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get started WINdOWs 8.

1 fIx prOBleMs
WINdOWs 10 apps yOu hOW tO OrgaNIse trOuBleshOOt yOur pc
caN't lIve WIthOut yOur lIfe WIth lIsts aNd Keep It healthy

Turn your PC into a stunning
media machine today!
Play any video or music file
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Watch TV over the internet WINDOWS
Download YouTube videos
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features in Windows 10

pC help
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From games and movies to music over in the Update section, we
and web browsing, your home PC gaze upon Microsofts amazing
is capable of being the go-to new Surface Book, the first tablet
place for all your entertainment that can truly replace a PC. It
needs. Of course, youll need a wont be available in the UK for a
few add-ons to get the perfect while, but weve managed to get
media PC and, this issue, well our hands on one from the US.
show you how to do everyday Microsoft stepping into making
tasks such as playing video and its own PCs is another sign that
music, watching TV over the the company will be confidently
internet and streaming media pushing forward in 2016. We
around your home. cant wait to see what it
We also take a look at 32 comes up with. See you
essential apps for Windows 10. next issue for more from
Then, following on from that, the world of Windows!

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30 Customise the Taskbar in 44 Get organised with
Windows 10 for smarter working Wunderlist, the planning tool
34 Get to work with Task view 48 Create cool time-lapse videos
and add multiple desktops, too on your pC using free software
36 learn a new language on 52 Make music quickly and
74 Four pages of essential your Windows pC with Duolingo simply using Stagelight
expert help for all your
tricky technical queries 40 use Flipboard to organise 56 Keep the web (and your pC)
all your interests online family friendly

6 | | January 2016
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on thE covEr

WindoWS 10
into a
14 Stream movies and more into your home

on thE covEr

32 beSt upGRaDe
WindoWS 10
79 Our expert reviews
80 Microsoft Surface Book
82 Toshiba Satellite Radius 15

60 Essential apps for 84 Hp envy 5540 all-in-One printer

86 Sonos play:5
work, play and study

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66 Get better memory

for your Windows PC

January 2016 | | 7
NEW thiNgs to do amaziNg WEbsitEs fasciNatiNg facts

Multi-forMat Podcasts are

standard MP3 files, so you can
play them on just about any
digital music player

8 | | January 2016
Podcast power

Easy lis ten in g The Knowledge

How to find, subscribe,

and listen to podcasts
theres a podcast for everyone, whether youre into
astronomy or zoology. Heres how to find the best

odcasts have become an important genre/podcasts/id26?mt=2) lists
part of the internets landscape. If thousands of podcasts by category, then
YouTubes taken over from ranks them in terms of popularity. Its a
television, podcasts are the comprehensive source for podcasts, and
equivalent of radio. There are many even if you dont have iTunes installed
millions of them on just about every you can usually find the podcasts online
subject you can think of, and podcast by Googling them.
producers range from rank amateurs to The BBCs radio and TV programs also
professional media personalities,
including comedian Ricky Gervais and
have spin-off podcasts, and youll find a
complete guide at As VR:GO Chair
film director Kevin Smith. youd expect from the BBC, these are Weebles wobble but they dont fall
The best things often entire radio down, right?
about podcasts are Podcasts are a great way programs or sections I see where youre coming from. This chair

to be entertained while
that theyre of programs works on a similar principle to the popular
kids toys of the 1970s, allowing the user to
frequently updated, packaged in a
and you can take youre doing chores podcast format, so
sit down and wobble around, hopefully
without falling over. In fact, the creators
them offline, so you you can be sure of even cite Weebless weighted design as a
simply need an MP3 player or decent quality. If you fancy something a key influence.
smartphone to listen to them. Theyre a little more esoteric, though, is
great way to be entertained while youre a great site to poke around. it doesnt look all that comfortable.
doing chores such as the washing up, or Once youve found your podcast Whats the point of it?
to stick on your hi-fi when you want to of choice you can either download Well, this is the clever bit its actually a
relax, or to broaden your knowledge of a one episode or subscribe to automatically controller for video games. Its made from
particular subject. download new ones. The final step is to fibreglass, and its packed with sensors to
pick up movement and connect it to your
There are a couple of good places to get copy the podcast to your listening
games console or PC. Think of it like sitting
started with podcasts. Apples iTunes device of choice, and then sit back and
on a giant joystick, moving your hips
podcasts section ( enjoy the content. forwards, backwards and side-to-side to
control the in-game character.

subsCRibe tO pOdCasts Using gPodder But i already have a joystick. Why would
i want one of these?
You can subscribe to podcasts in lots of While conventional controllers are great
music programs, such as Google Play for screen-based games, they fall down
Music, Spotify and iTunes. However, here when it comes to titles designed for virtual
reality systems such as the Oculus Rift, as
well show you how to use gPodder, which
they dont offer any feeling of physical
is simple and lightweight, and a great way
movement. This is crucial when youre
to subscribe to podcasts to play back in moving around a virtual world. They can
your music player of choice. To get started, also be fiddly to use when you cant see
visit and choose Installer for your hands.
XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Install the program,
and add the Python extras when asked. WeB Page find the webpage of the podcast you Surely theres another way to solve this?
Next, open your web browser. want, then look for a Subscribe or rSS option There is, but theyre usually hideously
expensive and cumbersome, involving all
manner of motion detectors, harnesses
and treadmills. The VR:GO provides
everything you need for VR movement in
one simple and elegant package.

When can i get one?

The VR:GO chairs launch is scheduled
around the time of the new wave of virtual
reality headsets early this year. Itll cost
around 220. You can find more
CoPy Click link, choose Copy link address, open PaSte Paste the link in the subscriptions box, and information at
gPodder, tap Subscriptions, then add podcast via url hit add. episodes will be downloaded via gPodder

January 2016 | | 9

Reliability Monitor
Windows 7 is a reliable operating system, but
it can still have a few problems, which can be
hard to nail down. Windows in-built
Reliability Monitor is an at-a-glance guide to
system errors, and it lets you know whats Reading View
gone wrong and when. To run it, click the
Start button, then type perfmon /rel and Its almost impossible to read anything on Phone Companion
press [Enter]. Youll now see a table that the internet without being distracted by a
details failures and warnings and information, wobbly advert about making an improbable Microsofts new strategy is to get its apps
such as new program installation. The blue amount of money from home. Internet such as Cortana and OneNote onto as
line across the top scores your systems Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1s reading view many devices as possible, regardless of
reliability at the time out of 10. To attempt to introduces zen-like calm to this maelstrom of whether theyre running Windows or
solve any issues automatically, click Check flashing, animated clickbait. To activate it Android or iOS. To that end, Microsoft has
for solutions to all problems, at the bottom simply load up the web page you want to included a useful Phone Companion app in
of the screen. read, then click the book icon to the right of Windows 10. Connect your phone to your
the web address bar. Reading view will strip computers USB port, hit the Start button and
the article back to its headline and copy, with type phone companion, then click the app.
lots of white space so you dont get It will invite you to install Windows apps on
distracted. It might not work on all sites, but your phone, but it also includes some useful
we didnt have any problems on our most information such as your handsets current
frequented bookmarks. battery level, memory status, and handy links
for copying photos and files.

Struggling to get something to work? Need a tip?

Then email us your woes (to with the subject line
Windows Insider) and well share your perfect Windows tweaks in a future issue.

Tip of the month Think ink

Make your printer more efficient

This simple tip can shave pounds off your ink
cartridge bills, and make your printer last longer
There are fewer peripherals more right-click on your default printer and
resource-intensive and money- choose Printing preferences. The next
draining than your inkjet printer, and screen will vary by manufacturer, but
some estimates suggest champagne is youll find the option to print in draft
cheaper than ink. However, theres a or text mode here choose one, then
quick and easy way to ensure your click OK. When you next print out a
printer uses less ink and runs more document itll be in a more efficient
efficiently especially if you mainly format by default. If you need to print
print text-based documents. Hit the out photos or more images you can
Windows icon, type devices and always change the properties from the Ink It over Changing the default settings on your printer can
printers. Click the first result, then print dialogue. Enjoy that extra ink! save a surprising amount on your cartridge bills

10 | | January 2016
Its good to talk

Band materials Download this

Im wearing Microsoft
Fans of TV show The Walking Dead and
The companys new fitness tracker/smartwatch is videogame Fallout will find a lot to love in
packed with gizmos but can it take on Apple? Corpseburg. Its a zombie survival game in
which the undead walk the earth, but

ast year, Microsoft entered the So, its an impressive all-round fitness medicine and food are scarce. Its up to
you to find places to loot and seek shelter
wearables sector with its Band tracker, and it now includes smartwatch
in, while avoiding or dispatching the
wearable. It sat on the fence functionality such as Twitter updates and hungry hordes. But theres a neat twist
between smartwatch and fitness you can even use it to buy coffee in this is all happening in your town.
tracker, with alerts and apps from your Starbucks. But in the downtime between Cleverly, Corpseburg integrates with
smartphone on top of its Fitbit-like form, the release of Bands 1 and 2, Microsoft Google Maps to provide its battleground.
and its analysis of your exercise levels. has encountered a new adversary in the Once youve entered your location, you
It also added more ingredients to the wearable war Apple. can explore a zombiefied facsimile of it.
wearable recipe a heart-rate monitor The companys Apple Watch is gaining Theres something eerie about
and UV light sensor mixed with the usual ground and appearing on more and more barricading yourself in your local
gubbins for connection and wrists. And although it features fewer McDonalds, or stumbling across a nest
of zombies in Primark. Its a little rough
communication. However, some reviewers fitness sensors, it more than makes up for
around the edges at the moment, and
were less happy it with a range of
slightly buggy, but youll see the
about Microsofts cool apps, streets around where you live in a whole
approach to the including one new light.
smartwatch, with that can unlock
its form factor your BMWs
attracting the door. Providing,
most flak. Its you own a BMW,
narrow design of course
meant that it There is still
didnt sit on the one area where
wrist like a normal smartwatch, but at the Microsoft has an advantage in this
same time it had to be thick and chunky to tech arm-wrestle, though: price. You can
contain all its components. pick up a Band 2 for 199, while Apples
Which brings us to Microsofts Band 2. cheapest Watch is 299. Crucially, a Post-aPocalyPtic Playground
This tracker sits more snugly on the wrist Band 1 currently retails for 65, half corpseburg turns your local area into a
zombie-infested hellhole. if it isnt already
so its more comfortable to wear for longer its original price, and if Band 2 drops to
periods despite its larger screen. And it a similar level it could go from a luxury

Follow us on
adds a barometer to its already to an essential tech purchase. Its still
bewildering array of sensors, so it can got a battle ahead of it though Apples
accurately detect your current elevation, Watch ranks 37th in Amazons tech
which is essential for vertiginous activities charts, while Microsofts Band fails to
such as skiing or mountain biking. appear at all.

The 60-SecondmQ uiz

e sta rts no w!
Pe ns at th e rea d y, yo u r ti

1 Which tech company

has provided gadgets 3 Microsoft closed its
Zune service but 5 Classic PC game
Sensible Soccer is to
be remade. But what will
what kind of content did
for Daniel Craigs James
Bond films? it specialise in? it be called?
A. Sick Soccer
A. Games

A. Sony B. Silly Soccer
B. Apple B. Music
C. Films C. Sociable Soccer
C. Aiwa

2 Twitter has changed

its favourite icon 4 Which companys
processors are 6 Which actress played
Tomb Raiders Lara
Croft on the big screen?
from a star to what? named Core?
A. AMD A: Keira Knightley
A. A heart B: Angelina Jolie
B. A bird B. Amstrad
C. Intel C: Judi Dench
C. A smiley face
Answers 1A. 2A. 3B. 4C. 5C. 6B Friday

January 2016 | | 11
Is your phones
screen broken?
According to research from
Motorola, 50% of smartphone
owners have experienced a
cracked screen and 21%
currently have a shattered display.
More worryingly, 23% have
Henry Winchester reveals a host continued to use a broken phone
despite cutting their finger
of fascinating digital facts on it. Motorola believes the
solution is its Shattershield mobile,
which features a screen
guaranteed not to crack.

$30 bIllIon
The amount of revenue mobile
gaming gathered in 2015. The
industry almost doubled in
profits in the last year, with
low-cost transactions to buy
games and in-game items
weathering global recessions
and providing an antidote to
60 console games. Its estimated
that Clash of Clans, the second
most popular iPhone game,
generates $1 million
in revenue per day
this way.

The number of artefacts from the
British Museum available to
examine via Googles Cultural
Institute website. As well as
exploring the artefacts, virtual
visitors can tour the museum via
Googles Street View. Take a
peek at this fascinating
collection at

Who are Parking service JustPark asked 2,000 people

to play a driving game to test reactions.

the best
Regular drivers had better reactions than
people who dont drive at all, and people who
had licences for one to two years were quicker

drivers? than those whove had them over 10 years. Go


12 | | January 2016
Facts & figures

What are the hIghest

paId Internet-based Jobs
you can do froM hoMe?
top XboX facts
Originally termed the DirectXbox, after
1 VoiceoVer
artist 68.16 per
Microsofts Windows games programming
language, the first Xbox was created from a

2 infographic 44.72 per disassembled Dell laptop.

design hour
Prototypes displayed by Bill Gates took a literal
3 finance
writing 37.95 per
X shape, but thankfully this cumbersome
design was refined before release.

4 contract
drafting 34.55 per
hour The first Xbox was released in North America
on 15 November 2001. European, Japanese and
5 recruiting 32.51 per
Australian releases followed in early 2002.

The gaming system went head-to-head with

Source: Elance-oDesk Sonys PlayStation 2, Segas Dreamcast and
Nintendos Gamecube.


The Xboxs cutting-edge hardware meant
Microsoft had to sell it at a loss. Between
lean on 2001 and 2005 the company lost $4 billion on
the console.
(feat. M
and dJ snake) by However, the Xbox was a hit with consumers,
shifting 24 million units worldwide. The
MaJor lazer North American version was eventually
Is is the most-played song continued in 2009.
on Spotify with 528
million plays. The Its successor, the Xbox 360, was released in
streaming service seems late 2005. It was built from the ground up for
to have attracted an online gaming, and sold a whopping 80 million
audience with no taste,
meaning classics such units worldwide.
as Stairway to Heaven
and Imagine failed to Despite its success, the Xbox 360 was notorious
make the top 100 most- for its Red Ring of Death hardware failures,
played tracks. which afflicted some 54% of consoles.

should trees have

email addresses?
Mark Levine, Council member for the 7th
District in New York, wants 200 trees in the city
to have their own email addresses. Rather than
letting our leafy friends spam you with updates
(I dropped an acorn, today. Yay!), Levines plan
is to let members of the public use it to report
broken branches and blight. The idea isnt quite
as wooden-headed as it sounds Melbourne
introduced a similar scheme in 2013.

January 2016 | | 13
your PC
inTo a
14 | | January 2016
Turn your PC into a media centre

Discover how to watch TV, play movies and

music, and stream media to all corners of
your home with your Windows 10 PC

or anybody who has just the brilliant VLC Media Player. And if youre
upgraded to Windows 10, yearning for a front-end thatll look good on
you might be wondering your big-screen TV, then Kodi is your friend.
whats happened to all Both tools are free and open source,
the media-friendly meaning theyre supported now, but will
features. But dont panic. continue to be actively developed too.
Sure, you cant play video DVDs natively any
more, and the absence of Windows Media Not just watching
Centre will be felt among media aficionados Well reveal how to play DVDs and other
too. But all is not lost. media, then show you how to create a
Microsofts decision to kill off its media- catalogue of your digital video and music in
friendly tools is a good thing. Theyve not Kodi. Use it to watch and record live TV
been developed for years, and there are (plus schedule recordings) as well as access
plenty of good third-party apps and catch-up and other on-demand services.
services ready to fill in the missing Then well look at some advanced tips,
functionality, from offering a hub for your such as turning your PC into a media server
media to providing live TV and personal and pressing your mobile phone into
video recorder capabilities. service as a remote control too. Ready to
For those who want a simple, fuss-free turn your Windows 10 PC into a media
way to play DVDs and other media, theres powerhouse? Turn the page to get started.

CEnTrE January 2016 | | 15

Open Settings >
System > Default
apps to make VLC
the default player for
all video files

aCCEss your filEs

in VlC MEDia PlayEr
Looking for a quick way to watch DVDs and other video? Use VLC Media player

hether you Once downloaded, double-click Windows 10 may But it wont override core file
want to watch the .exe file and follow the have dropped DVD types like WMA or MP4 files in
video playback,
something thats prompts to install VLC Media but VLC fills the
Windows 10 unless you manually
on DVD, Blu-ray, Player. When you come to the gap admirably change things after installation.
your TV tuner Choose Components screen, the One final option Context
card or thats saved as an obscure Recommended options are best Menus adds two new options to
media file, VLC Media Player is the (you can also remove the desktop the menu that appears when you
only tool youll need. shortcut by unticking the box right-click a media file: Play with
The player is open source and before clicking Next). VLC and Add to VLCS Playlist. If
free. Simply go to www.videolan. Two web plug-ins are selected you dont want these handy
org/vlc and click the Download by default Mozilla works with shortcuts, untick the box.
VLC link to download the 32-bit Firefox, and ActiveX with Internet Once done, click Next followed
version. If youre running a 64-bit Explorer. These allow you to view by Install, and VLC will install
version of Windows (right-click obscure videos hosted on web itself on your PC. Leave Run VLC
the Start button and choose pages within your browser. media player ticked when youre
System to find out), then click The File type associations done and click Finish. Youll see a
Other Systems followed by the options register VLC Media Player Privacy and Network Access
Windows link and choose the 64 as the default player for a wide Policy screen appear leave both
bits installer option instead. range of audio and video formats. boxes ticked and click Continue.

DVDs in Windows 10
View subtitles If youve installed VLC to play
video DVDs on your PC, then you
Download subtitles for your digital media load can start playback within VLC
the file, choose View > Download Subtitles, select itself: open the Media menu and
your file, then click Download selection to choose Open Disc. Youll see the
download it to the same folder as the file. Once Open Media window appear.
done, select it from the Subtitle > Sub Track menu. First, verify DVD is selected, then
You can customise the font, size, colour, outline and if necessary choose your DVD
position of your subtitles select Tools > drive letter from the Disc device
Preferences > Subtitles / OSD to find the controls menu. An eject button next to it
you need. Click Save. If you need to, tweak the allows you to open the drive
subtitles sync via Subtitle track synchronization VLC makes it easy to download, display before popping in your disc. Click
under Tools > Track Synchronization. and customise subtitles for video files Play. VLC will open a window and
take you to the DVDs menu,

16 | | January 2016
Turn your PC into a media centre

More DVD playback in VlC Media Player

1 Improve picture quality

Once DVD playback starts, you may
2 Pick the deinterlace mode
The default blend option struggles
3 Audio adjustments
Select Tools > Effects and Filters.
experience an unwanted effect called with fast action, so try another via Video Use Audio Effects to alter the sound
combing this is down to how TV and > Deinterlace Mode: Linear or Bob, or use the graphic equaliser tab to alter
film are recorded digitally. To resolve this, Yadif (2x) if you have a multi-core CPU or bass, treble and midranges, the
select Video > Deinterlace > Automatic, high-end graphics card. Try Film NTSC compressor to reduce or amplify volume
which should help mitigate the effect. (IVTC) with Region 1 DVDs. and the spatialiser to change physicality.

