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Social Dimensional Education/ Teaching Profession

Direction: Choose the best answer from the choices given.

1. Teacher Angel, aside from being a competent teacher, is also a community leader in their place.
Which of the following should Teacher Angel not do as a teacher?
A. Develop projects that will benefit the community
B. Participate actively in the activities of the community
C. Beseech donations from the philanthropist in the community
D. Make herself detached to everyone in the community so that her decisions will have no
influence of community politics
2. Ms. Cruz is a Sociology Professor for almost decades. In her class she asked this question
What type of learning environment should a teacher implement in a high pluralistic society?.
If you are her student, what would be your answer?
A. Safe, Secure and Gender Sensitive
B. Safe, Secure and Gender-biased
C. Safe and Gender-biased
D. Secure and Gender-biased
3. It is the responsibility of the teacher to promote the cultural and educational heritage of the
nation. As such, it is his/her obligation also to convey all of these to the students. In this case,
which among the following will make the teacher accomplish the obligation?
A. Use innovations in his teaching
B. Implement interactive teaching strategies
C. Study the life of the Filipino heroes
D. Continue professional education
4. In some culture, women never experienced to be in school. School is no longer necessary from
them since their essence is to serve their family and perform domestic responsibilities. Is this
A. Yes, women are domestic partners
B. No , there is gender equality in education
C. It depends on what kind of culture that a woman is accustomed to
D. No, women are skillful just like men
5. If a teacher states that Specialization is knowing more and more about less and less hence it is
better to be a generalist. What kind of philosophy does this teacher espoused?
A. Existentialism C. Essentialism
B. Progressivism D. Positivism
6. Man by nature is good according to Confucius, Rousseau and Mencius. This characteristic of a
man makes him easier to be _________.
A. Motivated C. Rewarded
B. Taught D. Respected
7. Which among the following pillar of learning aimed for the wholistic development and complete
fulfillment of man?
A. Learning to Do C. Learning to Be
B. Learning to Live Together D. Learning to Know
8. For a teacher to be more competent, he/she is required to specialize in certain area.
A. Leaning to know C. Learning to do
B. Learning to be D. Learning to live together
9. What pillar of learning is concern on the material development rather of human development?
A. Learning to Be C. Learning to Know
B. Learning to Be D. Learning to Do
10. Which among the following situations violate the principal of respect?
A. Teacher Helen tells her student that what Teacher Joann taught is wrong
B. Teacher Joann, upon learning what Teacher Helen did, asked the students not to attend her
C. Teacher Janis is giving special favor to students to please the students so that she can get a
remarkable result evaluation.
i. A and B
ii. A and C
iii. B and C
iv. A, B and C
11. A student who performs on a behavior as a result of the reinforcement provided to that
particular behavior is a manifestation of this philosophy.
A. Naturalism C. Behaviorism
B. Rationalism D. Constructivism
12. Which among the following are the basic assumptions of behaviorists?
A. All behaviors are shaped by environmental events
B. Man is free and his behavior can never be shaped by environment.
C. The mind of a new born child is tabula rasa
i. A only
ii. B only
iii. C only
iv. A, B and C only
13. For Teacher Kristine to promote fairness among her students of diverse gender, family
background and culture, she should ensure a learning environment that is
A. Inclusive
B. Gender-sensitive
C. Exclusive
i. A and B
ii. A and C
iii. B and C
iv. A, B and C
14. Teacher Cris is Reading Teacher. She keeps on advising her class to read between the lines.
What does she mean on this?
A. Skip not even a single paragraph in reading
B. Ascertain what is meant by what is stated
C. Look for the main thought of what is reading
D. Relate to life what is read
15. Which among the following should developed in curriculum to counteract the growing number
of shooting incidents in schools abroad?
A. Inclusion of socio-emotional teaching
B. Stress the idea to compete on oneself rather than with others
C. Emphasize cooperative learning rather than of competition to others
D. All of the above
16. The failure in the test of independence among Filipino students maybe attributed to
A. Lack of Skills
B. Strong family ties
C. High degree of dependence to authority
D. High degree of Independence
17. Teacher Jon knows of the illegal gambling that his neighbor us operating. However, he chooses
to be quiet about it for the fear of getting involved in any investigation that may lead to this.
Which among the following principle of morality does Teacher Jon fail to comply?
