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Department of mathematics,


SRinivasa ramanujan Centre,


I sincerely thank Our honourable Vice-Chancellor

Prof.R.Sethuraman,The Dean, Head of the department ,my
colleaugues, friends and my students who have encouraged me to this
lecture notes .

I personally thank my Head, Dr. D. Narasimhan, Department of

Mathematics who provide me an Oppurtunity to handle this paper for
Final year B.Sc., students.
I specially thank my students Dhurga, Subha Lakshmi for making
my class notes to make it as a complete guide.
I extend my thanks to First year commerce student Aadithya for
helping me to the creative cover page.
This lecture note seems to be a supporting guide for the book
entitled Linear Algebra by Vivek Sahai and Vikas Bist, Narosa
Publishing House, New Delhi 2003, since all the notations and ideas are
taken from this book. I also thank this author &Publications.
Above all I would like to thank the Almighty for having blessed
me the successful completion of this project.

UNIT I: Matrices and Determinants 1 -101

Matrices - Elementary operations on Matrices Determinants Systems of linear

equations Polynomials.

UNIT II: Vector Spaces 102-172

Definitions and examples subspaces Basis and dimension Linear

Transformations Quotient spaces Direct Sum Matrix of Linear Transformations.

UNIT III: Inner Product Spaces and Operators 173-231

Inner products Orthogonal The adjoint of a linear transformation Unitary

operators Self-adjoint and normal operators.

UNIT IV: Eigen values and Eigen vectors 232-365

Eigen values and Eigen vectors The minimal polynomial Diagonalizable

and triangulable operators The Jordon form

UNIT V: Bilinear Forms 366-407

Definition and examples The matrix of a bilinear form Orthogonal

Classification of bilinear forms.