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Awabeen Namaz The Recommended Anfal Namaz

Posted On 25 Dec 2013By : Faiza GullComments: 10

Allah has blessed us with lots of opportunities to purify us to acquire Allahs grace. We are human,
so there are lots of chances we commit sins and perform wrong deeds mistakenly or willingly.
Therefore, along (Obligatory prayers) Farz Namaz, several (Non-obligatory prayers) Anfal Namaz are
there to aid us in getting rid of our known and unknown sins. We are here discussing the ACCOUNT
of Awabeen Namaz which is basically an Anfal Namaz (non-obligatory prayer), but hold lots of
rewards for its performers equal to Farz namaz (Obligatory prayer). It removes the Sagheera
(smaller) sins of Muslims that often committed in mistake or due to any reason (e.g. personal

How to Offer the Awabeen Prayer:

The Anfal Prayer (non-obligatory prayer) being offered after Maghrib Namaz and before Isha Namaz
was known as the Awabeen Namaz. It was being offered after 8-10 minutes of Maghrib Namaz. It
was recommended not to converse with anyone and engages in worldly deeds between Maghrib
Namaz and Awabeen Namaz. If anyone needs to talk for vital and compulsory reasons one can do
because it was allowed. However, Islam does not put anyone in difficulty and reason behind this
recommendation is to keep the spirit of worship alive and purified quite away of worldly spheres.

It has minimum four and maximum 20 Rakaats (turns). As every Anfal Namaz has its own specific
way to perform it in two Rakats in each turn. In the detailed explanation of Awabeen Namaz, it was
recommended that we can offer the Rakaats (turns) in shape of two as well in four Rakaats (turns).

We can also easily offer Awabeen in following ways:

1.If we offer two Rakaats Sunna e Moakda ( ) and four Rakaats (turns) Nafal Namaz in
Maghirb Namaz we can offer Awabeen in this way as well.

2. If we offer two Rakaats Nafal Namaz additionally after offering two Rakaats Sunna Moakda(
)and two Rakaats Nafal Namaz of Maghrib Namaz prayer we can get the reward equal to offer
the Awabeen Namaz.

Reward for Awabeen Prayers:

Every Anfal Namaz has its special rewards and blessings on its performers. Same like others, the
Awabeen Namaz is also a blessed one for Muslims due to its vivacious rewards that have the
strength of removing the committed known and unknown sins of Muslims. It is said that one who
performs Awabeen daily will have his home in paradise for sure.

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said:

If anyone perform of six Rakaats without engaging in worldly affairs will obtain sawab (rewards)
equivalent to twelve years Anfal Namaz (non-obligatory prayers) Tirmizi Sharif

Another tradition of Tibrani confirms that once Hazrat Muhammad said:

Anyone who performs six Rakaats of Awabeen, it will wipe away his all sins even if they may have
been equivalent to the bubbles on the waves of the ocean.


Often people think that we were SAVED because we are Muslims and Umma of Hazrat Muhammad
PBUH and I am just speechless after knowing such highly dishonored confirmation of ignorance.
They also believe that we can commit sins Wao..!! How one can say he/she was saved and will not
be punished even if he/she is sinful and also he/she is free to commit sins? It is totally a lack of
knowledge and assuming a life out of Islamic boundaries, nothing else. The Awabeen Namaz (prayer)
removes sins, means if we do not offer obligatory and non obligatory prayers our sins will not be
eliminated, forgiven or removed and we will be punished for them. In such pure evidence how can
one claim to be saved even he/she is sinful? For them, I only would say please revise your
acknowledgments because it is an alarming situation ( ) for you.