Tell me about your self??????

I’m gopi. I did my B.Tech in the stream of ECE(in svcet) and our college is affiliated by jntu university. And I got 70% in my From childhood I was very much fascinated by the computers and also I was motivated by lecturers to take this stream in engineering. In my Engineering I learned how to manage the things properly and how to communicate with others. Coming to my ACHIEVEMENTS, I got 1st prize in my school for securing the highest marks and also stood 1st in many talent tests, and I attended many paper presentations and seminars in my B.Tech (and I’m the Winner of Aspiration 2020 Programming Contest at college level conducted by INFOSYS and I’m IBM certified DB2 Associate with 84%. I also received appreciation certificate from Indian Red Cross Society for donating blood voluntarily.) Coming to my STRENTHS I can interact with different peoples, mingled with others easily and adaptability. My completion of diploma in dotnet with A grade and academic projects prove that I can learn very quickly and make real contribution to the team in a very short period. I am the project leader (and programmer) for all of my projects which shows my leadership (and programming) skills. Coming to my HOBBIES I always listened to music which can refresh our minds, programming and reading books…. And my personal OBJECTIVES are to be the best at whatever I do. To perform at the highest level that produces concise, excellent results.
( My short term GOAL is to reach a good position in any software company. well i don’t believe in setting long term goals rather i prefer short terms coz as the tagline goes "castle of Rome was not built in one day “so i see short tem goals as a single steps of ladder to reach up the long goals that’s y I prefer setting short term goals )

My college has provided me all that is required for the development of the technology.These are some views which truly I felt.  Sir.. personality and knowledge which makes me a perfect candidate for a reputed concern like yours. Salary is not a constraint for me. Inspiration is strong emotion but situational where as motivation is less strong but remain for ever till achieve the goal. What motivates a person? Self-confidence with clear decisions and every loss is the stepping stone for a person.. it has imparted me with a great lot of self confidence. Inspiration is a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem.  By your company’s norms for freshers & by my skills i should be paid. ambition & also difference between motivation & inspiration? Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses someone to act toward a desired goal. I want to explore my technical skills...What is the difference between motto. the determined for action with purpose and direction to behavior. What do you think about the college you studied?  My college is one of the best places to dwell for acquiring the brightest light of education. It also motivates a person. I want salary that satisfied me according to my qualification and that give me job satisfaction. and positive approach with all.. I am getting such a platform so it’s more important for me than salary. so to shape our future. goal.  My college has given me the resources. i .  Gaining of knowledge is more important I don’t bather how much i get for that. What salary you are expecting from company?  Sir I don't consider the package right now. i am just waiting for a right place to explore myself.

. well i don’t believe in setting long term goals rather i prefer short terms coz as the tagline goes "castle of Rome was not built in one day “so i see short tem goals as a single steps of ladder to reach up the long goals that’s y I prefer setting short term goals What should I say if anybody asks me to say about me which is not in my resume? . and knowledge by providing me professional environment. As we paid for skills and ethic we have and loyalty comes by good salary package as well. and I m a person who learn from other mistakes also so I will not make any mistake..the facilities to shape up my four precious years . I can things work for me by accepting challenges in very much proud to say that I am studying in this great college.  my college has given me the resources .so according to me my college all-in-all is good!!!!  My college made me to face the challenges of the life. What are the features of C? The C programming model is that the programmer knows exactly what they want to do and how to use the language constructs to achieve that goal... according to the situation I can adopt. So according to me my college was good in all.. How will you handle confidential company matters? Not to disclose anyone until in the company and don't need to disclose after leaving the company. Why should v hire you? As I believe in acquiring experience. and can able to do any kind of job offer by u.. My college helps me a lot to develop my personality. What is your short term and long term goals? My short term goal is to reach a good position in any software company. The language lets the expert programmer express what they want in the minimum time by staying out of their way.

