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Gas Works Park & Lake Union Park (Kenmore Air take offs)

Tour begins at Gas Works Park for views of Downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill and Queen Ann.

Finishes at Lake Union Park opposite for alternative views of Lake Union.

1. 15 min walk to Gas Works Park.

2. 1 hour walk around the old gas works and ontop of hill for views.

3. 15 min walk back to bus stop 40/62 8 stops south and walk 5 mins to Lake Union Park.

4. Views of Lake Union, Kenmore Air Bi Plane Take offs & Goose watching.

End Tour

Golden Gardens & Meadow Point

Tour takes guests on a downward hike into Golden Gardens for spectacular views of the Olympic
Mountains from across the water. Including Otter, Heron and Turtle watching in Meadow Point.

1. Bus 40 - 19 stops and walk west 10 mins.

2. Hike down through steep steps and woodlands towards Golden Gardens Beach.

3. Take a spot on the sand and enjoy views of Olympic Mountains.

4. Otter, Heron & Turtle spotting in nearby Meadow Point.

End Tour

Magnuson Park & Lake Wahington Boat Launch & Beach Walk

Begins at the Boat Launch and takes guests along the beach walk for magnificent views of Mt
Ranier and Lake Washington.

1. Bus 32 - 11 Stops.

2. Bus 75 - 20 Stops.

3. 12 Min Walk to Boat Launch.

4. Walk straight onto the Beach Walk along the coast for views of Mt Ranier and grassy picnic

5. Keep along walk to eventually reach Doggy Beach for an alternative beach exerience. Dogs
don't wear bikinis...

6. Return on path to view Famous 'Fin' Art Intstallation and magnificent views of Lake

End Tour

Woodland Park & Green Lake Hike

Takes avid walkers on a pleasent stroll through Woodland Park and around Green Lake.

1. Bus 62 north 7 stops - Walk 9 mins.

2. Walk into Woodland Park, follow path through trees down towards Green Lake.

3. Start walk at Green Lake Aqua Theatre and circuit around Green Lake (1hr 1/2 loop).

4. Look out for Duck Island!.

End tour

All trips have been personally experienced and explored May 2017.