4 Tweak image quality

Enhance the picture via Video
5 Watch with subtitles
Switch on subtitles from the
6 Speed up DVD playback
Make Windows automatically play
Effects. Start by sharpening the image Subtitle > Sub Track menu. Resolve inserted DVDs in VLC. Type autoplay into
using the Sharpen tool on the Essentials issues with audio and subtitle sync by the Search bar and choose the AutoPlay
tab the slider only needs to be pushed selecting Tools > Track Synchronization. Control Panel. Scroll to DVDs, select
slightly to the right. Access more filters (Ignore the options under Tools > Play DVD movie VideoLAN VLC media
and effects from the Advanced tab. Preferences > Subtitles.) player from the DVD Movie menu.

which you can control using your

mouse or touchscreen to navigate If you bought a disc the free Passkey Lite software.
Once installed, let the program
to the desired title.
VLC can play multi-region discs abroad, then VLC should run in the Taskbar Notification
area. Now pop a Blu-ray disc into
too. This means if you bought a
disc abroad (Region 1 for the US,
be able to play it the drive and you should find it
detects the disc and attempts to
for example), then VLC should be
able to play it without any
without any problems remove its encryption. If its
successful, you can then open the
problems. Should you have issues Blu-ray in VLC and see if it will play
with a specific Region 1 disc, try (try File > Open and selecting
installing Passkey Lite, which can VOB files from the Blu-ray disc if
bypass the region check for you Play Blu-ray discs the standard Blu-ray option
and allow VLC to play the DVD. VLC can also handle some Blu-ray doesnt work).
Playback buttons are placed discs. Visit
on-screen beneath the main to read about three required Other media
window use the slider for more downloads: libbluray, libaacs VLC can also be used to play
precise navigation or press and libbdplus. Search on the just about any digital media file
[Ctrl]+[T] to choose a time to jump internet for an older 64-bit build too double-click video files
to. If youd rather avoid using the of VLC Media Player with the sporting the VLC icon to open
DVD menu, move between titles required libraries included, or a them, or right-click other video
and chapters via the Playback version of MPlayer for 32-bit files and choose Open with >
menu, where youll also find a users. You then need to VLC media player. If youd like
Custom Bookmarks option, download, install and run the VLC to be the default app for all
allowing you to bookmark specific KEYDB.cfg updater tool to obtain your video files, click Start >
parts of your DVD to jump back to. the latest encryptions and hope Settings > System > Default apps.
For more tips on improving your Blu-ray disc now works. Scroll down to the Video player
playback quality and accessing If this sounds too overly section, click the current default
subtitles, check out the step-by- complicated, visit: www.dvdfab. and choose VLC media player
step guide above. cn/passkey-lite.htm and download from the list.

January 2016 | | 17
Make sure any
precious photos are
backed up first

Missing Media
Center? Kodi is easy
to get to grips with


baCk in WinDoWs 10
Have you been wondering what happened to Windows Media Center?
Dont worry, weve found a superior alternative to replace it

oull see that VLC internet to provide you with a click the installer file and follow
has all the core more user-friendly way to browse the prompts to install it. Leave
functionality you your personal media. Full selected when asked to
need to play Kodi also features a built-in choose components and click
DVDs and other media server, which allows you to Next. Once installed, tick Run
digital media on your PC, but its share this content with other Kodi and click Finish to launch it
not the friendliest solution, and devices on your network, and it for the first time.
doesnt scale up well on todays can be used as a front end for By default, Kodi runs full-screen
large-screen TVs. If youre looking your USB TV tuner too (including if youd rather run it in a
to replace Windows Media Center accessing and managing recorded window, the first thing to do is roll
with something equally as good TV). But before we get to any of the mouse to the right-hand side
looking, then the answer lies with that you first need to get the of the screen to select System. A
Kodi ( basics set up. sub-menu will appear beneath it,
Kodi is capable of playing DVDs from which you should select
and like VLC unencrypted First time install Settings. Select System again
Blu-ray discs, but where Kodi Go to and click from the left-hand menu and with
excels is with its media the main Installer link next to Video output selected, change
management. Store your digital Windows. Once saved, double- Display Mode to Windowed
video, photos and music in logical using the arrow keys to the right
folders, and Kodi will provide you
with a slick interface for Kodi also allows you of the current Full Screen setting.
After a short pause, Kodi will
navigating your collection quickly
and easily. With music and video to share content with appear as a smaller window on
your main desktop you can then
movies, TV shows and even
music videos Kodi will attempt
other devices on resize this to a comfortable size.
The other key thing to learn is
to identify the files from their
names, and then download extra
your network too how to exit Kodi particularly if
youre running it full-screen.
information and artwork from the Thats done by clicking the power

18 | | January 2016
Turn your PC into a media centre
button in the bottom left-hand
corner and choosing Exit from
the pop-up menu. name your media files
Kodi fundamentals If youd like Kodi to identify your media for you, name it up correctly and
Playing DVDs or supported store it in a logical folder tree. Use the following table as a guide:
Blu-ray discs in Kodi is as
simple as selecting Play Disc Type Folder Structure Syntax Example
from the main menu. Itll start
playing automatically, and you Music Music\Artist\Album artist track name Music\Billy Idol\Kings &
Queens of the Underground\
can click on-screen to reveal billy idol eyes wide shut.mp3
playback controls and buttons in
the bottom right-hand corner Movies Movies\Genre\Movie Title title (year) Movies\Sci-Fi\Star Trek\star
these provide options for trek (2009).mkv
downloading subtitles, accessing
video and audio settings, moving TV shows TV\Genre\Show Title\ tvshow s01e01 TV\Sci-Fi\Fringe\Season 5\
Season fringe s05e09.mkv
between chapters and managing
bookmarks, and the disc icon
crucially takes you to the Got lots of media to rename? We provided a guide to using the free FileBot ( tool back in issue
movies main menu. 102 (page 46) its also online at the LifeHacker website:
The Pictures, Videos and
Music sections are designed to
give you quick and easy access Once done, follow the step-by- available skins. 25 are provided by
to your media, but before you step guide below to set up default click one to download
can do that you need to add various libraries covering your TV, and install it, then choose it to see
the folders containing those files movies and if applicable music if you like it. If you dont,
to your library. If you want Kodi video. If youve organised your download another, or switch back
to identify your media by its media into different folders to the Confluence skin.
filename and download according to each genre, make Skins to look out for include
additional information to help sure you add these as separate Arctic: Zephyr, a clean yet
you browse it, youll need to entries into your library. You can elegant skin that suits the
FileBot helps
name up your files a certain way you quickly name
then browse each library modern, minimalist look. If youre
see the box (above right) for up your media separately via the Files shortcut looking for something more
some guidance. files correctly under Videos, or use the other flashy and indicative of a cinema,
filters provided, for example TV try Back Row.
show genres, to find what youre Also take the time to go
looking for. through Kodis Settings there
are many levels to explore, but if
Customise Kodi youre looking to tweak your new
One of Kodis great strengths is its librarys display settings, visit
customisability. If the default skin Video > Library. Also check out
doesnt float your boat, you can the Video > Discs section to
easily switch to another thats a customise Kodis playback try
bit more modern in look. To do enabling Attempt to skip
this, navigate to System > introduction before DVD menu,
Settings > Appearance. Click the for example, to stop those
Confluence entry under Skin annoying trailers that appear at
and click Get more to browse the beginning of some discs.

add your videos to kodi

1 Select media folder

Open Kodi, select Videos and
2 Set media type
Click the down arrow next to the
3 Add library
Click OK followed by Yes to
click Files. Click Add videos (None) entry under This directory refresh the content and wait for Kodi to
followed by Browse. Locate and select contains to choose the video content scan the folder and assign the relevant
the folder containing your first media type: music video, TV shows or movies. information and artwork to it from the
library and click OK. Enter a suitably Verify the desired scraper is selected and selected scraper. Once done, use the
descriptive name for the source and click Settings if you need to tweak the navigation controls to browse your newly
click OK to continue. scrapers options. added library.

January 2016 | | 19
Go to the DIsk
Management tool
for another option

WaTCh anD
rECorD liVE TV
Discover how to set up Kodi

or anybody who very clunky and best used purely NextPVR from
has access to a to verify your tuner card is A number of command prompt
TV tuner card (or working properly. A better option windows should pop up during
USB stick), which is to set up live TV in Kodi, so you the setup process ignore any
is compatible have a one-stop shop for error messages that may (or may
with Windows 10, you can television as well as your own not) appear.
continue to watch live TV even personal media. Once complete, open NextPVR
without the presence of Windows Theres no built-in integration from the Start > All apps > NPVR
Media Centre. Step one is with TV tuners in Kodi. Instead its menu. Right-click inside the main
obviously verifying this plug in designed to tie in with a wide program window and choose
your USB TV tuner and check its number of third-party services Settings. Select Devices in the
installed via Device Manager (look known as TV backends. For this left pane and your tuner should
under Sound, video and game tutorial were using NextPVR be visible as a DVB-T type device.
controllers). If necessary, visit the because its relatively simple to Select it and click Device Setup.
manufacturers website to locate a set up and configure. Select United Kingdom from
Windows 10 (or failing that, the Country drop-down menu,
Windows 8/8.1) driver and try that. Set up NextPVR and All Regions Frequencies
The box reveals how to watch Start by downloading and under Region. Tick Scan Offsets
TV using VLC Media Player, but its installing the latest version of and click Scan to find all available
channels this will take 5-10

Watch TV in VlC
minutes, so be patient. Once
finished, click OK twice and select
Channels from the left-hand
You can watch live TV through VLC Media pane and click Update EPG.
Player too. Once your digital tuner is installed, Now manually reassign the
visit to select channels to more meaningful
your local transmitter and make a note of the channel numbers: double-click
frequencies. Choose Media > Open Capture each channel and set the desired
Device in VLC. Select TV digital under channel number next to it. Use a
Capture mode, select DVB-T for Delivery site like
system and enter the frequency of the mux whats-on/channels to help set the
(multiplex) containing your target TV channel. numbers to a more familiar order.
Click Play and after a short pause you should Once TV has been set up, select
hear a radio channel or see a TV channel. Open Recordings to choose a different
the Playback > Programme menu and youll drive or folder to store recorded
have a list of available channels on that mux. You can even watch live TV through VLC TV programmes on. Tweak other
Once done, choose Media > Save Playlist. armed with an appropriate TV tuner card settings here too take a look at
the Default Padding section to

20 | | January 2016
Turn your PC into a media centre

Watch and record TV in kodi

1 Browse channels
Once the NextPVR add-on is
2 Preview channels
All channels are listed on the left
3 Playback controls
The programme will now display
enabled and running, youll see two new with the current programme listed full-screen. Click again on the picture to
entries in the main Kodi menu: Radio beneath each scroll down to browse reveal information about the programme
and TV. Roll the mouse over TV to view more. To preview a channel, click it to as well as access playback controls use
available options start by selecting view its stream. If youd like to watch it, the pause button to pause a programme,
Channels to browse by channel. click the screen again. then play to resume it.

4 View guide and record

Return to the home screen and
5 View/manage recordings
Go to TV > Recordings to browse
6 Listen to radio
The Radio section works in the
choose TV > Guide to view a complete previous recordings and watch them. same way browse stations, listen to
TV guide this makes it easy to see Each recording is housed in its own folder favourites and even record programmes
whats showing, plus schedule present click it to start watching, or right-click to to listen to later. Recorded shows (like
and future recordings right-click a access management options, including other media) can also be added to the
programme and choose Add Time > Yes. the delete option to free up space. Favourites menu for easy access.

ensure the start and end of a Kodi, and you should see it start to been recorded using the fast
selected programme isnt import the EPG. forward and rewind buttons.
chopped off, for example. If the picture quality isnt to
Next, select Decoders youll Watch and record your liking, click the film reel
see the MPEG2 Video decoder is The step-by-step guide reveals button and you can tweak its
currently set to Disabled, change how to watch and record live TV settings: try one of the different
this to LAV Video Decoder. Head using Kodi. The playback controls video settings under Deinterlace
down to the Clients section and give you all the key functionality method by clicking the up and
tick Allow remote access under you need to switch between down buttons to switch. You can
XBMC & Touch clients. Enter a channels, pause and rewind live also zoom into and out of the
four-digit PIN and click OK. TV, plus access the channels EPG picture from here, plus adjust
(giving you quick and easy access brightness and contrast too.
Configure Kodi to its programme guide) as well as
Close NextPVR and launch Kodi. subtitles should you need them. Change TV settings
Navigate to Settings > Add-ons > To pause live TV, Kodi records Go to System > Settings > TV and
My add-ons > PVR clients. Click the show into its buffer, which youll see further options you can
the NextPVR entry and choose allows you to pick up where you tweak. The General section is
Configure. Click the NextPVR left off, plus travel backwards and where you can tweak channel
Hostname entry and verify its set forwards along the portion thats settings and groupings, while if
to, then enter the PIN you you change the Settings Level to
set in NextPVR. Next, select
Advanced and click Enable If the picture quality Advanced or Expert youll reveal
other options, including a Parental
TimeShift with Live TV before
clicking OK followed by Enable. isnt to your liking, click Control setting.
Once youve set up your PIN
Now return to the main Settings
screen and select TV. Click the
the film reel button code, switch back to the General
section and click Channel
Enabled button under General
and all being well NextPVR
and tweak its settings manager. From here, select your
restricted channels and click the
should now be accessible from Parental locked: button.

January 2016 | | 21
WaTCh TV on-DEManD
Dont have a TV tuner? No worries, you can watch live, catch-up
and on-demand TV on your PC with these handy tools

or the ultimate com, but a more convenient way Player exists for Scottish viewers,
TV experience to access it is through its own app, with many programmes available
on your PC, a TV which you can get free through to those living outside of Scotland.
tuner is a must. It the Microsoft Store. It doesnt
gives you access support HD, and the number of Watch through Kodi
to all the available Freeview TV supported channels has eroded Luckily, its possible to access both
channels, plus allows you to pause recently, but its a good, fuss-free live and archived content from
and rewind live TV, plus record way of setting up a TV tuner. both the BBC and ITV through
shows to watch later. However, it Kodi itself. All you need to do is
requires that you have both a Catch-up TV install two add-ons the simplest
compatible TV tuner card or USB The big four TV providers also by far is the iPlayer add-on, which
stick, plus convenient access to an offer recently aired and archived you can use with the help of the
aerial socket. If this isnt a practical shows through their own separate Channel 4 provides step-by-step guide on page 23.
access to its
option, or youd like to add services. The BBC, ITV and Channel archived content
The ITV Player add-on works in
catch-up TV services to your new 4 also provide live streams of their through the a similar way, but its a more
media centre PC, then read on for channels too, which you can Microsoft Store complex install process. Its not
the full lowdown. watch over the internet through
your web browser.
Aerial-free live TV Thankfully there are easier ways
The best way to watch live TV over to access their services on your
the internet is via the TV Catchup Windows 10 PC. Both Channel 4
( service. It and Channel 5 provide free,
provides access to 27 live TV official Windows apps through the
channels, including the big five Store. There is a BBC iPlayer app in
terrestrial providers, as well as a the Store, but at time of writing
number of additional BBC its not compatible with Windows
channels. You can watch through 10. Theres no ITV Player app
your browser at www.tvcatchup. available, but an official STV

22 | | January 2016
Turn your PC into a media centre

access bbC iPlayer through kodi

1 Locate add-on
Open Kodi and go to System >
2 Access iPlayer
You can watch live and on-demand
3 Configure add-on
Go to System > Settings >
Settings > Add-ons. Select Install from TV from the BBC through Kodi by Add-Ons and locate the add-on under
repository, choose Video add-ons and navigating to Videos > Add-ons > iPlayer My add-ons > Video add-ons. Click
scroll down to iPlayer WWW. Select it WWW. Use the various categories to iPlayer WWW entry and choose
and click Install, then wait for the add-on browse for content, or choose Watch Configure to enable subtitles and signed
to download and install automatically. Live to view a live broadcast. and audio-described programmes.

available through the official Kodi

repository, so first you need to
more success using an alternative
repository. You need to add http:// Access both live and
add a separate repository that
provides it. To do this, navigate to as a source following the
instructions for ITV Player above, archived content from
System > File Manager. Double-
click Add source, click the
then add the main repository via
SuperRepo > Isengard > both the BBC and ITV
<None> entry and replace it with
the following URL: http://www.
Repositories > SuperRepo.
Once you get to Install from
through Kodi itself repository, select the SuperRepo
Click Done followed by OK, entry followed by Add-on
then return to the Home screen, repository and choose the
choosing System > Settings > SuperRepo Category Video
Add-Ons. Keep clicking the repository to add the repository
button until you see the Install that houses UKTV Play. Once its
from zip file option. Select this, added, youll find UKTV Play inside
choose Xfinity from the list and that repository install it and its
select good to go, via Videos > Add-ons.
Once the Currently
downloading add-ons message Sky and Virgin
disappears, choose Install from Sky offers its customers web
repository, select .XunityTalk access through Sky Go, plus Sky
Repository followed by Video Go Desktop allows you to
add-ons, scroll down and install download programmes to watch
the ITV plug-in. Once downloaded offline it can be installed via The UKTV Play
and enabled, ITV will be added to plug-in gives you
the list of available add-ons under Finally, visit www.virginmedia. access to free
UKTV channels
Videos youll be able to watch com to access Virgin Medias TV through Kodi
live streams of the main four ITV Anywhere service note, its only
channels, plus ITVBe and CITV. available through your browser.
Youll also have access to the last
30 days worth of catch-up
services from ITV Player too.
Thankfully, using the add-on is On-demand
much simpler than installing it!
UKTV Play Now youve set up access to free-to-air
UKTV Play offers online catchup channels, how about doing the same for
for its four Freeview channels: your subscription services? If you have
Dave, Really, Drama and Yesterday. Netflix, for example, you can install the
You can access these at uktvplay. app through the Microsoft Store and, but theres also an access your content through that, or try The simplest way to access Netflix is
add-on for Kodi users , its not installing the NetflixXBMC add-in from the through the official Windows Store app
available through the main SuperRepo Category Video repository to
SuperRepo repository, while the access it through Kodi. Now TV users will devices, so bear this in mind if you access
version we found on the also find an official app exists in the it through other devices too. However, if
XunityTalk Repository didnt seem Microsoft Store note that installing this youre using Amazon Prime, then your
to work. If you run into similar will use up one of your four allocated options are sadly limited.
problems, dont worry we had

January 2016 | | 23
Do MorE WiTh your
Get more from Kodi and your digital media with
this collection of advanced tips and tricks

ouve got the You can now need to install the its accessible from many other
basics sorted: relevant media player app on sources too, such as Smart TVs
you can now your other device if its another and set-top boxes. Look out for
access DVDs, PC or Mac in your home, install the section on UPnP or DLNA in
your digital Kodi on that and make sure you the user manual for more details
media and TV enable Allow control of XBMC via on what to do, and make sure
all from your Windows 10 PC. UPNP under System > Settings > your target device is connected to
But why stop there? Theres lots Services > UPnP/DLNA to allow it your network.
more you can do with your new to browse your servers libraries.
media centre read on to Once done, youll be able to Transform your PC
discover some of the best things access all your servers media as if Got an old PC lying around doing
to try next. it were stored on that computer. nothing? Why not press it into
If you have a powerful Android service as a dedicated media
Share your media phone or tablet, then youll find centre, attached permanently to
If youve got a lot of digital Kodi is also available through the your living room TV? Kodi works
music and video stored on your Google Play store it works in with older versions of Windows
media centre PC, why not share it exactly the same way as its too, or you can even install it as a
with the other computers and Windows counterpart. Apple dedicated operating system using
mobile devices in your home? To users should install the free VLC OpenElec (visit
do this, you need to switch on for iOS app from the App Store for details).
Kodis media server functionality: once installed, launch it and tap Theres one key consideration
this is as simple as navigating to the VLC icon in the top left-hand when setting up a dedicated
System > Settings > Services > Plex and Emby are corner. Select Local Network and media centre PC: how will you
UPnP/DLNA and enabling Share good alternatives you should see your Kodi server control it? A wired keyboard and
my libraries. to Kodi appear tap this to browse and mouse setup isnt practical, and it
play any content from it. can be messy too. Instead,
Because Kodi uses the standard consider purchasing a wireless
UPnP/DLNA protocol, youll find keyboard with integrated
A better server
Kodi is the perfect media centre for standalone
PCs, but while its media server capabilities are
adequate, its still limited. You cant, for example,
convert video formats on the fly. Neither can you
stream content from Kodi to your TV by way of
an intermediary device like the Chromecast.
Two alternatives to Kodi are Plex (
and Emby ( Both focus more
on the media server side of things, making them
better options for making your media accessible
from any device or PC. Unlike Kodi, you can
access media from outside your local network.
Plex and Emby offer slick interfaces for creating,
managing and sharing media. If youre not
bothered about watching/recording live TV, Plex
produces more native apps for smart TVs and
other platforms. But if youd like to add TV to
your media servers capabilities, then give Emby
a whirl. Like Kodi it works with NextPVR, letting
you watch and record shows and access
recordings away from home.

