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hotels and ground services at highly competitive rates.Cox and Kings The Long and Short of Cox and Kings Cox & Kings is the longest established travel company in the world. excursions and journeys have been fully considered by an expert. India. y Heritage As the oldest travel company in the world. . (established 1758) they have the experience to make travel arrangements of the highest calibre. y Values Their buying power and long-standing relationships in the travel industry generated over many years by the network of associated Cox & Kings companies worldwide enables them to contract flights. the United States and Japan.Cox & Kings now thrives as an independent tour company with offices in the United Kingdom. The principal services offered by the company are: y y y y y y y y y Destination Management Outbound Tourism Business Travel Incentive & Conference Solutions Domestic Holidays NRI Trade Fairs Foreign Exchange Insurance Benefits of choosing Cox & Kings y Expertise Their regional specialists have all travelled extensively in their regions meaning you can be reassured that your hotels. Its distinguished history began in 1758 when it was appointed as general agents to the regiment of Foot Guards in India under the command of Lord Ligonier. Its global headquarters are in London.

ABTA and AITO protection. New Delhi. franchised sales shops. insurance and foreign exchange. under the brand 'Maharajas' Express'. through a mix of branch sales offices. the company has built a strong brand franchise for itself in overseas markets as well as in India. luxurious city breaks and art history tours. through a joint venture with the Indian Railways. The travel market is highly fragmented. Positioning of the brand Well-positioned to gain market share on the back of a strong brand franchise and a presence across the value-chain C&K has a history of over 250 years. C&K has 255 points of presence. Ahmedabad. holidays range from their excellentvalue small escorted group tours to completely flexible tailor-made holidays. . y Protection C&K has full industry bonding. with a large number of travel agents catering to most of the demand. Jaipur. coupled with services across the value-chain (inbound and outbound). the company is in the process of rolling-out a pan-India. Kolkata. Presence across the value-chain: C&K offers complete travel solutions. and serve as an integrated provider of all travel and travel-related products. b. General Sales Agents (GSAs) and Preferred Sales Agents (PSAs). covering 164 locations. Over the years.y Additional Services Complimentary travel accessories. Strong Brand Equity Cox & Kings was ranked #1 among the Top Brands in India. luxury train. y Choice As well as offering a huge variety of destinations. Bangalore. Wide geographical reach: In India. Besides. meaning your money is safe with them. The company has 14 branch sales offices located in Mumbai. free subscription to their in-house magazine Compass and access to sponsored events such as the recent Royal Academy of Arts Van Gogh Exhibition. a. The company provides a 'One-Stop Shop' for all travel requirements. Hyderabad. would act as a key driver in garnering a higher market share in the future. The touroperator industry is dependent on brand awareness and recall in the long-run. as customers need to believe in the capabilities of the operator to provide quality services and that their products will lead to a satisfied experience. even before they have approached the service provider. holidays. We believe that C&K's strong brand. Chennai. from visa formalities to ticketing. and ranked 152 amongst the Top 1000 Brands in the Asia-Pacific region. making it one of the oldest travel brands in the world. including ATOL .

