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The Corrupt Primordial Class

JC Collins

Death is a release from the impressions of the senses, and from desires that make us their
puppets, and from the vagaries of the mind, and from the hard service of the flesh. Marcus
Aurelius Meditations. 167 AD

Socialism corrupts capitalism and than blames capitalism for the ineffectiveness of its own
inefficiencies. But lets not get lost in ideological blathering and economic system fundamentals.

All economic and sociological structures are built by the human mind and as such are designed
to feed the deficiencies within the mind itself. These deficiencies are born from the survival
instinct of primordial man and his battle to survive.

The class structures which we have been conditioned to accept are defined as the poor, middle
class, and rich. But what is the one thing all classes have in common?

Perhaps human greed is the answer, though the correct answer could also be mans survival
instinct which is manifested as greed. This greed does not seldom exist on the surface of our
everyday interactions, but is well hidden within the confines of the subconscious mind and
consolidated filters of the senses.

As such, few of us consider ourselves to be greedy people. Yet, survival today, being represented
by trips to the grocery store and gas station, has left a primordial emptiness within us which we
attempt to fill with the waste and vagaries of the material world.

Long journeys across the plains foraging for food is no longer the physical requirement of the
modern man. The mind, not focused upon on the securing of food and shelter, has left our
primordial selves in a form of suspended animation.

This status has been manipulated and further engineered to deepen the coma of the higher
awareness within and has reduced us to the lowest common denominator of base physical
existence. A new class of humanity has emerged from the mass collective of modernity and

I propose to define this new class distinction as - The Primordial Class the lowest common
denominator quest for survivability as actualized in the amoral structure of modern civilization.

This class can be found in all levels of civilization and in all segments of industry and arts. It is
the mindset of what is mine is mine and what is yours is also mine.

It is the madness of dancing on pedestals over the void of selfness.

It is the destructive idea of peeling back the street to take what is underneath it.

It attempts to qualify and define the nature of now.

Mankind cannot go back to the days of foraging and shivering in caves at the sounds of
predators. Mankind most push through the traps of modernity and explode from the prison of
the senses.

Our true physical instinctual nature was best represented by Capitalism but has since been
corrupted into a twisted ideological bastardization of what we are and what we seek to be.

A king and beggar play chess together.

The king can king and the beggar can beg,

But the board knows the truth of it all.

The affliction of the Primordial Class knows no boundaries or borders. Whether you be rich or
poor, or wanting more, the corruption of the human heart and mind is the door through which
we have entered the modern the world.

It is time to relinquish old paradigms and unfounded stereotypes and realize that corruption in
the material world is not limited to the boundaries which satisfy our lack of awareness.

It is time for the Primordial Class to be subjected to the self-limiting of rent seeking. This rent
seeking exists at all levels of society. Those who are rich are cursed by those who are not
because they are not. The majority in civilization are the Primordial Class no matter the
sociological level.

It has been relentlessly repeated here by many that for the world to change we must change
ourselves first. The affliction of primordial corruption must be recognized within individually first
before real change can be realized for the whole.

It is a guaranteed reality that there are those at all levels of society who are not completely lost
to the Primordial Class. Perhaps a few of us have already consolidated ourselves here at
Philosophy of metrics. We invite more, for with each awareness comes the ability to free more.
Tomorrow is depending on it. JC

Who Am I

Listen my children and you shall hear how your great grandparents had nothing to fear.

Wake up, look about you, and listen my friend, the hour is late, and you must come help mend.

You will ask how it happened, for whom, and for what.

Keep listening my friend, now's no time to keep shut.

For you see, I plan to control your land, so you must too, begin to think and plan.

I have divided, and am conquering, right before your very eyes, dressed in civil-rights and
equality, it is but a brilliant guise.
Women's lib and the working mothers will set them upon their husbands and brothers.

I must see most women working, taxes they must pay,

to support your growing government and you dare not ever pray.

Soon your children will be damaged, and very confused.

They will hate and disrespect you, as your reason they refuse.

I will see your love and marriage dead. Promiscuity, depravity, and killer Aids instead.

Racial hatred, civil war, will be your legacy.

For I set you up, to bring you down for the entire world to see.

The government jobs and security, I keep promising all of you, Will in the not so distant future,
make you cry and very sad and blue.

You let me infiltrate and subvert your land, and now I have my say,

I influence, brainwash, and condition; and like a mole, I dig and play.

I now control your news, your schools and entertainment, too,

You will destroy your children, your families; there shall be no GOD for you.

You see, I knew psychology, and human nature too, It was, oh, so very easy to make the fool of