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Kemal Gkay TOPAL


Place and Date of Birth: Seyhan/Adana 30/04/1992

Gender :Male

Adress: Kadky/stanbul

Phone:+90 533 431 18 01


Web page:

2012 2017: Okan University-Bachelor / Istanbul, Turkey Department: Computer


2006-2010: Hatay Fevzi akmak Anatolian High School Department: Sciences


Driverless cars Project, TUBITAK 1001 Project, Child Responsible, Medical

Informatic Project, Communication Between Devices Project, Clustering for
BigData , ChatBot , e-commerce Website, CRM Library Application, Walking
room, Weather Application,etc.

Driverless cars Project, which is sponsored by Okan University.In this project,I

had developer role and developed sensor driver.Like GNSS,GPS,Trimple and
Lidar.I used MatLab.

TUBITAK 1001 Project, is sponsored by Okan University and my thesis for

graduation.In this project,I used technologies like java, image processing
library(openCV),deep learning (neural networks) and machine learning.I had
developer and organizer role.

Child Responsible,this project is the project of software quality course.I used

technologies like java, image processing library(openCV),deep learning (neural
networks) and machine learning.This project is a mobile(Android) project

Medical Informatic Project,this project is a pharmacy system.n this project,I used

Java Swing, graphical user interface,SQL server and clustering algorithm.

Communication Between Devices Project, In the project,I used C# ,SQL
Server ,N-tier architecture structure, and I developed a device communicating
system.This project is a SOA project.

Clustering for BigData, is a data mining project. I used Weka and clustering
algorithm for big data.

ChatBot,is a artificial intelligence project. I had role developer and I used Java
and deep learning algorithm.

E-commerce, is a web project.This project is an internship admission project. In

this project, I had role developer.I used C# ,SQL server, ASP.Net and frameworks.

Walking room, is a project of computer graphic.In this project,I used C++,

openGL and unity.

Weather Application, is mobile and native application.In this project,I used IBM
Watson ,Google API and Java.


Analytical Skills and Thinking

Report Writing
Product solution for complex system
Mobile App.
Research and Developement Skill


English: Upper Intermediate

German: Elementary

Russian: Intermediate

Java ,C/C++/C# ,Microsoft SQL Server ,HTML,JavaScript ,Linux(Ubuntu)
MacOs ,Visual Studio ,Jira ,MS Project,Gantt Project ,Eclipse(Java and C+
+),Netbeans ,Xcode ,Android Studio ,Weka OpenGL ,OpenCV

Industry 4.0
Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Image Processing
Driverless cars


V.R.P. Data Reporting Programming Information Software and Consulting

(VERPARK) -T TEKNO KENT(Internships)

11.07.2016 -02.09.2016 Professional services (R&D)

There are 2 kind of services that I developed:

First one is a web project that I developed e-commerce web site.I used
C#,ASP.NET,and SQL server during the code implementation.
Second one is a desktop application that I developed CRM library
application.I used C#,ASP.Net,and SQL server during the code

Software developer(Internship)


05.09.2016- 04.10.2016 -R&D

There are one kind of services that I developed:

First one is a SOAP project.I used C#,ASP.Net,entity framework, N-tier

architecture and SQL server during the code implementation.
Second one is a native project that I developed mobile application.I used
Java,Android studio,SQL server during the code implementation.
Software developer(Internship)


Association of Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation


Turkcell Academy Android Education 401 Certi.

Certificate Of FL Proficiency- B2 level CEFR

Google Digital Marketing Online Education 2017

Okan Unversity Carrees and life Centre

Volunteer internship 2016 Software Development

Network Marathon 2016 Bussines life


Intel Deep Learning Aca. Deep Learning Education Baheehir University Beikta
16 June 2017
Turkcell Academy Android Developer 101,201,301,401 Education

Deep Learning 2017 Deep Learning of methods

Network Marathon 2016 Bussiness Life

IP in competiton word 2016 Competiton in bussines

Responsibilities encountered in working life 2016 Bussiness Life

Bussines health and secure 2016 Danger in business life

Ergonomics and computer use 2016 Disforms when using computer

Developing technologies 2014 New and future technologies in word

Turkey innovation week 2014 New tecnologies in Turkey


Meltem Turhan YNDEM

Pnar YILDIRIM Okan niversitesi

Ruyam ACAR Okan niversitesi