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Anthony Bombassaro

Lanaya Patterson
Jamie Howatneck
Christina Cohn
Shannon Pitcairn
Table of Contents

I. Meet the Team (1-3)

II. Introduction (4)
III. Job Description (4)
IV. Values (5)
V. Locations (5)
VI. Missions Statement (6)
VII. Tagline (6)
VIII. Communication Strategy (6-7)
IX. Channel Strategy (7-9)
X. Goals (9)
XI. Audience Strategy (10)
XII. Code of Ethics (10-11)
XIII. Crisis Communications Policy (12)
XIV. Crisis Management Goals (12)
XV. Media Relations Actions (12-13)
XVI. Communication Procedures (13-15)
XVII. Employee Satisfaction Survey (15-17)
XVIII. Customer Satisfaction Survey (17-18)
Meet the Team:

Can you believe that the executive team all met each other at Slippery Rock
University? #RockSolid

Christina Cohn is the Human

Resources Director of

Christinas Bar and Grille.

Christina received a Bachelors

Degree with a major in physics

and a minor in public relations.

Christina enjoys the outdoors

and usually spends her time

hiking, kayaking, camping or

soaking up the sun. Christina is happily married and has six beautiful children Aria,

Zara, Vera, Riva, Sean and Liam, two of whom are adopted. Christina also has two

English Springer Spaniels who (besides her husband Raymond) are the loves of her

life. Christina believes everyday is a gift and believes kindness is key in a world that

can sometimes be hard. Christina also believes the individuals and the world should

be treated with respect and that is why Christinas Bar & Grille is the perfect place

for her to work because it mirrors her values.

Lanaya Patterson is the Financial Director of

Christinas Bar and Grille. Lanaya received a

Bachelors Degree in Communication with a

major in public relations. Before joining

Christinas Bar and Grille, Patterson worked as

controller for Santa Clarita Valley Committee on Aging. Previously she worked for

nearly 13 years at Gursey Schneider LLP, a public accounting firm, as a staff member

and then managing accountant in the litigation and tax departments. Her experience

also includes serving as chief financial officer and human resources manager for a

law firm, and as a finance manager for a real estate brokerage. She began her career

as an auditor for the large financial services group TGRJ LLP.

Anthony Bombassaro is the Creative Director

of Christinas Bar and Grille. Anthony received

a Bachelors Degree in Communication with a

major in public relations and a minor in

Creative Writing and Graphic Design. Prior to

Christinas Bar and Grille, Anthony was the

Director of Creative Content at Robbins Design Inc., where he worked for 5

years. Anthony is an avid traveler and also enjoys spending time with his wife,

Alissa and daughter, Orien. Anthony is dedicated to protecting our environment and

uses that as a motive to help run this business.

Jamie Howatneck is the

Marketing Director of

Christinas Bar and Grille.

Jamie received a Bachelors

Degree in Communication

with an emphasis in

marketing and digital

media. Before Christinas

Bar and Grille, Jamie was the Brand Ambassador and Marketing Manager for

CannaFindr, Inc., a natural, environmentally friendly organization. Jamie enjoys all

things natural and spends the majority of her time travelling and being actively

involved in nature and her environment. Her passion for adventure and the

environment continued her down the path of Marketing with another all-natural

organization, Christinas Bar and Grille.

Shannon Pitcairn is the Brand

Director of Christinas Bar and

Grille. Shannon received a

Bachelors Degree in

Communication with an

emphasis in public relations.

Before Christinas Bar and

Grille, Shannon worked as an

account executive for numerous advertising and marketing agencies in Charlotte,

North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas. When Shannon isnt traveling the

world, she can be found cooking, performing yoga or hiking with her husband,

Brandon, and their two dogs, Oliver and Brooke.


Christinas Bar and Grille is a modern chain restaurant founded in 2012 with

locations in New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Seattle and Los Angeles. No matter where

you are from or where you are going, we look forward to serving you. We have the

best ingredients provided from local farmers, and an excellent team to ensure that

you have the best restaurant experience at Christinas Bar and Grille.

Job Description:

Director of Human Resources, Christina Cohn

o Responsible for promoting and implementing the values, ethics and

smooth operation of the company.

o Responsibilities include but are not limited to consultation to

management, compensation, benefits, training and development and

labor relations.

Director of Finances, Lanaya Swinton

o Responsible for all financial operations and maximizing profits

o Responsibilities include but are not limited to developing financial

policies, maintaining financial statements and analyzing the

companys performance and risks.

Director of Marketing, Jamie Howatneck

o Responsible for developing, implementing and executing marketing


o Responsible for print and digital marketing campaigns, social media,

Creative Director, Anthony Bombassaro

o Responsible for planning and implementing advertisements, and

design elements.

o Collaborate with marketing director to develop advertising.

