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KIPP Explore Academy 2nd Grade Writing Long Term Plan

Dates Unit Grammar Goals Comp Goals

Aug. 26 Sept. 20 Personal Narrative Apply rules of capitalization Six Traits: Ideas
Identify types of sentences Describe the purpose of each step of the
(statement, question, exclamation) writing process (Pre-writing, draft, revise,
Identify and sort nouns edit, publish)
Singular/Plural nouns Apply the writing process to publish at least
Identify proper nouns and distinguish one personal narrative
between proper and common nouns
Sept. 23 Oct. 18 How to Identify and describe possessive Apply the writing process to publish at least
nouns one how to piece of writing
Choose whether to use a or an as
a noun marker
Identify adjectives & describe their
Oct. 21 Nov. 15 Narrative Identify linking and helping verbs Six Traits: Word Choice
Identify subject & predicate of a Apply the writing process to publish at least
sentence one narrative
Use quotation marks
Nov. 15 Dec. 20 Friendly Letters Use correct friendly letter format Publish at least one friendly letter
Use commas in greeting and closure Compose a paragraph with a topic sentence,
Use commas correctly with date detail sentences and a closing sentence
Form contractions
Jan. 6 Jan. 31 Descriptive Writing Distinguish between complete Six Traits: Sentence Fluency
sentences, incomplete sentences, and Publish at least one piece of descriptive
run-on sentences writing
Correct incomplete and run-on
Feb. 3 Mar. 7 Persuasive Writing Identify prepositions and explain Six Traits: Voice, Conventions
their purpose Publish one persuasive letter.
Analyze sentences for subject-verb
Apply CUPS (Capitalization, Use
complete sentences, punctuation,
spelling) when editing.
Mar. 10 Apr. 18 Poetry Apply spelling rule for doubling Six Traits: Ideas, Word Choice
consonant Identify alliteration, onomatopoeia, similies
Apply spelling rule for dropping y to and metaphors in their own writing
add i (er) Publish poems (haiku, diamonte, cinquain,
Superlative adjectives (nice, nicer, etc.)
Apr. 21 May 30 Expository Writing: Review for mastery of grammar skills Six Traits: Organization
Research Publish at least one paper/research. Two or
more paragraphs where each paragraph has
a main idea.