A. Choose what is good and avoid what is evil
B. Choose the lesser evil
C. The end justifies the mean
D. The end does not justify the mean
18. Teacher Tisha has a death threat over her head. She was asked to pass an undeserving student.
In line with the philosophy of utilitarianism, what should Teacher Tisha do?
A. Pass the student. Her life is far important than that of passing of the undeserving student.
B. Pass the student. She is a good teacher and does not deserve to receive a death threat only
because of an undeserving student.
C. Pass not the student and live to her principle that reward may not be here but in the next
D. Pass on not the student, she does not like someone to always give her a death threat in
order to pass.
19. Philippines Elementary Curriculum emphasizes on the development of the skills in writing,
counting and reading. This manifests the great consideration given to this philosophy.
A. Idealism C. Progressivism
B. Naturalism D. Essentialism
20. Which of the following describes what Progressivism is?
A. Education-learning takes place only when students are inside the classroom
B. Education-learning takes only for a period of time for it ends when students earn a degree
C. Education-learning takes place according to the desire of the students
D. Education-learning takes place continuously and contributes to the development of the
21. A school principal emphasizes the importance of Humanities in the curriculum. To which
educational philosophy does he adhere?
A. Existentialism C. Perennialism
B. Essentialism D. Positivism
22. If a student believes in this passage One cannot see perfection but I long for it then, the
student can be regarded as:
A. Empiricist C. Naturalist
B. Idealist D. Humanist
23. Which of the following should be the guiding principle of Rationalist Teacher?
A. I must teach the students things that have great impact to culture so that he can be assured
of great future.
B. I must teach the students of things that will be needed to survive this challenging world.
C. I must teach the students of things that will develop his mental powers to conceive great
D. I must teach the student of things that will make him love himself and attain the fullness of
24. Teacher Suzanne believes that Truth exist in objective order and independent of the knower.
She is considered________________.
A. Idealist C. Pragmatist
B. Realist D. Essentialist
25. If the teacher would say that honesty is still an important value even if no one values it, the
teacher can be regarded then as__________.
A. Realist C. Idealist
B. Empiricist D. Positivist
26. When a teacher emphasizes that mans senses should be trusted because this is the only way to
acquire knowledge, the teacher can be regarded as______________.
A. Naturalist C. Empiricist
B. Realist D. Pragmatist
27. If teacher A is a rationalist and Teacher B is an empiricist, which of the following is correct:
A. Teacher A and B are complementing each other.
B. Teacher A and B are contrary to each other
C. Teacher A and B are contradictory to each other
D. Teacher A and B are relative to each other
28. This is the defining feature of essentialism?
A. Existence precedes essence
B. Essence precedes existence
C. Essence is non-existence
D. Existence is non- essence
29. Lecture C narrates: I observe that when there is an English-speaking foreigner in class, more
often than not, his classmates perceive him to be superior. To which Filipino trait does this
A. Friendliness C. Hospitality
B. Colonial mentality D. Lack of confidence
30. What do the school campus expressions Promdi and Barriotic indicates?
A. The power of rich C. The powerlessness of the poor
B. The prevalence of ethnocentrism D. Low literacy rate of the country
31. Were teachers in the Philippines required of a professional license since the establishment of
the Philippine Educational system?
A. No, it was only with the affectivity of R.A. 7836 that a professional license was required.
B. Yes, except for the Thomasites.
C. No, but the equivalent of a license required was a certificate in teaching.
D. Yes, it was required since the Americans established the educational system in the country.
32. For the better effectiveness, the Philippine educational system is TRIFOCAL system. What is the
A. The linkage of the Teacher Education Council, Technical panel for Teachers Educational and
Professional Regulation Commission for teacher education concerns.
B. The presence of DepEd for basic education. CHED for higher education and TESDA for
vocational education
C. The linkage of DepEd, CHED and PRC for teachers professionalism.
D. The existence of Bureau of Elementary Education, Bureau of Secondary Education, and
Bureau of Alternative Learning Systems.
33. When all other requirements are met, when should religion be taught in public school as
provided for in the Constitution?
A. Outside regular class hours
B. One a week at lunch break
C. Once a week after class hours
D. Within the regular class hours
34. With R.A. 9155, to which body were all the functions, program and activities of the Department
of Education related to Sports competition transferred?
