism. Results will be summarized and posted
on my website
Valerie V. Hunt
Earned Degree School City/State Years
B.S. Biology Florida State College Tallahassee FL 1936
M.A. Physiological Columbia University New York NY 1941
Ed.D. Science Ed. Columbia University New York NY 1946
Honorary Degree School City/State Years
Doctor Divinity Phoenix Institute San Diego, CA 1984

Positions School City/State Years
Science Teacher Anniston High School Anniston, AL 1936-1938
Assistant Anatomy Columbia University New York, NY 1939-1940
Nursing Dept.
Chairman Health Boston YWCA Boston, MA 1942-1943
Instructor Columbia University New York, NY 1943/44-1946
Teacher’s College and
College of Physicians
and Surgeons

Assistant Professor University of Iowa Iowa City, IO 1946-1947
•Assistant Professor UCLA (University of Los Angeles, CA •1947-1953
•Director, Division of California Los •1947-1964
Physical Therapy Angeles)

Associate Professor UCLA Los Angeles, CA 1953-1964

•Full Professor UCLA Los Angeles, CA 1964-1980
•Director of the

Professor Emeritus, UCLA Los Angeles, CA 1980-Present
Dept of Physiological
Director BioEnergy BioEnergy Fields Malibu, CA 1990-Present
Fields Laboratory Foundation
CEO Malibu Publishing Malibu, CA 1995-Present
Malibu Publishing
Position Organization City/State Year
Consultant •National Board YWCA 1943-1946
•National Early Childhood 1948-1950
•UCLA School of Engineering 1949-1951
Prosthetics Inst.
•California Dept. Of Education 1950-1960
•Chrysler Motor Co. Space 1952
Division Research
•NASA Space Biology 1958

Field Reader US. Dept. Of Health, Education 1958-1965
and Welfare,
Bureau of Research

Reviewer for Science •McMillan Pub. Co. 1959-1967
Textbooks • Prentice-Hall Pub.
• McGraw-Hill Book
•W.B. Saunders &Co.

Consultant •Fetzer Foundation 1989
Energy Field Research
• Heart Math Foundation 1992

Role Type of work Title Year
Author Books •Recreation for the Handicapped (Prentice Hall) 1955
•Corrective Physical Education (W.B. Saunders) 1967
•Movement Education for Preschool (National
Program Early Childhood Education) 1972
•Guidelines for Movement Behavior: Curricula for
Early Childhood Education 1974
• Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of
Consciousness (Malibu Publishing) 1993
•Mind Mastery Meditations (Malibu Publishing) 1997
Author Books 1998
•Naibhu (Malibu Publishing)
• Uncork Your Consciousness

Author Articles •Journal Projective Techniques 1960
• Archives of Physical Medicine 1964
•Journal of Neurology and Child Behavior (London) 1967
•Quest 1964
•Impulse Publications 1968
•Journal of Motor Behavior 1976

•Psychoenergetic Systems (Switzerland)
•Human Behavior 1977
•Journal of Holistic Health 1979
•Science of Mind 1981

Role Organization Location Year
President United Cerebral Palsy Los Angeles 1947-1951
Advisory Committee Harlan Shoemaker Clinic for 1948-1953
Neurological Disabilities
Board of Directors Foundation for Junior Blind 1949-1952
Board of Directors Crippled Children Society 1953-1958
Board of Directors YWCA Los Angeles 1955-1965
Vestry Board Member St Matthew Episcopal Church 1965-1969
Advisory Committee International Congress for 1964-1972
Exceptional Children
Advisory Committee Rory Foundation 501C/3 Los Angeles 1998-present

President Bioenergy Fields Foundation 1995-present
501 C/3

Award ,Honors Granting Body Location Year
Pi Lambda Theta Academic Honorary 1945
Kappa Delta Pi Academic Honorary 1947

Community leaders Bicentennial Edition 1975-1978
and Noteworthy
Heritage Award California Dance Educator 1987
The M.B. Rudman Foundation for Exceptional 1995
Exceptional Leader Leadership
Dame Order of St. John of The 1996
Research Grants •Presidents Scholarship 1947-1949
Columbia University
Research Grants •US Public Health Service 1957-1961
Biomedical Science Support
•Adelphi Foundation 1960-1963
•Rolf Foundation 1965-1971
•UCLA Academic Research 1958-1970
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