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The Constitution & By-Laws of the not-for-profit Corporation known as

The Jordan
The Jordan Historical
Historical Museum Museum
of the Twenty of the
Volunteer Twenty
Association Bylaws
Volunteer Association
Adapted 2006 - Updated 2017

1. increase the awareness of our historical background by supporting the Museum to protect, to preserve and to
display the Jordan Historical Museum's artifact collection.
2. involve the community in Museum programs.
3. involve the community in special events, fundraising activities, including the operation of the Heritage Gift
Shop and other initiatives.
4. assist in those programs by contributing volunteer service, knowledge and skills.
5. assist the dissemination of information relating to the time and area that is involved.
6, improve our own skills and knowledge through participation.
7. work in partnership and collaboration with the Town of Lincoln and its Museum Staff to achieve the objectives
stated above and to advocate for, to advise on and to assist with strategic planning and fundraising efforts.


The "Constitution & Bylaws" can be amended at any meeting of the general membership where copies of the
proposed amendments and notice of the meeting have been sent out at least 20 days prior to the meeting.
Where there is a quorum for the meeting, amendments to the constitution will be carried by a 2/3 majority of the
members present at the meeting.


The Board of Directors of the Volunteer Association shall have the power to make, alter, or repeal the By-Laws
of the Volunteer Association by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote, present in person, provided that the action is
included in the notice of the meeting.
All By-Laws and amendments to the By-Laws shall be submitted to members of the Volunteer Association at the
next Annual General Membership Meeting or at a special meeting of the membership. All By-Laws and
amendments to the By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the
members present in person, provided that the proposed action is included in the notice of such a meeting.

Community Membership shall be open to persons who wish to support the objectives of the Volunteer
Association and who pay the required Yearly Membership Fee.
Associate Membership may be granted yearly, in lieu of a Membership Fee, to current, active volunteers
serving on the JHMTVA Board, JHMTVA Committees or other Museum volunteers, upon the recommendation of
the individual Board or Committee Chair as approved by the Board.
All Associate Members and Community Members, in good standing, are entitled to stand for election to the
JHMTVA Board at the JHMTVA Annual General Meeting.


There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of between 10 and 15 directors, duly elected from the
membership at the Annual General Membership meeting. The Board of Directors shall have full control and
management responsibilities of any real property(s) owned by the Volunteer Association.


1. to ensure that the objectives of the Volunteer Association are enacted and to effectively carry out the stated
purpose of the V.A. according to the Constitution and By-Laws in partnership with the Museum.
2. for a duty of diligence in the management of the affairs of the Volunteer Association and the development of a
sound knowledge of all aspects of the corporation.
3. to know, to understand, to identify and to implement all fiduciary responsibilities and requirements of a not-for-
profit charitable corporation.

The Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty Volunteer Association Bylaws
Membership Bylaws Proxies: Casting of vote(s) by proxy is not
Yearly Membership Fees are established by the permitted.
Board of Directors and cover the 12 months Financial Report: An annual independent
between Annual General Meetings: financial report of the Volunteer Association Board
a) Individual Membership - single person and the Heritage Gift Shop shall be presented at the
b) Family Membership a family unit which may Annual General Membership Meeting. The Fiscal
also include children under 18 years of age Year End shall be December 31st.
c) Corporate Membership - two tiered
- those having less than 15 employees Board of Directors Bylaws
- those having 15 or more employees Election of Board of Directors: Any member in
General, Family, or Corporate Memberships count good standing who has reached the age of 18 years
as one (1) member for quorum purposes. and is not an undischarged bankrupt shall be
Associate Members have all the rights and privi- eligible to become a Director. All Directors shall be
leges of Community Members plus entitlement to a members of the Volunteer Association in good
discount on purchases from the Heritage Gift Shop. standing.
The common discount for all Associate Members will Election of Officers: Officers shall be elected at
be recommended by the JHMTVA Heritage Gift the first meeting of the Board following the Annual
Shop Committee and confirmed by the Board. General Membership Meeting.
The Four Officers shall consist of:
Membership Meeting Bylaws 1. T HE CHAIR who shall preside at all meetings of
GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS the Executive Committee and the Board of
1. The Board of Directors shall call a General Directors. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member
Membership Meeting upon receipt of a written of all committees.
request of at least 15% of the membership. Such a 2. T HE VICE CHAIR who shall perform the duties of
meeting must be held within 30 days of the the Chair in the absence of the Chair.
submission of the request. 3. T HE SECRETARY who shall keep the minutes of
2. The Board of Directors, at their discretion, may the Annual General Membership Meeting, meetings
also request the Chair to call a General Membership of the Board of Directors and meetings of the
Meeting. Executive Committee.
3. Members will be provided with two (2) weeks 4. T HE T REASURER who shall have responsibility of
advance written notice, including the agenda, of all receipt and dispersal of all monies connected with
General Membership Meetings. the Volunteer Association. These responsibilities
4. There shall be an ANNUAL GENERAL shall encompass Special Project{s) and membership
MEMBERSHIP MEETING of the Volunteer Association, revenues and all grant, loan, committee and
held at the beginning of each calendar year and not donation monies.
later than April 30th. Heritage Gift Shop Committee funds are adminis-
The meeting shall be called by the Chair. A notice tered by the Heritage Gift Shop Committee Treas-
shall normally be placed in the Volunteer urer in consultation with the Volunteer Association
Association's Newsletter and e-mailed to all Treasurer.
members in good standing two weeks (14 days) Fiscal Year End shall be December 31st.
prior to the meeting. Signing Officers: Two members of the Executive
The e-mailed notice to the members shall include Committee, to be identified by resolution of the
a meeting agenda. Board following the Annual General Membership
Quorums: For General Membership Meetings, the Meeting, and the Treasurer, shall be signing officers
quorum shall be met with the physical presence of for the Association.
25% of the current membership. Directors Term of Office: Shall be for a period of
Voting: Persons with a current membership are three years from the date of his/her election at the
entitled to voting privileges at General Membership Annual General Membership Meeting. One-third of
Meetings. (General Membership holders shall be the total Board normally shall rotate election each
entitled to one (1) vote. Family Membership holders year. The Secretary of the Board will maintain a
shall be entitled to two (2) votes. Corporate record of Board member names, their election and
Membership holders shall be entitled to two (2) re-election dates.
votes. No individual may cast more than one vote.
The Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty Volunteer Association Bylaws
Vacancies: In the case of a vacancy by death or Standing Committees Bylaws
resignation of a member, or from any other cause Each standing committee shall include two
other than expiration of the term for which a members of the Board of Directors, one of whom
member was elected, the Board may seek to shall be the Committees Chair. A Secretary shall
appoint another eligible person who will serve until be appointed to each standing committee to keep
the next Annual General Membership Meeting. a record of the business of that committee. Each
Number of Board Meetings: The Board shall committee shall have the privilege of adding to its
normally meet once per month but may, at their number from the general membership of the
discretion, call special meetings, at times and Volunteer Association.
dates to be determined by the Board. The Each committee Chair shall give or submit a
Executive Committee of the Board may meet in report on its activities to the meetings of the Board
place of the full Board during the months of June, of Directors. This format shall not preclude
July and August. discussion of issues at a meeting of the Board of
Voting: All Board members, including the Chair, Directors.
are entitled to vote. In the case of a tie, the motion The standing committees of the
will be defeated. Board of Directors shall be as follows:
Casting of vote(s) by proxy is prohibited. . Executive Committee
Quorum: A majority of the total number of . Finance Committee
Directors (50% + 1) shall constitute a quorum to . Heritage Gift Shop Committee
transact the business of the Volunteer Association. . Membership, Recruitment, Newsletter and
Open/Closed Meetings: Board meetings shall Nominating Committee
be open to the public, however, the Board The Executive Committee: Shall comprise the
reserves the right to go in-camera. four Officers of the Board of Directors. At the
Directors Able to Call Meetings: The Chair of request of the Board of Directors, the Executive
the Board of Directors shall be required to call a Committee may meet to review and make
Board meeting upon receipt of a written request by recommendations for decision by the Board.
at least four Board members. The Finance Committee: Shall comprise of
Indemnity: The Volunteer Association shall seven (7) members: the Volunteer Association
indemnify all members of the Board against any Board Chair, Board Treasurer, one other Member
actions brought against them arising from their of the Board plus the Treasurer of the Heritage
activities as Directors. Gift Shop, two other Members of the Heritage Gift
Termination of Directors for Cause: A Board Shop Committee and the Museum Director in an
member who misses more than three consecutive ex-officio capacity.
meetings shall be considered to have resigned The Finance Committee Chair shall normally be
unless such absence was due to illness or other the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.
reason(s) acceptable to the Board. This Committee, shall make recommendations to
Any Director who engages in activities that are the Board of the Volunteer Association regarding
deemed unethical, immoral or illegal that reflect the Volunteer Associations spending priorities.
poorly on the image of the Museum or Board may The Heritage Gift Shop Committee:
be removed by resolution of the Board. Responsible for all aspects of management and
The Secretary shall be authorised by the operation of the Heritage Gift Shop. Distribution of
Executive Committee to notify the Board member, funds raised by the Heritage Gift Shop shall be
in writing, of his or her termination. determined by the Volunteer Association Board
Remuneration of Directors and Conflict of upon recommendation of the Finance Committee.
Interest: There is no remuneration, in kind or Normally, funds raised by the Heritage Gift Shop
otherwise, for the Directors of the Volunteer will be applied toward a special project or initiative
Association. If a Director, their spouse or other of the Museum.
family member can possibly benefit financially The two positions of Chair and Treasurer of the
from any decision of the Board. the Director must Heritage Gift Shop Committee are appointed as
first declare a conflict of interest in the matter JHMTVA Board of Directors. Upon relinquishing
under discussion and refrain from voting on the their committee roles they enter the normal proc-
matter. A Director who does not follow this
procedure may be dismissed and the decision (Continued on page 4)
The Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty Volunteer Association Bylaws