A. Philippine Sport Commission
B. National Commission of Cultural and the Arts
C. Technical Educational Services Department Authority
D. Commission of Higher Education
35. Which according to RA 9155 is considered as the heart of the formal education system?
A. The pupil C. The classroom
B. The teacher D. The school
36. According to RA 9155, as school head has two roles, namely administrative manager and
A. Guidance counselor C. Health officer
B. Instructional leader D. Facilitator of learning
37. The Values Education program teaches faith, hope and love and values which are believed to be
permanent values whether they be valued by people or not. Upon what Philosophy is the
A. Realism C. Idealism
B. Existentialism D. Pragmatism
38. Moral example has a greater effect on pupils disciple than laws and codes of punishment is an
advice for teacher from_________.
A. Confucius C. Lao Tzu
B. Mohammed D. Mencius
39. The Principle of Spontaneity as against artificiality will make you accomplish something. Leave
nature to itself and you will have harmony is an advice from________.
A. Hindu C. Shintoist
B. Taoist D. Buddhist
40. The significance of liberal education is wholistic development of students is supported by
A. Pragmatism C. Confucian Teaching
B. Perennialism D. Perennialism and Confucian Teaching
41. In the schools, we teach realities that cannot be verified by the senses like an invisible God or
Allah. Whose beliefs does this practice negate?
A. Empiricists C. Skeptics
B. Rationalists D. Stoicists
42. I make full use of the question-and-answer as a model for discussion. From whom is this
question-and-answer method?
A. Kant C. Aristotle
B. Socrates D. Plato
43. You want to report on a colleagues act of immorality. You dont have the courage to confront
her. To end her illicit affair with a married man you write and secretly distribute copies of your
anonymous letter against your fellow teacher. What should have been done instead?
A. Ask a third party to write the anonymous letter to prevent yourself from being involved.
B. Talk to the married man with whom she is having an illicit affair.
C. If the charge is valid, present such charge under oath before your school head.
D. Secretly give anonymous letter only to the people concerned.
44. Teacher Yet, a teacher for forty years, refuses to attend seminars. She claims that her forty years
of teaching is more than all the seminars she asked to attend. Are her actuation and thinking is
accordance with the Code of Ethics for Professional Teacher?
A. No, non-attendance to seminars means no professional growth.
B. No, a professional teacher, regardless of teaching experience, ought to go through
continuing process of education.
C. Yes, because, she taught for forty years and may have mastered the trade.
D. Yes, provided she has an excellent performance rating.
45. A principal asked her good teachers to write modular lesson in Social Science, the she had then
published with her name printed as author. Which is unethical in this case?
A. She was the exclusive beneficiary of the royalty from the modules.
B. She had the modular lessons published when they worth publishing
C. She got merit which was due for her teacher-writers.
D. She burdened the teacher with work not related to teaching.
46. In a faculty recollection, the teachers were asked to share their thoughts of the learner their
primary customer. What follow are the gists of what were shared?
Teacher A: The learner is the product of his environment. Sometimes he has no choice.
He is determined by his environment.
Teacher B: The learner can choose what he can become despite his environment.
Teacher C: The learner is a social being who learns well through an active interplay with
Teacher D: The learner is a rational being. School should develop his rational and moral
Whose philosophical concept is that of Teacher A?
A. Rationalists C. Existentialists
B. Behaviorists D. Progressivists
47. Teacher Bs response comes from the mouth of?
A. Behaviorist C. Essentialist
B. Existentialist D. Perennialist
48. If you agree with Teacher C, you are more of__________.
A. Perennialist C. Essentialist
B. Rationalist D. Progressivist
49. If you identify with Teacher D, you adhere to this Philosophy
A. Progressivist C. Existentialist
B. Behaviorist D. Perennialist
50. Progressivism considers the nature of the child. Which Philosophy does not adhere to this?
A. Pragmatism C. Humanism
B. Essentialism D. Naturalism
51. Subject matter should help students understand and appreciate themselves as unique
individuals who accept complete responsibility for their thoughts, feeling and actions.
From which philosophy is this thought based?