24 | | January 2016
Turn your PC into a media centre
touchpad Microsofts All-in- To do this, start video playback
One Media keyboard costs 30 on your chosen video, then click
and includes customisable the button and choose
media hotkeys you can pair to Download. Select your video
Kodi functions. quality (or audio to download
Its also possible to control the audio only) and itll
Kodi using your mobile phone download in the background.
or tablet dedicated touch- Click Settings and select
friendly remote control apps are Downloads to choose where to
available that provide you with a store saved files. But remember
free and easy way to control Kodi youre breaching YouTubes terms
without having to fiddle about of service by doing this as well as
with mouse and keyboard. The almost certainly infringing
step-by-step guide reveals how copyright too.
to set them up for both Android Hyper for YouTube iOS 8 too if youve updated to
and iOS mobile devices. Stream music to Kodi downloads video
from YouTube
iOS 9, then the feature is broken
Why splash out on an expensive in Kodi 15.2, and wont be fixed
Get YouTube videos Apple TV device when Kodi is again until Kodi 16.0 is released
Theres a lot of great content on capable of receiving both audio next year.
YouTube these days the free and video via the AirPlay If youre still running iOS 8,
Hyper for YouTube app is one of protocol? This means if you have open Kodi and visit System >
the best tools for viewing an iPad or iPhone, you can stream Settings > Services > AirPlay to
content outside of your browser, music, TV and other video from it enable it make sure iOS 8
while Kodi also provides an to your PC via Kodi. compatibility mode is enabled,
add-on in its main repository Youll need the Apple Bonjour and set up a password if you want
should you want to access it service installed its included to restrict access to the service.
through that. with iTunes, or you can install it Itll show up as an available
Hyper for YouTube is also able separately via http://support. AirPlay option on your mobile
to download YouTube video and Your iPhone devices, enabling you to pipe
audio in MP4 and MP3 format too. or iPad will need to be running music and video to your PC.

access kodi via using your phone

1 Configure Kodi
First, navigate to System > Settings
2 More settings
Now switch to the Remote control
3 Obtain app
Android users should search
> Services > Web server and enable section and enable both Allow remote Google Play for Kore, while iPhone
Allow remote control via HTTP. Enter a control settings. Finally, if you have and iPad users should search the App
username and password for security iTunes installed on your PC, then switch Store for Kodi Remote. Download the
reasons youll need this later to set up to Zeroconf and enable Announce official app to your phone or tablet, then
the connection with your mobile. services to other systems. launch it.

4 Quick connection
If you have iTunes installed and
5 Manual connection
If Zeroconf wasnt enabled, youll
6 Control Kodi
You can browse your media
enabled the Zeroconf settings in step need to enter your PCs IP address and collections via the remote, or use the
two, connecting is as simple as tapping the port number (80) too. Get your IP navigation buttons (tap Remote Control
Find Kodi (iOS) or Next (Android). Tap address from Settings > Network & in the iOS app) to control Kodi and move
to connect, then enter your username Internet select your connection type between sections, tweak settings and
and password to complete setup. and click the connection. more without leaving your armchair.

January 2016 | | 25
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January 2016 | | 27
Not your average technology website


Fascinating reports from the bleeding edge of tech
Innovations, culture and geek culture explored
Join the UKs leading online tech community
windows tips internet advice exciting new projects

Welcome Full listing

Whether 30 Customise the Taskbar in 44 Get organised with Wunderlist,
youre stuck for Windows 10 for smarter working the brilliant free planning tool
inspiration or
34 Get to work with Task View 48 Create cool time-lapse videos
want to become and add multiple desktops, too on your PC using free software
a master of your
Windows computer, our 36 Learn a new language on your 52 Make music quickly and
Explore section is the place WIndows PC with Duolingo simply using Stagelight
to come. Each month we pack 40 Use Flipboard to organise 56 Keep the web (and your PC)
it with tutorials covering all your interests online family friendly
a range of subjects suitable
for all levels of expertise.
This month we share several
ways to get the most from
Windows 10. Tim shows how
to make the Taskbar work your
way, while I show you around
Task View for smarter working
and Nick sets up family safety.
Theres never been a better Your guide
time to see how your PC can Nick Peers says
make your life easier! Switch between virtual
desktops for the first
Graham Barlow time in Windows
Editor-in-chief Turn to page 34 for more

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packed with informative tutorials get more from your favourite websites
Every issue, we guarantee to pack the We all have our list of favourite sites
magazine with great tutorials teaching but often we miss out on great features
you all the best things you can do with your PC. because theyre difficult to use or hidden from
Each article features step-by-step instructions sight. Well show you how to do more online,
to make learning new skills fast and enjoyable. for a more satisfying web life.

customise windows to work your way discover new programs with our help
We all know how to do the basics but From speed-up and security software to
getting the most from Windows isnt superb photo apps, theres always
always easy. Our dedication to the operating something new to try on your PC. The
system means you get the very best tips and Windows Store in Windows 10 and Windows
tricks for all versions of Windows. 8.1 is packed with software to download.

January 2016 | | 29
Learn how to
Windows 10 Your guide Tim Hardwick says
The Taskbar is almost always on
your screen set it to work your
way, and improve efficiency
At a glance o many users delight,

Skill level T Windows 10 marked the

return of the Start menu,
Anyone can do it but it would be a shame to overlook
Straightforward other improvements Microsoft has
made to the Taskbar. Big features like
Tricky in parts the new Task View tool and Cortana
voice assistant have made headlines,
Suitable for but theres plenty more flexibility
Windows 10 tucked away at the bottom of your
screen, which you might be missing.
Windows 8.1 If youre new to Windows, you may
Windows 7 not be aware of the handy Jump List
feature for example. Right-click the TASkbAr TWeAker
Windows Explorer icon and you can Install the third-
get quick access to your pinned party Taskbar
folders and the folders you open Tweaker tool and
most often if youre a Chrome user, youll get access to SeArCh bAr
right-click its icon and youll see even more Taskbar The Windows search bar
frequently visited sites and options customisation lets you explore the web
to open a new window or activate options to use. and your PC, but you can
Incognito mode. remove it from the Taskbar
And thats just a taster. Lets look to free up extra space.
at what else you can do to make the
Taskbar work better for you.

Step-by-step Customise the Taskbar to your needs

1 Customise Search
The Windows 10 Taskbar displays a rather lengthy input box
2 Change colour
The Taskbar is black, but you can change it. Select Settings
on the left. From here you can search files, settings, apps and the from the Start menu, choose Personalisation, then Colors, from
web and even access Cortana using simple search terms and the side column. Make sure the slider is On for Show Color on
phrases. But if you dont use it often, it can reduce to an icon or Start, taskbar and action centre. To have the Taskbar match your
disappear completely. Right-click the Taskbar, hover over Search wallpaper colour, turn on Automatically pick and accent color
then select either Hidden or Show search icon. from my background. To manually pick a colour tile, turn it off.

30 | | January 2016
Windows 10s Taskbar

besT tip! Jargon buster!

To add a Desktop access
toolbar to the Taskbar, Virtual desktops
TASk bAr properTieS tick the option on the The Task View
Delve into the Properties Toolbars tab in the Taskbar s feature supports the
creation of separate
menu and you can properties menu. desktop areas to
adjust all manner of organise working
options related to your environments.
Taskbars appearance
and behaviour. SeTTingS pAnel Cortana
A look in system A voice-activated
settings reveals a assistant built into
number of Taskbar- Windows 10 that
related options such helps you find things
as choosing which on your PC, manage
application icons your calendar and
appear there. much more.

Notifications area
Sits in the Taskbar
and contains
app icons and
notifications about
things like incoming
email, updates and
Wi-Fi. Also known
as the System Tray.

Clicking on this icon
lets you view all open exTrA ToolbArS
windows and work You can add extra
with virtual desktops, toolbars to the Taskbar
but you could also such as this URL
use a keyboard address input box
shortcut instead. which lets you navigate
straight to websites.

3 Pin apps
You can speed up access to apps you use on a regular
4 Change position
You can change the position of the Taskbar to better suit
basis by pinning them to the Taskbar. Search for the app in the how you work. You might prefer to have it on the right-hand side
Start menu search bar and when it appears, right-click its icon of your desktop to allow more space for web browsing, for
and select Pin to taskbar. Click and drag it to adjust its pinned example. To do so, right-click an empty area of the Taskbar, select
position, or right-click it again to view its contextual menu and Properties from the contextual menu and choose the preferred
select Unpin this program from the taskbar. option from the dropdown next to Taskbar location on screen.

January 2016 | | 31
5 Notification area
The Notifications area sits on the far-right of the Taskbar.
6 Task View
To the right of the Windows search bar is an icon that opens
To choose which icons appear here, right-click an empty space Task View a birds eye view of all open windows. If you dont use
on the Taskbar, select Properties and then Notification area: multiple desktops (the + button on the Task View screen) you can
Customize. From this menu you can Turn system icons off remove the Task View icon from the Taskbar and still access the
completely or Select which icons appear on the taskbar icons view by using the Windows Key + Tab key combination. To
you turn off remain hidden in a mini pop-up window. remove the icon, right-click it and untick Show Task View button.

7 Hide the taskbar

If you find the Taskbar is an unwanted distraction, you can
8 Tablet mode
The Taskbar changes in Tablet mode: a Back button appears,
hide it when its not in use. Bring up the Properties window again as does a Cortana icon, while application and shortcut buttons
by right-clicking an empty area of the Taskbar and tick Auto-hide no longer display by default. To re-instate Taskbar buttons in
the taskbar. If you want to reduce the size of its icons or lock the Tablet Mode, select Settings from the Start menu, click System
Taskbar in place, so it cant be moved or resized by accident, tick and choose Tablet mode in the side column, then change Hide
the appropriate box in Properties. app icons on the taskbar when in Tablet Mode to Off.

9 Virtual taskbars
In Task Views virtual desktops feature, you may have seen
10 Taskbar Tweaker
Download and install 7+ Taskbar Tweaker (http://
that each desktop is assigned its own taskbar with its own app This free tool lets you
buttons. To get the same taskbar buttons on all your virtual configure aspects of the Windows 10 Taskbar you otherwise
desktops, open Settings from the Start menu, choose System and couldnt. Turn off the grouping of pinned app windows, cycle
select Multitasking from the side column. Under Virtual desktops, between Taskbar buttons with your mouse wheel, assign a close
change the first setting to All desktops in the dropdown. app action to your middle mouse button, and much more.

32 | | January 2016
Get mo
more from
your Mac
Try the new issue of MacFormat
free* in the award-winning app!

Packed with practical tutorials and independent advice discover why MacFormat
has been the UKs best-selling Apple magazine for seven years!
* New app subscribers only
Learn how to SwiTch AppS
When you launch

Get smarter
Task View, you can
see all your apps.
Just click on
anything to switch
to that window.

with Task View

Your guide Graham Barlow says
Add multiple desktops and
move between apps with
Windows 10s switcher tool
At a glance ask View is one of the key

Skill level T new features within

Windows 10, helping you to
Anyone can do it switch between apps and, for the first
Straightforward time in Windows, virtual desktops.
Virtual desktops enable you to have
Tricky in parts completely different workspaces for
different types of apps. So, for
Suitable for example, you might have one
Windows 10 desktop for your email and instant
messaging at work and another for
Windows 8.1 Office apps, enabling you to get
Windows 7 things done without interruption
from your email. LAunch TASk View
Task View is also the place in The Task View icon
Windows 10 that you go to switch resides on the
between apps. If youve heard of a taskbar between
switcher before, thats because your search bar
theres been one in each recent and your normal
version of Windows. However, app icons.
Microsoft has a habit of changing
how it works each time. You can still
use [Alt]+[Tab] to switch between
apps, although this only works for the
desktop youre currently in.

Step-by-step Switch between desktops

1 Switch or close
Task View is launched using an icon on the taskbar its the
2 Desktop plus one
Clicking the big + icon in the bottom right of the Task View
one that looks like three screens arranged behind each other next window opens up a second desktop. As you can see here its
to the search bar. As you can see, youre shown all your open completely blank. To view your original desktop you need to
Windows at once. You can switch to them or hover over them and switch back to it using Task View. This can seem a bit much, but it
click the X icon that appears to close them. keeps a nice separation between your workspaces.

34 | | January 2016
Use Task View
DrAG To new
DeSkTop Grahams Best tip! Jargon buster!
You can simply drag When you use [alt]+[tab] to
and drop windows switch between apps, you can Apps
between your open press the arrow keys as well . Short for
desktops here applications, there
were in the process are two types of
of moving this PDF apps in Windows 10.
Windows Store apps
to Desktop 2. come from the
built-in app store,
while desktop apps
are traditional
software programs
like Microsoft Word
or a web browser like
Google Chrome.

The taskbar is the
bar along the
bottom of the screen
in Windows 10. It
was used in previous
versions of Windows,
but now has extra
features including
the search bar and
Action Center.

Virtual desktop
A virtual desktop
exists outside of
your normal screen
area. Its basically any
area that isnt your
ADD A DeSkTop main desktop.
To add a virtual
desktop, click the + icon
DifferenT SpAceS in the bottom right.
All your desktops are
shown here at the
bottom of the Task
View screen.
Hovering over any
will display a red X
icon so you can close
the desktop.

3 Open apps
Opening applications only opens them in your current
4 Many desktops
You can have lots of desktops open if you want to while
desktop in other words, apps can only exist in one screen. Here its unclear just how many you can have, our anecdotal evidence
weve opened Microsoft Edge in our second desktop. So if we now suggests the number is lots. If you want to close any desktop, just
go and open it in our first desktop it will switch us automatically hover over it and an X icon will appear. If you close a desktop, the
back to the second. apps remain open and moves to your main desktop.

January 2016 | | 35
Learn how to
Try a new
language Your guide Nick Peers says
Duolingo helps you learn
languages in time for your next
trip abroad absolutely free!
At a glance hy spend money learning a

Skill level W foreign language when your

Windows 10 PC can teach
LAnguAge SeLecTion
Click here to switch between
each language youre
Anyone can do it you for free? Duolingo is a brilliant currently studying, plus start
Straightforward app that offers up to 12 different learning new ones.
European languages including
Tricky in parts French, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish
(Gaelic) and even Esperanto. Theres
Suitable for no cost, and there are no annoying in-progreSS
Windows 10 ads either, so how does Duolingo pay The numbers
for itself? Simple, you effectively fund beneath units youre
Windows 8.1 your learning by helping the still working on
Windows 7 developers translate documents into indicate how many
different languages as you learn. lessons in that section
In this tutorial well show you how youve completed.
to start learning your new language
using the free Windows 10 app, but
you can also access your account
from a phone or any web browser, Locked SecTionS
letting you brush up on your learning More advanced
wherever you happen to be. Youll units remain
never have problems asking for the unavailable until you
best dish on the menu ever again complete the
sections above or
pass a shortcut test.

Step-by-step Start learning a new language

1 Install and select language

Open the Windows Store via its taskbar shortcut, then
2 Set learning goals
Duolingos default screen is optimised for a phone, but you
search for Duolingo. Select the app and click Install once can resize it for a more comfortable view. Once done, your first
complete, click Open. Click get started to begin. First, select your task is to set your learning schedule based on how quickly you
chosen language from the list there are 12 available for English want (or need) to learn. Available choices range from casual to
speakers (keep scrolling down to reveal options for foreign insane youll be able to change this later under Duolingos
language speakers too). Click your chosen language to proceed. settings menu as your circumstances change.

36 | | January 2016
Learn new languages for free

Nicks best tiP! Jargon buster!

Click a completed section to
review areas of weakness progress sharing
click the strengthen button An option under the
to improve your knowledge . menu that allows
users to compare
progress with others
by providing a link to
an online dashboard.

compLeTed Test out

LeSSonS An option to quickly
A strength bar skip through
appears beneath sections by testing
completed sections, yourself before
youve finished
and will weaken completing each set
over time unless you of lessons.
keep retesting.
Experience points
used to measure
progress with your
new language.

SeTTingS menu
Click and select
Settings to tweak
your settings for
each language you
can adjust your
keep prAcTiSing learning goals,
Click this button for example.
periodically to re-test
yourself on sections
already completed to
keep their strength
bars topped up.

3 Set starting point

Youll be prompted to start at the beginning by tapping
4 Your first lesson
Each section is divided up into a number of lessons. Click
basics 1 for the first set of lessons. However, if you already have start under lesson 1, which introduces some basic words and
some proficiency in your chosen language, scroll down until you phrases through a series of exercises. The first asks you to select
see Take a shortcut clicking this will start a series of tests to the correct word with the help of some pictures. Click a picture to
determine if youre able to jump ahead. If you pass with ease, hear the word in its native language. When youve found the word
consider try the following Take a shortcut test too. you think is correct, click the check button.

January 2016 | | 37
5 Keeping score
Youll be told if your answer is correct if its not, you lose
6 Learn as you go
As the lessons develop new words are introduced these
one of four hearts that are displayed at the top of the screen. Each are highlighted, so click one for an explanation, then use it as part
heart is worth a single bonus xp point at the end of the lesson. of your translation. Translation exercises work to and from English
The next few questions take the same format, but eventually to help reinforce the words and phrases youre learning. At the
youll be asked to translate a word or phrase, or select the missing end of the lesson youll be given a score in terms of how many xp
word from a list. Type your answer each time and click check. points youve gained, compared against your daily target.

7 Save your progress and move on

Click Continue youll be prompted to create a profile to
8 Complete first section
Completed lessons unlock the next you can also re-run
save your progress going forward. Click the button to do so previous lessons to brush up by scrolling to the right and clicking
enter your name, email and set up a password. A profile lets you redo under the lesson in question. A key-shaped button at the
continue learning across multiple devices and also allows you to bottom allows you to test out by attempting to pass a test you
learn more than one language at a time. Once done, click ok and can take this at any time. If you pass (youre allowed a certain
move on to the second lesson. number of mistakes), youll unlock the next two sections.

9 Continue learning
Choose basics 2 to continue learning this language youll
10 A new language, mastered
Spend a regular amount of time each day with Duolingo,
notice the lessons get a little harder, but are still manageable as and youll soon grasp the basics of your chosen language. But
you add new words and phrases to your vocabulary in a logical, Duolingo doesnt stop there there are six levels of learning from
digestible manner. Click the button to access Duolingos beginner to expert to master, enabling you to go as far as you like
settings (see the annotation) or click add course at the top of the with your new language. Speaking the native tongue on foreign
screen to start learning another language in parallel. holidays will never feel quite so intimidating again!

38 | | January 2016
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January 2016 | | 39
Learn how to PrOfile icOn
This is your profile

Organise your
icon. Click here to
see the magazines
youve created
and to access
your Flipboard

interests online
account settings.

Your guide Graham Barlow says

Put all your interests into
one good-looking digital
publication with Flipboard
At a glance hen youre online,

Skill level W information is everywhere:

in blogs and in your
Anyone can do it Facebook feed, in online magazines
Straightforward and in links on Twitter. Thats great,
but it can be hard to keep on top of it
Tricky in parts all. Wouldnt it be fantastic if you
could put all of your different sources
Suitable for of interesting articles together,
Windows 10 organise them by subject and make
them all look the same?
Windows 8.1 Thats what Flipboard does. It pulls
Windows 7 all your interests into one place and
applies a simple, readable design to
them all, and that makes it one of our
favourite ways to catch up with
whats going on in the world not
least because the Windows app and
its companion mobile apps are free.
In this tutorial, well discover how SubS AreA fliPbOArd
easy it is to find interesting things to Automatically fills your
read, and how simple it is to create Subscriptions area with
your own customised magazine. Lets a few topics it thinks
get flipping! youll like. Anything you
add will get its own front
page tile.
Step-by-step Get started with Flipboard

1 Check out the cover

Download Flipboard from the Windows Store, install it,
2 Choose some topics
In this screen you can choose broad areas of interest
open it and run it full screen. You should now see Flipboards by clicking on the tile (if you get it wrong, just click again to
front page, which looks as magazine-like as possible un-tick it). You can change these choices later, and as well
although unlike traditional magazines, its cover changes as discover you can make much more detailed choices too. For
you look at it. Use an arrow key, the mouse wheel or swipe to go now, though, tick a few subject areas that youre keen to read
to the next screen. more about.

40 | | January 2016
Organise your interests online
ShAre fOlderS
Click on the Discover Jargon buster!
link to see a collection
of news sources and Two-factor
user-created magazines, authentication
all grouped into Many services such
sensible categories. as Windows Live,
Facebook and
Twitter enable you
SeArch TOOl to add an extra
Click here to search for layer of protection
particular titles, topics called two-factor
or sources. The results authentication.
will include magazines, When you log in
users and newsfeeds. from a new device or
app, it sends a PIN to
your phone. No PIN,
no entry.

Website feeds are
collections of
content, usually
articles, that can
be opened in
other applications
or services such
as Flipboard.

For no good reason
Flipboard likes to
say flip when it
means add so
when you want to
add an article to
your magazine, you
flip it.

TwiTTer feed
If you connect your
Twitter account then
youll find links
shared on your
Twitter feed in here.