ess of re-election to the role of Director. 2. On April 5, 1995, the Jordan Historical Museum
Membership, Recruitment, Newsletter and Board directed staff to explore the possibility of the
Nominating Committee: Shall solicit and recruit Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty becoming
a department of the Town.
new members and volunteers; bring the Museum
The Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty
to the notice of the public; assist in the preparation created the umbrella association known as The
and distribution of promotional material; assist in Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty Volunteer
publicising all special events; maintain a file of all Association, now also referred to as The
members of the Volunteer Association; ensure that Volunteer Association or JHMTVA and held the
all voting members are members in good standing inaugural meeting on April 27, 1995.
at the Annual General Membership Meeting and
be responsible for the administration of 3. In the event of dissolution of the Volunteer
nominations and elections at the Annual General Association, and after payment of all debts and
Membership Meeting. liabilities, its remaining property shall be
transferred to the The Jordan Historical Museum.
Other Committees: The Board of Directors
of the Twenty.
shall, at its discretion, have the power to appoint
committees, from time to time, to carry on the work
of the Volunteer Association.

Rules of Order Bylaw

Parliamentary Authority

The procedural rules contained in the current

edition of Bourinots Rules of Order shall be used
by the Volunteer Association except for situations
where specific procedural rules are addressed in
the Volunteer Associations Constitution and

T WENTY is a not-for-profit Corporation operating
under The Letters Patent issued by the Province
of Ontario, January 16th, 1953.

The Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty Volunteer Association

3800 Main Street

Jordan, Ontario, Canada L0R 1S0