...well buddy according to me you should never mention your weak points inside ur cv as the interviewer gets a chance to mock u so u should emphasize on weak points and let them know that u are keeping a track to improve upon them in such a manner that it reflects that it is ur one of strengths Can you work under pressure? • I get a clear idea of the timings of my jobs by prioritizing them and thus i can understand what job should be done when. Yes but not always..I mean pressure must be put sometimes only not regularly. It effectively helps me to minimize pressure on me. • . I take this pressure as a challenge to me.

When I was doing degree I use to visit there only at evening it is a very nice place where you will get clear view about the city from a corner. Because I have proven successful in all that I have ventured. I will prove successful in all the responsibilities entitled to this position." • Do you have any questions for me? • • • When can I expect to hear from you regarding the status of this position? “When do you expect to make your final decision?” “Is there anything I’ve mentioned that makes you think I’m not the best candidate for this job?” • “What are the first projects I will be involved with if hired?” • • “How would you describe the ‘culture’ of the company?” “What are the most important qualities that a successful person in this position should possess?” ----------.This too may be useful . it all does not mean that i never face failure or never commit any mistake but finely i got success whatever i had chosen to do "Yes. That doesn't mean I haven't had my fair share of struggles or mistakes. I use to visit there when it was left unfinished. I retain the skills and life experiences to overcome distractions and accomplish goals. Below the bridge we can see the rails passing under the bridge. but in the end.How to explain favorite spot in an interview? Briefly with example My favorite spot is a railway bridge which is near to my home. When ever I visit there in evening i use to sit n watch the beautiful site of the sunset falling down after the mountain. Do you consider yourself successful? • i am successful person because i have achieved whatever goals in my life i made and also i am pursing some. I know if given the chance.

well organized. My hard working nature Self Motivated and Determined Success Oriented and Natural Leader Team Player Intelligence and Self Confidence My knowledge .• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • -What kind of software do you use? -How many people work in this company? -How will my performance be measured? -How long has this position been available? -What is the company environment like? -To whom does this position report to? -Would you tell me more about the structure of the organization? -What kind of management style does your company promote? -What is the typical work week? Is over time expected? -How would you describe the culture of the company? -What other position at company may this job eventually lead to in the future? -What do you like best about working for this company? -What are the skills that you consider important for this job? -What objectives need to be accomplished in the next six months? -When can I expect to hear from you? What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? Strengths – Ability to prioritize. Possessing the capacity to cope with failures and trying to learn from past mistakes. multitasking assuming responsibilities and duties. Planning skills.

I AM PUNCTUAL Weakness – 1. My weakness is workaholic. 5. I have taken steps to slow it down by forcing myself to slow down and think before I speak. 6. I keep working until the job is completely done. Sensitive person: Taking things to heart and getting too disappointed when things are done in the wrong way. 2. Too helpful – crossing limits while helping teammates. I am always impatience with those who are not serious with their jobs. 4. I want to improve my communication skills currently I am working on my communication skills. I talk too fast when I am excited about something work related. 3.My exposure to new technologies My dedication to achieve goals in time. .

" • Now let's look at the second way to answer the question. my skills.Tell me your three weaknesses. Because company A is famous for your great training program and excellent career development prospect. but that's not very important in the scenario. While I’m very confident of my overall communication skills. That's true. Finally. I do have some weaknesses. because for this job I'm a PERFECT match!” . really match the job very well. and long term career plan. For example." I cannot think of my other weaknesses at this time. it will be terrific for me to acquire the experience. But I feel. I certainly want to practice more on making presentations to large audience. but I also want to point out. if I'm offered the opportunity. and address this weakness. and then try to avoid giving more weaknesses. experience. Second. my internship projects and some academic projects prove that I can learn very quickly and make real contribution to the team in a very short period. • “First. I plan to read some books to improve my skill set in the area. and I have weaknesses here and there. I mean. You can give one weakness. I'm graduating from college this year. Of course I'm not perfect in life. develop my career. on one hand. I think my time management skill has room to improve. this is actually one reason why I’m very interested in the position at Company A. I feel my presentation skill is not as strong as I want. On the other hand. Some employers may regard the lack of experience as my weakness. which is great.

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