A. Perennialism C. Existentialism
B. Essentialism D. Progressivism
52. Which of the following prepositions are attributed to Plato?
A. Truth is relative to particular time and space.
B. Human beings create their own truths
C. Learning is the discovery to truth as latent ideas are brought to consciousness.
D. Sense perception is the most accurate guide to knowledge.
53. Pleasure is not the highest good. This teaching is against what Philosophy?
A. Realism C. Epicureanism
B. Essentialism D. Empiricm
54. As a Deconstructionist, which among these will be your guiding principle?
A. I must teach the child every knowledge, skills and values that he needs for better future.
B. I must teach the child to develop his mental powers to the fullest.
C. I must teach the child so he is assured of heaven.
D. I must teach the child that we can have real knowledge of anything.
55. _____ is the pioneer in emphasizing the development of critical thinking by the use of
Philosophic methods that focus on debate and discussion.
A. Aristotle C. Socrates
B. Plato D. Confucius
56. Curriculums essence is the back to the basic curriculum.
A. Existentialism C. Realism
B. Humanism D. Essentialism
57. A teacher told a student. Your sickness is not in the mind for you are really sickyou have a
fever and flu This shows that the teacher adheres to what philosophy?
A. Pragmatism C. Idealism
B. Naturalism D. Realism
58. ___________is/are used as medium/media of instructions in schools during the Spanish era.
A. The vernacular C. Spanish
B. English D. Filipino
59. The governments educational program on _________ made the Philippine Education Placement
Test accessible for adults and out-of-school-youth.
A. Equitable Access C. Quality and relevance
B. Quality D. Relevance
60. It is a branch of philosophy that deals with the goodness or badness of human actions.
A. Metaphysics C. Ethics
B. Logic D. Epistemology
61. The following philosophers are proponents of perennialism, except____________.
A. Roberty Hutchins C. Mortimer Adler
B. Paolo Freire D. Greeks
62. If a teacher employs more cooperative learning in helping students develop social virtues, then
the teacher is governed by what philosophy
A. Essentialism C. Existentialism
B. Perennialism D. Progressivism
63. ________________ claims that reality is politically, socially and economically formed.
A. Progressivist C. Realist
B. Pragmatist D. Reconstructionist
64. In recent curricular revision, the humanities are gradually replaced by technical course that bear
practical consequences. This shows that curricular direction is toward ____________
A. Pragmatis C. Idealism
B. Realism D. Essentialism
65. Gaby said: I cannot see it, so I wont believe it. Under which group can Gaby be classified?
A. Idealist C. Realist
B. Pragmatist D. Empiricist
66. The theory of philosophic though that defines our view about the learner, teacher, and the
A. Curriculum C. Philosophy of Education
B. Philosophical Analysis D. Pedagogy
67. Which among the following will describe fully the basis of partnership between community and
A. Commonality of interest and success
B. Mutual trust for others values and perspective
C. Admiration of ones talents and aspiration
68. Which of the following is the most important component in educational reform?
A. Students participation
B. Schools good relationship with parents
C. Parents involvement
D. Teachers interaction with parents and students.
69. In a multi cultural education, much emphasis is given on:
A. Perspective C. Achievement
B. Curriculum D. Environment
70. How will you define the Philosophy of Confucius?
A. Moralistic C. Egoistic
B. Humanistic D. Idealistic
71. How will you prove the original goodness of man according to Mencius?
A. Through the Principle of Commiseration
B. Through the Principle of Retribution
C. Through the Principle of Reciprocity
D. Through the Principle of Recuperation
72. Who will you describe the role of the teacher under the Pillar of Learning to Know?
A. Guidance counselor C. Facilitator
B. Instructor D. Author
73. Under the Pillar of Learning to Live Together, what describes best the role of the teacher?
A. Help the students to develop an understanding of the people and appreciation of
B. Analyze the reasons for the existence of every individual
C. Justify the importance of possessing great knowledge
D. Facilitate the process of learning
74. Which among the following is the first essential characteristic of culture?
A. Ideational C. Cumulative
B. Diverse D. Learned
75. Which among the following describe the intellectual function of the school?
A. Inculcate allegiance to the existing political order
B. Socialize children into the various role, behaviors and values of the society
C. Prepare students for occupational roles
D. Teach basic cognitive skills
76. What best describe the Doctrine of Salvation?
A. Set of moral teaching and values
B. Belief in the existence of deity
C. Highest goal of the faithful
D. Acts and ceremonies of religion
77. Teachers has rich philosophical heritage one of which advocates the Learning by doing
The philosophy has roots in
A. Essentialism C. Perennialism
B. Progressivism D. Existentialism
78. Teacher Emmanuels philosophy focuses on the acquisition of the 3 Rs. His philosophy is rooted
A. Behaviorism C. Progressivism
B. Existentialism D. Essentialism
79. He advocated the progressivist point of view and believed that education is not a preparation
for life
A. Watson C. Dewey
B. Bagley D. Sartre
80. Teacher Aleli focuses on the teaching of the Great Books. His teaching philosophy therefore is
rooted in
A. Behaviorism C. Perennialism
B. Existentialism D. Essentialism
81. Giving of rewards and reinforcement are the primary technique of this philosophical point of
A. Existentialism C. Perennialism
B. Behaviorism D. Progressivism
82. According to Sartre, Existence precedes essence. Teachers who adhere to this philosophical
though is considered as.