3 Create an account
If you havent already signed up for a Flipboard account,
4 See your subscriptions
Youll see Your Subscriptions page, like the one shown here.
you can sign in with Facebook or provide your email details. If youve used your Facebook account the Facebook tile may
Weve used the Facebook option here. If youve enabled extra show things people in your network have shared; if you use the
security on Facebook you might need to use its apps code Twitter tile to connect your Twitter account, the same applies.
generator or the Facebook website to allow Flipboard to access Clicking on a tile takes you to that subject. Lets click on Discover
your account. at the top of the page.

January 2016 | | 41
5 Do some discovering
The Discover page is where things get really interesting,
6 Find some feeds
If you scroll past the initial tiles in a subject category youll
because you can see a collection of magazines that other see a list of feeds, as shown here: these are sources of articles that
Flipboard users have created. A magazine is simply a collection of you might want to subscribe to, so, for example, film fans might
articles that a person thinks are worth sharing, and youll see the subscribe to The Guardians film feed. Any sources you subscribe
convenient list of categories on the left. Just click a tile to open it to here will put content into your Flipboard feed. To subscribe,
and see what articles and images it contains. just click or tap on the little ribbon icon next to the source.

7 Connect to Twitter
Flipboard was designed to be used with social networks,
8 Really readable
No matter where the content comes from, Flipboard applies
and if you dont connect it to a Twitter account youre missing a its own design to create a kind of personalised magazine. You
lot of the fun Twitters a fantastic place to find interesting might be flipping from a Twitter link to TIME Magazine or the
content and connecting it to Flipboard puts that content at your Telegraphs food section, but everything is presented in exactly
fingertips. Here, weve got two-factor security on our Twitter the same way. In this image were looking at some interesting
account, so we need to check our phone for the code. photos posted by a wildlife account on Twitter.

9 The Daily Me
This is what Flipboard looks like with a range of sources. In
10 Roll your own
We mentioned that Flipboard users can create their own
this screenshot were looking at Flipboards own technology feed, magazines. Making your own couldnt be simpler. When you see
which takes articles from a wide range of technology websites an article youd like to share with others, click the plus icon and
and news websites. As you can see, the consistent design makes it then Create New Magazine. Give it a title and a description, set a
easy to move from article to article without having to endure category and tick let everyone see my magazine. All you need to
changing font sizes or other design surprises. do now is find more interesting things and add them too.

42 | | January 2016
The home of technology
Learn how to
Get organised
with Wunderlist
Your guide Nick Peers says
Whether its work or play, keep
your busy life under control with
this brilliant free planning tool
At a glance ife gets busier and busier,

Skill level L doesnt it? Thankfully,

Wunderlist is on hand to
Anyone can do it keep you on top of your workload
Straightforward and home life. Its a free planning
tool, which is equally at home with
Tricky in parts simple tasks such as remembering to
buy milk as it is with big projects Account
Suitable for combining multiple steps and Click your account
involving different people. name to access a
Windows 10 menu that allows
Thanks to its clever mix of folder,
Windows 8.1 lists and to-do items, its easy to stay you to configure the
Windows 8 on top of everything, as each part has app and your
its own deadline, notes and subtasks. account settings.
You can keep group projects in
sync too, with everyone getting their SeArch nAviGAtion
own free Wunderlist account and Click here to search toolS
being assigned specific items in a list. through your entire The left-hand
Wunderlist works in both home and account lists, to-do sidebar allows you
work situations, and is accessible items and subtasks to browse your
across the web, mobile and crucially using keywords or tags. Wunderlist account
on your PC with the free Windows a number of ways
10 app. Read on to find out how it by list, starred items,
can bring order to your chaotic life. inbox or due date.

Step-by-step Create to-do items and lists

1 Get started
Open the Microsoft Store, search for Wunderlist and install
2 Create Lists
Wunderlist divides up your workload into lists and to-do
the free Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks app. Click Open and then items. Simple, one-off to-do items can be created in the Inbox:
create a new account you can connect to a Microsoft, Google or click inside the Add a to-do box and type the item in question,
Facebook account, or click Create Free Account to set one up then hit [Enter]. Itll appear in your inbox, with a tick box that you
manually. Follow the prompts if connecting a third-party click when the item has been done. Mark an item as important by
account, youll need to give Wunderlist access to certain parts of it. clicking the star button this keeps it at the top of your inbox.

44 | | January 2016
Get organised with Wunderlist

Nicks best tiP! Jargon buster!

Quickly remove all lists
from a specific folder Smart list
by right-clicking the A list of to-do items
folder name and thats generated
choosing Ungroup. according to specific
criteria, such as items
assigned to you.
Set these up
under Settings >
Smart Lists.

A specific job or
project assigned to a
To-do item. It cannot
be given a deadline,
but can be marked
as completed when

Special keywords
preceded by a hash
(#) character that
work as a filter,
making it easy to
group related lists

tAGS Sort itemS to-do pAnel

Use #keyword to set Click this button to Click a To-do item to
up quick filters using choose a different reveal this slide-in
tags. Simply click a sort order for your edit panel. Use this
tag to quickly view items choose Sort to add due dates,
all items that contain by Due Date if they reminders, files,
the tag. have deadlines. subtasks and more.

3 Set a deadline
Click the note to reveal its properties. Click its title to
4 Create subtasks
Subtasks allow you to break down big jobs into smaller,
rename it, then click Set Date & Reminder to assign it a deadline more manageable chunks. Click inside Add a subtask to give your
using the date picker. Once done, click Remind me to set a first job a title (maximum 255 characters). Each job comes with its
reminder time and date prior to the deadline. Click Never repeat own tick box to indicate its completed. Continue adding subtasks
if you want to make this a recurring to-do, then choose how often youre limited to a maximum of 25 subtasks per to-do item with
to repeat it (daily, weekly, monthly or once a year). a free account, which should be more than adequate for most.

January 2016 | | 45
5 Add notes and files
Click Add a note to record some notes such as a
6 Set up lists
If youre managing a more complex project, click Create
description about the to-do item. Click Add a file to add one List. Give your project a suitable name ignore the other options
or more files images, PDFs, video or anything you like to for now and click Create. You can now create to-do items inside
the item. Again, theres a restriction on free accounts each this list theyll be displayed in the main window, sorted by due
file can be no more than 5MB in size, but that should be ample date. You can also move to-do items between the inbox and your
for most people. new list just drag the item in question to its desired location.

7 More organising tools

Youll see new views appear in the left-hand pane as you
8 Collaborate with others
Encourage friends, family and co-workers to set up
add items with deadlines these allow you to view the most Wunderlist accounts so they can share to-do items and lists. Once
pressing to-dos due today or later in the week. You can also filter theyre set up, open a list and click Share. Enter their email
lists into folders to help separate tasks according to type (such as, address and hit [Enter]. Theyll receive a notification inviting them
home and work lists). To do this, right-click a list and choose to join the folder. You can assign specific tasks to each other, plus
Create A Folder. Name it and the list will be placed inside it. they can edit and add new to-do items too.

9 View activity
Youll receive notifications through the Action Centre
10 Your life, in order
Wunderlist provides a simple and effective way of
whenever someone performs a task, or you can click the bell overseeing all kinds of projects. Click your account name to access
button next to your name to review recent activity. You can also application and account settings, plus change the background
add comments to to-do items, allowing you to strike up a image if you find it distracting. Also remember to install the
discussion with others on the list. Click Share > List options to relevant Wunderlist app for your mobile devices, and sign into the
enable Do Not Disturb and limit the notifications you receive. website to access your lists on the move.

46 | | January 2016
The home of technology
Learn how to
Preview window
This is the first photo in your time-
lapse series, which will be updated to

Create time-
show any changes you make using the
effects panel on the right.

lapse videos Your guide Cat Ellis says

Discover how you can craft an
Oscar-worthy miniature film
using your own photographs
At a glance ime-lapse photography

Skill level T a sequence of photos shot

at regular intervals over a
None of the changes
you make are
Anyone can do it period of seconds, minutes, hours or permanent until you
Straightforward even days can be incredibly save them. You can also
powerful. A sunset, the opening of a click Reset at any point
Tricky in parts flower or the passage of stars across to undo everything
the night sky can be condensed into and start afresh.
Suitable for a few moments of video. Done well,
Windows 10 the effects are breathtaking and its
much easier than it might seem!
Windows 8.1 You can create a simple time-lapse
Windows 7 video using Microsofts Windows
Movie Maker (WMM), but Time-Lapse
Tool ( is a FrAme rAte
free program created specifically for This slider lets you
the purpose. It lets you import many decide how many
more images than WMM (essential for pictures will be
time-lapse videos longer than a few displayed per PlAy
seconds), and gives you a palette of second. The Click this button to see your
special tools and effects to make your default is 30 animation play in the preview
film something truly special. frames per second window above. The button
So go grab your camera and lets (fps) for smooth on the left will play your
get started! playback. video full-screen.

Step-by-step Make your own magical time-lapse movie

1 Choose your subject

To begin, youll need a series of photos that show the
2 Consistent shooting
Your cameras settings need to be exactly the same each
passage of time in a scene. Some of the most popular subjects for time ISO, shutter speed and aperture so it wont automatically
time-lapse photography include clouds moving through the sky, compensate for changes between shots. This doesnt mean you
road traffic and the movement of stars at night, though any scene need an expensive DSLR, but most phone cameras dont give you
with natural lighting will work (here were using daylight from a the necessary degree of control. The camera will need to be in
window). Think about using your subject to tell a story. exactly the same position for each shot, so a tripod is a good idea.

48 | | January 2016
Create time-lapse videos

Jargon buster!
Digital single-lens
reflex the type
of camera used
by professional
It gives the user
a great deal of
manual control.

A setting that
determines your
cameras sensitivity
to light. The higher
eFFeCtS the ISO number, the
more sensitive it is.
Use these options
to bring your Aperture
time-lapse video to The size of the
life with colour tints, diaphragm that
panning animations, allows light to enter
tilt-shift effects and the camera. The
much else. aperture is measured
in f-stops.

Cats best tip!

If you want to edit your
photos before you start
(cropping them, for
example), look for a
tool that supports batch
Slide reel editing. BIMp (http://bit.
This bar shows each ly/1Njl907) is an
of the frames in your add-on that adds batch
video. Click a frame, then functionality to the free
click Play to preview
image editor GIMp
your video from that
point onwards. (

3 Get Time-Lapse Tool

Once youve taken your pictures, create a folder for them
4 Get the key
You will see a grey box prompting you to enter a licence
on your PC. This will make it much easier to import them later. key. Time-Lapse Tool is free for non-commercial use, so click Get
Now visit and click Download. Save the personal license, enter your email address and click Get the
file, then open it from your Downloads folder choosing to open it personal edition. The edition has limitations: you cant export files
using Windows installer. Read the licence agreement, check the in hi-def or GIF format. When you receive the code, copy and
box and click Install. Once software is installed, click Finish. paste it into the Activate license box, then click Activate.

January 2016 | | 49
5 Import your shots
Youre now ready to begin assembling your first time-lapse
6 Start experimenting
To see how your time-lapse video looks using the default
movie. Click New and select the folder containing your photos, settings, click the Play button in the centre of the window. You
then click Import as sequence in the bottom right to begin could save it as a video now if youre happy, but its more fun to
making your time-lapse film. All the changes you make using experiment with the various tools on offer. First, lets make it look
Time-Lapse Tools settings and filters are non-destructive, which like it was shot on an old-fashioned film camera. Youll see a
means they wont affect your original photo files in any way. preset called Charlie Chaplin movie, but we can do better.

7 The retro treatment

Select Black and white from the effects panel on the right,
8 Add some style
For a more modern look, click Reset in the top left to bring
and tweak the red-green and blue sliders to keep as much detail your shots back to their original state. One of the most impressive
as possible. Now click Vignette and adjust the sliders to darken effects on offer in Time-Lapse Tool is Camera Transition, which
the edges of your video, replicating the effect created when the creates the effect of your camera being slowly moved or the lens
centre of a frame of film receives more light than the edges. being zoomed between each shot. Brightness transition enables
Finally, click Noise and add some scratches and grain. you to fade your video in or out, and Tilt focus.

9 Sights and sounds

A great movie needs a soundtrack. Click Audio > Browse
10 Now playing!
Once your video is complete, hit Export and select a video
and select a music file from your PC. To avoid copyright format (visit for a rundown of the different
infringement, dont use licensed music if youre planning to share formats). Note GIFs can only be exported if youve paid for a full
your video publicly online. Check the Free Music Archive (https:// licence, and some formats dont support audio. If in doubt, WMV for tracks that permit the creation of is a safe choice. Choose a location for your file, then click Export.
derivative works, and ensure you credit the creator of the track. You can post straight to YouTube by clicking Publish.

50 | | January 2016
Get our
digiTAl ediTion!

When youe
monthly subscription:
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Learn how to
Make music
with Stagelight
Your guide Cat Ellis says
This fun and powerful app
is easier to use than most TrAnSporT ConTrolS
music-making software These icons take you back
to the start, record, play
At a glance here are lots and lots of
or stop the song.
music-making apps on
Skill level Windows, but many of them
Anyone can do it can be a bit off-putting if youve
Straightforward never used one before: all those tiny
buttons and faders and switches can
Tricky in parts make music-making seem awfully
difficult. Windows embracing touch
Suitable for controls has changed that: weve
Windows 10 seen new, touch-friendly music apps
that are really simple to use whether
Windows 8.1 youre using your fingers or a
Windows 7 keyboard and mouse.
Stagelight is one of those apps.
Its simple enough for absolute
beginners but contains enough
power to keep the pros happy too.
It comes with hundreds of loops,
supports third-party plug-ins and InSTruMenT
enables you to record unlimited The buttons here enable
tracks, and it has a useful Song you to solo (play the current
Builder mode that makes it easy instrument and nothing else),
to turn your thoughts into tunes. or mute (play everything else
As well discover in this tutorial, but the current instrument),
its a hoot to use, too. a particular instrument.

Step-by-step Get started with Stagelight

1 Choose your genre

Stagelight is great for beginners, but there are plenty
2 Get looping
Youre looking at the Loop Builder display and its displaying
of reasons for pros to consider using it too, not least because three different tracks: a drum track and a bass keyboard track
the full Core bundle is just $6.99 and theres a 30-day free trial as well as a main keyboard track. At the bottom of the screen
you can download from To begin, install and are pads to play the currently selected instrument in this case
launch the app then click on Play to create a new song. Choose a the drum machine. To hide the pads, tap the drum machine icon
genre of music to load the right instruments for that genre. in the lower right hand corner.

52 | | January 2016
Make music with Stagelight

Jargon buster!
In music, a loop
eDITIng ToolS is a short section
Use these to cut, of music that
copy and paste loops, can be played
to delete them, continuously. So
or to split long for example you
loops into more might have a short
bit of drumming
manageable sections. that you want to
repeat throughout
the verse.

Musical Instrument
Digital Interface a
way of controlling
musical instruments
and computer-based
instruments from
software programs.

loopS Third party

These are the loops plug-ins
that have been used to In music apps, third
build the song. Youll party plug-ins are
additional effects
typically use different or instruments you
loops for different can add to your
parts of the track. composition, such
as a big thick
distortion on a guitar
or a recreation
of a particular
instrument. Your
program sends
commands to the
plug-in, and it
then makes the
appropriate noise.
TeMpo AnD key
This is where you set the
musical key and the
speed of your song.

3 Record your own

Each green rectangle is a blank loop ready to record or
4 Fix or edit
If you double-click the drum loop you see the Step Mode
program music. To record a new drum loop, first click on the red display, shown here. Every coloured box is a trigger, so every
circle inside the drum loop rectangle. Youll hear a count-in, then coloured box in the Snare 1 row makes the snare drum play.
you can play along to the click. Play with your touchscreen, To add extra beats just click the box where you want the beat
mouse, keyboard or MIDI instrument. Then simply click the red to go. To remove a beat, just click on it to clear it. This view is good
circle when youre finished. to record and tweak tracks.

January 2016 | | 53
5 Set out your song
Coloured boxes sit at the bottom of the screen, to the right
6 Loop your loops
You can now create new loops in the same track for each
of the Track label. These are Song Parts, and you can add more section. To record a new loop click in a black section and use the
by clicking the +Part button at the lower right. Click the menu record icon we used in Step 3. Alternatively, copy and paste an
icon (the three horizontal lines) on a Part and you can give each existing loop. Once you paste a loop into a new location you can
part a name Intro, perhaps, or Big Guitar Riff. This helps you see edit it without changing the original. In this image weve simply
exactly what part of your song youre currently working on. duplicated the same drum pattern for each section of our song.

7 Change instruments
You can change instruments to your hearts content, but
8 Fiddle with filters
This screen changes depend on your instrument but there
its worth pointing out that additional instruments are in-app are lots of bits to fiddle with. Not just volume, but frequency
purchases (although you can also use VST instruments, which are curve, its pitch and even special effects, such as digital delay and
cross-platform music plug-ins). To change instrument, right-click crush distortion. Any effects you choose to apply to an instrument
over the picture at the far left of the track and choose Change apply to the whole track, not just the selected loop, so if you want
Instrument. Well change our synthesiser to an electric guitar. to have two different sounds youll need two different tracks.

9 Do it all live
When youre playing live, rather than miming to a backing
10 Record it
The final step is to record your performance and export it.
track, Song Parts makes it easy to switch from bit to bit. If youre Click the red circular record icon at the top of the window and
in the verse and want to switch to the chorus, just click on the use the play buttons in the Song Parts to move between sections.
play icon in the chorus part. When the current bar ends, the loops Press the rectangular grey stop icon when youre finished. Click
will change to whatever youve assigned for the song Part youve the eye icon at the top right and youll see your performance
pressed Play on. Theyll continue to loop until you press stop. recorded as multi-track audio. Not bad for around 6.50.

54 | | January 2016
Escape to a world of OF LIFE IN TODAYS
high resolution audio


Relax with the latest
home entertainment


Embrace a new era of Putting you in control Your health and
virtual reality gaming of your life and home fitness upgraded

Learn how to
Keep the web (and your
PC) family friendly
Your guide Nick Peers says
Make sure your younger family members stay safe when theyre online,
even if you dont have time to watch them every second of the day

At a glance
Skill level
Anyone can do it
Tricky in parts

Suitable for
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7

Add users
Before starting with Family Safety, we need to make sure
your computer is properly set up. If youre sharing a single
user account between your family, its time to change that
and use one account each. Click the Start button at the
bottom of the screen and choose Settings. Select Accounts
followed by Family & other users. Youll see user accounts
are split into two as were adding younger family members,
click the Add a family member button to continue.

Set up a
child user
Select Add a child. Your child will
need their own Microsoft account
to continue if its already been set
up, type the email address used to
log into it and click Next followed
by Confirm. Once the new account
has been set up (your child will
need to log in for the first time to
do so), they should check their
email and confirm the invitation in
order to allow you to apply family
settings to their new account on
this device.

56 | | January 2016
Set up family accounts

Set up a new
If your child doesnt have a
Microsoft account, click The person
who I want to add doesnt have an
email address to set up their
account. When filling in their
details, click Get a new email
address to give them an address
with an domain (for
When you assign them a
password, this needs to be
something they can remember,
as theyll be using it to log into their
own user account going forward.
Once done, provide your own
mobile or alternate email address as
an additional form of security.

Access Family
Youll see a list of all the children
youve added to your device from
the Family & other users section
any marked as pending havent
yet accepted your invitation, so
arent protected by Family Safety
settings. If youre having a hard time
persuading them to accept the
invitation, click Block to
temporarily prevent them from
logging into this PC without family
settings in place.
To set up, or adjust, your
childrens family settings, click the
Manage family settings online link
to access the settings website from
your browser.

Lock the web

To restrict web access, choose an
account name, then click Settings
next to Web browsing. Flick the
Block inappropriate websites to
On to ensure adult content and
InPrivate browsing sessions are
blocked, while Bing SafeSearch is
on. Scroll down and youll find
options for allowing specific
websites, or alternatively blocking
unwanted sites. Just type the
relevant URLs into each box and
click Allow or Block to add them
to your childs white or blacklists.

January 2016 | | 57
Set the clock
Select Screen time to limit the time
your child has access to this PC. Flick
the Set limits for when my child can
use devices switch to On, then set
the earliest and latest times theyre
allowed to use the computer for
each day of the week. You can also
set a daily limit within those times
to restrict their access further.

Restrict apps
Select Apps & games and flick the
Block inappropriate apps and
games switch to On. Scroll down
and set a maximum age for your
child, which allows them to only
download and install apps and
games in the Windows Store that
have specifically been rated as
suitable for their age.

