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Innovation, just connecting things.

Innovation Laboratory:
When you ask creative people how they did something, Facility for carrying out innovative activities,
they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, experiments and projects in a multi-disciplinary set up.
they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them
Tech Lab :
after a while. That's because they were able to connect
Robotics, electronics & microprocessor programming
experiences they've had and synthesize new things.”
facility which will aid design and creation and innovative
-Steve Jobs
projects for practical applications and solutions.
“Forget what you know, and what you think you know. Be
prepared for changes, be open to new ideas, and test Activities at the Innovation Hub :
often. You'll be surprised by what reality has for you. Innovation Centre at RSC, Nagpur: This will provide a Tod Phod Jod (Break and Remake) : Students learn to
And most importantly, learn from each such small platform to the youth of Vidarbha to engage in do things with their own hands and also learn the
experiment, though you think you know it all. I sure innovative and creative activities. The underlying idea engineering of products.
thought I know a lot, but keep learning every single is to promote scientific and critical thinking and Kabad se Jugad (Build from Scrap) : Students make
day.” problem solving ability through hands-on activities. A things from waste, scraps or low cost materials.
– Ziv Meltzer
laboratory equipped with an adequate set of tools and Idea Box : Ideas which occur to Students, and have
In the present era, the world's conventional resources scientific instruments has been setup in the Centre. the potential to drive an innovative product or process
are becoming scarce day by day, as the demand for This facility will be available to the registered can be submitted to an idea bank. The best ideas are
more and more is on. People are finding new ways and members who may be students, teachers or chosen for experimentation, prototyping and
means to sustain growth and development worldwide. institutions on nominal payment basis. actualisation.
There is a global competition and the ones with new Main objectives : Make your own Science Models/Kits : Students can
ideas are ruling the market. In this competitive ?To engage our youth in creative hobbies & activities in convert their ideas to make their own innovative
environment, innovation is seen as the engine for science & technology science models or Kits.
inclusive prosperity and sustainable growth. In the ?To promote their critical thinking and practical Real life problem identification & finding their
past, lots of innovations have taken place both inside problem solving skills solutions : Students will identify or may be given a real
and outside the labs. This process is still continuing. In ?To support their Idea to come to fruition life problem of practical importance to work for a
spite of several research laboratories, innovative ?To recognize, encourage and facilitate local possible technical solution .
students need some platform to realize their innovations in S&T. Investigative Projects : Students will be given or
imagination. The President of India had declared the Facilities at Innovation Centre
present decade (2010-2020) as the decade of will generate their own
Hall of Fame:
Innovation. The National Council of Science Museums mini research projects
Stories of major
has taken up an initiative to meet the requirements of and work under the
inventions and their
budding Indian scientists on a small scale. The guidance of experts
inventors in different
Innovation Centre at Raman Science Centre, Nagpur /mentors. Their findings
field will be told
will cater to this need of people of Central India. w i l l b e p ri nt e d a nd
through multimedia
submitted to the
Innovation Centre, where
Innovation Resource
they will be preserved for
future reference.
Broadband Internet
terminals will provide
access to innovation
centric resources,
E-journals, Books and
grass root innovation
portals etc.