Leisure Travel. Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. The Company launched its Indian operations in 1881. They continuously innovate the product offerings with the flexibility to meet the changing needs of customers and to address their needs better. protectionism. Corporate Travel. soft economic conditions before 1991 put pressure on the profitability of the tourism industry and business. Australia. Moreover. it also operates through 56 franchised sales shops spread across India. Socio ± economic environment at time of introduction of C&K The Indian economy was characterised by extensive regulation. we believe. Japan. Pune. . C&K's focus on emerging markets to help garner higher growth: C&K derives over half of its earnings from the emerging markets (mainly India) and is focused on increasing its presence in other high growth geographies (mainly the Middle-East and South-East Asia). New Zealand. branch offices and representative offices (in the UK. there wasn¶t much willingness for people to travel. Local Tour Operators The local tour operators such as Raj Travels also pose stiff competition to Cox and Kings with their relatively inexpensive packages. US. Besides. changes in local market conditions (i. Different from competitors: C&K offers customized business travel solutions for corporate clients with an endeavour to optimize their travel budget. This also helps them differentiate their products vis±a±vis the products offered by their competitors. public ownership. The sector is unfavourably affected by such factors as changes in the global and domestic economies. would bode well for the company. At that time. This. The Travel and Tours industry is cyclical and sensitive to changes in the economy in general. UAE. and Insurance. pervasive corruption and slow growth prior to liberalization. They offer a broad spectrum of services that include Foreign Exchange. Although the Indian Economy has sustained growth in the last few years. the company has a global presence. enabling it to achieve a high growth rate in the future. Nagpur and Goa. as it is ideally poised to benefit from a strong growth in demand for outbound and inbound services in these areas.Kochi.e pre 1991). Free Individual Travel. Major Competitors SOTC They provide services in segments like Escorted Tours. Singapore and Hong Kong). Special Interest Tours and Domestic Holidays amongst others. with operations in 19 countries (besides India) through subsidiaries.

product launches and incentives. exhibitions. Likewise. It has dual benefits. Outbound Group Tours are offered and sold under the brand name ³Duniya Dekho´. They have setup an office in New York to specially cater to this market segment which is a rapidly growing area of business. Domestic Group Tours are sold under our branded product ³Bharat Deko´. wherein they provide them with an upgraded service to suit their mindset. Meetings. ³Bharat Dekho´ and ³FlexiHol´ cater to domestic and international FITs respectively with customized plans for holidays. Inbound and Domestic. Non-Resident Indians (³NRI´) To cater to up market NRIs . business meetings. C&K caters to all aspects of conference organizing. The reasons could be y y Less disposable incomes Expensive international air travel The focus was on Domestic Tourism i. They sell both of our travel products µDuniya Dekho¶ and µBharat Deko¶ to NRI clients and the major outbound destinations we offer them include Europe. outbound tourism and domestic travel. there was very less revenue from Outbound Tourism. event management. All the tours are pre-planned i. Each tour is different in the number of days and destinations.e.e. one by providing a holiday that enables an executive to unwind and recharge and the other serving as a reward for excellence that inspires the team. Indian Operations The New Segments and Product Offerings Times have changed drastically ever since India got liberalized and corporatized. USA.e. during the event itself and through to post-event settlements. Flexible Individual Travellers (³FIT´) Under FITs they provide customized holidays which have flexibility and are designed to suit the customer needs unlike group tours which are standard in nature. they have specially designed products for them.e. Far East. Australia & New Zealand. This has affected travelling patterns of consumers. Incentives.At present Cox and Kings deals in Inbound tourism . etc. Conferences and Exhibitions (³MICE´) Leisure travel is increasingly being used as an incentive tool by many organizations to convey appreciation for recognizing achievers. Every event is designed to meet specific requirements right from the pre-event preparations. the dates of departures and arrivals are fixed in advance for all the tours. seminars. . Two of the products i. pilgrimages or visits to friends and relatives. Outbound. At the period of its launch. Group Tours They operate Group Tours in all divisions i. Cox and Kings has accordingly introduced following packages.