Watch the logs

Perhaps the most devious part of
the Family Safety centre is on the
childs main screen. Two switches
enabled by default let you view
your childs activity through this
screen and receive weekly email
reports of their usage, app installs
and browsing habits. If theres
something there that shouldnt be,
its time for a little chat n

58 | | January 2016
Helping you live better & work smarter


Thousands of tips to improve your home & workplace
Get more from your smartphone, tablet & computer
Be more efficient and increase your productivity
32 best
WindoWs 10
Weve scoured the Windows Store to find the best apps
that can really make a difference to your Windows 10 life!

our Windows 10 App stores are fast becoming the
machine is well go-to place for small pieces of
catered for by software that enhance your machine,
Microsofts built-in in Windows and other systems. Whats
apps, from web more, they are some of the most
browsing to video secure places to get software as all
playback, and of course there are the developers are verified and the
powerhouse add-ons such as software checked. As a Windows
Microsoft Office. But occasionally you user, security will be at the forefront
need to look elsewhere and its often of your computing, so that extra
for an app that does a particular thing. comfort zone of the Windows Store
But how much will other apps cost is a welcome one.
me? you might ask. Well, thanks to Read on to discover the best apps
the Windows 10 store many are you can download from the Windows
completely free, and for those that are Store, whether its a new app to
paid-for, its often just a couple of enhance your photos, music-listening
pounds you need to part with a far and movie-watching, home finances,
cry from the world of traditional boxed news and sport, or simply little
software that might have cost you apps to improve your
upwards of 50. computing life.

60 | | January 2016
January 2016 | | 61
1 WindOWS
VLC plays almost any media type,
meaning youll never have to worry about
whether a video (or audio file) will play or
not. The app has a media library for audio
and video files, as well as a complete
audio library, with metadata fetching. The
Windows 10 version has been given a new
look to match the Windows feel and the
app also features improvements to the
music library, video library, search, and
introduces a mini-player.

FREE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS Adobes free photo editing app is no Photoshop, but its still extremely useful
Photoshop Express is a great addition to
your PC for photo editing and just the
thing for quick edits to your snaps. The arsenal. Afterlight has been popular on cloud-based app lets you take any photo
clever Auto-Fix is a one-touch adjustment mobile platforms and now its on the and add some creative magic. The app
for brightness, exposure and shadows, desktop too. Afterlight is slider and filter automatically identifies the face in the
and there are also 15 one-touch filters. based, making adjustments a cinch, and photo and lets you add different effects
Slider controls for exposure, contrast, its updated regularly. From the off youll and create funny face photo montages.
clarity and vibrance bring the best out of get eight adjustment tools, over 30 filters, Just choose the effect you want from
your photos and in-app purchases offer 66 textures, 79 frames, and thats all more than 300 different styles.
more effects. before you get any of the add-on packs.

AftERLight 4 PhOtOfuniA 5
79p FREE
Adobe have done it again with a smart
If you want to be a bit more creative with PhotoFunia is something a little different free app that helps you do more with your
your images, then this bargain app should in the world of Windows photo apps. In digital images and movies. Adobe Revel is
be part of your Windows photo-editing fact, its like your very own art gallery. The not an editor, but rather a media

6 2.29

Rediscover the retro beauty of 8mm

vintage film with this excellent video
app. Add dirt, dust and grain to your
family movies to give them a sense of
the past. Import your old videos or
create new footage with the built-in
Super 8mm camera. An in-app viewer
provides a simple overview of your
videos. You can choose which films to
develop and export so that you remove
unwanted rendering and reduce storage.

62 | | January 2016
32 best Windows 10 apps
organiser, offering a private place to view
and share your everyday photos and
videos. Ask your family members to add
their photos and videos, and together
youll create a digital library to keep your
precious memories safe. It also makes it
easier than ever to share with more
people later on.

7 PixLR
In Pixlr theres a dazzling array of editing
tools and filters to make your images
really pop. Access powerful features in a
simple and easy-to-use interface. You can
apply quick fixes to your photos with
features, such as crop, straighten, resize,
and more. Theres also the option to add
or remove colour from selected parts with
the Color Splash brush, merge two images
with the Double Exposure tool and
transform photos into works of art with
the Stylize brush. STAR CHART Discover the skies above you with this fantastic augmented reality app

8 COLLAgE 10 WOLfRAM 12 khAn ACAdEMy
This is one of the Windows Stores highest 2.29 The Khan Academy service of educational
rated photo apps. Create fantastic-looking WolframAlpha has been around for a few videos has been around for quite a few
collages of your photos in just a few years but always exclusively as a website. years now, but this Windows 10 app
minutes. The app is packed with near But what is it? Its not a search engine gives it a sleek new feel thats even easier
unlimited possibilities for creating your exactly, but rather a computational to browse. Khan Academy covers
perfect photo collage. Choose a classic knowledge engine that aims to find everything from maths, biology,
design or get fancy with our one of the solutions to problems you pose it. In chemistry and physics, to the humanities
more outlandish templates. Apply a photo laymans terms that means a human- with history and finance. Theres more
effect, sticky labels and text to complete backed depository of answers to every than 6000 videos and many are
your project all for free. possible question! (Well, almost.) The app downloadable. You can also use Windows
is pretty much a well-designed version of charms to search videos.
the site with a vast collection of
algorithms and data to compute answers
HOMe 13
and reports for you, from maths and
physics queries to chemistry and FREE
astronomy. The best thing about

WolframAlpha is that its constantly This is an incredible star-finding app for
learning and being improved by the free, not least because with a Windows 10
developers, and wed bet that tablet you can turn it to the heavens to

& FiNaNCe improvement will feed into this app. This

is an indispensable resource for anybody
professionals, students or otherwise.
get a augmented reality view of whats
above you in the sky. Alternatively,
explore the universe from the comfort of
your Windows desktop to learn about the
wonders of our solar system and beyond.

9 REMOtE 11 My CAR
MAnAgER fAMiLyBudgEt
FREE This is a simplistic but effective way of
This is one Microsofts own apps available managing your family (or work) vehicles
on the Windows Store. With the Remote Lets face it, budgeting apps can be
expenditure. You use the simple wizard to particularly boring. Theres no getting
Desktop app installed on your PC, you can control the costs and to see all the
connect to a remote PC from anywhere. away from the raw numbers, but the least
statistics of fuelling and servicing for a car a finance app could do is try to make your
Remote Desktop has a connection centre over the years. The app calculates results
to manage your connections to Windows data just a little more attractive.
and shows a complete history of your Thankfully, FamilyBudget manages to be
Clients and Windows Server. It lets you expenses through easy-to-digest charts
easily manage your desktops, add both a great-looking app and a
and diagrams. From it you can also competent budget planner thats easy to
desktop connections and edit or delete calculate the cost of future trips and it
existing connections. use. With it you can view expenses and
integrates with OneDrive. income history by month, category and

January 2016 | | 63
individual family members. Whats more, service is still going strong and gets
you can track overall family budget, store you to content you might otherwise
your important data safely and securely in miss through simple search queries.

the cloud and get access to it from all your This Windows-specific app has a great full-
devices, wherever you happen to be. You screen visual approach to stumbling, with
can also recover data in case of disaster. a grid of thumbnails highlighting web
Whats not to like? pages on interest to your search phrases.

15 gOOd PLAn
2.29 20 thE WEAthER
This is one of the best educational If you still rely on RSS news feeds for your FREE
timetable apps weve seen so far that online news the Feed Reader is the best The Weather Channel app offers some of
make use of the Windows Modern Windows 10 app weve found. It organises the best radar maps, local forecasts and
interface that debuted in Windows 8. feeds really well, but the standout feature weather updates available on Windows.
Theres a lesson plan/timetable combined is the ability for it to read the news to you. With the app and live tiles you can always
with a calendar and reminders app, Speech is enabled to listen to your be kept up to speed on whats going on
which is ideal for teachers and students commands while having your news read outside. Forecasts include hourly and
alike. It also syncs with the Windows to you, so just say Feed Reader read 10-day forecast options, while current
Phone application of the same name. news and sit back and enjoy! Theres also weather conditions give you the rainfall
Lessons are arranged in a logical grid, a built-in Read it Later to read and from the last hour, feels like temperature,
according to the hours of the week and manage all your bookmarked web pages. sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed,
you can customise the label colours humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point
however you like. and pressure.

18 fLiPBOARd
16 FREE If you still rely on RSS news feeds for your
online news the Feed Reader is the best

If you happen to be in the digital Windows 10 app weve found. It organises If you want a slightly different feel to your
learning business, then feeds really well, but the standout feature Windows 10 weather forecast we
probably needs no introduction is the ability for it to read the news to you. recommend WeatherPro. You get all the
thats because its one of the most Speech is enabled to listen to your meteorological data you would expect,
famous online training hubs in the commands while having your news read including hourly forecasts for the next
world. The Windows app presents the to you, so just say Feed Reader read fortnight. Multiple layers of advanced
websites content in an easier-to-navigate news and sit back and enjoy! weather information goes beyond the
way, delivering top-quality training norm too with heat maps, lightning
videos to the desktop to help anyone strikes and cloud-cover forecasts, as

19 StuMBLEuPOn
learn technology, creative and business well as ski weather for over 900 resorts
skills. Log in to watch expert-taught FREE and coastal weather with UV Index and
courses and pick up your lessons where water temperatures.
you left off. You can even pin courses to Many years ago, StumbleUpon made
your home screen. internet discovery much easier. The

If you want to see your football scores

in unprecedented detail then Onefootball
is the go-to app for live updates and
stats. Covering all the worlds major
football leagues, Onefootball gives you
minute-by-minute live commentary and
with fast push notifications. Personalise
the app by adding the most important
competitions and teams to your favourites
list, and you can also predict the result of
all Premier League matches and vote
your Oneplayer.

23 MSn nEWS

The MSN News app has been given a

Windows 10 overhaul to show you the top
stories of the day and breaking news from
the worlds best sources, curated by MSNs
editors. You can of course choose the
topics you want by customising your feed.
Its easy with this app and it looks great,
WEATHERPRO Get your fill of meterological data with this alternative to Windows own service

64 | | January 2016
32 best Windows 10 apps
putting the big stories at the forefront of
your news, complete with widescreen
images to accompany your stories.

24 MSn WEAthER

Developed by Microsoft specifically for

Windows 8.1 and 10, MSN Weather looks
great on a widescreen monitor. See
accurate 10-day and hourly forecasts for
whatever you do, and see what the
weather is like worldwide. The
background is customised to your time of
day and location to add a bit of
authenticity to your weather news.

NETFLIX Bring the video entertainment streaming service to Windows with this free app

30 EBAy
Make more of your media with this really simple interface. You can also access
brilliant storytelling app from Microsoft. any of Amazons sites around the FREE
Sway makes it quick and easy to create world from a single app by quickly
and share interactive presentations, selecting your desired Amazon country The eBay app is another great reason
personal stories, and more. Add your store or shipping destination. to stop using the boring old web version.
content, and Sway will do the rest, Also, with notifications youll never
auto-editing your content so that it all miss another opportunity to get that

28 RightMOVE
flows together seamlessly. Add text and hard-to-find item. You will be able to stay
images from OneDrive, or snap them right
into Sway with the built-in camera of a PROPERty up to date on the status of your auctions,
watched items, and eBay sales, and pin
Windows 10 laptop or tablet.
SEARCh Live Tiles to the homepage provides
updated information about your activity.

26 nEtfLix
Find your next house, flat or mansion
move up the property ladder right from

If you havent heard of Netflix youve been

your Windows 10 desktop using the sleek
Rightmove app. You get fast access to 31 duOLingO
living under a stone for the last few years. recently viewed and saved searches and
properties, you can view photos and Duolingo is a great exercise-led way of
Its become the internets top digital TV mastering the core skills of Spanish,
and film service by a mile. With the Netflix floorplans of a property that youre
interested in, learn about the area before French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish,
app you can instantly watch as many TV Dutch, Danish and now Turkish. Complete
episodes and movies as you want great your viewing with the integrated
Streetview and contact estate agents your goals and youll unlock new areas of
for the binge-watching generation! Search a language that you can move on to. Its
for titles and watch immediately on your all directly in-app.
all done via a pyramid-like structure, so
Windows 10 devices, you can even pick up you start with just one avenue, and then

29 tRiPAdViSOR
on another device from where you left off, open up new paths to learn as you
or vice versa. progress. Turn to page 36 for a tutorial.

27 AMAzOn
Use people power to get the best
recommendations on your next trip with
this great free app, completely customised 32 nEtWORk
If you love shopping online with to look great on Windows. With more FREE
Amazon, we wholeheartedly recommend than 100 million reviews and opinions by Network Speed Test accuarely measures
that you ditch the main site and use this travellers, TripAdvisor makes it easy to find your network delay, download speed and
app instead. The Amazon app allows the lowest airfare, best hotels, great upload speed. Using servers all over the
you to quickly make your purchases, restaurants, and fun things to do, world it measures your network
search, compare prices, read reviews, wherever you want to go in the world. connections latency and throughput.
and share products with friends using a Theres also booking options for hotels, Slide to the right to see a history of your
restaurants, flights and fun outings. previous tests for easy comparisons.

January 2016 | | 65
66 | | January 2016
Hardware help
Upgrading your RAM

EvErything you nEEd to know about


Its tempting to always get the biggest and

fastest memory kit, but how much RAM
do you actually need, asks Mike Jennings?
any PC owners wont common attributes: larger amounts mean

necessarily need to ever more data can be stored, and higher MHz
update their RAM. But if ratings mean memory runs at a faster
one day you decide to, you speed, so data moves in and out quicker.
might understandably The newer standard, DDR4, has several
make the assumption that advantages over DDR3. It runs at a higher
adding faster and larger amounts of frequency, so its able to process your tasks
memory will allow your games and other at a faster rate. DDR3 is generally clocked
applications to run faster. However, between 1,333MHz and 2,400MHz, while
perhaps surprisingly, thats not always DDR4 ranges from 2,400MHz to 3,200MHz.
the case. And thats exactly what were Its possible to blur these lines with
looking in to here. overclocking (forcing the processor to go
at a faster speed), but, for the most part,
The memory landscape DDR4 is faster. It balances those better
Computer memory is divided into two speeds with more efficient power
main types: DDR3 and DDR4. The former consumption, and its chips have double
is older, having debuted back in 2007, the internal memory banks, faster burst
while the latter only hit the mainstream access and higher data transfer rates.
recently, with Intels X99 platform in 2014. DDR3 and DDR4 memory work with
They both work using the same different motherboards and chipsets.
principle: flash chips store data that the DDR3 is compatible with almost every
computer needs immediately, but its lost motherboard and socket, but DDR4 is only
when its no longer useful or your PC is compatible with boards using Intels X99
turned off. Its governed by several chipset and LGA 2011 processor socket.

January 2016 | | 67
DDR4, however, does have a downside
increased latency (the time it might take
to perform a task). Newer DDR4 2,133MHz
memory has a latency rating of CL15,
which means itll take 14.06ns to perform a
read, while DDR3 1,600MHz memory reads
at 13.75ns. Thats a tiny margin, and DDR4
negates this disadvantage with its
generally higher clock speeds.
Nevertheless, if youd like to keep an eye
out, look for CAS ratings. This indicates
latency, and lower is better.
No matter which memory you buy,
youll have to deal with channels. Dual-
and quad-channel setups are the most
popular and improve performance by
allowing motherboards to use multiple
channels to send and receive data
simultaneously, therefore improving
bandwidth. Its possible to run memory
in single-channel mode, but therell be a
performance decrease if you run a single
stick of memory rather than two or four.

The changing PC landscape Different locations of the key notch (on the insertion edge of each DIMM) prevents a DDR3 (top) or DDR4
The variety of different specifications stick (bottom) from being installed into an incompatible board or platform
means that prices vary wildly. The
cheapest 16GB DDR3 kits made from two i7-5820K chip. Both use operating systems deployed with mobos that have Intels
8GB sticks currently cost about 65, but installed on a Samsung 850 Evo SSD, and H87, Z97 and Z87 chipsets. When it comes
the most expensive can cost more than both use an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 to memory support, theyre all impressive.
200. Its a similar story with DDR4, which graphics card. They handle four slots that accommodate
dual- and quad-channel kits also vary by Weve already mentioned the different two sets of dual-channel memory, and
huge amounts when it comes to price. processors and chipsets that work with most full-size ATX boards also support
But these will always be more expensive DDR3 and DDR4, but theres more to 32GB or 64GB of memory at rapid speeds.
than their DDR3 equivalents. choosing components than just making
Manufacturers claim that the increased sure your new gear is compatible on Support for faster memory
speeds and better features provided by paper. Intels Haswell architecture is Intel has further developed its architecture
pricier memory will make a dramatic behind the bulk of its current desktop with Haswell-E. Chips that use this system
difference to performance. But were not processors, and it was its first to include also use the LGA2011 socket and X99
so sure, so weve set up some test rigs to native support for dual-channel memory, chipset, which means that support for
try and find out just how much memory with up to 32GB of RAM. Its used for chips DDR4 is included and so, in turn, that
you really need. that range from cheap Celerons and means support for faster quad-channel
Both of the test rigs weve set up use Pentiums to expensive Core i5s and i7s, memory when compared to DDR3.
MSI motherboards. One uses Intels Z79 and these desktop Haswell chips all plug AMDs processors and APUs, meanwhile,
chipset with a Core i7-4770K processor, in to the LGA1150 socket. use the Piledriver architecture. Its own
while the other is an X99 PC with a Core Most Haswell-based processors are memory controller was given a speed

Chips using Intels Haswell-E architecture use the LGA2011 socket and X99 chipset, meaning support for DDR4 is included.
Thats great news if you do a lot of encoding or rendering, but it wont make a huge difference to gamers

68 | | January 2016
Hardware help
Upgrading your RAM

of memory
Memory manufacturers try to sell
expensive kits on the basis of their size or
speed, but thats not the only advantage
that comes from spending big on a high-
end set of DIMMs many of them are
also designed to look better than their
cheaper, plain-looking alternatives.
Corsairs Dominator Platinum range
sits at the top of the firms product stack,
and some of its key benefits are about
the visuals. Corsair boasts of its industrial
design and LED lighting the top metal
bar can be upgraded with different
attachments, the LEDs can be changed,
The X99 chipset introduced DDR4 to the (high-end) mainstream market, bringing with it faster clock and the box has a good-looking fan
speeds and better power efficiency, but with increased latency kit that can sit on top of the sticks to
provide extra cooling.
boost over the previous generation of but itll also be backward-compatible with Expensive memory kits like this
AMD hardware, but memory support DDR3, which adds a huge amount of dont just have aesthetic advantages
ultimately still isnt as good on this side of versatility. We also expect to see Corsairs Dominator Platinum chips are
the fence. All of AMDs current chips improvements to the memory controller hand-sorted, have improved monitoring
support DDR3 memory, however, some of and support for larger amounts of hardware and better heatsinks. But
them are restricted to 1,600MHz or memory running at faster speeds. theres no denying the visuals play a part
1,866MHz memory, while only a handful AMD isnt standing still, either. Its next when it comes to high-end memory.
top out at 2,133MHz. Like Intel, these proper desktop architecture is called Zen, Other firms offer similarly high-end
boards do support dual-channel memory. and itll offer full DDR4 support to bring extras. Crucials Ballistix memory
Processors and chipsets arent the only the companys chips alongside Intel. sticks have attractive aluminum
bits of your PC that need to be checked The first set of DDR3 benchmarks we heatsinks alongside practical extras
before shelling out for new memory locked and loaded were PCMark 8s Home, like integrated thermal sensors, while
motherboards are also vital. Youll need Creative,= and Work tests a trio of suites Kingstons HyperX Predator and Beast
to make sure a board has the right number that simulate the kind of low-intensity products have good-looking exteriors,
of slots. Youll also need to check what tasks that take place on many systems, but are chosen specifically to provide
amount and speed of memory it can from web browsing and video chatting to the best performance.
accept: its no good dropping a few word processing and spreadsheets. Kits like this bring practical and
hundred bucks on a 32GB 3,000MHz kit visual improvements to the table, then,
if your motherboard only goes to 16GB Minimum sluggishness but theyre not always necessary. If
and 2,666MHz. Our first tests deployed the bare minimum you happen to be putting together a
There are nuances to be examined, of sluggish DDR3: 8GB of RAM clocked to midrange PC, or want to put together
then, but for the most part, the memory 1,333MHz. With this RAM, the PC returned a machine without a window in its case
landscape is heartening. No matter what scores of 5,170, 6,794, and 5,234 points, in panel, theyre simply overkill.
processor, chipset or motherboard you the Home, Creative and Work tests,
use, youll be able to equip a PC with respectively. However, with 8GB of
plenty of high-end memory at decent 1,600MHz memory deployed, the scores
speeds. Thats good for anyone wanting to barely improved, with the Creative run
upgrade parts of their PC, but its not only jumping to 6,852. Kingstons HyperX Beast boasts
necessarily great news for companies that There wasnt even much of a difference more than just good looks
rely on flogging expensive, high-end kits. in these tests when we installed 16GB of
Future developments from Intel and 1,866MHz memory: in those three
AMD will only improve the situation. Intels benchmarks, the machine scored 5,270,
next architecture, Skylake, will support 6,961, and 2,525. The biggest leap came in
DDR4 across all of its full-fat desktop chips, the Creative test, which suggests more