A. Essentialist C. Existentialist
B. Behaviorist D. Progressivist
83. S=R Theory has deep roots in this philosophy
A. Perennialism C. Existentialism
B. Behaviorism D. Progressivism
84. Christians morality which guides their behavior in dealing with moral issues is
A. The eight fold path C. Ten Commandments
B. Five Pillars D. Christian ethics
85. Mellissa, an 8 years old child immediately kisses the hand of her elders whenever she meets
them. She learned this value by observing his elder sisters and parents. This pattern of acquiring
values is based on this principle.
A. Values are intrinsically motivated
B. Values are taught not caught
C. Values are caught not taught
D. Values are innate
86. According to Max Schelers Hierarchy of Values, ___________ is the highest form of values
A. Pleasure values C. Spiritual values
B. Vital values D. Values of the Holy
87. This type of classroom allows for free movement, time allotment and even in decisions
regarding modes of undertaking the learning activities.
A. Flexible C. Structured
B. Traditional approach D. Progressive approach
88. Teacher Roger finished his activities ahead of time. His topic was about the environment and
therefore he guided the children to sing song entitled Kapaligiran. This activity is called.
A. Routine activity C. Advanced activity
B. Emergency activity D. Motivation activity
89. Attendance are reflected in this form which is known as
A. Form 1 C. Form 138
B. Form 2 D. Form 137
90. Gabby is talking with his classmate while the teacher is delivering lecture. The teacher
controlled his off-task behavior by giving him direct eye contact. This technique shows the
teachers skill in
A. Classroom management C. Recording
B. Discipline control D. Scheduling
91. This is a regular procedure or a normal practice that is to be followed in the classroom. It is a
schedule of activities that is mostly timed paced and is attuned to the lesson objectives.
Checking of attendance and motivation are examples of this class.
A. Class schedule C. routine
B. Classroom management D. Class activity flow
92. Most countries outside the Philippines observe ________ number of years in the high school
A. 4 years C. 6 years
B. 5 years D. 7 years
93. This government agency is tasked by the state to identify centers of excellence in program
areas needed for the development of world class scholarship, nation building and development.
A. DepED C. Tesda
94. The DECS was changed to DepEd because of this RA
A. RA 7722 C. RA 9155
B. RA 7796 D. RA 7836
95. Based on the curriculum requirement provided by all countries sampled, the language which is
seemingly universal is
A. Spanish C. English
B. Chinese D. French
96. Which of the following is not a teacher responsibility
A. Keep school record
B. Write lesson plan
C. Conduct dialogue/conference with parents
D. Clean the school garden
97. Which is not an acceptable way of dealing with disciple problem in the classroom?
A. Allow students the freedom to express themselves
B. Award merits for good behavior
C. Nagging and faultfinding
D. Dialogues and open forum
98. Which of the following is an integral part of teaching process?
A. Teacher principal C. classroom management
B. Lesson plan D. rubric
99. Teacher Candida affirms that being a teacher is a task entrusted to her by this world.
She therefore believes that teaching is a _____________.
A. Mission C. Vocation
B. Profession D. bread butter
100. Which of the following is the Fundamental Moral Principle?
A. Stealing is wrong C. Do good and avoid evil
B. Health is wealth D. Cheating is immoral
101. This law explains that the mandate that the state shall establish, maintain and support
a complete, adequate, and integrated system of education.
A. RA 7722 C. 1987 Constitution
B. RA 9155 D. BP Bldg. 232
102. One of the legacies of President Fidel Ramos to education is
A. Bilingual education C. Education for all
B. Mass promotion D. Values education
103. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the Child Friendly School System?