Edwards Lifesciences. Trade Fairs for different industries are organized all round the year at different places and they take participants in such trade fairs with a customised itinerary for their entire schedule. Cox & Kings over the years The brand has grown up by and large over the years. Lanxess India. Through its customized and faultless service the brand has developed a trust amongst its targeted set of customers. The need has arisen from the increasing complexities. be it the different packages or the targeted customers. For example.Trade Fairs They also organize group tours for Trade Fairs in countries outside India. They are now shareholder member of Radius Inc ± the global travel company which is well-positioned to service multinational corporate clients on a global basis.. For the Trade Fairs organised by them. One of the world's largest conglomerates in business travel ± Radius Inc. the first truly global travel management partnership/consortium with merger of Travel Trust International and Woodside Travel Management Corporation. etc. The value proposition is well segmented with ³celebrating 250 years´. including major domestic and multinational companies like DHL Express and DHL Lemuir Logistics. . Alok Industries. though a inquisitive approach sufficiently before the actual travel might lead the customer to achieve something more than the worth of value. In this mode the objective is to minimize the total travel budget for the corporate while maintaining the service standards. city tours to technical add-ons such as factory visits. quality and time effectiveness of business travels of current times. Warner Bros. selected C& K as their Indian partner. buyer-seller meets and an array of valueadded services handling the most complex and exacting business trips anywhere in the world. Also. Their brand recall is very high amongst over 200 corporate clients. varied packages have yet not succeeded in diluting the quality of service. Scope International. As a result of which the brand still has a premium quality service offering. Villeroy & Bosch Sales India. the deals offered are innovative. Parker Hannifin. they arrange for every need including accommodation. The trust and comfort offered is leveraged by the brand in forming a perception of a service product which is safe to invest into. Corporate / Business Travel The Corporate or Business Travel has witnessed a change from the traditional travel agency mode to total travel management mode.. The brand personality of Cox & Kings has acquired the following attributes in recent past due to the deals offered to the customers: y y y y y y Innovative Trust Worthy Premium service Safe to invest Diversified and customized Most Experienced (Oldest in the business) As compared to others. the ³one stop shop´ which offers a single stop for all travel requirements is a service which no one had ever come up with by that point of time.

Also. . In comparison to the earlier times when travel pattern used to be non -frequent now we can see that pattern changing with the frequent fliers coming into the picture. the pattern for others have also taken a big change and need to be catered to in order to suceed in the c domain.whi h dri tourism. the poi t of bei the most experienced pl erin the domain of travel and A More Subtle Segmentation Cox and Kings has come to realise that though the mass market consists of mainl the holiday tourists but there are other critical base of customers which needs to be segmented.

the tourism industry is on a boom. the tourism industry was able to make profit although it witnessed a comparative decrease in profits. over time the customer has become aware and the advent of internet has made the domain further more competitive. The disturbing economic waves hit the tourism industry quite badly as the money spending capacity of a person decreases. SOTC and Thomas cook were the major competitors but this span of time has seen a mushroom growth in the area with more players like makemytrip. Cox & Kings failed to do so. In 2006. there has been a mushroom growth in the domain. Initially. In comparison to the initial phase when there were hardly two to three brands in competition. India had 0. After the liberalisation.e. .52 % world market share in International tourist arrivals. This has affected the strategies of the Cox & Kings in India as a travel operator which is evident in the segmentation of the market on the basis of various touring habits. Critical evaluation Positioning the offerings in the three categories i. Both these facts indicate the tender age of the Indian tourism industry and a symptom of a promising growth in its revenue generation capacity. it was something where others followed suit soon after cox & Kings installed it. The service provider has done everything right except the sketching of suitable marketing strategies as well as using the technological advancement to its advantage. Inbound. the brand has maintained and leveraged its brand equity over a period of time. Today when service providers innovate and get into the visibility zone of the targeted customer. Positioning and segmentation of the product have been excellent. Yatra and other local travel organizers have come into the picture. They could have easily responded early and would have been benefitted as they had the safety cushion of their glorious background and even stronger brand equity. The lower industry profit in turn affect the company¶s bottom line. resulting into the major re-structuring of the whole business structure with respect to the target customer base categorically and also the target market segmentation in India. Also.The focus has shifted from acquiring customers to maintaining the customer base with a keen eye on the potential customer base. Even in the recession hit last two years. Also. Outbound and domestic travel in the country was one of the moves which initially did not work out but this product centric diversification is surely evident of a thoughtful planning and strategic move which worked later on for the service provider. Also. The following facts have also affected the brand to reflect and scrutinize their strategies in the Indian market: y y Indian tourism industry is to generate $ 128 Billion by 2016.