No matter what CPU or mobo

you use, youll be able to equip
your PC with high-end memory

January 2016 | | 69
Whether youve got DDR3 or DDR4, upping the size or speed of your
memory makes little difference to BioShock Infinite. Crucials Ballistix
sticks, left, look good, but also come with some handy extras, such as
integrated thermal sensors

that result jump by almost 3,000 memory, but its result only improved by
points significant increase. around 100 points. The benchmarks
Indeed, our theoretical tests demonstrate that there are performance
indicate that improving memory gains to be had by installing more
amounts and speeds does make memory at faster speeds, but those gains
a difference, but that these are only noticeable in high-end
performance gains dont generally applications. For most of us, 8GB or 16GB
translate to real-world tests. of 1,866MHz memory will be more than
In SiSoft Sandras multithreaded enough for our purposes.
bandwidth test, our 2x 4GB 1,333MHz
setup scored 16.57GB/s, but doubling DDR3 and Gaming
the memory and improving its speed We tested a variety of games using our
to 1,866MHz saw that result jump to DDR3 rig, but only found sporadic
23.33GB/s. There was a decent jump improvements. In Metro: Last Light,
in single-threaded bandwidth, and we a machine with two 4GB 1,333MHz
memory helps with photo editing and also found cache bandwidth also sticks averaged 126fps, but
other trickier tasks, but its hardly a improved significantly when faster improving to a pair of 8GB
game-changing jump in performance. memory was added in larger amounts. 1,866MHz DIMMs saw that
We saw similarly modest gains in other The leap from dual-channel to quad- result jump to 144fps.
photo-related applications. GigaPan Stitch channel memory doesnt often have much In both BioShock Infinite
knits together a group of high-resolution of an impact on our application tests, and Batman: Arkham
photos, and our test image took four either. In Cinebench R15s OpenGL test, Origins, though, the
minutes and 12 seconds to complete a machine with two 4GB 1,600MHz sticks improvements were far
in a PC with 8GB of 1,333MHz memory. scored 111 frames per second, with this less impressive a few
That only improved by 11 seconds when score only jumping to 117fps with four frames better in the
we doubled the RAM and upped its speed 4GB 1,600MHz sticks installed. minimum frame rate
to 1,866MHz. When running applications using DDR3, benchmark, and
then, the differences between slow and only a gain of 2fps
Modest impacts fast memory often arent huge and, to the average rate.
Other application benchmarks we as long as youve got 8GB of memory There also
did saw similarly modest impacts. A installed, then youre going to have wasnt much of a
Cinebench R15 CPU test with two 4GB, enough to get most stuff done in difference in any of
1,600MHz sticks returned a result of 703 real-world situations. our Unigine Heaven 4.0
doubling the memory and improving There was a noticeable performance tests. In all of our DDR3
its speed to 1,866MHz only improved that difference between our PC with 1,333MHz tests ranging from a
figure to 751. and 1,600MHz memory installed. But once system with two 4GB
We only saw big improvements in a few beyond that 1,600MHz speed, the gaps
benchmarks when running DDR3 tests. between different memory speeds
In PCMark Vantage, our 8GB 1,600MHz PC narrowed rapidly. We ran GeekBench Batman is unimpressed
scored 18,313 points. But doubling the single-core benchmark on 1,600MHz by the speed of your
memory and running it at 1,866MHz saw memory, and then again at 2,800MHz computer memory

70 | | January 2016
Hardware help
Upgrading your RAM

and APUs:
memory for
a budget PC
Our tests have examined the effect of
different memory on high-end machines,
but if youre putting together a budget
PC, then different considerations should
come to the fore at checkout time.
For starters, dont splash out on an
expensive, fast memory kit if youre
going to be constructing a PC built
Metro: Last Light was our around one of Intels Haswell-based
only DDR3 gaming test to Celeron or Pentium chips, as most of
noticeably improve with
more memory these only support DDR3 that runs at
1,333MHz. Thats slow enough to cause
a performance hit in many tests, but on
a low-end PC, its unlikely youll be
1,333MHz sticks to a machine with four similar patterns. Our more modest PC running the sort of applications thatll
8GB 1,600MHz DIMMs the benchmarks ran through its two tests at 205 frames suffer with lesser speeds.
average frame rate hovered between per second and 68 frames per second, AMDs APUs are more accepting to
63.4fps and 66.8fps. Those configurations but increasing the memorys speed to faster memory, but youll still need
didnt differ much in 3D Marks Fire Strike 3,300MHz saw those results only inch to pay attention to speeds. A couple
test either: in the same range of memory forward to 211fps and 73fps thats hardly of its cheapest parts only handle
setups, our results only jumped between a jump up that will make a big real-world 1,333MHz or 1,600MHz DDR3, but most
11,607 points and 11,635 points. difference for the user. can support 1,866MHz sticks. Its the
GigaPan Stitchs photo-editing tool same on the CPU side, with FX chips
The DDR4 difference only saw a couple of seconds worth of mostly supporting 1,866MHz parts.
Newer DDR4 memory operates with faster improvement with its memory sped up, Theres one other main consideration
speeds, better channel support, and Intels while Geekbench exhibited similarly small if you ever happen to be putting together
latest chipset and controller, so we gains. Our first DDR4 PC scored 22,165 a budget machine: the motherboard.
expected our tests to reveal bigger points, but doubling the memory to 8GB, Budget boards dont often support the
performance disparities. running at 2,666MHz, only saw the score extreme speeds of pricier components,
Our initial tests, though, jump to 22,849. and many especially at smaller form
appeared to follow the factors only have two slots, rather than
blueprint already set out by Multithread bandwidth four. Thats fine if youre putting together
the older DDR3 sticks. In Its a shame because, as with DDR3, a system you dont intend to upgrade,
the Cinebench R15 CPU theoretical tests illustrated that improving but it can prove restrictive if you want to
test, a machine with speeds and amounts did make a add more memory later.
two 4GB 2,400MHz difference. When we had two 4GB
sticks scored 1,143 points. 2,400MHz sticks installed, our test PC Dont bother with
Doubling the memory delivered 15GB/s and 28.58GB/s of high-end memory
and increasing its speed single- and multithread bandwidth, if youre running
an A10-7850K
to 3,000MHz, however, with those numbers jumping to 17GB/s or Pentium K
only saw that result and 32GB/s with those same sticks
jump to 1,190. clocked to 3,300MHz.
The X264 Those same benchmarks illustrated
video-encoding test led to how DDR4 copes with quad-channel and

Once beyond that 1,600MHz speed,

the gaps between different memory
speeds narrowed rapidly

January 2016 | | 71
larger amounts of memory. Our machine
with two 8GB sticks may have delivered
32GB/s of multithreaded bandwidth,
but doubling the memory saw that figure
leap to 45GB/s then, but those figures
werent always translated to real-world
tests. So, wed say that its not a vital
addition to your PC, unless youre keen
on buying a Haswell-E system to run
intensive work applications or the most
demanding games.

DDR4 and gaming

We saw a big jump in just one of our
gaming benchmarks, Metro: Last Light,
while testing with DDR3. However, We used X99 (left) and Z97 (right) motherboards from MSI to carry out our benchmarks
updated DDR4 memory proved even less
dramatic. Improving the amount and
speed of memory saw our Metro: Last If you are ever putting together a new best parts available or if youre running
Light results jump by a mere couple of setup it might be tempting to buy the unusually demanding software and need
frames, and our biggest improvements in fastest and largest memory kit you can to wring every last bit of performance
BioShock Infinite and Batman also only afford. But as many of our benchmarks from your PC.
saw increases of a frame or two, no matter illustrate, aiming for the top of the tech Quad-channel kits, meanwhile, are
the amount or speed of DDR4. tree is actually an unnecessary great if youre using applications thatll
Well let Unigine Heaven have the last extravagance when it comes to memory. truly take advantage of DDR4s improved
word. Our PC averaged 62.7fps with two architecture, such as encoding or
4GB 2,400MHz sticks installed, but this Larger and faster? rendering, but most people wont feel the
only improved to 64.2fps once we The story is the same whether youre benefit. Its no surprise, then, that its only
installed four 8GB 2,666MHz DIMMs. creating a PC to use DDR3 or DDR4. A available with expensive X99-based
Theres no doubt about the pure, naked decent amount like 8GB or 16GB running CPUs. The majority of PC users, even
speed of DDR4, but it looks like were at at a reasonable speed will be enough to enthusiasts, just dont need to cough up
the point, for gaming especially, where handle most tasks you throw its way, for the priciest kits around, and thats
any 8GB dual- or quad-channel whether its for work or gaming. Youll still definitely no bad thing. Memory,
configuration will be ample. Memory isnt see benefits if you buy larger and faster processor and chipset developments have
the bottleneck in gaming. Processors and kits, sure, but theyll be less significant so, levelled the playing field, which means its
graphics cards are more likely to be its only worth looking toward these kits if one less component to worry about if
holding back your frame rates. youre a true enthusiast who wants the youre putting together a PC.

benchmarks DDr3 DDr4

8GB (2x 4GB) 8GB (2x 4GB) 16GB (2x 8GB) 16GB (2x 8GB) 8GB (2x 4GB) 16GB (2x 8GB)
1,600MHz 1,333MHz 1,600MHz 1,866MHz 2,400MHz 2,666MHz
AMD Corsair CMV8GX3 CML16GX3 Crucial Ballistix Kingston HX424 Ballistix BLE2C8
AE34G1609U2 M2A1333C9 M2A1600C9 Sport XT C15FBK4/32 G4D26AFEA

Cinebench R15 703 738 751 721 740 747


PC Mark 8 (index) 5,161 5,170 5,228 5,270 5,320 5,364

PC Mark Vantage 18,313 19,718 20,944 20,427 26,541 28,088


3DMark Firestrike 11,624 11,607 11,608 11,635 11,820 11,920


X264 v4.0 (fps) 66.6 66.1 69.3 69.4 68.6 72.6

SiSoftware Sandra
Memory bandwidth 21.1 16.6 20.6 23.3 28.6 31.8

Gigapan Stitch 248 254 242 241 245 244


BioShock Infinite 11 / 109 11 / 115.9 11.6 / 115.3 13.2 / 117.6 33.2 / 122.6 44.5 / 124.7
(min/avg fps)

Batman: Arkham
Origins 100 / 135 99 / 137 103 / 137 106 / 139 104 / 136 104 / 133
(min/avg fps)
Best scores are bolded.

Unigine heaven min/ 26.5 / 64.1 25.2 / 63.4 26.8 / 63.6 26.2 / 63.6 28.6 / 62.7 27.8 / 62.7
avg (fps)

72 | | January 2016
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January 2016 | | 73

Applications kind of permissions issue? If so, more tightly by Windows. He

I HAvE A TOmTOm can it be fixed? was correct about it being a
PERmISSIONS ISSUE Don Baxter permissions issue the folder in
Do you have a Q After I upgraded to question is now read-only, hence
PC problem? Windows 10 Ive had matts solution he can access the data files, but
Get in touch problems updating some of Don was using an older cant update them. The fix is quite
Email full details of your my TomTom sat-nav files. The version of the TomTom simple open Tools >
problem to the program can access them, but HOME program in Preferences in TomTom and then
support team and well it cant apply any updates. Im Windows 7, which stores its data change all the file locations to a
do our best to help guessing this might be some files in a folder now locked down folder inside your personal user
windowsmagazine@ folder (or even on another drive, as Don was able to do). Once
done, restart TomTom and it
should now function correctly, but
remember to create a new backup
of your files in the new folder.

Q I had Windows 10 running
perfectly on one PC, but
when I upgraded another,
self-built machine, it quickly
developed blue screen errors
related to memory management,
Move files fix forcing me to revert back to
permissions issues
Windows 7. Can you help with this
by changing problem please?
data folders Bil Levinson

74 | | January 2016
Find the solution! Complete Internet Repair
This free tool makes it easy to apply fixes to 11 common network
problems get it from Technical help
Grahams solution
Bils problems were
Upgrade Wi-fi
No wireless in
Quickfire questions
ultimately down to Windows 10?
issues with Windows 10 You may need a After installing an Intel
itself when he took the plunge new adapter graphics update in Windows
to put Windows 10 back ahead 10 my screen has gone blank.
of our troubleshooting Please help!
suggestions he found it now ran Katy Rieser
perfectly, indicating the Press [Ctrl], enter your user
underlying problem had been password and hit [Enter]; if
fixed in a subsequent update. Had nothing happens, press the
the crashes continued, however, power button to perform a
wed have first instructed Bil to controlled shutdown, then
check his computers memory reboot the desktop should
using the Windows Memory now appear.
Diagnostic tool (type memory
into the Search box). If it had My dads Hotmail account has
checked out okay, wed have then now magically turned into
turned our focus to system Outlook Mail. He doesnt like
software Bil had a number of the look is it possible to
system tools installed, including revert back?
System Mechanic, PC Tools Simon Jethwa
Registry Mechanic (no longer
developed and not tested with Sadly no try a program like
Windows 10, so a likely culprit) Windows Live Mail or
and even his security software. Thunderbird to see if the
experience is more to his taste.
If crashes still continue check the
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Internet Windows
Q After upgrading to Windows Q I have two PCs, each Thumbs.db
10 my Wi-Fi disappeared running two separate This is a file that contains
just a yellow exclamation mark Windows 10 Home (64-bit) thumbnails of media files
in Windows Explorer. I tried installations on different hard stored in the same folder to
following a fix involving the drives. One build number for speed up the display of those
netcfg command-line utility and each PC is 10240, while the other thumbnail images.
deleting a Registry key, rebooted build numbers are 10547 and
and now the wireless adapter has 10565 respectively. At time of netcfg
completely disappeared! Can you writing 10565 is the latest build, A command-line tool that
help I need my Wi-Fi! so why cant I update any of can be used to display a
charles church the other three copies of BUild NUMBer
Use the system list of networking protocols,
Windows 10 to this build number? information tool drivers and services
cats solution Jerry Bell to determine for troubleshooting.
Charles attempted fix your build
can be applied
automatically using a
Microsoft Troubleshooter, which
you can download from support.
however, the symptoms described
here didnt seem to match Charles
problem. His custom-built
Palincomp shipped with a Realtek
RTL8192CU wireless adapter, so we
took a trip to the Realtek website
( where we
discovered the newest driver was
three years old, so only rated up
to Windows 8. Ordinarily its not a
problem, but others with the
same adapter were reporting
problems online, so Charles
decided to try his luck with a new
adapter. He purchased a Laptone
N300 USB adapter, which
subsequently fixed his problem
and restored Wi-Fi on his PC.

January 2016 | | 75
mayanks solution
Quickfire questions When we replied to
Jerry, build 10240
Ive upgraded to Word 2016, was the latest stable
but can no longer find my build of Windows 10. The other
personal templates from an two build numbers indicate
earlier version of Office. Windows Insider Preview builds,
cait Percy available to those whod signed
The templates are still there, up to the Windows Insider
but Word is looking in the Programme to road-test Windows
wrong place for them fix this 10 before its final release. With
using a Microsoft Fixit Tool, this in mind, we suspect the PC
which you can download from running build 10547 will eventually update to the
fwlink/?linkid=271107. latest build number. If you go
to Start > Settings > Update &
Im having issues with my Security > Windows Update >
SoundBlaster Audigy FX Advanced Options and scroll
soundcard in Windows 10, down you should be able to
in that it sometimes works confirm the settings for each
after restarting my PC and machine, plus see an option on pUrge files Use single location on your PC.
the machines running build the command Windows does still create
sometimes doesnt. Can prompt to purge
you help? 10240 to get Insider builds by all thumbs.db files
thumbs.db files when browsing
charlie West clicking the Get started button. shared photo folders over the
However, wed advise against this network, while other files get
Visit its best to run one stable left over from an older Windows
and click the Windows 10 version of Windows 10 on each install. Note that Windows will
Software Availability Chart PC, which is how Jerry currently only lock the most recently
link to download an updated has things set up. accessed thumbs.db file, so if
driver that should solve you open another window and
your problem. Windows point it to a folder containing
HOW DO I REmOvE a thumbs.db file, the original
Is there some way to run the THOSE ANNOyING is released, allowing it to be
Windows Experience test in THUmBS.DB FILES? deleted. But now theyre
Windows 10? redundant, why not simply
Kyle Jones Q When I try to delete folders
containing the dreaded remove them all? To do this in
Although Windows no longer thumbs.db file I occasionally get Windows 8 or later, press
displays the results of this an error message telling me the [Win]+[X] and select Command
benchmarking test in the folder is in use and cant be Prompt (Admin). Click Yes when
System Control Panel, it still deleted. Ive tried various prompted, then type cd and hit
runs it periodically. To view solutions, but none of them work [Enter] twice to navigate up to
your PCs score, download and reliably can you provide the C:> prompt. Once done, type
run ExperienceIndexOK from guidance please? the following command and you Jim Turner press [Enter]: del /ash /s thumbs.
can also re-run the test using db. Your drive will be scanned
the free app. Nick Ps solution and all thumbs.db files removed;
Thumbs.db files if you have photos stored on
are actually a other drives, switch to those
legacy from Windows drives in turn (for example, type
XP days nowadays, image d: and hit [Enter]), then re-run
thumbnails are stored in a the command.


Q Is there a way to check
Windows Update to see what
drivers are available for my PC in
Windows 10?
Paul Freedman

Nick Ps solution
If youve disabled
automatic driver
updates, you can check
via the System Control Panel.
1 Obtain tool
Download en_wumt.7z from http://bit.
2 check for updates
Click the Check for updates button
Clicking Advanced system settings ly/winupdmini to your hard drive. Extract its underneath Update History its the
> Hardware tab and choose Device contents using the free 7-Zip tool (www.7- circular arrow button on the left. Wait while
Installation Settings heres how to, then open the en_wumt.7z folder a list of all available updates are fetched
check manually with the help of and run wumt_x64 (64-bit Windows) or these may include non-hardware updates,
Windows Update MiniTool. wumt_x86 (32-bit). so be aware.

76 | | January 2016
Technical help
Windows Hardware default printers. Its
I HAvE ANNOyING WHy cANT I SWITcH subsequently been removed,
AcTIvATION ISSUES DEFAULT PRINTER but the latest Windows 10
WITH WINDOWS 10! AUTOmATIcALLy? update adds a new switch that
Do you have
Q Ive been running Windows 7 Q In Windows 7 it was possible allows you to let Windows
a PC problem?
Pro for about five years with to automatically change my manage your default printer
no problems. However, after default printer depending on accessible under Start > Settings Get in touch
recently reading that it should be which network I was connected > Devices > Printers & scanners, Email full details of
possible to do a clean install of to. However, this feature appears enabling this means that your problem to the
Windows 10 on a new machine if to have vanished in Windows 8, Windows will set the most support team and well
you already own an activated 8.1 and now Windows 10. Can you recently used printer as the do our best to help:
copy of Windows 7, Ive been help me locate it? Its tedious default one. This means youd still windowsmagazine@
unable to do so. I can upgrade having to switch printers manually have to manually switch printers
my copy of Windows 7 to each time. when changing locations, but Or write to the support
Windows 10, but it wont then Bryan Pattison youd only have to do it once. If team and well do
accept my Windows 7 product key this is too annoying, then our best to help:
on another PC. Could you shed Nick Os solution download WPrinter Lite from Support Squad,
some light on this for me at all? Location-aware printing (select Products > Windows Help &
Terry Pick was introduced in WPrinter > Downloads). This Advice magazine,
Windows 7, and was places an icon in the Taskbar Future Publishing Ltd,
cats solution configurable via the Devices and notification area that you can Quay House, The
We must confess, Printers Control Panel by selecting right-click in order to quickly Ambury, Bath
when we first read a printer and clicking Manage switch default printer.
Terrys letter we
mistakenly thought he was
trying to simply clean install
Windows 10 on the same PC
hed previously installed
Windows 7 on. In this case,
you can clean install Windows 10
on this PC, but only after
youve successfully upgraded
from Windows 7. This is due to
change when Microsoft adds
support for upgrading using
your Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 product
key. However, you cant clean
install Windows 10 on a new PC
using the version of Windows
installed on another PC as the fasT sWiTch
Quickly change
base the licence agreement default printer
specifically states the free upgrade with a free
only works on PCs already Taskbar tool
running a qualifying version of
Windows. Therefore, if Terry wants
to install Windows 10 on a new
machine hell either have to first
install an unused version of
I can upgrade my copy of Windows 7 to
Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 on that PC
prior to upgrading, or purchase
Windows 10, but it wont then accept my
Windows 10 separately. Windows 7 product key on another PC

Jargon buster!
Build number
The exact version number of
Windows youre running,
which can be determined by
pressing [Win] + [R], typing
winver and clicking OK.

