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Textile Manufacturing technology

Sir BPTI Bhavnagar


1. Practical Significance: In textile the strength of fiber, yarn and fabric is inter related.
The strength of fabric is depends on yarn, the strength of yarn is depends on fiber. Fiber
strength is measuring using HVI.
2. Competency: Apply the basic knowledge of testing for measuring strength.
3. Experimental outcomes: Students will be able to
to prepare lea of yarn.
calculate the strength of different types of yarn.
compare the strength of different count of yarn.
4. Theoretical background: Yarn is define as the assembly of fiber bind together using
twist and make a uniform structure having some strength. Yarn having different count
and different count have different strength. Normally we measure the strength of natural
yarn because the natural fiber may differ in the strength. for measuring the strength
different instrument is work in different principle like CRL (Constant rate of loading),
CRT (Constant rate of traverse), CRE (Constant rate of extension),etc.
5. Experimental Set-up:
6. Resources Required: Wrap reel, Cone of cotton yarn
7. Precautions:
Length of the lea should not more or less than 120 yards.
Lea is fixed tightly between two jaws.
Machine immediately stop when yarn is break.
8. Procedure:
Fix the lea between two jaws
Switch on the machine
See the movement of the lea till the yarn break.
Machine stop when the yarn break.
Take the reading from the dial.
9. Observation and calculation:
Observation table:
Sr Count of yarn Strength CSP

Take 25 reading.
Calculate CSP of yarn.
Calculate mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation.
10. Result:
i. Mean of the yarn is:_________
ii. Standard deviation of the yarn is:___________
iii. Coefficient of variation of the yarn is:__________
11. Interpretation of result:
The mean CSP value of the yarn for particular count is
12. Conclusion:
As per the standard given in the book result of our experiment
13. Experiment related questions:
i. Define Count of yarn.
ii. What is length of lea?
iii. What is mean by CSP?
14. Assessment scheme:
Sr No Assessment Criteria Marks Marks Obtained
1 Precision in practical work. 10
2 Listen the instruction. 10
3 Follow the instruction 10
4 Submission of experiment. 20