CSR y y y C&K assists Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAWF) of India in granting wishes of children with life threatening diseases. an organization leverages on its brand equity through introduction of a new product/service. Cox and Kings Ltd.640 equity shares of Rs. 316 to Rs.96. 2009 with a public issue of 184. on the 18th November. in the price band of Rs.Leveraging Brand Equity The IPO Usually. 10 each. 330 per share. raising money through equity issue also falls in the purview of leveraging brand equity. .. Ummeed Child development and Oxfam India Such initiatives maintain the hunky-dory image of Cox and Kings as well as proliferate its ubiquity. C&K employees have also run in marathons for Make-a-Wish foundation . However. A total of 42 employees participated in a Magic Bus Orientation Day Programme in Karjat.

If we managed Brand Cox and Kings Since our group needs to call the shots for branding Cox and Kings. adventure tourism and eco -tourism related videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites Use Flickr and other photo sharing websites to showcase various d estinations and testimonials from clients Online magazines like TravelTorch. s .com. Publish advertisements in various tourism and photography magazines (Travel and Living. Asian Photography. etc. etc. we recommend following branding strategy y y y y y y y y Promote destination and segment based campaigns by writing articles in tourism magazines. we need to analyse C K on the basis of its brand Brand Strategy for C K y y y To achieve a well defined and unique brand personality through selection of correct positioning strategies and consistent and appropriatebrand promotion To acquire about 17% market share in the tourism service providers sector Careful brand guardianship Brand ision for C K Branding Strategy Keeping in mind the brand vision of Cox and Kings. Form various tourism related communities on social networking sites promoting various tourism destinations Come up with various value added package and allied services for customers. Outlooktraveller. brand strategies and the tourism industry and trends. NatGeo Traveller. etc.) Publish testimonials of happy customers on Cox & Kings website Upload medical. journals and newspapers like Go World.

The Tier II cities The brand strategy can¶t be formulated by ignoring the tier II cities. Branch Manager . Puerto Morelos. Contests can be held in various social networking sites. Thus. Cox and Kings Nagpur. Moreover. He spoke of people in the Vidarbha region with high purchasing power thereby leaving an exploitable market. . tie-ups with luggage companies and camera manufacturing companies also entail attractive discounts and increased retention of the collaborating companies as well. Design packages with more user friendly services in order to convert occasional and actual travelers into frequent travelers Design special aspiration boosting packages for the habitual travelers. C&K must keep focus on such cities and continue to build its presence in the nation. We had a telephonic conversation with Mr. Offbeat Destinations C&K can offer cost-effective packaged tours to offbeat destinations such as Amazon Forest. transport services providers by buying banner space on the websites of these allied service providers Buzz marketing through celebrity tie-ups.y y y y y y Promotion of Cox & Kings on websites of various airlines. Guatemala. Design and promote packages for non-users by providing them facilities of easy finance. The focus on such packages should be the µBack to Nature¶ theme. Aniket Sonagh . Celebrities will be offered luxury travel packages and encouraged to promote the services of Cox&Kings on their blogs Make the website more user friendly by providing information about related destinations and related service providers to the customers. the Great Smoky Mountains. Target audiences for such services include: y y y y Adventurous individuals People with a rebellious bent of mind People who want to impress their peers by showing off their penchant for exotic and unconventional destinations Passion Groups such as o Photographer¶s clubs o Biker¶s clubs o Nature buffs o Backpackers Social Media Customer interaction must be induced in order to generate preference for the brand and social media is an apt tool for the same. hotels. Coron Bay. The objective is not only to reward winners but make C&K ubiquitous in real world and cyberspace as well.

References y y y Cox and Kings website Strategic Brand Management.Kevin Lane Keller Indian Tourism Ministry website -END- .

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Annexure II Indian Operations Annexure III Product offerings under the respective segments .

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