SUMMER IS ON ITS WAY By Luisa Rodrigues AUTHOR'S NOTE The theme of this story illustrates a spiritual truth—Alllis Well—Well in the way God has purposed from the beginning; well as only a Father could have conceived in love impossible to imagine or understand. We who are older have seen many winters merge into spring—we understand that to the child, so dependent on outward and visible signs, the waiting seems overlong and despair creeps very close. Even in the waiting, God shows His love in a variety of ways. He does not say to "Wait with faith” only, but He gives those small signs of new life. If we look at our lives with spiritual sight, what we often pass over as “chance” are simply manifestations that summer is on its way and in the things of the Spirit, the summertime of the Spirit cannot retreat into autumn or winter again. Sars (© 2017 Luisa Rodkigues. All rights reserved