A. Child centered C. Promotes good health
B. Gender sensitive D. Instill love of country
104. The main proponent of progressivism
A. Dewey C. Watson
B. Hutchins D. Sartre
105. You feel that your co-teacher is sabotaging your preparation for a teaching demo. As a
professional teacher you should.
A. Talk with the principal
B. Have a dialogue with the teacher concerned
C. Brush off the issue, its all in your mind
106. This diagram shows the different position in the school structure and the different
channels should a person wish to talk to a superior.
A. CHAIN of commands C. Officer chart
B. Organizational chart D. Plantilla
107. You are very interested in quality development program for teachers.
What characteristic should you look for?
A. Prescribed by top educational leaders
B. Dependent on the availability of funds
C. Required for renewal of professional license
D. Responsive to identified teachers need
108. For more efficient and effective management of schools are agents of change. One
proposal is for the DepEd to cluster remote stand-alone schools under one lead school ahead.
Which factor has the strongest influence on this proposal
A. Psychological C. Geographical
B. Historical D. Social
109. What does the acronym EFA imply for schools?
A. The acceptance of exclusive schools for boys and for girls
B. The stress on the superiority of formal education over that of alternative learning system
C. Practice of exclusive education
D. The concentration of formal education system
110. The wide acceptance of bottom up management style has influenced schools to
practice which management practice?
A. Exclusion of politician from the pool of guest speakers during graduation exercises.
B. Prescription of what oath to be done from the Central Office.
C. Involvement of students, parents, teachers and community in school planning
D. Allowing schools to do what they thinks is best
111. The failure of independent study with most Filipino students may attributed to
A. Unpreparedness of schooling
B. Ambivalence
C. High degree of independence
D. High degree of dependence on authority
112. A father tells his daughter You are woman. You are meant for the home and so for you,
going to school is not necessary. Is the father CORRECT?
A. It depends on the place where the daughter and father live.
B. Yes, women are meant to be mothers only
C. No, today women can take in the jobs of men.
D. No, there is gender equality in education
113. How will you describe the idea of higher education according to Plato?
A. Designed to train and blend gentle and fierce qualities in the individuals and create a
harmonious person.
B. Trained the suitably gifted so that they may be qualified to assume the role of a ruling class
C. Made the soul responsive to the environment
D. Helped the soul to search for truth which illuminated it.
114. Who among the following philosopher is against the banking concept of education?
A. Paulo Freire C. Allan Bloom
B. Neil Noddings D. Jerome Bruner
115. Which of the following are the primary reason of education according to Aristotle?
A. To occupy a good position in the government
B. To produce good and virtuous citizens
C. To take pride of the gift of knowledge
D. None of the above
116. Who are the proponents of the theory of Tabula rasa?
A. Rationalist C. Progressivist
B. Empiricist D. Realist
117. For Aristotle, what aspect(s) of the subjects taught must be given emphasis
A. Practical aspect C. Learning to live together
B. Learning to do D. Learning to know
118. Which among Four Pillar of Education aims for the acquisition of instruments of
A. Learning to be C. learning to live together
B. Learning to do D. Learning to know
119. Which of the following Pillars of Education was used as the title of the 1972 Report to
UNESCO of the International Commission on the Development of Education?
A. Learning to know C. Learning to do
B. Learning to be D. Learning to live together
120. Who presented the 1972 Report entitled Learning to Be to UNESCO?
A. Edgar Faure C. Paulo Freire
B. Maxime Green D. Harry Broudy
121. What does UNESCO mean?
A. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
B. United Nations Environmental, Scholar and Cultural Organization
C. United Nations Educational, School and Civic Organization
D. United Nations Environmental, Scholar and Cultural Organization
122. What is mans ultimate vocation and destiny according to Paulo Freire?
A. Rationalization C. Secularization
B. Humanization D. Deregulation
123. Who chaired the report Learning the Treasure Within by the International Commission
on Education for the Twenty-First Century (advocates four pillars of education) and published
by UNESCO in 1996?
A. Edgar Faure C. harry Broudy
B. Paolo Freire D. Jacques Delors
124. Which among the four pillars of education is vital in building a genuine and lasting
culture of peace throughout the world?
A. Learning to be C. Learning to live together
B. Learning to do D. Learning to know
125. What are the necessary skills needed under the learning to live together?
A. Communication, self-control and handling emotions
B. Interpretation of behaviors, problem solving and critical thinking
C. Relationship building and cooperation, negotiation and mediation
D. All of the above