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DAY(s) Exercises ** All exercises squeeze the muscle, and slow eccentric movement.

Focus on squeezing the muscle rather then counting reps
Never full lock out.
Monday Foam Glute Stiff- Seated Kettle Calve Raises
Lower Body Roll: Bridge Legged Hamstring Bell on Leg Press
Posterior Back (Back on Deadlift Curl Swing (Slight bend
Chain: Quads bench)
Sets: 4 Sets: 4 2 min on in knee)
Calfs** Sets: 4 Reps: 9-12 Reps: 9-12 As Many as Sets: 5
Glutes and Reps: 9-12 Cues: Cues: Possible
Claves Reps: 10-13
Activation Cues: - Core Tight Toes to Nose Cues: Cues:
- Monster - Drive -Drive Knees Only use Push with big
Walks Knees Out Out legs; No toe
- Ultimate - Feet at - Keep Bar shoulders
Hip Wide Stance Touching
- 90/90 drill Body
- Push Hips
Tuesday Foam Bent over Assisted Seated Latt Pull down (Under
Back Roll: Barbell Pull-up Row Hand Grip)
Back Row Sets: 4 Sets: 4 Sets: 4
Calves** Sets: 4 Reps: 9-12 Reps: 9-12 Reps: 9-12
Activation Reps: 8-10 Cues: Cues:
- Dowel Cues: - Pull with - Pull with elbows
Passover - Pull with elbows - Shoulder Width Grip
- Wall Angles elbows

Wednesday Foam Stir the Plank w Hanging Standing Paloff
Core Roll: Pot Band Pulls Leg Raises Sets: 3
Back Sets: 3 Sets: 3 Sets: 3 Reps: 8 each side
Hamstrings Reps: 8-10 Reps: 7 each Reps: 9-12 Cues:
Glutes each side arm Hold for 1 sec when locked out
Activation Cues: Cues:
- Ultimate Tuck Hips Tuck Hips
Hip Under Under
- 90/90 drill
Thursday Foam Seated Seated Seated Front Raises With 10lb
Chest/Shoul Roll: Chest Shoulder Lateral Plate
ders Shoulders/ Press Press Raises (Back on Wall & Feet 1ft Away
Chest Machine Sets: 4 Sets: 3 from Wall)
(lacrosse Sets: 4 Reps: 9-12 Reps: 9-12 Sets: 4
Ball) Reps: 9-12 Reps: 9-12
Activation ** Slow
- Scap Push-
- Dowel

Friday Foam Goblet Hack Split Leg Extension
Quads Roll: Squats Squat w Squats w Sets: 3
Quads & TFL Sets: 4 Smith Bench Reps: 9-12
Back Reps: 9-12 Cues:
Machine Sets: 3
Toes to Nose
Calves** Cues: Sets: 4 Reps: 9-12
Activation - Drive Reps: 9-12 Each leg
- Knees out
mo Walks
- Ultimate
- 90/90 drill