Windows Experience Index

A series of benchmarks
3 Install drivers
Review each driver in the list they
4 more options
You can also opt to download the
designed to provide a guide to
a PCs performance, scored
should be easily identifiable, but you can roll update without installing it, or hide it from between 1.0 and 9.9. Five
the mouse over an entry to get more view useful if you have no intention of measurements processor,
information about it if necessary. Tick the box installing it. You can always unhide updates memory, 2D graphics, 3D
next to each driver you wish to install, then later if required via the Hidden section of graphics and disk are taken.
click the Install button. Windows Update MiniTool.

January 2016 | | 77
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January 2016 | | 79
Microsoft Surface Book
1,239 | $1,899
An amazing laptop that does even more as a tablet

icrosoft has fast become the magnesium, the Surface Book feels midpoint of the device, theres the
defacto trailblazer for sturdy and has a minimalistic style dynamic fulcrum hinge. And its
Windows-running devices. unto its own. this key piece that makes the whole
It all started with the promise its device work.
Surface tablet could replace your Design Rather than folding flat, the
laptop. We were sceptical, but after From keyboard deck to the palm hinge coils into itself, leaving a gap
the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft nearly rests, the interior of this laptop is between the screen and keyboard
perfected the formula and showed one flat surface of metal, save for when the unit is closed. When
other computer manufacturers the large space reserved for the opened, this same part rolls out
how hybrids should be made. glass touchpad. Similarly, the and extends the base of the laptop,
Now, Microsoft introduces the screen lid comprises one slate of which in turn helps extend the
Surface Book as the ultimate magnesium, with its only extra support base for the tablet portion
laptop. Like the Surface tablets flourishes being a mirror-finished of the Surface Book (called the
before it, this laptop takes a Windows logo in the centre and a Clipboard). Dust and other bits will
unique spin on the notebook rear-facing camera. not slip into the interior any more
format thats been around for Along the chiselled sides, youll than with a standard laptop, unless
more than 40 years. Between the find two flat edges that start from youre a particularly messy person.
3:2 aspect ratio, 13.5-inch screen the top of the display and terminate After a week of using the Surface
and its practically trademarked at the tip of the palm rest. Thats Book constantly, we could run our
dynamic fulcrum hinge, there not the only seamless transition. finger against the inside edge of
isnt any machine on the planet Unlike most other convertible the hinge and not find a single
like the Surface Book and then, devices, the screen and base speck of dust.
with the touch of a button and a sections share nearly the same Another plus side of having a
gentle tug, it becomes a tablet. thickness and weight. Without laptop that doesnt close
It all sounds like an amazing idea knowing the display can detach, completely flush is youll never find
on paper. the Surface Book looks like one any oily outlines of the keyboard
Milled from two solid blocks of device, thanks to the hinge. At the imprinted on the screen. Its a

80 | | January 2016
Microsoft Surface Book

Surface Book
Supplier Microsoft
Operating system Windows
Processor 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U
(dual-core, 3MB cache, up to 3GHz with
Turbo Boost)
Storage 256GB PCIe3.0 SSD
Graphics Intel HD graphics 520; Nvidia
GeForce graphics (1GB GDDR5 high-
speed memory)
Connectivity 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Weight 3.48 pounds (1.58kg)
Screen size 12.3 x 9.14 x 0.51-0.90
(312 x 232 x 13-22.8 mm)
Screen 13.5-inch, 3,000 x 2,000 (267 ppi)
PixelSense Display
Ports 2 x USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort,
SD card reader, mini headphone/mic
combo jack

design element that also eliminates simple, however, the timing takes a
the need to seat the keyboard into little getting used to. After you get
a recessed area. Instead, the keys the prompt to detach the screen, associated with its most basic
on this laptop sit flush with the you have to wait for about half a configuration, which is essentially a
keyboard deck. second before you can actually lift more expensive Surface Pro 4.
the display off its base.
Not your average Final verdict
While a traditional notebook He is heavy If you stripped away the Clipboards
display might weigh half a pound With a starting weight of 1.51kg, ability to detach, the Surface Pen,
at most, the top section of the the Surface Book is one of the the neatness factor of the hinge
Surface Book weighs 1.6-pounds, heaviest 13-inch laptops. And thats and just about everything makes
because it contains all the without the optional, discrete GPU, this machine unique, you would
necessary parts to act as a which ends up adding a few extra still be left with terrific laptop.
standalone tablet. As such, the ounces and bumps up this laptops Underneath all the extras, this is a
hinge has been reinforced and total weight to 1.58kg. While this solid laptop in terms of ergonomics
and performance.
Incorporating the extras from
Theres the dynamic fulcrum hinge. And its this the ability to run off with the
clipboard, the accuracy of the
key piece that makes the whole device work Surface Pen and the engineering
feats of the hinge they serve to
contains extra mechanisms to keep might look like a lot on paper for an enhance the experience, rather
it in place. Ultrabook-class device, consider the than distract. And, in time,
Surface Book is solid, and you 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs just as Microsoft will smooth out the
can even pick up it by the display much despite it packing a smaller rough edges. If you want an
and shake it about without screen, no dedicated GPU and excellent laptop that does just a bit
worrying it will fall apart. On a flat fewer batteries. more, then this is your ticket.
surface, the screen is held in place Thanks to its 3:2 aspect ratio and
and even stays put when you have 13.5-inch screen, the device is quite The Surface Book greatest
it in your lap. a bit taller than your average strength is that its just
The screen seamlessly pops off 13-inch laptop, but youll have no an all-around terrific device.
the base with the tap of a button. problem slipping this laptop into
Undocking and attaching the bags designed to hold a standard
Clipboard is smooth. After 13.3-inch laptop.
pressing the eject button on the The other thing thats on the
keyboard or the virtual button in heavy side is the price tag, the
the taskbar, the screen will blink Surface Book asks for a pretty
off for a second and then notify penny thats typically reserved for
you its safe to detach the screen high-end gaming notebooks. And
with a quick tug. Its fast and thats even applicable to price

January 2016 | | 81
Toshiba Satellite Radius 15
From 699 | $799
A sharp 4K laptop inside and out

oshiba has laid claim to It features a spacious island To complement this visual feast,
creating the worlds first layout with some very short key Toshiba has also fitted the Radius
15-inch, 4K convertible travel that will make you pause. 15 with a pair of booming Harman
laptop. And, if were honest, we However, after the first few Kardon speakers. Not only do the
expected it to be one of the worlds keystrokes, you eventually get tweeters sound massive for their
flashiest laptops with little used to it. All in all, its pretty size, for once you can pump the
substance. Thankfully, were wrong, standard keyset, save for a volume to maximum with no worry
and the Toshiba Satellite Radius 15 special Cortana key that only about distortion.
proves to be an excellent device triggers a search command when Toshiba claims that a
that offers a stunning experience it was originally designed to partnership with DTS Sound, plus
no matter how youre using it. prompt the laptop to listen for an exclusive Slipstream port,
voice commands. allows its laptop speakers to be
Design more precise and produce a richer,
For a 15-inch laptop, the Radius 15 Now in gorgeous Ultra HD room-filling sound.
is one sleek device. While most of By far, the biggest feature of the The best available spec for the
these plus-sized laptops are large Toshiba Satellite Radius 15 is its 4K Radius 15 in the UK comes priced at
and blocky, the Radius comes to a screen, offering up 3,840 x 2,160 699 and includes a 1080p
relatively thin 0.79-inch profile pixels of sumptuous resolution. touchscreen, 1TB hybrid storage
when closed. Even the underside Aside from being extremely sharp, drive, 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core
of the notebook tapers to with 282 pixels per inch, the display i5-6200U processor.
accentuate its thinness. panel also produces deep shadows While it only comes with
Aesthetically, the Radius 15 looks and vibrant colours. The integrated graphics, the Intel Core
modern with a dark, charcoal paint combination of sharpness and i7 chip barely broke a sweat while
job and corners that come to hard dynamic range enhances just about driving the 4K display. The laptop
right angles. It also helps that any experience you play on it. The ran smoothly at its Ultra HD
brushed aluminum sheets cover Radius 15s screen just makes resolution, even under the massive
the screen lid and keyboard deck. everything look better. load of running two tab-filled

82 | | January 2016
Toshiba Satellite Radius 15

Satellite Radius 15
Supplier Toshiba
Operating system Windows 10
Processor 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-5500U
(dual-core, 4MB cache up to 3GHz with
Turbo Boost)
Storage 512GB mSATA SSD
RAM 12GB DDR3L (1600MHz)
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5500
Connectivity Intel Dual-Band Wireless-
AC 7265, Bluetooth 4.0
Weight 4.96 pounds
Screen size 15.6-inch, 4K Ultra HD (3,840
x 2,160) TruBrite, LED backlit, IPS
Ports 2 x USB 3.0 ports (one with Sleep
and Charge), 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI, SD
card reader, headphone/mic combo jack
Camera 720p HD webcam
Size 14.9 x 9.6 x 0.79 inches

program list already cluttered

with non-essential applications.
All the usual suspects are here,
including Candy Crush Saga,
iHeartRadio and shortcuts leading
to TripAdvisor and Booking.coms
internet browsers simultaneously, or using the device as a large respective websites.
chat programs, streaming tunes touchscreen on your lap. The only real exception is the
on Groove Music and a small Unfortunately, one of the Toshiba bundled Chroma Tune program,
window of YouTube videos in Satellite Radius 15s biggest which lets you switch to multiple
the background. shortcomings is battery life. After predefined colour-grading
running down this notebook schemes. Some of these screen
Game (not) on multiple times, the longest run time presets are more green, while
So its fair to say this machine is we got is roughly four hours, and others are warmer or cooler. They
a fairly solid performer just so thats with the daintiest workload should come in handy when youre
long as youre not playing any of opening five Firefox tabs and trying to accurately edit colours in
games that is. Unsurprisingly, editing a Microsoft document, at Lightroom and other programs.
Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain less than 50% brightness and we
brought this machine to its knees, turned off the keyboard backlight. Final verdict
running at 20 fps even after we Even with our lightweight movie Thanks to the combination of a
brought the graphical settings to test, the Radius 15 lasted for a great price and stacked hardware,
their lowest level and tuning the paltry 3 hours and 15 minutes. Our the Radius 15 is one of the few
resolution down to 720p. other PCMark 8 battery test yielded successful UHD laptops. It joins a
small pantheon of 4K laptops, with
the Asus ZenBook Pro UX501 being
The large form factor makes sense when you its closest exemplar. In some ways,
have the display propped up in presentation mode the Radius 15 is a better overall
system with a more vibrant screen,
a sharper design thats also thinner
Convertibles any larger than 13 an even shorter 2 hours and 45 and smaller to boot. But if youre
inches are hard to justify because of minutes of run time. By ready to make the resolution jump
their unwieldy and large screens. By comparison, the Asus UX501 ran for into 4K, you cant go wrong with
this measure, holding up a 15-inch 3 hours and 20 minutes, while the the Toshiba Satellite Radius 15.
tablet should be ridiculous, and you Inspiron 15 7000s ran for an
would be right to think that. additional 20 minutes longer.
However, in our time using the As for why the Radius 15 has a Great value with a stunning 4K
Radius 15, we found its 2-in-1 shorter battery life, we can look at screen in a sharply designed,
features made a lot of sense. the laptops poor benchmark versatile and thin package.
While laying back on the couch, scores. They allude to the processor
we could still use the laptop when being stressed regularly to drive
we laid the screen at a 180-degree the 4K display, and as a result,
angle, thanks to its hybrid design. drawing more power. In short, you
While the notebooks large form shouldnt expect to use the Radius
factor doesnt make it a practical 15 for an extended period away
handheld tablet, it makes a lot of from the power plug.
sense when you have the display Users spinning up their system
propped up in presentation mode for the first time will find their

January 2016 | | 83
HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer
85 | $130
A cheap and cheerful colour inkjet for low volume printing

Ps Envy inkjet printers are As with all HP printers, its delivered by a thermal inkjet
aimed at small/home office designed to work with a wide using CMYK inks and which
environments and have range of systems. The Envy 5540 supports borderless printing on
correspondingly small price tags. is compatible with Windows Vista 10 x 15 paper. Its accompanied
And as this is a printer thats to Windows 10 and OS X from Lion by an ink subscription service
packed with features, the Envy to Yosemite (El Capitan isnt thats designed to cut the cost
5540 certainly looks like good officially supported yet, but it of colour printing. More on that
value for money. It offers works fine). Chromebooks arent in a moment
printing, scanning and photo mentioned in the spec sheets but
printing, supports not just USB HPs ePrint service works with Performance
but Wi-Fi, Wireless Direct and Google Cloud Print. The Envy is capable of 1200 dpi
AirPrint wireless printing, and it As weve come to expect scanning and 1200 dpi mono
even offers automatic double- from HP, setup is simple and printing, rising to 4800 x 1200 dpi
sided printing. accompanied by clear printed in full colour on specific HP photo
guides. Adding the device to papers. It copies at 10 pages per
Setup and specs our Wi-Fi network was effortless, minute in black and 5 pages per
Theres only so much you can and we were up and running in minute in colour, and its print
do with the design of a printer, no time. speeds are rated at up to 22ppm
and the Envy 5540 keeps the Its worth noting there isnt in black draft mode and 21ppm in
glossy black design of previous an automatic document feeder colour draft mode. ISO numbers
Envy models. The layout has for that youll need a more are 12ppm for black and 8ppm
changed a little bit the 2.2-inch expensive model. It also lacks a for colour.
display is a touchscreen and sits memory card slot for printing The 5540s processor and RAM
in the centre of the unit, not at the from SD cards, and theres no USB are fairly modest 525MHz and
left as with previous models but port for flash drives. 128MB respectively and that can
youre not going to mistake it The main selling point here mean a fairly long wait for pages
for a rival device. is the colour printing, which is to appear. HPs own figures

84 | | January 2016
HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer

ENVY 5540 All-in-One
Manfacturer HP
Functions Print, scan, copy, web, photo
Scan Resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
(optical 1200 dpi)
Wireless Capability Yes
Memory Standard 128 MB DDR3
Dimensions 17.87 x 16.14 x 6.14 in,
(Maximum) 17.87 x 19.80 x 6.14 in
Whats in the box K7C85A HP ENVY 5540
All-in-One, HP 62 Black Instant Ink Ready
cartridge, HP 62 Tri-color Instant Ink
Ready cartridge, media pack, software
CD, setup instructions, power cord

promise that the first page out printing, although 3.3p for mono is especially on photo paper. We
can be as fast as 19 seconds in still rather high in comparison, the particularly like the ability to use
black and as fast as 22 seconds 950XL cartridges for the Officejet smartphones as well as computers,
in colour, while a single borderless Pro range deliver 2,300 pages for and to connect wirelessly without
10 x 15 photo can be as fast as 26.40 including VAT. Thats 1.1p a router.
34 seconds. per page. However, the paper trays are too
We found that first page out in The Envy also offers HPs Instant small and the lack of an automatic
black/draft mode was 17.2 Ink programme. Its a subscription document feeder is a pain if youre
seconds, with spot colour taking service with three tiers 1.99 for copying or scanning. Performance
22.7 seconds. Printing an A4-sized 50 pages per month, 3.49 for is modest, and while Instant Ink
photo on plain paper at the Fine 100 and 7.99 for 300 and delivers significant savings, the
quality setting took 3 minutes and automatic re-ordering whenever non-XL cartridges are a little pricey.
23 seconds. The quality is worth your HP decides its running low The device also lacks USB drive and
waiting for, though, as colours are on ink. Those tiers work out as 4p camera card slots.
vivid, photos are crisp and per page, 3.5p per page and 2.7p There will always be these sorts
gradients are rendered without per page respectively, which is of compromises at this price, and
any banding or unwanted noise. good value if youre going to print the trade-off for the Envys
impressive list of features comes in
The Instant Ink programme offers automatic the form of its fairly slow
performance, lack of ADF and
re-ordering when your HP decides its running low overly small paper trays.
Its a little pricey for mono but
Its good on plain paper and very a lot of colour documents. If your Instant Ink delivers cost-effective
impressive on photo paper. needs are mainly mono, however, colour printing, and its a good
there are cheaper alternatives to choice for relatively low volume
Running costs the Envy. environments where photo
Running costs are often the Achilles The Envy 5540 is designed for printing or spot colours are
heel of inkjet printers, especially modest print volumes the required. Its best suited to low
budget ones, with cartridges monthly duty cycle is 1,000 pages monthly print volumes, however,
offering a double whammy of of A4, with a recommended and for busier offices the Officejet
limited capacity and high prices. monthly volume of 300 to 400 Pro range has more capacity and
HPs standard cartridges arent pages. Thats reflected in the lower running costs.
fantastic value for money at 10 paper trays, which will drive you
for black and 15 for colour, spare if youre trying to print in A good budget buy if colour is
delivering 200 pages and 165 pages volume; the main tray has room for your priority, but it isnt designed
respectively, youre looking at 5p 125 sheets and the output tray just for demanding workplaces.
per page in black and white and 9p 25. The photo tray has a capacity of
per page in colour but the higher 15 sheets.
capacity XL cartridges are better
value at 20 apiece. Final verdict
Those cartridges have a yield of Weve come to expect simple setup
600 pages in black and 415 pages in and operation from Envy printers,
colour, which works out as 3.3p per and this one is no exception. Its
mono page and 4.8p for colour. quiet, packs in a lot of features and
Thats not bad for colour inkjet delivers excellent print quality,

January 2016 | | 85
Sonos Play:5
429 | $499
An elegant and bombastic-sounding speaker that proves Sonos is still king of the streamers

onos takes the idea of filling up the bottom and the side, because Ethernet port, a 3.55mm audio port
the rooms in your house with this time around you can use the and a button you need to press to
music and makes the process speaker horizontally or vertically a sync the Play:5 with your existing
simple, so you never see or have to sensor inside determines which setup. The arrival of this button
deal with the technology that orientation the speaker is set in and means that setting up the Play:5 is
makes this work. adjusts sound quality accordingly. one of the easiest things to do,
For years the company was The buttons have gone from the though there is a caveat to this.
dominant in the music-streaming top, too. Sonos designers and The Play:5 can also work on a
field but it was an area that many engineers have embraced touch wireless setup but our unit did
hadnt entered. In 2009, when the controls, making use of a need to be connected to ethernet
first Play:5 was launched, it was capacitative top signified by the on initial setup. This isnt really an
pretty much standalone in its logo in the middle of the device. issue but it did mean we had to
plug-and-play capabilities. Skip to This control allows you to track unplug it from the dining room,
2015 and Sony, Samsung, Bose, back and forward through songs, cart it over to the router in the
Denon and Pure are sniffing around something that has been missing lounge and set it up again.
audio streaming each with their on Sonos other touch controls. A sole ethernet port means
own take on multi-room systems. the Play:5 has lost an ethernet
To make sure it stays on top Looking good connection in this iteration. It also
Sonos has redesigned the Play:5, Looks-wise the Play:5 is a lesson in doesnt have the optical port that
and brought with it its most reduction. Theres nothing on the can be found on the Sonos Playbar.
significant software update in chassis that doesnt need to be Underneath the grill, youll
years, in the form of Trueplay. there. Its sleek, minimal and will fit notice things have also changed.
The new-and-improved Sonos into any home. Colour-wise, there is Instead of two mid-woofers,
Play:5 is a Play:5 in name only its a choice of black or white for the theres now three 10cm drivers
been completely re-engineered by chassis but the grill stays black. powering the mid range. These are
Sonos. No part has been left the Round the back things have also backed by two 20mm tweeters
same. It now even has leg rests on been simplified with just an situated on the left and right of

