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Who Am I

Listen my children and you shall hear how your great

grandparents had nothing to fear.
Wake up, look about you, and listen my friend,
the hour is late, and you must come help mend.

You will ask how it happened,

for whom, and for what.
Keep listening my friend, now's no time to keep shut.
For you see, I plan to control your land,
so you must too, begin to think and plan.

I have divided, and am conquering, right before your very eyes,

dressed in civil-rights and equality, it is but a brilliant guise.
Women's lib and the working mothers will set them upon their
husbands and brothers.

I must see most women working, taxes they must pay,

to support your growing government and you dare not ever pray.

Soon your children will be damaged, and very confused.

They will hate and disrespect you, as your reason they refuse.

I will see your love and marriage dead.

Promiscuity, depravity, and killer Aids instead.
Racial hatred, civil war, will be your legacy.
For I set you up, to bring you down for the entire world to

The government jobs and security, I keep promising all of you,

Will in the not so distant future, make you cry and very sad and

You let me infiltrate and subvert your land, and now I have my say,
I influence, brainwash, and condition; and like a mole, I dig and play.
I now control your news, your schools and entertainment, too,
You will destroy your children, your families; there shall be no GOD for you.

You see, I knew psychology, and human nature too,

It was, oh, so very easy to make the fool of you.


Emily Jane Squires