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Biochem Lab Exam

I. Match the correct test for carbohydrates with its name.

a. Presence of carbohydrates Moores Test
b. Presence of ketoses Molisch Test
c. Presence of monosaccharide Benedicts Test
d. Presence of starch Barfoeds Test
e. Presence of reducing sugar Iodine Test
Seliwanoffs Test

II. Why does sucrose respond differently from glucose in the Moores test?
III. What is a reducing sugar?
IV. Explain why lactose and maltose are reducing sugars while sucrose is not.
V. Explain why fructose gives a positive result for tests for reducing sugars.
VI. Explain why Barfoeds Test identify disaccharides from monosaccharides
VII. Is starch a reducing or non-reducing sugar? Explain.