Brand Director, Shannon Pitcairn

o Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity.

o Responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining

relationships with media, event planning and corporate responsibility.


Equality and diversity


Support for the community

Responsibility to the environment

Reasonable pricing

Quality ingredients


New York, NY

Atlanta, GA

Nashville, TN

Seattle, WA

Los Angeles, CA

Mission Statement

Christinas Bar and Grille is dedicated to providing each guest with prompt,

professional and courteous service. We pride ourselves on our fair price and well-

prepared meals that are not only fresh, but also highly reviewed. We want you to

feel like family. Thats why we only use ingredients certified by our field staff.

Tagline: Fresh. Farm fresh.

Communication Strategy:

Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Ability to reach most audiences

Quick and easy access and ability to share information efficiently

The following are example posts:

Word of mouth: Locals to locals, travelers, friends and family

Reaches our target audience due to size of operation and the message behind

our company is supposed to have a local, homely vibe

Graphic design/logos/beer labels:

This helps with the young crowd and the local crowd

People who enjoy local craft beer will recognize interesting logos and affiliate

them with our business

Channel Strategy:


o Printed materials

o Personalized letters

o Email

o Telephone calls

o Events

o Face to face

o Media interview

o Press conference

o Stakeholders:





o Website

o Press release

o Email

o Memo

o Social media:





Director of Director of
Finance Marketing


Brand Director

Of ice Manager Manager Sales Manager


Front o f House Back of House

Manager Manager

Shift Shift
Supervisor Supervisor

Employee Employee


1. Customer service: achieve at least 90% positive feedback on customer


2. Sustainability: provide the best ingredients from safe and ethical local


3. Employee retention: maintain 90% positive feedback and job satisfaction

ratings from employees

Audience Strategy

Our company will seek interactive experiences through social media, radio, face to

face, and controlled media to reach individuals in surrounding locations informing

them the positive impact Christinas Bar + Grille has made for the community.

Target Audiences:

Individuals between the ages of 20-40

Young business professional

Health conscious individuals

Environmentally conscious individuals


Laid back

Casual-Upscale dress code

Modern decor

Christinas Bar and Grille Code of Ethics

We care about the environment as much as we care about your experience in our

restaurants. In the conduct of our business, we are and will continue to be guided

by the following principles and ethics.

We will be fair and truthful in our relations with our customers, our

shareholders, our co-workers, our suppliers and the public at large.

We will be upfront and honest in all our dealings and relationships.

We will be rational, aware of and responsive to the changing world in which

we reside.

We will be a responsible and model citizen and a positive member of the

various communities of which we are a part.

We will constantly strive to improve upon all that we do.

We will conduct our business in a manner that allows us to take pride in our

efforts, products and service.

We will act in a manner that will earn the respect and approval of all


Maintaining a Productive Work Environment

Discrimination: Christinas Bar and Grille is committed to maintaining an

environment that is free of discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, age,

sexual orientation, national origin, disability or other factors that are unrelated to

our legitimate business interests. It is our policy to apply fair and lawful human

resource policies and practices in all aspects of employment, including recruiting,

hiring, evaluation, training, discipline, career development, compensation,

promotion and termination.

Health and Safety: Christinas Bar and Grille is committed not only to comply with all

relevant health and safety laws, but also to conduct business in a manner that

protects the safety of its employees. All employees are required to comply with all

applicable health and safety laws, regulations and policies relevant to their jobs.

Violence Prevention and Weapons: The safety and security of Christinas Bar and

Grille employees is vitally important. We will not tolerate violence or threats of

violence in, or related to, the workplace. Weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden

on company property or in company vehicles, even if you have a legal permit for the


Crisis Communications Policy

The spokesperson is the only member of our organization who will make

public statements.

We will make public our intentions to cooperate fully with any investigation.

We will distribute information as quickly as possible.

We will be truthful at all times; we will hide no relevant facts from the

community, press, or employees.

Crisis Management Goals:

Satisfy the publics right-to-know without compromising the victims rights

Alleviate media overload with printed statements as handouts

Do not let staff talk to the press

Work closely with legal counsel and insurance company

Keep followers in the loop through social media.

