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Pastor Daniel Adeyekun & His Wife Filed a Federal Lawsuit in Chicago Against

the Celestial Church of Christ, USA Diocese Seeking Over $2 Million in


Chicago, IL, November 16, 2017 --( Plaintiffs, Pastor Daniel Adeyekun and Olashile
Adeyekun, his wife, filed a federal lawsuit against the Celestial Church of Christ, USA Diocese, the
Celestial Church of Christ, Chicago Oshoffa Parish, the Celestial Church of Christ, Region B and several
Church Clerics, Elders and Members including Joseph Olarenwaju Olorunisola, Head of Celestial Church
of Christ, USA Diocese, Michael Adekale, Supervisor of Celestial Church of Christ, Region B, Sola
Okunoren, Kayode Oladimeji, Kayode Ogunyemi, Abosede Oluwakemi Sowemimo and Olasehinde
Samuel Sowemimo. The lawsuit filed on November 15, 2017 alleges that these Defendants falsely
accused Pastor Adeyekun of committing adultery and engaging in sexual relations with Vera Omokhua,
Bunmi Abejide and Dolapo Ogunnaike in the pastor's office and of fornicating with several Church
female members including Olashile Adeyekun. Allegedly, these defendants falsely claimed that there
were videos or digital photos to back up their claims.

Allegedly, as a result of these false allegations, several Church Clerics, Elders and members started a
campaign to terminate Pastor Adeyekun's appointment as one of the Pastors at the Oshoffa Parish of
Celestial Church of Christ and to expel him from the Church.

Allegedly, despite his protest that these allegations were false and unfounded, Joseph Olarenwaju
Olorunisola, the Head of the USA Diocese of the Celestial Church of Christ, suspended Pastor Adeyekun
from the ministry with immediate effect and barred him from officiating throughout the United States of
America on the following false allegations: (a) that he was involved in a polygamous relationship; (b) that
he engaged in sexual relations with several women in the Church, and (c) that he sent naked photo of
himself to several women in the Church.

Allegedly, the Church's own internal investigations proved all these allegations to be patently false;
investigative findings of McStephen O. A. Max Solomon, Esq., attorney for Celestial Church of Christ,
showed that these allegations were baseless and not credible. Further, allegedly, the findings showed that
Pastor Adeyekun did not engage in sexual relationship with any of the women identified in the allegations
except with Olashile Adeyekun, his lawfully wedded wife and that he did not send the naked photo of
himself to anyone as claimed in the false allegations.

Allegedly, in engaging in this disciplinary action, the Celestial Church of Christ subjected Pastor
Adeyekun to a fundamentally unfair, arbitrary, and capricious disciplinary procedure presided over by
Kayode Ogunyemi, the principal accuser, and which violated the Celestial Church of Christ's policies
and/or procedures related to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Pastor and Mrs. Adeyekun are suing all the Defendants, individually and collectively, for Violation of the
Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, Violation of the
Celestial Church of Christ's own Policy and Procedures, Defamation Per Quod, Defamation Per Se,
Retaliation Promissory Estoppel, Negligence, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent

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Infliction of Emotional Distress, Loss of Consortium and Damages in excess of two million dollars.

A copy of the 88 page complaint filed with United States District Court [Case No. 17 CV 08282] and
currently pending is available upon demand from Daniel Adeyekun and Olashile Adeyekun's attorneys,
Otubusin & Associates, P.C., 77 West Washington Street, Suite 1204, Chicago, Illinois 60602, (312)

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