86 | | January 2016
Sonos Play:5

Sonos Play:5
Amplifier Six Class-D digital amplifiers
Tweeters Three
Mid-woofers Six
Audio line-in Auto-detecting 3.5mm
audio line-in connection
Audio formats supported MP3, iTunes
Plus, WMA, AAC (MPEG4), AAC+, Ogg
Vorbis, Apple Lossless, Flac (lossless)
music files, uncompressed WAV and AIFF
files; native support for 44.1kHz sample
rates; additional support for 48kHz,
32kHz, 24kHz, 22kHz, 16kHz, 11kHz, and
8kHz sample rates
Wireless connectivity Wi-Fi with
802.11b/g, 2.4GHz broadcast capable
Weight 6.36 kg
Dimensions 203 x 364 x 154 mm

the device (in cones) and one If you arent ecstatic with the the app. Given Spotify Connect is
22mm tweeter in the middle. results then you can always use the gaining in popularity, Sonos will
This is by far the most powerful EQ controls to get the speaker have to counter this with some UI
speaker Sonos has created it built sounding as you want it. upgrades of its own. Something
these components by taking a look Its bad news for Android users, were sure its working on.
at what was in the Play:1 and however, as Trueplay isnt coming
upgrading the drivers accordingly. to the OS just yet. This is because The verdict
the quality of Android mics varies The Sonos Play:5 is a stunning
Simple to set up so much from device to device that speaker for its price range in fact,
As aforementioned, setting up Sonos just didnt want to take the the sound is so good, you may not
the speaker takes no effort. Load chance. The Trueplay process only feel like you need another to pair
up the app, click Add New Speaker has to be done once, though so it up for stereo which is a shame, as
and press the sync button on the may be worth getting and this functionality is decent.
back. If you do this with an iOS iOS-toting friend in to give your Trueplay really feels like a
device then it will also ask you to audio setup a Trueplay boost. game changer but we wonder if
reconfigure your setup using The Sonos Play:5 is a stunning- people will actually be bothered
Trueplay. Trueplay is a new sounding speaker. Its the most to use it. Also, limitations of Sonos
software feature that isnt just for powerful speaker Sonos has ever app are also starting to show and
the Play:5, it is being rolled out made and this is echoed in its we would have liked to have
to all Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 sound reproduction. Testing took seen Apple Music launch with
devices. And it has been made to the form of a number of genres, to the speakers.
But overall, its a great-looking
speaker with sound that is far
Setting up the Play:5 is one of the easiest things more overpowering than the
to do, although there is a caveat to this size of the speaker warrants.
The Play:5 is a fantastic upgrade
from Sonos, one that was needed
artificially create a better sweet make sure that all aspects of the given how crowded the wireless
spot for your home. sound were listened too. streaming marketplace has
A speaker that hasnt been To test out the lower levels we become. Its a speaker that
through the Trueplay process will listened to some dub. The bass compares admirably to those in its
have a red dot beside it in the app. reverberated well, without a hint of price range both in looks and
We clicked on this and was made to sludge. Sonos has done brilliantly definitely in sound.
watch a video that just shows you to make this a sealed speaker unit
how to use Trueplay. Essentially, as it handles bass excellently. And An elegant looking and bombastic
you walk around the room waving the Sonos Play:5 can definitely do sounding speaker that proves
your device so the software can loud thanks to the three mid- Sonos is still king of the streamers.
sonically map the room your are in. range speakers found in the chassis.
Sonos believes this software will Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal
change the way it makes speakers and others are all available through
in the future and were inclined to Sonos, but we hope the software is
agree. Its the easiest way weve upgraded soon. There were times
found to tune the speaker to the when we were lost in the app, not
room you are in and not once did knowing what was queued up
it feel like we were heading into audio-wise and services such as
audiophile territory. Spotify dont look as great through

January 2016 | | 87
The arT of
no noise
Listen to your music in
peaceful bliss, with the
best noise-cancelling 2
headphones that
money can buy
ilence is golden,

S so the saying goes, and

nowhere is this proverb
more applicable than when youre
listening to your favourite tunes
in public. When you don a pair
of cans in the big, wide world,
your music is competing with
buzzing air-conditioners, people
chatting and vibrating trains.
its a less than ideal scenario for
audio lovers. sure, you could
whack up the volume and risk
permanent hearing loss, but
the smarter choice would be
to buy yourself noise-cancelling
headphones. not only will they
rid your ears of the majority
of unwanted external noise,
theyll make your music sound 1 3
better than ever.

1 Philips Fidelio 2 Beats Studio 3 Bose

NC1 Wireless QuietComfort 25
189.99 329.95 269.95

The NC1s feel basic, but thats not These Beats look great on paper but What a package: the QC 25s have a
entirely a bad thing: the controls in the flesh they lack finesse, with reassuring finish, with a solid build,
are fuss-free and theres no wireless cheap build quality and a smudge- smooth hinges and a simple on/off
to worry about. Theyre seriously inviting piano-black finish. Comfort is switch. They look pleasingly
portable, and their space-saving good, with the over-ear cans fitting understated and are dead comfortable
on-ear design is comfortable. All these nicely. And they sound good more to boot. Audio-wise, theyre the most
things point to headphones that are balanced than Beats of old though balanced cans here, with a bright,
more interested in performing and in some tracks they lack sparkle, while detailed sound that really brings
in some areas they do well. Noise- in others the sound can be too intense. out the vocals; ultra-wide stereo
cancelling is decent, and in isolation Noise-cancelling is decent, though a separation and flawless noise-
they sound good, with a controlled little fuzziness remains in background cancelling. Theres no wireless though
low end. However, the rest of the ambient noises. The controls are and theyre the only pair here powered
spectrum is a bit flat and they lack simple and efficient and you get 12 by an AA battery. But otherwise these
dynamism in more complex tracks. hours of battery life. are exceptional cans.

88 | | January 2016
Noise-cancelling headphones

4 B&O BeoPlay H8 5 AKG N60 NC 6 Sennheiser

399 229.99
B&O has taken Beats title of most Like the Philips Fidelio NC1s, the AKGs
banging cans with its H8s. Theyll really
thump your drums, though it can be
are big on portability. Theyre even
easier to pack than the NC1s, though,
a bit much in bass-heavy tracks. These and you get better audio performance.
arent just bangers, though theyre The sound is bright and wide, and We were expecting big things and
extraordinarily bright-sounding and theyre especially good with music werent disappointed. They sound
realistic in the mid-high spectrum, with played by real instruments, so if you incredible, boasting the balance of the
great stereo separation. Theyre not favour guitar riffs to bleeps, look no Boses and the thump of the B&Os. But
the most balanced, but youll feel truly further. The noise-cancelling dealt with unlike the H8s, theyre not overbearing.
connected to your music, and noise- background sounds easily enough, Stereo separation is top-notch and all
cancelling is first-rate. The H8s are the but more voices got through than we details are accurately replayed. You also
most expensive, but they look and feel wouldve ideally liked. The AKGs are get good noise-cancelling and wireless,
incredible. The supple goatskin on-ear probably the least comfortable of the with an unbeatable 22 hours of battery
pads are comfy for hours, the controls three pairs of on-ear headphones here, life. Theyre comfortable, too. A couple
are intuitive and wireless lasts a and the build quality feels rather basic of gripes: the controls are a little fiddly,
whopping 14 hours. even more so than the NC1s. and they dont feel special enough.

January 2016 | | 89
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some people, and were here
to give you the confidence to
take the initial steps.
In this section, youll find
advice on how to upgrade to
Windows 10, as well as a short
tutorial showing how it works
and what you need to do first.
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windows 10 tip of the month Organise system updates

Make sure Window 10 is up to date

Unlike previous versions of Windows, all
the updates to Windows 10 are delivered
over the internet. While this is obviously
not going to be good news for people
who cant get broadband, its good news
for the rest of us, as it means that we can
be sure our systems are bang up to date.
You can tell Windows how youd like it to
deliver updates using the new Settings
app that you can access from the Start Find tHe settings From the start menu choose Update if an update is available youll get the option
menu. Heres how to get started. settings > settings > Update & security > Windows to restart now, or you can schedule a restart for later

January 2016 | | 91
WindoWs 10
Bring your PC up to date with the latest version of Windows 10
it could be the last time youll ever upgrade

indows 10 offers additional networking Windows 7s Solitaire and you do so. Here we cover
many new features components, and Hyper-V, Hearts, for example, will not everything you need to know!
and improvements which allows the creation of transfer because Windows 10
from previous virtual machines. has its own versions. Back up first
versions. Features include Windows 10 is also making Windows 10 maintains a While its unlikely anything will
Cortana and the Edge web its way to mobile devices with high level of compatibility with go wrong, a new install is a
browser, as well as Windows- the Mobile and Mobile previous versions, and were good excuse for a backup! Safe
standard security tools, such as Enterprise editions, which will yet to encounter any software data should be stored in its
secure boot and Windows replace Windows Phone 8. that doesnt work as it did on original location, with copies in
Defender. If youre currently the Windows 8.1 desktop. two other different locations.
using Windows 7 Starter, Home Get installing If youre eligible for the free You will need to use an
Basic or Home Premium, or the Installing, as youll find out, is upgrade that is, if youre external drive and online cloud
standard Windows 8.1, this is reasonably straightforward. running a licensed copy of storage. Most free services
the version youll get as part of Upgrading from within Windows 8, 8.1 or 7 with at offer a limited amount of
your free upgrade. Windows is even easier. In our least Service Pack 1 installed space, so only place your most
Windows 10 Pro is designed testing, we lost no files or youll see a windows logo in critical files here. Services such
for more advanced operation, installed programs, although the taskbar at the bottom-right as Carbonite or CrashPlan,
and includes a few more you may see a few default corner of your desktop. Click to which charge a subscription
features, including the ability Windows apps disappearing get Windows 10 for free. fee, offer more options, and do
to host a Remote Desktop But theres more than one the hard work for you.
session, additional data way to upgrade, and several The key location to have
security with Bitlocker and the things to bear in mind when backed up is your personal
Encrypted File System (EFS), folder, which will sit within the
Users folder on your main
drive. This includes your
libraries Documents, Photos

92 | | January 2016
Windows 10
and the like and your manage well Use the
Windows desktop. But do be Disk management tool
warned it wont cover to help with your install
absolutely everything safely.
Theres a small chance youre
very organised, and you know
where every file of a given type
resides on your hard drive.
Theres a larger chance
everything is scattered in
separate places, so youll need
to dig everything up. Use
Windows search facility to find
what youre looking for; open
up Computer in an Explorer
window and use the search bar
at the top to search for, for
example, *.jpg to find all of
your photos, or *.mp3 for your
music. Select the files from
your searches and copy them
to your external drive and, if
you have space, to your chosen
youve transferred an ISO
image to USB for installation;
at the end to be reallocated.
Right click your primary drive Windows 10
cloud service. while there are more steps to in Windows Explorer, select keyboard
Time to upgrade
take, as long as your install
media is set to boot first, youll
Properties, open the Tools tab,
and click Defragment now. shortcuts
To upgrade to Windows 10, just be fine. Youll need to ensure Now click Defragment Disk to
click the icon in your System you have your drive inserted start the process. Launch the 1. [Alt]+[Tab]
Tray and proceed. Or, you into a port before you boot to Disk Management tool by Switch between open apps
might want to do clean install. BIOS in order to set this up. opening the run dialog with 2. [Alt]+[F4]
If you have a copy of Windows Once youre running the [Windows]+[R] then typing Close the active item, or exit
10 on DVD, put it in your installer, follow the instructions. diskmgmt.msc. The interface the active app
optical drive, restart your The Windows 10 install process shows the partitions that exist
machine, and itll boot from is more simple and foolproof on your machine youll 3. Windows logo key+[L]
the disc. If it doesnt, youll than before, and if youre probably have at least two, a Lock your PC or switch
need to change a setting in careful not to let it overwrite a small recovery partition and a accounts
your computers BIOS/UEFI to partition youre using, youll much larger main partition,
put the optical drive first in the likely have no problem. and its the latter were 4. Windows logo key+[d]
Display and hide
boot order. We cant be specific But wait! Hold fire if youre interested in. Check in the the desktop
about exactly what setting to looking to dual boot Windows volumes list at the top of the
change and how, given the 10 with 7 or 8.1; before you window that your chosen 5. Windows logo key+[A]
wide variety of BIOS and UEFI install, unless you happen to partition has enough free Open Action center
systems out there, but watch have a spare partition, youll space (at least 16GB for 32-bit
out for a message displayed on need to use the Disk Windows 10 and 20GB for 6. Windows logo key+[s]
your PCs screen at boot time Management tool within your 64-bit, allocating more if you Open search
you might see a window in old OS to resize your primary can). If youre short on space,
which to hit an allotted key, partition and separate off space clear some files before 7. Windows logo key+[C]
Open Cortana in
usually [F2] or [Del]. If you for Windows 10 to install into. continuing. Right click your listening mode
know the model of your PC, But wait again! Before you target drive in the Disk
check the manufacturers resize your partition, make sure Management tool and select 8. Windows logo key+Tab
website for more instructions. your files are arranged by Shrink Volume, then input the Open Task view
The process is also true if defragmenting it, leaving space amount of space youre
looking to claw back. Be aware 9. Windows logo
that the tool is looking for this key+[Ctrl]+[d]
in MB rather than GB, so add Add a virtual desktop
three zeroes to the end of your
10. Windows logo
intended space in GB. Click key+[Ctrl]+Right arrow
OK and the tool will go to Switch between virtual
work, and youll be left with an desktops youve created on
area on your drive labelled the right
unallocated space. We now
need to turn this into a 11. Windows logo
partition. Right click it, select key+[Ctrl]+ Left arrow
new simple volume, and click Switch between virtual
Next. You can give this new desktops youve created on
the left
partition any letter you like.
Keep clicking Next until you 12. Windows logo
see the formatting options. key+[Ctrl]+[F4]
Make sure you choose NTFS Close the virtual desktop
as the file system, and label youre using
your drive before formatting
Boot Up Installing from a disc? then you might need to visit your UeFI system the space.

January 2016 | | 93
The Settings tab is

Learn how to
the new control
panel, youll find
many customisation
options easier to

Get started with

change here.

Windows 10
Your guide Zak Storey says
Jargon buster!
Now youve finally got Windows
10 installed, its time to find out Resolution
The resolution is how
what it has to offer many pixels occupy
the screen. The
ow youve got Windows 10 installed, up and higher the resolution

N running, its time to see how the new system works.

Theres a new Start menu for you to explore and
the more dots and
the clearer your
images will be.
some exciting new features. For example, when it comes to
aiding productivity Windows 10 has plenty on offer. Snapping
Whether its aero snapping your apps to corners or asking A way of arranging
Cortana to help you out by setting reminders, its all there and resizing
to streamline your daily computing. windows, by
The best approach is to dive right into as many of the dragging them
settings as you can personalising your operating system, to the edge of
your screen.
desktop and programs for the tasks you perform the most.
For instance, if Cortana isnt your thing, or you prefer Partition
not to search on the desktop through Bing then you can A separate segment ReSolution iS key
remove that part from the taskbar at the bottom of the of your drive split Setting up your screen
page. Doing this will give you more screen space, as well off to organise correctly will ensure
as a tidier desktop and leave you with more space to pin and protect your you can be as
programs to. But, these are just a few ways to improve files from viruses productive as
your Windows experience, read on to learn more. or data loss. possible, and save
your eyesight as well.

Step-by-step Get started with Windows 10

1 Set up your screen resolution

To help increase your productivity make sure your screen is
2 Switch to Tablet mode for 2-in-1 laptops
Open the Start menu and select Settings. Here youll
running at maximum resolution. Youll find text and images are find some tools you can configure to make your life easier. Go to
much clearer and easier to see. Right click on an empty area of System then Tablet mode. Enabling Tablet mode will make
your desktop and select Display Settings. You can now select Windows 10 act more like Windows 8 your apps will be fully
Advanced Display Settings in the right-hand window. Here youll sized and your Start Menu will expand to the entire screen. Ideal
find the Resolution drop-down menu select the highest option. for 2-in-1 laptops and touchscreen all-in-ones.

94 | | January 2016
Windows 10
Get started

Multi-aPP VieW coRtana

This little button Your personal
makes switching ZakS beSt tip! assistant, ask it for
between apps Explore all the menus to anything and itll see
much easier. discover all the options on if it can help, or just
offer. We guarantee youll search the internet
find plenty of shortcuts for an answer.
and tricks that will soon
become indispensable .

SPace SaVinG BackuP

Removing old programs Its always a good idea
frees up storage space to create a backup of
and means Windows files and documents,
wont have to load so you dont have to
up as many programs worry about losing
on startup. your work.

3 Aero Snap in Windows 10

Snapping programs to the sides of the screen was a feature
4 Uninstall programs
Uninstalling old and unused programs can be useful for
introduced in Windows 7. In Windows 10 you can now snap freeing up storage space on your PC. Youll also notice your
applications to each corner, as well as to the sides, by left clicking start-up times become speedier if you declutter. To do this, click
and dragging the top bar into a corner. You will also see a visual Settings in the Start Menu, select System then on the left tab
representation of how much screen space the app will take up. select Installed Apps. Here you can remove apps by left-clicking
This makes it much easier to multitask with two documents. them and selecting Uninstall.

January 2016 | | 95
5 Create a secure backup
Youll need around 120GB of excess storage in a separate
6 Finish the backup
Now click System Image Backup in the bottom left-hand
partition or drive to create a secure backup of your PCs OS and corner of the screen, and click Set up Back-up on the right-hand
documents every week. Go to Settings and select Update & side of the screen. Highlight the drive you want to use for your
Security, then click on Back-up in the left-hand window. Click on backup and click Next, then Let Windows Chose. Hit Next again.
the + button and select the partition or drive you wish to use. You can now set up the schedule for when Windows performs the
Once done select more options, then See advanced settings. backup and then press Save settings and run backup.

7 Cortana on call
If youre signed into your Microsoft account you can use
8 Organise mail accounts into one
Keeping all email accounts in one place was a handy feature
Cortana for many things from searching the internet, to setting introduced in older versions of Windows 8. However, the Mail app
calendar reminders or sending emails. To get going, just say Hey that replaced Outlook has much more increased functionality.
Cortana (making sure your mic is enabled) or type Cortana into Click on the Mail icon in your Start window select Add account,
the search bar at the bottom left-hand of your screen. If it cant do select your email service and fill in the details. You can now select
something for you itll search the internet for the answer. Done and all your emails will be in one place.

9 Multi-App view
Another neat feature is the ability to swap between many
10 Uninstalling the old Windows
So, its time to bid farewell to Windows 7 or 8 on your PC! To
apps at any time. Just press Task view, the button to the right of uninstall it, click on the Start menu and type in disk clean up,
the search bar near the Start menu. This allows you to quickly then open the Disk Clean Up application. You can now select
switch between open applications (including minimised ones) drive (C:), press OK and let Windows scan the drive. Scroll down
without having to trawl through the icons on your task bar, the open window and tick Previous Windows Installation(s) tab,
making it much easier to find programs. select Clean up system files and youre done.

96 | | January 2016
Windows 10
Browse Windows Store

Learn how to
Use the Windows Store
Your guide Zak Storey says
Simply tap on the Store icon located on the
Taskbar you can then browse, install and
update apps on your Windows 10 PC or tablet

Step-by-step Around the Windows Store

1 Browse apps
The front of the Store is designed to bring more relevant
2 The power of search
Its easy to find an app. Just tap, or click, in the search bar in
and popular apps and games to your attention. The first screen the top right-hand corner of the Store, type in the name of the
shows various picks and suggestions for great apps, along with app youre looking for and hit [Enter] to view suggested results.
category shortcuts, but you can scroll down to reveal the top apps Use the Refine categories on the left to narrow your search by
in different categories, including free (always a winner), new and content type, or click Show all next to Apps or Games to view all
rising apps. Keep scrolling to access games. matches and access more filters to help narrow down the results.

3 Installing a new app

Select an app to view its details and install it. Youre
4 Updates made easy
You can set Windows to update your apps automatically as
rewarded with larger screenshots and easier access to ratings and new versions become available. If you dont like this behaviour,
reviews (just scroll down). Keep scrolling and youll also find links you can switch it off by clicking your user avatar and choosing
to other titles by the same publisher, as well as a list of apps Settings, then flick the relevant switch to Off. To manually check
compiled by Bing that may be of interest. If the app is free then for updates, click your avatar, choose Downloads and click the
you can install straight away, if its paid-for then hit Buy. Check for Updates button.

January 2016 | | 97
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