Media Relations Actions to Take:

Draft a press statement

Create and/or update media database

Distribute information in a timely manner

Field media inquiries quickly

Talk and meet one on one with local press via a press briefing

Work hand in hand with legal counsel

Communication Procedures

Internal Communication

Christinas Bar and Grille will communicate to publics in a variety of

mediums such as social media, email, and text. Christinas Bar and Grille workplace

will have a linear process of communication, encouraging individuals for insight and

managers/coworkers having a friendly relationship. This type of communication

creates a positive work environment but also can pose problems. Example of this is

when workplace duties are not accomplished due to emphatic managers and laid-

back coworkers. To reduce the risk of this occurring will have a strict training

program for managers to inform them of ways of creating a positive work

environment and two-way dialogue with staff. Also, Christinas Bar Grille will use

the concept of labeling, projecting the company image of environmental

consciousness, friendliness and kindness onto employees to effectively

communicate to publics.

External Communication

Christinas Bar and Grille will reach consumers and buyers through a variety

of mediums such as phone, flyers, email, social media and word of

mouth. Christinas Bar and Grille seeks to place itself as an essential hip restaurant

for every major city and will do this by communicating to consumers and buyers

efficiently. To promote itself and avoid buyers and publics ignoring company

messages Christinas will create an interactive experience for consumers and

buyers. Providing discounts for buyers and making them feel part of Christinas

success by showing how they helped the company and what their products are

being use for. This will create a mutually beneficial relationship between suppliers

and Christinas Bar and Grille that will increase popularity of Christinas.

To reach consumers and make Christinas Bar and Grille a trendy location,

Christinas will create promotional contests that will provide discounts for

consumers and charitable contributions to local environmental agencies. This will

allow Christinas to partner with environmental agencies well staying popular to

consumers. Also, Christinas Bar and Grille will have event each night such as

Country Night, Karaoke Night, Disco Night, Hip Hop Night with local D.J.s. This will

create popularity of Christinas will appeal to variety of individuals.


Post 3-4 times a week with information that deals with weekly events at the


Karaoke nights

Wing nights

Couples nights

Half priced food/beer nights

Post about employee of the week every Sunday.

Post updates on local farmers and info dealing with our fresh food as needed.


Post daily pictures of new specials and plates of our food.

Post pictures of our farmers and local ingredients.


Tweet 4-5 times a week with information such as:

o Events

o Specials

o Happy hours

o #FarmFacts, which will give info on where we get our food from

o Employee of month

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Name of the employee:

Working position of the employee:
Phone number of the employee:
Department of the employee:

How long have you been working in this company?

a. 0-1 year
b. 1-3 years
c. 3-5 years
d. More than 5 years
Are you satisfied with the position that you are working on at present?
a. Very satisfied
b. Satisfied
c. Neutral
d. Unsatisfied
e. Very unsatisfied

What would you say about the working conditions at this restaurant?
a. Excellent
b. Good
c. Mediocre
d. Poor
What would you say about the promotions and salary pattern of the restaurant?
a. Very satisfied
b. Satisfied
c. Neutral
d. Unsatisfied
e. Very unsatisfied
What are your views about the management and employer behavior towards you?
a. Excellent
b. Good
c. Mediocre
d. Poor
How do you think can your working experience be improved at this restaurant?
a. By changing salary policies
b. By improving working conditions
c. By changing employer behavior
d. Other (please specify)

Answer yes or no for the following:

a. I receive useful and constructive feedback from my manager.

b. I am given adequate feedback about my performance

c. I receive feedback that helps me improve my performance.

d. I have an opportunity to participate in the goal setting process.

e. Employee performance evaluations are fair and appropriate.

f. My supervisor gives me praise and recognition when I do a good


g. When I do a good job, I receive the praise and recognition I deserve.

h. I have a good understanding of the mission and goals of this


i. I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of the


j. My job is important in accomplishing the mission of the organization.

k. My supervisor provides me regular information about the mission and the

goals of this organization.

l. I am familiar with and understand the organization's strategic goals.

m. Doing my job well gives me a sense of personal satisfaction.

n. Information and knowledge are shared openly within this organization.

o. Communication is encouraged in this organization.

p. My manager does a good job of sharing information.

q. Senior management communicates well with the rest of the organization.

Do you think Christinas Bar & Grille could improve on anything? If so, what?
Thank you for completing this survey. For your time, you will receive a 10% discount
on your next meal.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Name of the employee:
Working position of the employee:
Phone number of the employee:
Department of the employee:

How would you rate your dining experience?

a. Excellent
b. Good
c. Mediocre
d. Poor
Would you recommend Christinas Bar & Grille to someone else?
a. Very likely
b. Likely
c. Unlikely
d. Very unlikely

How would you rate your meal?
a. Very satisfied
b. Satisfied
c. Neutral
d. Unsatisfied
e. Very unsatisfied
Do you think Christinas Bar & Grille could improve on anything? If so, what?
Thank you for completing this survey. For your time, you will receive a 10% discount
on your next meal.